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Established in 1992 as the Adelaide Congress Hall Gungadins, the Gateway Thunder represent Gateway Baptist Church at Albert Park and are also connected to Grow Church (formerly Gateway Community Church) at Morphett Vale. The Thunder play in the Westside Church Basketball competition at the St Clair Recreation Centre and until 2016, also played in the SA Church Basketball Association. Affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we adhere to the principle that everyone is someone - and Jesus is Lord.  See the headlines for more history. Photos used with permission. If you object to any material on this website, write to us via the Guestbook link in our Main Menu but in the meantime, you can be rest assured that we object to it too. Many characters and events on this website - even those based on real people and Fremantle's Mitch Crowden - are fictional. Many player quotes are impersonated ..... poorly. The following website may contain offensive material and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.

Ben Simmons out but in, and USA players dropping like ninepins

July 20, 2019


Breaking news from the world of the Boomers, with Ben Simmons withdrawing from the upcoming World Cup due to his prioritising the upcoming NBA season and his pending contract renewal which could see him earn another $40-50M in bonuses on his contract.  Yes, understandable but he will play in the Marvel and Perth Stadium games and then head back to Philly.  The US meanwhile have their own players withdrawing everywhere.  First it was Leonard and James.  Then Davis and Westbrook.  Now Harden and Gordon.  Ouch.  Renowned contributor 'Anon' picked the US team from the remaining players as follows:

PG - Lillard, Lowry
SG - Beal, Middleton, Mitchell
SF - Tatum, Barnes
PF - Love, Harris, Millsap
C - Drummond, Turner

Kind of glad we didn't re-mortgage the house again to get tickets but it still promises to be a heckuva show, with Australia half a chance of getting a win.  Interesting times, interesting times.

FCA's Friday Fellowship: the attitude of winners

July 19, 2019

Ready: "Make your own attitude that of Jesus Christ." - Philippians 2:5 

Set: There are times in baseball when it seems like nothing goes right. You drop a fly ball, you strike out, you ground into a double play, your team gives up a bunch of runs. . . None of those are very encouraging, and people usually get mad and throw fits in those cases. You see this in the pros all the time. Managers especially can throw some of the biggest fits if an umpire doesn't make the call that they want. You would think that adults wouldn't throw fits!  Athletes and coaches often think that winning is everything, but truthfully, it is not. A person's attitude--win or lose--helps determine true winners and losers.  The Bible says that in order to please God, we need to love one another and work together with one purpose. It's says that we should not be selfish or to try to impress others, but instead be humble and look out for our teams. God wants us to have the same attitude that Jesus Christ had.  The Bible tells us, in Philippians, to think on good things, not bad. So, next time, instead of throwing a tantrum on the field, think to yourself, "I did my best, and next time, I will do better." Having a Christ-like attitude will bring victory to your life even when you lose a game.
Go:  1. How do you react if you or your team messes up? Why?  2. How SHOULD you react? Why?  3. What does the Bible say about your attitude?  4. What have you learned about how your attitude affects your performance?

Overtime: "Father, we pray in Jesus' name that You would help us to have good attitudes whether we win or lose. We give You all the glory for our athletic abilities."

Gateway teams for 2019 2nd Season

July 18, 2019


Interesting times ahead for Gateway with some strange rumours going around.  Our bothan spies tell us Gateway could field an extra Womens team with the return of the Lightning, and that the Vortex might create a second C/D Grade team to accommodate the club's growing list of juniors.  We asked Club Secretary Brad Smith for his thoughts but he wouldn't return our messages, so we're none the wiser.  Our thoughts?  The Lightning are another season away, but the Vortex 2.0 will be born next week in time for the 2019 2nd Season.  Stay tuned because the Westside Church Basketball Council is only a few days away, to be held this Monday night.  Exciting times, exciting times.

Westside church basketball camp

July 17, 2019


We borrow today's story from the Westside Church Basketball Bookface page.  Fantastic work and well done to everyone involved.  Can't wait for the next one!

