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Since we are way behind the scedule beacause we have been missing player we have made a new scedule. Opening Day will start tommorow or Teusday.

The Yankees will Be Losing Aaron Collins and are on a lookout for a player.

Opening day is postponted to an unknown later date so opening day will be July 3rd Wednesday the games will probobly be played on the last day of the season

The Opening Day is changed to July 1st. The games will still be the same. The Rangers might be missing Adam Crant so they will borrow another player.

The 2013 All Star Game will be on July 17th. There will be a Home Run Derby at 1:30 and The All Star Game at 3:30 featuring Team East: Qasim Dogar (Ran), Adam Crant (Ran), Adam Lockeyer (BLJ) and Aiden Decker (BLJ). Also featuring Team West: Dylan Lockeyer (Gia), Jeffery Fewer (Gia), Alex Decker (Yan) and Aaron Collins (Yan). The Home Run Derby and the All Star Game will be Broadcasted and there will be Highlights on our Youtube channel. LINK:

The 3rd of July will be Opening Day and the games ever played in the GF-W Backyard Baseball League! All 4 teams will be playing including the 1st game will be at 1:30 at the Shallow Centre featuring the Yankees vs Giants. The second game will feature the Blue Jays vs Rangers at TBD. There will be 2 more games later on the day featuring the 2 favourites comin in the Rangers and Giants.The last game will be the Blue Jays vs Yankees all these games will be broadcasted and there will be highlights on our Youtube Channel "GF-W Backyard Baseball".