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Ivan Davis and the California Golden Tigers join ABA Sports Realty Group!

June 18, 2020


This is one of the riskiest things that Ivan Davis has ever done other than joining the ABA. When you have a dream, you fight for it. Sometimes it takes a lifetime, but you fight regardless. Then came ABA Sports Realty Group or "ASRG"

Around 3 months ago the American Basketball Association (ABA) announced ABA Sports Realty Group, an exciting new initiative whose goal it is to provide venues for its 175+ teams. “This is truly one of the most ambitious programs we’ve ever undertaken,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. “The ABA has grown to become the largest professional sports league in the US. Unlike the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ABA teams do not have their own venues but rather rely on colleges, universities and high schools to play our games. ASRG will target vacant big-box retail stores, vacant warehouses, distribution centers, and shopping centers, and will remodel and retrofit them into 2500-seat sports and entertainment venues that will not only be available for ABA home games but for other sports and entertainment including concerts, boxing, wrestling, MMA, motocross as well as youth, high school, and college activities. There are limited investment opportunities available.”

Joe Newman has always been ahead of the curve as for as ideas and l=his legacy in the state if Indiana speaks for itself. If he pulls this off, he will turn the ABA into a mega powerhouse and opportunities like this come once in a blue moon. This is why Ivan Davis invested in ASRG. He is really investing in Joe Newman.

Golden Tigers Join OAACC



The California Golden Tigers Basketball team formed an alliance with the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce.

For quite some time, I have been looking for some way to help black businesses. Networking with business is extremely tough especially when you're in a city where black businesses are disappearing by the truckload. Then came a thought from television to support more black businesses.

I was thinking to myself why haven't I done this before? Contact the Black Chamber of Commerce. Initially I spoke with a very helpful secretary who more than convinced me that I was making the right decision. She told me all the benefits that the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce possessed and their values matched perfectly with the American Basketball Association.

There are some major projects that ABA Chief Executive Officer Joseph Newman is working on for the American Basketball Association and one of the projects is to work with the National Black Chamber of Commerce. It is very important for the American Basketball Association to be diversified, especially given the current climate of the country right now.

Tune in to future posts to get the latest news on this fantastic journey. I hope you are excited as I am and have a great day!

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