We had a blast with all the campers at our “Purpose: Faith-based Basketball Camp” today! There were huge improvements in basketball skills, and heaps of growth in our relationships with God! We couldn’t have asked for a better team and a better group of campers! Thanks to all those who came out to join in the fun and make it such a success! #CBPurpose19 #TEAMJESUS - with Teige Morrell, Tess Bruffey, Anselm Bradley, Josh Clippinger, David Morrell, James Smith and Molly Whitmore.

Westside church basketball camp is happening tomorrow

July 16, 2019


Putting aside last week's Jultopia festivities for a moment, it's time for the Westside church basketball camp tomorrow, hosted by the Woodville Warriors and our very own Westside Church Basketball.  Our bothan spies tell us there's 40+ kids attending, with roughly half of the players coming from the Westside Church Basketball competition.  How good is this?  We're excited and will send along our bothan spies to have a look and report back to us tomorrow night.  From everyone at and the Thunder, we wish all the kids and camp organisers a great day of fun, fellowship and learning.  Great times, great times.

Whereto next for our Jultopia men?

July 15, 2019


If we look back to the year 2000, we see an entirely different team to now, except we still have veterans Brad Anderson, Terry Sleep and James Smith playing.  Wow.  19 years ago.  Wow.  Fast forward to next year and what will Westside/South Australia's team look like then?  We're not shy in making predictions so here's how we think this will play out.

We asked Jultopia coach James Smith for his thoughts during the presentation night and he was clear that the young kids have to go.  They're too quick, try too hard and possess an ability to play out the entire week.  All three are unacceptable to the B Grade veterans so expect a split next season along these lines.

A GRADE MEN - Noah Collinson, Joel Horskins, Kane Horskins, Lucas Kuzman, Grant Parker, Terry Sleep

B GRADE MEN - Brad Anderson, Andrew Brook, David Collinson, Simon Hallsworth, Paul Newbury, Daniel Smith, James Smith, Jonty Smith

And there you go.  In the space of half a dozen sentences, we've created an A Grade and B Grade team for Jultopia 2020.  It's that simple and from where we sit, that gives Westside a chance to win both grades as long as their opposition play along.  Sounds good to us.  Where is Jultopia 2020 scheduled to be played?  That's another mystery yet to be announced.  Stay tuned folks but if they can make the above happen, we'll be happy.  Expect a few tweaks though, with James happy to have Grant and Terry in B Grade so he can coast through another week and just play in the Grand Final.  Yes, he'd do that.  Again.  Good times, good times.

Jultopia awards night

July 14, 2019


It was an exciting night at the Luxor Function Centre last night as Westside celebrated the end of the 2019 Survivor Jultopia Keilor Thunder Westside Warriors Carnival Experiment with a great night's meal and accompanying festivities.  Winning awards for Westside and South Australia were the following:

Under-14 runner-up
B Men premiers

B Men - Noah Collinson

B Men - Joel Horskins
Women - Hope Smith

Sophie Brotherton

… and in addition, wearing other state's colours, Westside also shared in the spoils of the Under-18 runner-up team (Noah Collinson and Lucas Kuzman in Victoria's colours) and Under-18 All Star Five (Noah Collinson Victoria and Kane Horskins NSW/ACT).

From everyone at and the Thunder, congratulations to all our award winners and to everyone who represented Westside Church Basketball so well throughout the week.  You did us proud.

Jultopia Day 7: W

July 13, 2019


First up were the Under-14s v Victoria, as Westside chased South Australia's fourth straight Jultopia Juniors title.  Sadly though, they ran into a Victorian juggernaut that had too much underarm and facial hair for the South Aussies, the bigger Vics too good and too strong on the day.  South Australia were brave and didn't give up but couldn't overcome a sizeable talent and depth gap, Victoria taking home the crown 69-35.  It was then time for the big game.

