• Our Goal of Good Shepherd Hockey is to provide a safe and productive environment......
  • To learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication & sportsmanship.....
  • Good sportsmanship: when teammates, opponents, & coaches treat each other with respect.....
  • Islanders = Sportsmanship + Teamwork + Strength + Character + Discipline + Dedication.....
  • Lets Go Islanders . . .. . Lets Go Islanders

Islanders win the series.....and are now League Champions...

Islanders Win - Islanders Win - The Islanders Win..........

Click below to see the over-time goal video

Over-Time Goal Video

We Are The Champions

Good Shepherd Hockey Junior Finals - Game 2 Summary - 5/22/10

We Are The Champions.....

Today, the Good Shepherd Islanders Hockey team became the Good Shepherd 2009 / 2010 Junior Hockey Champions…..the coaches are very proud of the Islanders players - and want to thank the Islanders parents, families, and friends - who supported our team from October to the end of May. What an awesome season - what an awesome game - what awesome memories

Before the game began, the Islanders coaches had the players and coaches from both teams meet at the center of the deck for a photo with the Berry Cup. Both teams worked so hard throughout the season to get to this point and both teams showed tremendous respect for one another - Before the game (with the photo), during the game (only 2 penalties), and after the game (with the end of season handshake). The boys really learned about hockey, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship this season - great job boys!

To the game – The game began just like it did last week - with both goalies making fantastic saves - The Penguins grab the lead early and they kept the pressure on the Islanders all game, Before we knew it, the score was 2 -0 and the Islanders were glad we won the first game. After calling a time out the team seemed to respond. Liam on the second line broke the ice for the Islanders and made the score 2 - 1. the Penguins then got the third goal to make it 3 - 1. But the Islanders kept fight back and on the third line we scored again to bring ourselves with-in 1 goal. With less than 2 minutes to go the Islanders pulled the goalie and sent out Matt L. to try get the tying goal. It worked because Garrett took control and brought the ball down from the blue line to take a shot that just crossed the line and tied the game at 3. So went into overtime. The first and second line played well but the score remained 3 - 3. Then our third line came thru again as Vincent squeaked a shot past the goalie and the Islanders were champs.

After shaking hands, the Islanders began their Championship celebration. They raised the cup up high and took individual players photos with the cup as the coaches introduced each player. The celebration then moved off the deck. It was great to see the boys smiling faces as the celebrated with silly string while eating cup cakes, donuts, and drinking water (sorry – they are too young for champagne). It was just great to see the boys celebrating with their friends and teammates - making memories that will last a lifetime (I hope all the parents got some good pictures)

It was a special season for all of us - one that the coaches will never forget. Thank you very much for the picture frame with the boys and the gift card - and we want to congratulate each and every player. You played like champions all season long and now we can officially call you champs - because We Are The Champions - Islanders – 2009 / 2010 Good Shepherd Junior Hockey Champions – Congrats boys – the hard work paid off – and you deserve to be champs!

Coach Angelo and George

The Islanders win the Barry Cup with an exciting come-from-behind overtime win

What a great game......down 3-1 in the third period, the Islanders came from behind to tie the score with less than a minute remaining in regulation - forcing overtime - where they scored to win the Barry Cup and the Good Shepherd Hockey League Junior Division Championship!

Great job Islanders - you played like Champions and now you are Champions - winning the finals two games to none! Our playoff record was 5 wins and only one loss. We beat a very good team in the finals - the Penguins also played like champions and were a minute away from forcing a third and final game. But the Islanders found a way to win - and are now Champs - congrats to all the players, coaches, and families on a job well done and for showing great sportsmanship.

One down...one to go for the Championship...Let's go Islanders

Good Shepherd Hockey Junior Finals - Game 1 Summary - 5/15/10

The Islanders beat the Penguins in the first game of the best of three finals 3-1. It was a very well played, exciting game. With the victory, the Islanders are now one win away from winning the championship.

The 1st period saw both goalies make outstanding saves. The Islanders scored on the first shift of the game with Chris T starting off the scoring. The Penguins came right back and tied the game at 1. The Islanders took the lead in the 2nd period when Nick C. scored. The first line ended the scoring in the 3rd period with Robert C. sealing the 3-1 victory. Stephen and the "D" played great.

We always say that we win as a team....and it took a total team effort to win this game....great job everybody...both coaches are very proud of all 17 boys. Let's keep up the good work next week.

