League age is the age you are on July 31 2016

1 Flag: 6 yr old & under (no weight limit) 
2 Freshman: 8 yr old & under (no weight limit)
3 Sophomore: 10 yr old & under (no weight limit)
4 Junior: 12 yr old & under (no weight limit)
5 Senior: 14 yr old & under (no weight limit)  



Osceola Panthers, South Orange Patriots, Central Florida Colts, Eustis Jr Panthers


West Orange Warriors, Haines City Rattlers, CFAA Mustangs, Lake Wales Gators, Avon Park Red Devils


Sarasota Packers, Tampa Bay Titans, Sarasota Seminoles, Tampa Bay Ravens


Auburndale Bulls, New Manatee Broncos, Gulfport Pirates, Frostproof Dawgs, Lakeland Patriots*




The new Florida rules state that kids must have unrestricted access to water at all times and player can never be denied water if they request it.  

Also it is now mandatory that for every 30 minutes of practice that the kids get a 5 minute water break and during games the referee shall call a water time-out at the halfway point of every quarter .

The referee's shall be paid no later than halftime of the last game of the day.


Also, please see to it that the referees are given water and/or sports drink upon request plus 1 meal for each for the day.