d TASMANIA B1 78-54
If ya don't mind, Noah.  The first 17 points of the game?  Not since the halcyon days of Scott Ninnis 1985, James Smith 1993 or Josip Vucetic 2008 have we seen scoring like this.  South Australia's Noah Collinson played out of his freckle early, with triples, layups and floaters leaving Tassie and the 500-strong crowd scratching their heads and wondering SA by how much.  Tassie fought back as had been their want all week, the Apple Islanders grinding out a comeback Memphis Grizzlies style with a mix of inside and outside play but once Joel Horskins, Simon Hallsworth and Brad Anderson joined in the backcourt party, and James Smith, Terry Sleep, Lucas Kuzman and Grant Parker started their own paint party, it was all over, red rover, leaving South Australia to celebrate their first B Grade Men premiership since 1989.  Yes folks, 30 years between B Grade drinks.  There's been plenty of A Grade wins in that time but never a chance to celebrate in the grade underneath the top grade.  There was today though.  From everyone at and the Thunder, we congratulate Westside on bringing the title back home to South Australia after a long time between drinks.  Top job, ol' chaps.  Good times, good times.

Jultopia Day 6: WWWW

July 12, 2019



Wowee, what an exciting day that was.  The minor round ended with the Women defeating Tassie comfortably early on, followed by Western Australia returning the favour, the girls ending the week 5-5 but showing plenty of promise for the future with such a young lineup that got better as the week went on.  Then there's the Juniors.  Wow, just wow.  They won their first two games to finish the week 9-2 and then there was the semi-final.  Trailing a blisteringly hot Western Australia 26-17 at the half, they ran all over their opponent and steamrolled their way to the win, all 10 players contributing and playing their role, the win punctuated by a Brodie Sleep jumpshot on the siren.  Final score Westside 48 (Daniel Smith 23, Jonty Smith 18, Paul Newbury 5, Brodie Sleep 2) d Western Australia 37.  From everyone at and the Thunder, well done girls and congratulations to the kids on making yet another grand final.  And then there was the men ...

d TASMANIA B2 76-54
It happened.  After yet another whirling dervish of a drive to the basket, Westside guard Joel Horskins met a brick wall and exaggerated the contact, the corresponding flop warning leaving his teammates in raptures of laughter and enjoyment, not that we were laughing at him.  It was with him, we promise and in the meantime, we have a great used car to sell you but we digress.  Everyone contributed except James Smith - load management - with youngsters Noah Collinson and Lucas Kuzman considerably solid, a remarkable achievement given they will play 25+ games for the week.

d NSW/ACT 83-59
Another good hitout for Westside, this match highlighted by a late appearance from ACH guard Kane Horskins, who is spending this week with NSW/ACT U18.  He entered the game and hit an immediate triple on brother Joel, the bounce on the rim reminscient of Kawhi Leonard v Philly.  Then to rub salt in the wounds, Joel missed his attempt and Kane struck another shot in older brother's face, the spectators completely gone by this point.  Oh yeah, the game.  Westside won but for us, it was all about Kane scoring on Joel.  Twice.

d TASMANIA B1 64-46
A final appearance in the new part of the venue, Westside came hard out of the blocks and led 16-2 early.  The game settled down from there but the damage was done, all players contributing yet again in an even team performance highlighted by centre Terry Sleep's two triples from downtown.  That wrapped up the minor round with a 9-2 record ahead of the finals, their only loss v Victoria and WA A Grade sides.

In an almost near-repeat of the morning's game - the only difference being a rare and brief appearance by veteran centre James Smith - the Westsiders ran and ran and ran again, jumping out to a 22-2 lead before an early timeout saw the pace go out of the game, the South Aussies running out comfortable winners despite 2000 Jultopia Boronia veterans Anderson, Sleep and Smith spending most of the second half on the bench in thongs and slides.  On to the grand final they go tomorrow, a matchup against Tasmania B1 awaiting them.  Good times, good times.