Lets Go Islanders. Next weeks game is at 9:00 AM.
Visit our web site, http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=goodshepherdislanders

Coach Angelo and George

** Please arrive early next week so we can take a special picture with both teams around the Berry Cup.

** We will have to set up and take down the boards next week, since the Senior series is over with the Panthers beating the Crush.

The Islanders advance to the Championship Round of the Playoffs Saturday May 15th


The Islanders are now in the Good Shepherd Hockey League Junior Championship Finals.

We will play the Penguins in the best of 3 Championship round.

Our first game is Saturday May 15th @ 9am. Again, this is a best 2 out of 3 playoff round...the first team to win two games is the Champions.

Please keep in mind that we will have to setup the boards for the entire playoff series so please arrive early.

We hope everybody can make the game.........

Please email or call Coach Angelo if you can not make the game.

Coach Angelo 631-707-1675 Theang20@aol.com

Islanders Win Semi-final Playoff Game - We're going to the finals

Playoff Semi-final Summary - Saturday 5/8/10:

Islanders win - Islanders win - We're going to the finals

Hello Everyone,

What a great game.....after having a week that helped the Islanders get healthy, the Islanders came out flying in their last semi-final game against the Blue Knights. The Islanders scored 3 playoff goals as the Islanders defense - led by our goalie Stephen - recorded a great effort.

The Islanders goals were all nice, Chris T scored on the first shift of the game and set the tone. Chris scored his second goal of the game on the first lines second shift after winning the face-off and shooting on net. The Blue Knights came back and tied the score with 5 minutes left in the game. But with 3 minutes left in the third period, Vincent came down on a breakaway and was stopped by their goalie, but he did not stop and got his rebound - going behind the net, he did a wrap around and scored. With 30 seconds left, the Blue Knights pulled their goalie and and our third line played well as they held them to no shots.

Both coaches are very proud of each and every player on this team...each one of you contributed to our team effort - which led to our victory.

This victory has sent the Islanders into the Good Shepherd Hockey League Finals....The Islanders will play the Penguins in a best of three series for the Berry Cup.

The finals begin next week.......

Playoff Hockey - Lets go ISLANDERS

If you have any questions, please e-mail (theang20@aol.com) or call

Thanks Coach Angelo and George.

Islanders lose playoff game, it all comes down to next week - game 3

Playoffs Round 2 Game 2 review - Saturday 5/1/10

The Islanders lose a playoff game today 3 - 2. It was a great effort by our team playing without 2 players, Alex on 1st line and Stephen our goalie.

The outcome was not what we wanted but I am very proud of the kids. I want to thank all our parents for showing class and restraint when the Blue Knights parents got out of hand. They seem to have an edge based off the fact that we shut them out last week. This is a church league and is about the kids, and the language that was used was uncalled for. That being said, the Islanders played hard. We got a goal from our second line (Matt) and third line (Zach) this week. The kids are really having fun out there.

The Coaches are very proud of how far this team has come....showing great Sportsmanship.

I was told that next weeks game is at 9:00 AM, It is early and we will need to setup the boards, all help is greatly appreciated. If we win we go to the finals.......so lets go out there and have some fun

Islanders Win first Semi-final Playoff Game

Playoff Semi-final Summary - Saturday 4/24/10:

News came down from the league on Friday that the next two rounds were extended in the JR division to a best of 3 series.

What a great game.....The Islanders and Blue Knights had a hard fought game. With both our goalies out this week, The Islanders turned to Chris T to play goalie....and he did not disappoint...the Islanders posted a shutout in the first game of a 3 game series with a great effort from the defense. Both teams played a great defensive game for the first 2 periods, going into the 3rd period tied at ZERO. but in the 3rd period Vincent S came in on a semi breakaway and took a nice shot that was saved and he followed up his rebound to put the Islanders up for good. Vincent scored a second goal on the next shift and Matt rounded out the scoring to give the Islanders a victory. 1 game down and 1 to go to make it to the finals.

Both coaches are very proud of each and every player on this team...each one of you contributed to our team effort - which led to our victory.

