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Junior-Senior League Baseball Game Guide Lines

Coaches, a few points to keep in mind:
1- Games duration:

     Weeknight games have a 2 hour 15 minute limit Sunday 7:00pm games - Thursday. 

     Weekend games have a 2 hour 30 minute limit Friday - Sunday games beginning before 7pm

2- All Bats must be USA Baseball (Junior) or BBCOR (Junior/Senior) certified

3- Batting Line-Up: Coaches have the option to

   – bat 9 players *

   – bat 10 players with an extra hitter who does not play the field *

   – bat all players present at the game *

   – * all players must at least play 6 consecutive outs in the field and bat once per LL rules. A player may not be used as the extra-hitter in consecutive games. Free defensive substitution when using continuous batting order of all players.

4- Pitchers: Must follow pitch count rules

5- Mercy rule Up 10 after 5 innings, losing team must bat in 5th inning.

6– All schedule changes must be reported to the District Administrator at District6DA@NJD6LL.org or (201) 916-8496 – Games postponed on the scheduled day of the game must be reported to the Umpire Assigner at ammanzo82@gmail.com or (201) 887-0260 

7- Upon completion of games, the winning team must send an email to kware968@aol.com.  Please include date, wining and losing team, and score.