History of Flappers: Circa August 2009

After several years of playing on sub par teams, 2 prestigious members of the Stallis community decided to make a change in their softball careers. The 2 founding members decided to go outside the box and look for some local talent in the baseball community to put together a team that can play, party, and drink like no other. And the result was the inaugural season of the Champion 2009 Stallis Flappers. Year to date, Flappers has won 10 consecutive championships, including: 2009-2011 Fall-Pumping Station, 2010 & 2015 Fall-Liberty Heights, 2010-2013 Spring/Summer-Liberty Heights, with a combined regular season record of 97 wins and 6 losses.  

2016 Season Overview

2016 shapes up to be another promising Fall. We are all 1 year older, less athletic, fatter and take aweful care of our bodies.  So I guess it is not all that promising.  Either way, we compete, drink, have fun, and will most likely have some decent success.  Come on out and see us!  If you do, call into work the next day.

We would like to thank our Sponsor, Flappers, and our favorite bartenders and cooks (Sue, Jody, Jackie, and Shelby), located on 76th and Beacher in the Dirty Dirty! Without them, none of this would be possible.