Playoff Hockey - Lets go ISLANDERS

The Islanders are victorious and win the quarterfinal playoff game 4-1

Playoffs - Round 1 - 4/17/10

The entire Islanders team played a great game, defeating the Red Wings 4 to 1 in the opening round (Quarter finals) of the Good Shepheard Hockey League Playoffs - congrats to all. Chris scored a playoff hat-trick (3-goals) in leading the Islanders to their first playoff win - great job Chris! Vincent S. scored an empty net goal to put the icing on the cake. Stephen played well in net. We where short two players - Nick C. and Tyler S. - but the boys once again played great - excellent team-work - and were able to defeat the Red Wings.

Both coaches were very encouraged by the progress the boys have made, especially the defense. We heard great communication between the defensemen. They were actually telling each other who had the ball and who was to help guard the net. Because we were short two players, some of the boys played up a line - and did a fantastic job. Liam played well on the first line and Vincent and Garrett played well on the second line.

It was a very exciting day and we are all proud of the boys - earning their first playoff victory. We move on and we hope all of the Islanders can make the second round next week. Again it is a one game series, we win we will play in the championship the following week, we lose and the season is over. Good luck - and Lets Go Islanders!

We now move onto the playoff Semi-final round (the final 4 teams) and will play the Blue Knights on Saturday morning 4/24 @ 10:30am. The first place team - the Saints - will play the fourth place team - the Penguins.....and we (the third place team) will play the second place team - the Blue Knights. The winners of this one game single elimination Semi-final playoff round will face each other in the Championship final round - which the best 2 out of 3 games - beginning Saturday May 1st.

The regular season has ended- it is time for the playoffs - 4/17/10 @ 10:40 am

Our regular season has ended - the Islanders finished the regular season with an amazing record of 10 wins and just 4 losses. The coaches could not be any prouder of our team as we have far exceeded all of our regular season goals. The boys all became better hockey players - which was our number one goal. They learned how to play hockey better, became better teammates, and most importantly - learned about good sportsmanship and responsibility. Amazingly, we had 15 different players score goals this season as we scored 57 goals as a team. The boys all listened to the coaches which is why they learned so much - making it a plesure to coach this team. They all seemed to have fun which is why we all play the great sport of hockey. Here are some of our regular season statistics - they are simply amazing - great job everyone:

Regular Season stats:
• The Islanders Regular season Record was 10 wins and 4 losses
• The Islanders scored 57 regular season goals and only gave up 22 goals
• The Islanders had a plus/minus rating of +35 (scoring 35 more goals than golas allowed)
• The Islanders 57 regular season goals were scored by 15 different players (Chris-18 goals & Nick C.-11 goals scored 50% of those goals)
• The Islanders recorded 3 defensive regular season shutouts.

It is now time for the second season - the playoffs.

We finished in 3rd place and will play the 6th place team - the Red Wings. The game will be on Saturday 4/17/2010....at 10:40 am.

The coaches would like to thank everyone for making this such a special / great regular season. Now lets continue having fun in the playoffs!

Please remember to visit our team web site for more information at www.leaguelineup.com/goodshepherdislanders.com
and the league web site at www.goodshepherdhockey.com

Game 14: The Islanders are on a roll going into Playoffs

Game 14 review - Saturday 4/10/10

In the last game before the playoffs the Islanders came out flying. Scoring 6 goals against the Whalers 6-0 victory. The Islanders finished the season with 10 wins and 4 losses. Awesome job gentlemen!

This week we had goals scored by all 3 lines, Chris T and Alex W. had 1 each for the first line and Nick C added 2 of his own. Matt L. scored on the second line and Ty D. scored on the 3rd line. Stephen had a shutout (the team's third shutout victory this season) and the defense played very well.

Next week we are starting the playoffs and I will let you know as soon as I get the schedule. We are in 3rd place and should be playing the Red Wings....the coaches are very proud of all of the boys efforts this season....keep up the good work.

Final Regular Season Standings

Final Junior Division Standings As Of 4/10/10

Teams Wins Loss Tie Pts GF GA
Saints 12 2 0 24 57 17
Bkue Knights 11 2 1 23 65 11
Islanders 10 4 0 20 57 22
Penguins 9 5 0 18 45 31
Whalers 6 7 1 13 30 38
Red Wings 3 10 1 7 20 53
North Stars 1 11 2 4 8 63
Avalanche 1 12 1 3 10 58

Good Shepherd Islanders Playoff & Regular Season Goal Scorers By Game

Playoff Goal scorers by game.......Below is a list of the Islanders Goal Scorers by game.

