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Framingham Middle School Hockey Club


Registration now open!!

You can find the application under the forms tab up top in the handouts section.



Try-outs Dates:  @ Loring Arena

 Tuesday November 26, 4:15-5:40pm

 Wednesday November 27, 4:15-5:40pm

 Friday November 29, 12:15-1:45pm



Framingham Middle School Hockey Club will have 3 teams.  Each team will have a maximum of 12 Forwards & 6 Defensemen on each roster.  Depending on how many players tryout, there might be some cuts.   


Each team will play a 16 game league schedule at NESC in Marlborough.  Team 1 will have 6-10 non-league games outside the schedule and might have some travel (BC High, Arlington, Watertown, Waltham, Mount St Charles).  Team 2 will have a handful of nonleague events that will be at Loring Arena or NESC.  Team 3 will also have a couple of non-league events at Loring Arena or NESC.  

Tuition is listed below and will be expected to be paid in full 1 month into the season.  If there is any issues, you can always contact me privately. 

Team 1 $475

Team 2 $375

Team 3 $375

Goalies $300


The purpose of the program is to prepare the students for the high school hockey experience while providing a safe and fun atmosphere.  I work closely with the varsity coach Will Ortiz to make sure we give the kids a great professional experience.  If you have any questions, you can contact me directly.


Blake Bellefeuille




Team 1 Undefeated Season!!


Team 1 Undefeated Season 21-0-2

NESC League Champs