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Welcome to Foothill Baseball's Website. This is the OLD WEBSITE. 

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We are now taking online registration through Feb. 28th at http://www.foothillbaseball.com

The Foothill Baseball Association has approximately 500 kids playing on 36 teams in 6 different league divisions. Foothill Baseball is proud to provide opportunities for kids from age 5 to 14 to play the great game of baseball. Updated rosters, rules and schedules for the whole league will be posted on this website. Click on the links to see what applies to your team. Click on the calendar to see what other events are scheduled so far. We will try to keep the information on this site accurate and updated with all upcoming activities and other important information. If you see a mistake or something that is not correct, please contact a league official and we will try to fix it. Check back often and let us know how we can improve this website. 


Rained Out Games

Foothill Baseball Rainout Notification
On days when playing conditions are questionable, every attempt will be made to provide information on the Welcome Page of this website at least 1 hour before gametime. However, sometimes it may not be possible to get this info posted in a timely manner. The League Officers make the decision to play or not based on field conditions and current weather. Sometimes it cannot be determined until gametime. If no notice appears on the website, assume that your game field is playable and that your game will be played as scheduled.


Rainy weather always causes problems with scheduling, especially at the beginning of the season. We usually have a large number postponed games that will have to be made up. If necessary, the season will be extended in order to complete the make-up games. For a complete list of suspended or postponed games, check the Game Schedules link on this website.


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