Game 1 Quarter Finals - Game 1 - 4/17/10 - 4 Goals - Chris (3), Vincent S. (1)

Game 2 Semi Finals - Game 1 - 4/24/10 - 3 Goals - Vincent S. (2), Matt (1)

Game 3 Semi Finals - Game 2 - 5/1/10 - 2 Goals - Matt (1), Zack (1)

Game 4 Semi Finals - Game 3 - 5/8/10 - 3 Goals - Chris (2), Vincent (1)

Game 5 Championship Finals - Game 1 - 5/15/10 - 3 Goals - Chris (1), Nick (1), Robert (1)

Game 6 Championship Finals - Game 2 - 5/22/10 - 4 Goals - Liam (1), Garrett (1), Vincent (2)

Defense: - Playoff Shutouts: (1) - 4/24/10

Regular Season Goal scorers by game.......Below is a list of the Islanders Goal Scorers by game.

Game 1 - 10/17/09 - 5 Goals - Chris (2), Kyle (1), Matt K.(2)

Game 2 - 10/31/09 - 5 Goals - Chris (2), Nick C. (2), Matt K.(1)

Game 3 - 11/7/09 - 1 Goals - Chris (1)

Game 4 - 11/21/09 - 4 Goals - Chris (1), Nick C. (2), Matt L.(1)

Game 5 - 12/12/09 - 1 Goal - Zack (1)

Game 6 - 12/19/09 - 2 Goals - Chris (2)

Game 7 - 1/17/10 - 3 Goals - Matt L.(1), Chris (1), Alex (1)

Game 8 - 1/23/10 - 2 Goals - Nick C. (1), Chris (1)

Game 9 - 1/30/10 - 4 Goals - Chris (1), Robert (1), Kyle (1), Zack (1)

Game 10 - 2/20/10 - 11 Goals - Chris (2), Nick C. (2), Alex, (1), Robert (1), Zach R(1) Tyler R(1) Anthony (1) Vincent S (1) and Kyle (1)

Game 11 - 3/5/10 - 6 Goals - Chris (1), Nick C. (1), Tyler S. (1), Ty (1), Tyler R. (1), Garrett (1)

Game 12 - 3/20/10 - 3 Goals - Chris (1), Nick C. (1), Vincent S (1)

Game 13 - 3/27/10 - 4 Goals - Chris (2), Tyler R. (1), Matt K (1)

Game 14 - 4/10/10 - 6 Goals - Chris (1), Nick C. (2), Alex W. (1), Matt L. (1), Tyler D. (1)

Defense: - Shutouts: (3) - 10/17/09, 12/19/09 & 4/10/10

Overall regular season totals - 57 goals - Scored by 15 different players - Chris (18), Nick C. (11), Matt K. (4), Tyler R. (4), Kyle (3), Matt L. (3), Alex (3), Zack (2), Robert (2), Vincent S. (2), Tyler S. (1), Ty (1), Garrett (1), Anthony (1), Zach R. (1)

Turkey Tournament goals - 4 goals - Scored by 4 different players - Chris (1), Vincent (1), Matt K. - Choo Choo (1), Tyler - TJ (1)....and 1 shutout by Tyler S.

Preseason game 10/10/09 Goal Scorers - 3 Goals: Matt, Nick C. (2)

2009 / 2010 Islanders Hockey Schedule & Results (Regular season & Playoffs)

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start times.

Week# Date Start Time Opponent Score: Record:

