"The Save"













Gentlemen & Families, 

Last night at Teddy's Sports Bar I briefly had my first opportunity to speak and embrace some of you following Saturdays successful "Save of Life" for Dave Rooke.  Unfortunately my genuine appreciation for all your efforts on Saturday cannot be put into words more simply than - "Thank you guys".

Special thanks to Toby, Bill and Brian specifically who executed their training (courtesy of local fire departments) to perfection.  I have learned that statistics are not in favour of a positive outcome like this but it should be known that Toby is now 4 for 4 in successful saves - a truly amazing record and we are all very fortunate that he was there to take command of the situation.  Thank you Toby.

Also, I understand that it was Bills 1st Save and Brian now has seven under his belt as well.  Your professionalism, decisiveness and swift actions were truly amazing to witness.  We are very grateful for your efforts and I Thank you both.

Collectively for everyone there on Saturday it was a great save for the community and the Peach King Tournament.  I am especially proud to be surrounded by such decisive people and incredible members of our community. 

My participation in this historic tournament (having played 4 games for 3 different teams on Saturday) was truly an honour for me.  Kudos to all of the dedicated volunteers and arena staff for organizing and the Legion hosting apres hockey activities that makes this venue a very memorable and successful weekend each year for the Town of Grimsby.

On behalf of the entire Rooke family; I'm sending our most sincere Congratulations to each of you.  With your permission we will be contributing to the Annual Peach King Tournament and asking the arena to provide dedicated wall space for us to commemorate "The Save" on Nov 24th, 2018.

We Rooke's (including wife Jos, 3 kids and 8 Grandchildren) thank you All very kindly for your support and participation in the Peach King Tournament.  We especially thank the volunteer firemen (who were fortunately on the ice with us that night) for your Life Saving Contribution and Gift given to my father and our family.  Our heartfelt "Thank you" is an understatement.

Please continue to "Save" others for our Community with the same humility and kindness demonstrated this past weekend.

Best regards & Special Thanks to All,

//Adam Rooke (son)
c/o:  Dave Rooke & Family









"The Save of Life" - Dave Rooke, Nov 24th, 2018

Dedicated to the following individuals:

  • Nick Trobeck - first to get help to Dave
  • Bill Crossman & Brian Copeland - administered CPR preventing irreversible damage
  • Toby Jones & Harry Boeck - swiftly retrieved the defibrillator and pushed the button within minutes to regain consciousness
  • Pat Connell - provided his jacket to support Dave's head
  • John Appleman - coached Dave throughout the process to verify cognition until paramedics arrived

We are very grateful for the team effort.  "The Save" ensured a successful win for us all.  Congratulations!



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