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Framingham Middle School Hockey Club


Holiday Open Skate 12/22 9:10-10:10pm @ Loring Arena

Open ice available to all 3 teams.  Parents are welcome on the ice.  There will be no coaches on the ice.

Team 1 Game vs. Natick 12/21 Cancelled

We will now have a practice on the same ice sheet.

2018-19 Rosters


Below are the starting rosters for the 2017-2018 Season.  For people that are new to the program, our rosters are not set in stone; they are fluid and players can move from team to team.  Players from Team 2 will be asked to play games for Team 1 and Players from Team 3 will be asked to play games for Team 2 based on their performance.   Additionally, Team 3 will have players from Team 1 and/or Team 2 help fill out their roster on a game by game basis when there are conflicts.  The purpose is to get the players as much ice time as possible but it also allows the kids to meet every player and develop more friendships.





  TEAM 1     TEAM 2     TEAM 3
1 Dominic Connerney    1 Adam Dorsey   1 Chris Anastos
2 Jason Blanchard   2 Nick Duplessis   2 Jason Fitch
3 John Yerardi   3 Nick Ntasios   3 Nathan Levey
4 Justin Nichols   4 Owen Warren   4 Nick Holman
5 Robbie White   5 Vince Kalmar   5 Peter May
6 Will Garretson   6 Wolfgang Hammye   6 Sam Grossman 
1 Anthony Dempsey   1 Alex Tosi   1 Aiden Dervin
2 Brendan Peck   2 Billy Neiberger   2 Cameron Soave
3 Davin Nichols   3 Bryan Guen   3 Charlie Walls
4 Jeremy Auren   4 Connor Gracey   4 Christian Marshall 
5 Luciano Lewandowski   5 Grady Idelson   5 George Anastos (INJ.)
6 Mike St. Cyr   6 Jack Kurzman   6 Ian Zanio
7 Noah Albright   7 Jack Taylor   7 Louie Walls
8 Ryan Shimelman   8 Jaivian Sharrow   8 Luke Angelo
9 Shea Callahan    9 John Hudson   9 Luke Arslanian
10 Steven Boulas   10 Nolan McEnaney   10 Mason Doherty
11 Tyler Hamilton   11 Will Corton   11 Patrick Chapin
            12 William Faulkner
1 Ryder Shea   1 Troy Huber   1 Brian Thayer




The New England Sports Center will be releasing our league schedules in the next few days.  Once they release them on their website, I will upload the games to our website.  Always double check the schedule on the rink website (nes.com, all events, leagues, Middle school league 2018-2019) as that is always the most current.  They have been known to change times and dates without notice.  If you notice a change please update me ASAP.




All of our teams will play 15 league games plus playoffs (16 game guarantee)


Team 1 will play in the Gold Division


Team 2 will play in the Red Division


Team 3 will play in the White Division




All League Play is Non-Checking!




I’m still building some non-league events for all of the teams.  Team 1 will have some home & away games vs Arlington, Waltham, Watertown, & Mount St Charles.  Teams 2 & 3 will have a couple non-league events at Loring Arena.   Games will most likely be starting this coming weekend (December 1 &2).  Again, I will post them as soon as they are released.




Each team will have their own dedicated coaches and I will be helping out with all 3 teams when my schedule permits.  On rare occasions, we will have some parents helping on the benches.  The purpose of the program is to give the kids a small taste of high school hockey; so I intentionally try to keep parents away from the benches but we will need some help time to time. 


Team 1:         Brendan Manzella 774-217-2949


                        Blake Bellefeuille 704-502-5208


Team 2:         Tristen Ortiz 954-829-9566


                        Blake Bellefeuille 704-502-5208


Team 3:         Allison Manzella 508-380-0861


Blake Bellefeuille 704-502-5208








Your travel teams should come first.  If you have a conflict, they take priority over middle school.  If you do have a conflict, I ask that you text me and your head coach to let them know.






Jerseys will be handed out at the first event for each team. 








All players are to be in shirts and ties for games.






Other Rules


There will be absolutely no phone use in dressing rooms.  If a player needs to call a parent, he or she will need to step outside the room.  1 player can have a phone out to play music but everyone else must have their phone away at all-times. 


I will be holding a short meeting before the first games with all the teams in dressing rooms to cover the rest of the rules.  Make sure players arrive early for the first games (at least 45 mins). 






Payments can be handed to me, your head coach, or mailed to my home address:


Blake Bellefeuille


716 Berlin Rd


Marlborough Ma 01752




The cost for each team is listed below.  Payments must be made by December 16th.   Failure to do so will result in administrative suspension.  


Team 1 $500


Team 2 $375


Team 3 $350


Goalies $300




Checks made payable to: Framingham Middle School Hockey Club



If someone has issues with payment or anything else, please contact me privately:




Blake Bellefeuille


Cell: 704-502-5208 or email blakeskate13@gmail.com




That about covers everything to date.  Go Flyers!