1 10/17/09 8:00 Avalanche Won 5-0 1-0-0
2 10/24/09 9:20 Whalers Canceled due to rain/weather
2 10/31/09 9:20 Whalers Won 5-3 2-0-0
3 11/07/09 10:40 Blue Knights Lost 4-1 2-1-0
4 11/14/09 12:00 Red Wings Canceled due to rain/weather
4 11/21/09 12:00 Red Wings Won 4-1 3-1-0
* 11/28/09 Turkey Tournament Won 2-0 Lost 4-2 Top-4-finish
5 12/05/09 9:20 Penguins Cancelled due to rain/weather
5 12/12/09 9:20 Penguins Lost 2-1 3-2-0
6 12/19/09 8:00 North Stars Won 2-0 4-2-0
* 12/26/09 Merry Christmas - No Games due to Holiday
7 1/02/10 8:00 Saints Cancelled due to snow/weather
7 1/09/10 8:00 Saints Cancelled due to ice/weather
7 1/16/10 8:00 Saints Won 3-1 5-2-0
8 1/23/10 9:20 Blue Knights Lost 3-2 5-3-0
9 1/30/10 10:40 Avalanche Won 4-1 6-3-0
10 2/06/10 12:00 North Stars Cancelled due to snow/weather
10 2/13/10 12:00 North Stars Cancelled due to snow/weather
10 2/20/10 12:00 North Stars Won 11-1 7-3-0
11 2/27/10 10:40 Red Wings Cancelled due to snow/weather
11 3/06/10 10:40 Red Wings Won 6-1 8-3-0
12 3/13/10 9:20 Saints Cancelled due to rain/weather
12 3/20/10 9:20 Saints Lost 4-3 8-4-0
13 3/27/10 10:40 Penguins Won 4-3 9-4-0
14 4/03/10 Holy Saturday - No Games - Holiday
14 4/10/10 8:00 Whalers Won 6-0 10-4-0
Quarter-Final Playoff Game (1 game series - won 1 game to none)
1 4/17/10 10:40 Red Wings Won 4-1 Won quarter-final series
Semi-Final Playoff Games (Best of 3 series - won 2 games to 1)
2 4/24/10 10:30 Blue Knights Won 3-0 Lead semi-final series 1-0
3 5/01/10 10:30 Blue Knights Lost 3-2 Semi-final series tied 1-1
4 5/08/10 9:00 Blue Knights Won 3-2 Won semi-final series 2-1
Championship-Finals Playoff Games (Best of 3 series - won 2 games to none)
5 5/15/10 9:00 Penguins Won 3-1 Lead final series 1-0
6 5/22/10 9:00 Penguins Won 4-3 OT - Won Championship 2-0
End of Season

Preseason game Saturday 10/3 cancelled due to rain
Preseason game Saturday 10/10 - Islanders Won 3-1

Why are there no dates on my schedule?

** Reminder ** The reason there are no dates on the schedule above is because the league uses a rolling schedule. In other words, if the league postpones the games during any particular week due to weather, league rules state that the games that were postponed will be played the next Saturday....therefore pushing the schedule out.

This scenario can happen several times during a season (sometimes several weeks in a row due to rain, snow and ice).

Game 13: Islanders win a thriller....and clinch 3rd place....

Game 13 review - Saturday 3/27/10

The Islanders won a hard fought game against the Penguins. Both teams were tied for 3rd place and the Islanders had to win to secure the 3rd slot in the playoffs. The second line really played well today and produced 3 of the 4 goals. Tyler R scored and Matt K scored a short-handed goal with a rebound after Tyler R hit the cross bar. Chris T scored one for the first line and the game was tied with 4 minutes left in the game. Coach Angelo decided that a tie would not help us get the 3rd slot, so he pulled the goalie with the score tied at 3 and put Chris on the second line. The move paid off as Chris knocked in a rebound for his second goal of the game - giving the Islanders the victory - scoring with less than a minute left in the game - and securing a third place finish in the regular season standings. Tyler S. played great in goal, only gaving up 3 break-away goals...Something our defense has to work on in future games - not allowing so many break-aways. The coaches are very proud of the way the team played today. Thanks to Kyle's dad for helping out on the coach's sideline.

Please enjoy the Easter break and be ready to play again on April 10th, We are off next week.

Our next game is Saturday 4/10 @ 8:00 against the Whalers. Please come early to help setup the boards.

Game 12: Islanders play hard but lose a close one.....

Game 12 review - Saturday 3/20/10

The Islanders battled hard today, and played a great game. It was a very well played game by both teams but someone had to lose. The Islanders got on the scoreboard first with a goal by Nick C. The Saints tied it and went ahead 2-1. Then Chris T. knocked in a rebound and tied the score. at 2. The Saints scored, and the Islanders answered right away with a goal by Vincent S tieing the game again at 3. But the Saints showed why they are in second place and scored the game winner late in the third period. The Islanders showed great effort and displayed great sportsmanship...but couldn't answer....and lost a close game. The coaches are very proud of the way you tried.

Our next game is Saturday 3/27 @ 10:20 against the Penguins.