Jultopia Day 5: WWL

July 11, 2019


Thursday or as it's more colloquially known as, Grind Day.  It's the day after Rest Day and the day that nobody really wants a part of.  You're sore and your body has commenced recovery and then bam, you're back amongst it again.  Pity the fool who has a busy Grind Day, and blessed is the man who has a quiet two days (we're looking at you, Juniors).  Our Juniors and Women continue to do well, the Juniors going 1-1 on the day to move to a 7-2 record on the week, whilst the Women went 2-1 to move to an even 4-4 for the tournament to date.  But we know what you came here for … on to the Men results we go.

d VICTORIA B2 92-54
If only all Grind Day games were like this, the South Aussies on a 18-0 tear in the first five minutes and headed for a 144-0 victory that would've gone a little way to easing the pain of the 2007 AFL Grand Final but we digress.  We would've settled for a 119-point win over Victoria but cooler heads prevailed amongst the SA fraternity, the realisation dawning on them that most of their opponent were of Coach James Smith's vintage but yet again, we digress.  The game itself wasn't overly spectacular, highlighted by post match commentary from spectators that it was a bit of a yawnfest - harsh but fair - but there was oodles of sportsmanship and a good chance to stretch the legs early on Grind Day.

Next cab off the rank was the boys from far north Queensland, with the Cane Toads fresh off a State of Origin loss and looking to exact some revenge on anyone they played today.  Sadly they ran into a SA team who look determined to come home with the bacon and onion chips, the South Aussies finding their groove early despite some terrific athleticism and shooting from the Banana Benders.  An inspiring two minute appearance from veteran centre James Smith ended with a nasty collision, whilst youngsters Lucas Kuzman and Noah Collinson kept the intensity up for the full 40 minutes, a miracle given they're playing 20+ games this week.  Oh to be young again ...

Last but not least, the old foe awaited South Australia on centre court at the Keilor Entertainment Centre and both teams put on a show.  Hopefully next year South Australia can field an A Grade team again because we would pay to watch these combatants go at it every day.  WA started strong with Nathan Friend knocking down triple after triple after triple after triple after triple, whilst SA played a more even team game with contributors everywhere.  WA opened up a fast break game courtesy of their younger legs, whilst Joel Horskins displayed some of that vim and vigour we saw from Robbie P all those years ago, attacking and never saying die.  But alas, WA were too strong and despite some solid work from bigs Terry Sleep and Grant Parker, with able assistance in the backcourt from veterans Brad Anderson and Simon Hallsworth, SA couldn't get closer than 20 points as the siren sounded.  Next stop?  Four game Friday.  Yeah, we can't wait either.

Jultopia Day 4: rest day

July 10, 2019


Aaah rest day, we hardly knew ye.  As is usually the case, the rest day arrived and offered the thrill of a sleep in beyond 6.30am and whilst the Jultopia veterans took full advantage of the extra zs, they were disappointed to find that it meant less time doing other things.  It's funny sometimes how things turn out but with each group/mob/flock/murder of people doing their own thing, it was a great quiet interruption to a week of too much basketball and not enough other things but we digress.  Melbourne Aquarium, DFO shopping, tours of the coastline and re-enactment videos from 1994 saw everyone happy with their lot and ready to return to the stadium.  We had a thought though - imagine a carnival where there were five rest days and only one day of basketball?  We could do that carnival.  Interesting times, interesting times.

Jultopia Day 3: WWW

July 9, 2019



The South Aussies prepared themselves for Tuesday from the beginning of the carnival.  Knowing they'd start slow and finish the week in a coma or close to, they wanted to have a dip while their bodies would allow it and with three games scheduled before the rest day, this was their time.  Meanwhile, the kids went 2-1 to move to 6-1 on the week, whilst the women went 2-1 and sit in third place on 2-3.  A reminder to follow the Westside Church Basketball page for more stories and pics but on to the Mens' results we go.

d NSW/ACT 92-58
A year ago we saw NSW/ACT send the South Aussies out of the semi-final courtesy of a man mountain we would desperately like to recruit (shout to our brother Frans - you'll look good in red) but this year, he was nowhere to be seen and South Australia was ready.  Fresh and rested after a quiet Monday, the reds went early and went hard, running the ball with reckless abandon and turning a quiet Tuesday morning contest into an absolute track meet, Messrs Anderson, Collinson, Hallsworth and Horskins on the end of the break courtesy of rebounds and outlets from Messrs Kuzman, Parker, Sleep and Smith.  NSW fought hard but it was a determined showing from the boys in red who weren't to be denied, running out with a comfortable but hard fought win.

