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Registration - 2018/19 Season

Registration for the 2018-19 Season will open at the end of August!  

Click on the link to the right of this message to register.  Once you have registered, you will need to submit some paperwork.  Please send the following items:

  • Copy of your child's birth certificate, ONLY if this is your first season of wrestling
  • Physical form from your Doctor.  (You can use the Flemington Wrestling form in our handout section) saying your child is fit to wrestle.  Must be from 2018!
  • $150 Volunteer Bond check, as long as your family does 12 hours of volunteering throughout the season we will not cash this.

Please send this information to:

Flemington Wrestling Association

PO Box 877

Flemington, NJ 08822

Please send questions to info@flemingtonwrestling.com

Once you register, you will be invited to TeamSnap which will have the full schedule.

  The practice schedule is as follows:

Novice (1st & 2nd year wrestlers) - Coach John S

  • Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm HCHS Fieldhouse
  • Saturday 10-11:30am HCHS Fieldhouse (could be earlier if High school isn't wrestling)

Midget  - Coach Jerry S

  • Monday 6:30 - 8:30pm HCHS Fieldhouse
  • Thursday 6:30 - 8:30pm  HCHS Fieldhouse  

Grade School - Coach Andy F

  • Tuesday 7:00-9:00pm HCHS Fieldhouse 
  • Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm HCHS Fieldhouse
  • Friday 6:00-8:00pm HCHS Fieldhouse


Why Wrestling?

USA Wrestling Statement

Life lessons start on the mat. As a parent, you place your child’s development ahead of everything. USA Wrestling does the same. Under the guidance of our certified coaches, your child will learn to handle challenges—both on and off the mat—leaving you amazed at their transformation during the course of a single season.

Ask the parents of any of our 155,000 members and they’ll tell you that wrestling:

• Improves self confidence and the belief that anything is possible
• Teaches young people to respect themselves and others
• Promotes excellence and encourages athletes to set goals
• Builds personal accountability because the athlete alone is responsible for the outcome
• Develops integrity, discipline, and a strong work ethic—traits that will last a lifetime
• Exposes athletes to positive role models

Wrestling’s alumni have gone on to achieve success in every field. Presidents, astronauts, authors, and respected business executives credit wrestling, and the life lessons learned on the mat, for their success. At USA Wrestling, we believe our wrestlers will become elite at whatever they choose to do in life.

From Cael Sanderson's blog "Why my kids will wrestle...".

Note: Cael Sanderson was a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and the ONLY NCAA 4x Undefeated Champion. He is now the Head Coach of the NCAA champion Penn State Nittany Lions. http://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/why-kids-should-wrestle/

Why my kids will wrestle..

1. Foundation sport. Wrestling is the perfect foundation for all other sports. Wrestling is balance, agility, hand –eye coordination, flexibility, positioning, strength, speed, explosiveness, footwork, hustle, mental focus, mental toughness, core strength, concentration, competition, and endurance. Wrestling will make our youth better at all other sports.

2. Fun. Wrestling is a game. It is the most basic and instinctual game. Toddlers wrestle. The sport of wrestling is the ultimate competition where two individual take their individual strengths and match them up against each other. Wrestling is a battle of wits, technique, speed, agility, flexibility, and toughness. No two wrestlers are alike. Fun stuff!!

3. Exercise. Wrestling is one the world’s most premier physical fitness sports. Wrestling develops strength and endurance. Poor health is a major issue in our society today and wrestling will help develop a love of exercise and physical fitness in our youth.

4. Self-confidence. Very little is accomplished without self-confidence. Wrestling teaches self-confidence like nothing else I know outside of religion and knowing that you are a child of God. Insecure people have the most difficult time learning from others and make progress even more difficult than it already is. Wrestling teaches hard work, self-improvement, sense of accomplishment, camaraderie of team, 1 on 1 aspect, and self-defense to name a few. These promote self-worth, respect and confidence.

5. Self-defense. Although wrestling is not commonly considered a “martial art,” it is the #1 base discipline in the world of MMA. Wrestlers know how to defend themselves and neutralize threats quickly. Wrestling is controlling an opponent. If you want your kids to know how to defend themselves, put them in wrestling.

6. Humility. Nothing teaches humility better than a 1-on-1 sport. Winning and losing in a 1-on-1 setting brings humility. There is nowhere to hide and no one to blame but yourself. All wrestlers will lose at some point and doing so in these conditions teaches humility. Hard work and discipline are two keys to success in wrestling and both teach humility.

“…I learned a lot about taking responsibility for my actions when I wrestled for 4 years…All professional athletes ought to spend a year wrestling. It teaches you something, You get pinned; you can’t blame the coach. You can’t blame your teammates. The guy you are looking for is staring back at you in the mirror” –former Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams

7. Respect. The challenges of being a wrestler teach you to respect yourself. After you learn to respect yourself you will learn to respect others. You learn to respect your team mates as well as your opponents. You learn to listen to and respect your coach. After you learn to respect others you are able to learn from them, a life lesson.