Game 11: The Islanders are on a roll

Game 11 review - Saturday 3/6/10

The Islanders came out flying after a week off, scoring 6 goals against the Red Wings in a 6-1 victory. The Islanders improved their record to eight wins and three losses.

This week we had a couple of goals scored by players who scored their first goals ever in this league. Tyler S on the second line moved from "D" to Offense and scored on a slap shot. Ty on the third line scored a rebound goal. The other goal scorers where Chris, Nick C, Tyler R, and Garrett. It was Garrett's first goal this season. It was great to see all 3 lines score twice this week. Stephen was great in net, making some nice saves. All of the boys played very well offensively and defensively....and most importantly, they all showed good sportsmanship.

Next week we are playing the Saints, The game is at 9:20. .....the coaches are very proud of all of the boys efforts....keep up the good work.

Game 10: Islanders win again after a few weeks off

Game 10 review - Saturday 2/20/10

The Islanders came out flying after a couple of weeks off, scoring 11 goals for the first time this season in a 11-1 victory. The Islanders improved their record to seven wins and three losses. I think the practice the day before really got the kids going.

This week we had two players who scored two goals and seven players who scored one goal each (four of them scoring their first goal of the season - congrats!). Goals were scored by Chris (2), Nick C. (2), Alex, (1), Robert (1), Zach R(1) Tyler R(1) Anthony (1) Vincent S (1) and Kyle (1). All of the boys on the team played very well offensively and defensively....and most importantly, they all showed good sportsmanship. Tyler S played very well in net. We also had a full team - thanks for coming down this week.

Game 9: Islanders victorious

Game 9 review - Saturday 1/30/10

The Islanders came out flying after a loss last week, scoring 4 goals in a 4-1 victory. The Islanders improved their record to six wins and three losses.

This week we had a goal scored by Chris, Robert, Kyle, and Zach. It was Rober's first goal of the season - Way to go Robert!

All of the Islanders played very well offensively and defensively....and most importantly, they all showed good sportsmanship. Tyler played great in net, once again filling in for Stephen. Thank you to Anthony and Vincents dad for helping out on the bench.

Next week we have the late game at 12:00......the coaches are very proud of all of the boys efforts....keep up the good work and the great sportsmanship.

Game 8: Islanders suffer third loss of the season - another 1-goal game - 3-2 loss

Game 8 review - Saturday 1/23/10

Great effort by the all of the boys on Saturday. Coach George and our goalie Stephen were not able to make the game. So Coach Angelo placed all of the players sticks in a pile and pulled one out to see who's parent would come across the deck and help the team out, this week it was Matt's (CHOO CHOO) stick that was chosen and his dad had a great time coaching and helping out - thank you! With Stephen out, Tyler S. stepped up into the role of goalie, and played very well - good job Tyler S.! The Blue Knights scored first on a goal that hit several players and bounced up in the air and somehow went in. Then they scored a goal - the ball seemed to have eyes - and just got in the goal, they added a 3rd goal in the 3rd period. The Islanders scored 2 goals of our own, one by Chris and one by Nick C. The boys played a great game and I am very proud of their efforts - even in a loss. They all showed great sportsmanship and built some team character today. I love when they all get into the game and start a "LETS GO ISLANDERS" chant.

Next weeks game is at 10:40.

Game 7: Islanders get to play after several weeks off.....and are victorious

Game 7 review - Saturday 1/16/10

Happy New Year Everyone.....After only playing one hockey game in a month due to the bad winter weather, the Islanders were anxious to get back to their winning ways....and gave everyone a great game with a 3-1 win. The Islanders played a strong game with Steven in net. The team rallied and beat the first place Saints team. The Saints beat the Islanders in the Turkey Tournament....but today was a different game as the Islanders got a goal from Matt on the second shift for the first line. From that point on, the Islanders took many shots....and Chris scored a baseball swing goal, knocking the ball in from his waist. ....Alex finished off the scoring with his first goal of the season. Great job by everyone....especially since we have not played in several weeks. Robert really helped the team out by playing Defense on the first line for Kyle who was sick. It is such a pleasure to coach these boys....they always show great sportsmanship and listen to instructions....playing their positions and making the team successful. Keep up the great work.

I also want to thank the many parents who helped with the boards and with clearing the snow. Your efforts were much appreciated!

Game 6: Cold, exciting, close game victory ...Great Job Islanders!!!