d VICTORIA B1 98-56
Rinse.  Repeat.  Much like the earlier game, the reds weren't going to let this one slide and the Tuesday track meet continued, all players getting on the scoreboard and SA finding their groove ahead of the game they really wanted - a return matchup against Tasmania A in the last game of the day.  Victoria put up a solid showing and never gave in, fighting it out to the final siren but SA wanted this too much and moved to 4-1 on the week.  Good times, good times.

d TASMANIA A 48-43
Oh, that feeling when you go into a game wanting to win and your opponent looks completely exhausted after four games in the day.  Yep, it was that kind of feeling as a fresh, determined SA team took it right up to their more-fancied opponents and never let them in it from the opening tip.  It was SA up 3-4 points most of the first half as Horskins and Sleep put on a clinic, the latter finding some rare form and hitting them from everywhere.  Tassie collected their thoughts at halftime and were sure they'd run over SA, working hard on the offensive end and putting SA to sleep - literally for two players - but it wasn't to be, as centre Terry Sleep went on one of those runs, scoring from inside, outside and everywhere in between.  He was on fire and Tassie couldn't do a whole lot about it, the score jumping out to 45-34 before the greens made a late run, only to fall short by 5 points.  Look, if this game was played on even terms, Tassie would win 9 of 10 times.  SA got them at the right time and we know that, and we also know that by late Thursday most of SA won't be able to walk.  But for this one game, it was fun to see the veterans turn in such a performance, knowing too well they'll pay for it as the week goes on.  Expect a quieter Thursday and Friday ahead of finals as the team goes into full survivor mode but until then, they sit in first place with a 4-1 record.  Yes, only five games down and eight to go.  Good luck, gents.  Someone please have the ambulance on standby!

Jultopia Day 2: LW

July 8, 2019


A quiet start to the week for the South Aussies today with just two games scheduled.  The juniors started with a bang with a world record four games on Monday, going a comfortable 4-0 and seemingly headed for yet another grand final.  The women meanwhile had a cold start at 0-2, but are competitive and improving with every minute.  A wise man once said "It's a marathon, not a sprint" so we won't get too carried away with the Monday result.  Follow the Westside Church Basketball Bookface page for more pics and details but for now, it's on to the men's results.

lost to VICTORIA A 53-35
The sea was angry that day my friends, like a bunch of 25-year old leviathans with ridonkously large muscles, stupid amounts of energy and lightning speed.  And no, we don't remember when we could do that but SA burst out of the blocks early, leading 3-2 but it was like Brett Ebert's early point against Geelong in the 2007 AFL Grand Final.  Enjoy the lead, kids because it ain't gonna last.  SA took their time to get going but Victoria didn't.  They will give the competition a serious shake whilst SA will return to the more appropriate confines of B Grade where the older people play.  Plenty of improvement to come.  Good times, good times.

d TASMANIA B1 64-45
It was later in the day when SA crossed the Bass Strait and took on the might of the Apple Isle.  SA started slow as Tassie skipped out to a 12-6 lead but then bang, SA went for a 19-2 run that changed not only the course of the game but perhaps the whole week, or year or perhaps century, lifetime or eternity but we digress.  The Thunder were back as the old dogs went back to their old tricks, a Bando LeBron chalk layup moment capping off a good first half.  The second half saw much of the same as the reds trumped the greens in the paint and despite a late comeback, the good guys held firm for a solid win to close off Monday and finish 1-1.  Good times, good times.

Jultopia Day 1: AGM and opening night

July 7, 2019


Return here throughout the week for all your 2019 Survivor Jultopia Keilor Thunder Westside Warriors Carnival Experiment news.  We'll publish updates at the end of each day and will try to include as many pictures, stories and stats as we can.  Oh yes folks, it's gonna be big and we for one, can't wait.  The tourney began tonight with an opening church service where the Thunder's Daniel Smith threw ping pong balls at the Blizzard's Joshua Smith.  Some went in the hoop, many went at his head but hey, sometimes that's how it rolls.  As for us, we're off to sleep to prepare for a big day tomorrow.  Good times, good times.