8. Self-discipline. Wrestling is discipline. Repetition of drills, hard work, weight management, and continually doing the best thing instead of the easiest thing is discipline. Wrestling requires postponing instant “wants” to gain something more valuable long term. It takes discipline and focus to reach goals.

9. Roadmap to success. Wrestling is the perfect example of what it takes to be successful in life. Goal setting, hard work, determination, focus, love of challenges, love of competition, confidence, being coachable, mental toughness, discipline, creativity, team work and accountability.

10. Toughness. Wrestling is a physical, contact sport. You learn that sometimes you just get poked in the eye. Physical and mental toughness go hand in hand. You learn that a little pain or struggle is part of the process of doing great things.

Congratulations to our NJ State Place Winners!!

Flemington wrestling would like to congratulate the following (8) wrestlers for placing in the NJ State Tournament March 10&11 at CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton, NJ.  

Cole Stangle (1st) Novice 100lb - State Champion

Gavin Lopez (2nd) Bantam 110lbs  

Pete Plesh (3rd) Junior 60lbs

Nathan McGann (4th) Tot 53lbs

Henry Wilkinson (4th) Intermediate 75lbs

Thomas Brunetti (5th) Junior 95lbs

Tanner Peake (6th) Intermediate 120lbs

Nick Canonica (7th) Intermediate 112lbs

These young men placed among the Top 24 wrestlers in their age/weight, truly a great accomplishment!  Great job!

Congratulations to our NJ State Qualifiers!!

(16) Flemington Youth wrestlers have qualified for the NJ State Scholastic Wrestling Championships held at the Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton on March 10-11 by placing Top 3 in their weight/division in 1 of the 8 Qualifying Tournaments. Here is how they finished in their qualifier: 

Gavin Lopez (1st), Pete Plesh (1st), Andrew Cella (1st), Henry Wilkinson (1st), Cole Stangle (1st), Tom Brunetti (2nd), Bennett Cayero (2nd), Tanner Peake (2nd), Kaleb McGann (3rd), Jake Piyawong (3rd), Will Cella (3rd), Anthony Rossi (3rd), Nick Canonica (3rd), Patrick Kaczmarek (3rd), Brayden Karpinski (3rd), Nathen McGann

Good luck to all of these young men competing in Trenton!

Congratulations - Grade School Team !!

Congratulations to our Grade School Team for placing 3rd as a team at the Final Exam. The team also qualified for the Team Championships by finishing in the Top 4 in their division of the NJGSWL.  Overall the team finished 12-5 and were 8-3 in their division.

Anthony Rossi, Noah White, Henry Wilkinson, Will Cella, Jake Saus, Tannor Fitzpatrick, JT Weider, Tom Brunetti, Aidan Portnoy, Cole Stangle, Nick Canonica, Luke Fischer, Mike Internoscia, Tanner Peake, Kaleb McGann, Jon Cote, Mike Ferrara, Patrick Kaczmarek and Bennett Cayero all made key contributions throughout this successful season under 1st year Head Coach Andy Foltiny.

Final Exam Individual achievement:

Tanner Peake was the 124 LB Champion, he was invited to participate in the Civil War All Star vs Jersey Shore All Stars match on Feb 22 and won 10-3! Anthony Rossi finished in 2nd place at 70 lbs, Patrick Kaczmarek took 3rd at 150, Jon Cote and Bennett Cayero finished 4th at 140 & 175, Tom Brunetti and Nick Canonica finished in 5th at 95 and 112, Aidan Portnoy took 7th at 100 lbs and Henry Wilkinson and Will Cella finished 8th at 80 & 85lbs in the Grade School Final Exam held Feb 4 at HCHS Field House.  Outstanding work by all!




Board Meeting Notice

The next board meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 17,  2018 (7:00PM - 9:30pm) at the Flemington Elks Lodge.  All parents and coaches are welcome to attend.  Any questions please contact us at info@flemingtonwrestling.com




You can find wrestling tournaments, leagues and the local wrestling club websites and info on the links section of website on the left hand side of this page.

Northwest League Champions!!

Congratulations to our Northwest Team which won the Team Title at the year end tournament at West Morris Central HS.  That's the 3rd Team Championship in 5 years!  15 of 18 kids placed in the Top 8, we had 6 finalists and 4 Champions!  Pete Plesh, Anthony Rossi, William Cella & Tommy Brunetti all took home 1st place trophies.Luke Fisher & Bennett Cayero came in 2nd place.  Andrew Cella & Cole Stangle were 5th.  Tyler Ondovic, Jake Saus and Mike Internoscia took 7th.  And Michael DeGloma, Jace Brownlie, Tannor Fitzpatrick and Danny Internoscia finished in 8th place!

5 Flemington wrestlers competed at the Meet of Champions All Star match vs Central Jersey.  Pete Plesh, Anthony Rossi, William Cella, Tommy Brunetti & Bennett Cayero got the prestigious honor of wrestling, Plesh, Rossi & Cayero won their bouts in the match.  Anthony Rossi was voted MOW for the Northwest Team.

Congratulations on an outstanding season!