Game 6 review - Saturday 12/19/09

The Islanders win in another close 2 - 0 game.

Great job by all..... We had just enough kids to play. Thank you to all the families that let me know ahead of time your child was sick or could not make it. It helps prepare the lineup for that day.

Thanks to all the parents that braved the weather and saw a great game.

Steven our goalie posted a shutout and had to make some great saves.

Both of our goals came from the 1st line, with Chris scoring both goals.

Matt (CHOO CHOO) and Vincent S moved from the 3rd line to the 2nd line and played great.

Alex, Kyle, Anthony, Robert, Liam and Matt played great on Defense when needed.

We are off next week, the day after Christmas, but will play the day after New Years.

Happy Holiday to all.

Coach Angelo and George.

Welcome to our team web site

Here is the web address of our team web site where you can find up-to-the-minute information about the Good Shepherd hoackey league and our Islanders team.....


Good Shepherd Hockey League Web site

Please be sure to check out the official Good Shepherd Hockey league web site where you can find up-to-date playoff information, pictures, league rules, schedules, and standings.

Also note - important messages such as cancellations will be posted there.

The web site is listed below but if you click on the Sharks hockey player above, it will bring you directly to the Good Shepherd Church Hockey League web site....

Good Shepherd Hockey League Official Site

2009 Good Shepherd Turkey Tournament - Top 4 finish

Saturday 11/28/09 - Tournament review - Top 4 finish

The Good Shepherd Hockey League holds an annual Thanksgiving Weekend Hockey Tournament. It is a great time - a round robin tournament in which the winning team receives movie tickets. Since the Islanders are currently in second place, we had to face the 7th place team, the Avalanche. We found out that two Islanders players were away for the weekend or sick.... Robert was sick and our Goalie Stephen and his father - assistant coach George. So we put Tyler in net and his dad Tommy join me on the bench. Tyler did a great job in net leading the Sharks to a shutout in the first game. We got a goal from Vincent who had to move up to the second line, and Chris to secure a 2 to 0 victory.

All of the boys played awesome......and we had so much fun...

In the second game we faced the black team called the Saints. Luck was not on our side as they jumped out to a 1-0 lead on the first shift. Our third line tied the score with a great shot by Matt (choo choo). But the tie did not last very long as the Saints scored 3 straight goals, including a penalty shot goal. Tyler (TJ) scored our second goal with 2 minutes left in the game. We lost the game but learned a lot about the other teams that we still have not faced yet. And we should be proud of the fact that we finished in the top four - losing in the semi-finals.

In the tournament finals, the Saints beat the Blue Knights to make the Saints the "TURKEY TOURNAMENT CHAMPS.

Game 5: Islanders play great...but defeated for second time this year

Game 5 review - Saturday 12/12/09

The Islanders were defeated by a score of 2-1. Both goalies and defenses played great. There were many scoring opportunities but the Islanders were unable to put more than one goal in the net. The Islanders showed great effort and displayed great sportsmanship....
Our third line got our goal, Zack R. got his first goal of the season.
For the season, the Islanders are now 3 wins and 2 loses in 5 games.....

Next weeks game is at 8:00.

Game 4: Islanders earn their third victory of the season

Game 4 review - Saturday 11/21/09

The Islanders won for the third time this season with a 4-1 win in a great game....

- Once again our first line scored on our first shift of the game as Chris and Nick scored to make it 2 - 0.

- The second line also scored for the first time this year, with a goal by Matt L.

- Later in the game, Nick scored an open net goal after the Red Wings pulled their goalie.

- Tyler was in goal to record our team's 3rd win of the season.

Great job by all of the Islanders players. The boys are really understanding their position and have really grasped the hardest rule in hockey - offsides/touching up. The team is playing so well, it is hard to believe it is only the 4th game of the season. Let's keep in mind that the most important thing is not the score....it is about having fun and learning about this great game.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I will send you details about the Turkey tournament as soon as I get them.

Game 3: Islanders suffer first loss of the season

Game 3 review - Saturday 11/7/09

On a day that we were missing 4 players due to the sickness, the Islanders suffered their first defeat of the season by a score of 4-1....in a very well played game against a very good team - the Blue Knights. The boys played great and I am very proud of their efforts even in a loss. They all showed great sportsmanship and built some team character today. They have to keep in mind that hockey is fun...win or lose.

