Amended Softball Rules in Bi-Laws:

New Rule #37 All infielders must wear a face mask.

Rule #1 An official game is 5 innings, (4 1/2) if home team is ahead.

Rule #6 Pitchers rubber is set at 40 feet.

Rule #11 Any regular season game not completed by the 2nd Tuesday prior to Memorial Day weekend, will result in a loss for both teams.

Rule #13 Standings posted on

Rule #34 Courtesy runner for catcher(with 2 outs only) and/or an injured player(with no subs available), runner will be the last out made.

Rule#35 No fake bunt to swing away. You can not show bunt, pull back and then swing(per each pitch). Penalty - Batter is out!

Rule #36 All pitchers must wear a face mask.

Clairification of Rule #3 - Standard Re-entry Rule always in Affect. - Any starting player can re-enter the game,(only in the exact place in the lineup), for a substitute player put in her place. That substitute player MAY NOT re-enter the game.

Clairification of Rule #24 - Dropped third strike, ONLY if first base is unoccupied no matter how many outs!(supersedes ASA rule when there are 2 outs).

Clairification of Rule #21b - There is absolutely NO DIRECT STEAL of home  plate!(Example:wild pitch,passed ball, dropped 3rd strike). Advances are only allowable when the ball is put in play!(Example: return throw back to pitcher that lands outside pitcher's circle, On the release of a throw to another base i.e.Dropped 3rd strike when 1st base is empty).





Teams must flip a coin for home team for third game,(when playing a 3 game season), regardless of the field you are playing on.


Reporting Scores

Winning team please send date and score to Gil Administrator at 


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