2019 / 2020 Season Information

Season preparation is well underway.  Please continue to check back here for updates and also check the Diocese CYO site.  This year will be a special year for many reasons.  Due to participation levels, our league has expanded to include Harrisburg and Lancaster teams.  In time, their will be a website for the combined effort.  For now, please refer to this site for program requirements.  Additionally, we are also planning cross-over games with the Berks CYO.

Calendar of Events - See below or go to the Harrisburg Diocese CYO Basketball website.


A few upcoming diocesan events are listed below.  Please go to the Harrisburg Diocese CYO Basketball website to register.

  • 35th Annual Varsity Girls Invitational Tournament November 1-3 ,2019 Main Street Gym, Middletown, PA
  • 18th Annual Junior Varsity Girls Invitational Tournament November 7-10, 2019 Main Street Gym, Middletown, PA

Team Rosters - grade school rosters are available in both excel and pdf.

Official Adobe Grade School Roster

Official Excel Grade School Roster

Training for Players and Families / Guardians - Each program is responsible to ensure that sudden cardiac arrest and concussion awareness training / forms are completed by players and parents / guardians.  These must be completed each year.  Please note that we count on each program to ensure that these two training courses are completed and that training records are maintained for the season.

Concussion Training for Parents/Guardians/Players

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training for Parents/Guardians/Players

Training for Coaches - All coaches must complete the following training annually.  Each program will ensure all coaches have completed this training and maintain all associated records.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Education and Information

Concussion in Sports

Orientation for Coaches - All new coaches, as well as coaches who have not attended in five years, will need to attend.  There is a $10 per person cost for this mandatory orientation.  Below are the tentative dates and times for orientation, Rick is still finalizing the locations. I just want to get these out to you so your coaches can start to plan.

  • Saturday, November 2 - 9 am - Lancaster (LCHS)
  • Thursday, November 21 - 6 pm - Harrisburg (Diocesan Center, Good Shepherd)
  • Tuesday, November 26 - 6 pm - Northumberland (QMHR, Danville) 

Clearances / Youth Protection Badges for Program Volunteers - Also, please have all new program coaches begin working on obtaining their clearances as soon as possible.  Parish program rectories are the best point of contact to begin this process.  All coaches and venue managers must obtain and display a valid clearance badge whenever working with our players.

 Program Fees

  • League fee - to be determined
  • Diocesan fee $50 (checks made payable to Harrisburg Diocese CYO)

2019 / 2020 Proposed League Meeting Schedule

 To be determined for upcoming season.