The kids all stepped up and had to play on lines and positions that they are not use to. Zach and Garrett moved from the 3rd line to the 2nd line and played great. We learn and move on, this will make us stronger as the year goes on. Way to go.....Sincerely, The Islanders Coaches

Game 2: Islanders win again making it two victories in a row....

Game 2 review - Saturday 10/31/09

The Islanders played another great game jumping out to a 1 nothing lead on the first shift of the game. Chris T. and Nick C each scored 2 goals. Choo Choo also scored a goal. Tyler S played great in goal to help the Islanders hold onto the lead and a win. We had to shuffle the kids on different lines because we were missing a few kids and they all step up to the plate and helped the team.

The coaches are very proud of the way the entire team has started the season. The boys continue to work hard as they learn their positions. We are having a blast coaching and hope the boys are having as much fun as we are playing.

Game 1: Islanders win their first regular season hockey game

Game 1 review - Saturday 10/17/09

This game really counted.....The Islanders scored 5 goals in our season opener and won the first game of the year 5-0. Both coaches are very proud of all of the players. Great job boys!

Our first line scored three goals and we got 2 more from the third line. All three lines were playing great. Our first goal of the season was scored by Matt (CHOO CHOO). But he was not done yet.....he also scored another goal to give him 2 for the day. On the first line, Chris added 2 of his own goals. Our other goal scorer was a "D" person that moved up to forward.....Kyle rounded out the scoring with a goal of his own. We also recorded our first "SHUTOUT" of the season. Our goaltender Stephen was tested early and came up with some big saves....as all of the Islanders helped to preserve the shutout. The team is getting better at touching up and staying on-sides.

It is fun to see the kids starting to get the rules down and learning to know where to play. The boys showed great sportsmanship cheering and supporting each other, I even heard a couple of chants of "LETS GO ISLANDERS".......

Please feel free to reach out to either coach if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Islanders win first ever PRE-Season hockey game as a team

PRE-SEASON - Saturday 10/10/09

The Islanders scored 3 goals in our Pre-Season game and held on to win 3-1 over the Penguins. Both coaches are very proud of the players. Great job!

Our first line scored two goals, and our third line scored the other. All the younger players on the second and third lines played in their first Good Shepherd Hockey league game. Our first two goals of the season was scored by Nick C. Our other goal scorer was CHOO CHOO or better known as Matt. We also had a substitute goaltender. Tyler did a great job filling in for Stephen and only gave up 1 goal. Everyone did a great job, especially when it came to touching up / staying on-sides.

The coaches can not say enough about the team's efforts. The boys showed great sportmanship cheering and supporting each other and listening to the refs. We feel they have already come a long way since our first practice a few weeks ago. We hope to teach them more about playing hockey, sportmanship, and teamwork....and hope to make the season an enjoyable, fun, learning experience for everyone involved.

Please feel free to reach out to either coach if you have any questions or concerns.

Coach Angelo and George.

Information about our hockey team

We are the Good Shepherd Islanders....a hockey team playing in the Good Shepherd Church hockey league - Junior division. We play our games on Saturday mornings in the Church parking lot. Our first scrimmage game is Saturday October 3rd @ 9:20 am. Our first official league game is Saturday October 10th @ 8:00 am. We have two coaches and 17 players.

Islanders Hockey Coaches:

Angelo Tedesco
E-Mail Theang20@aol.com
Home Phone 631 244 2512
Cell Phone 631 707 1675

George Silva
E-Mail Fatboygrs@yahoo.com
Cell Phone 516 314 8024

17 Players:
Chris T. # 13
Stephen S. # 17
Kyle R. # 16
Nick C. # 10
Alex W. # 15
Robert C. # 14
Anthony O. # 12
Matther L. # 11
Liam M. # 9
Tyler R. # 8
Tyler S. # 7
Garrett D. # 6
Vincent S. # 5
Vincent O. # 3
Zachary R. # 4
Ty D. # 2
Matt K. # 1

Volunteers are needed whenever we have an 8:00 am game

Please note - whenever our team has the first game of the day (the 8:00 am game), we are required to setup the boards. We would appreciate it if some parent volunteers could also arrive at 7:30 am to help with the setup of the boards as we try to get the boys prepared, stretched, and ready for the 8:00 am start time. We are required to start the first game on-time, this way the rest of the day's scheduled games all start on-time as well. So your help would be much appreciated.