2018 GSPL Annual Meeting Minutes


Kevin Nagy          Dave Jervis          Jay Euart       Coop            Paul Demik          Kevin Wynne             Dan Murphy Jamie Mitchell    Roger Burn          Dennis Agnew       Jack Cain                                      


1. Schedule

-we are planning on  having a 22 game schedule. This is pending on field availability due to construction at the park

-the schedule will be put together by James Cranston by March 31, 2018

-Temporary Start Date is May 7, 2018

-Teams have requested the following;  Badgers like 7pm games and minimum Fridays; Jokers like later games and fewer Fridays; Demik like 7 pm  games and minimum Fridays; Hawks are interested in double headers this year (no objections minus Mitchell being an asshat)

- Please note that all team preferences will be considered and attempted however are not guaranteed.

-If teams that were not present have preferences that are allowed to submit them to James Cranston in advance of making the schedule. Please note that teams that were present for the meeting will take precedent.  

-To contact James use the following number 905-719-0196. Please be mindful he works afternoons so the best time to call him is after 10pm on weekdays or early on weekends


2. Scores

- Umpires and team reps are to text the Secretary (Dennis Agnew- 905-973-4125) after their game. All three parties are to communicate with the secretary as scores often are often not the same. If there is a discrepancy in scores the umpires game sheet will be the official score used


3. Umpires/Rules

-Returning umpires will be Dave Jervis and Bob Smith; Pat will no longer be officiating.

-It was requested by Jack Cain on behalf of the Jokers that Dave must be pleasant, chirper and a symbol of happiness and hope for all. Dave responded with a one fingered gesture which in turn was interpreted as a sign of acknowledgment and agreement

-Kevin Nagy will be sourcing two replacement umpires.

-It was noted that one umpire will be female;  only one attendant (a former Juno award winning artist and current owner of a successful business) stated his displeasure of this due to his personal views. The league has since dropped this player from the league due to a blatant disagreement of the progressive platforms of the GSPL. The individual then defiantly played his new song  "Bro's before Ho's" while being escorted off the property by management.   


4.  Supplies

- Baseballs will be sourced from the same place in Paris. The VP is responsible for getting these

-Bats are nocturnal mammals and despite a common misconception can see quite well .

- Bags- The group was in agreement that the new bases are good and we will continue to use them-    There is a 5 yr warranty on these bags,  a secondary set of soft bases that can be used as replacements if necessary.

-Chalk- We have lots in the dugout; Umpires request we use the markers to assist in making straight foul lines as some teams chalked lines equivalent to Tiger Woods trying to conduct his field sobriety test. Teams also expressed that Home teams are responsible for setting up the diamond before game time.

-Keys- all team reps should have a key to the dugout. Access to the dugout also gives the team access to the electrical panel.

-Lights- Will still be need to be reset after power outages; the timer will be changed during the workday

- It was also noted that the home team is responsible for turning off the lights when leaving the park.



5. Cancelled Games/Rainouts

-Rainout Games -The City makes the call on rained out games up until 1pm; then it is the umpire's discretion and they will try and make the call sooner than later so people are not rushing. Players please be mindful of this; Umpires please try and make an educated opinion after viewing the diamond

-Cancelled Games- All teams that initiate the cancelled game must try and make up the game. The team who cancelled the game will be fined the cost of the umpire if the cancellation happens outside of the 24 hr window. Warren is to look into if teams paid the fines from last year, if this did not occur it was voted that the costs be accrued into this year's league fees.


6. Playoffs and Final Day

- Everyone liked the playoff format and it will remain the same this year

- We will continue to run the BBQ and bar in house to save on costs. All teams will be asked to share the responsibility during the final day


7. Splash Pad/ Community Centre

- The old pavilion has been removed; planned construction for another one in current spot of parking lot

- In July they will be putting in a walking track on the outside perimeter of our outfield; as part of this the city will also be moving the centre light pole back as well. The duration of this ongoing construction is not known and judging from other projects could be lengthy, poorly communicated, well over budget and ineffectively orchestrated.

-During the construction time, the GSPL will need to find other diamonds to play on, this will affect all aspects from location, playing time (pending lighting), transportation of bags/balls/etc.

-At this time the President and Vice President will be trying to find an action plan with the city. Current attempts have been snuffed by ignorance of the issue on the City's behalf.

-Dan Murphy will be in contact with our Ward official- Brenda Johnson for further details

-There will be an update for the league by March 31, 2018


8. Important Dates

Clean Up Day- May 5 @ 11-1 pm- this is BYOB


START DATE- the week of May 7 will be the first week


FINAL DAY- remains the same- the weekend after Labour Day


JUNE 15, 2017- complete team payment of $1350 is due along with your ROSTER. Normally the cost is $1650 which includes money for a banquet. As the banquet did not occur last year; each teams $300 will be taken off this year's initial league fee


9. Executive Update

President- Term ends-2019. Kevin Nagy-  Contact 905-920-3358

Past President and Host- Dishonorably Discharged. Kevin Wynne-905-570-2549

Vice President-Term ends 2020- Jay Euart- 905-517-7141

Treasurer-Term ends 2019-Warren Boonstra or Vander something- I still don't know and he wasn't there

Head Umpire - Term ends 2020-Dave Jervis-289-237-0587

Scheduler- Terms ends 2019- James Cranston 905-719-0196

Secretary- Term ends 2020- Dennis Agnew 905-973- 4125


It is at this time that Jamie Mitchell, Kevin Wynne but mainly Dan Murphy were thanked for their dedication and their time on the board. The league will forever be in debt to the sacrifices they have shown despite their family obligations and responsibilities. It was noted that this was particularly hard on Dan being a single father,  especially because he was never married nor had children. The GSPL has spoken with the City and a sculpture will be built in Dan's honour *due to past court cases this will need to be built at least 300 meters away from the splash pad if Dan is ever allowed to visit it*


10. Banquet

- The executive is looking at renting the Air Force Club or the 777 club in Mt hope

-The league would have the venue to themselves, a band and food would be supplied throughout the evening.

-Roger Burn asked if he and his Furry themed band "Feline Fine" could play. Due to their mix tape being absolute fire it goes against the building's fire code and was rejected.  

-The current executive and team reps will be discussing this further and gaining input from their teams on the practicality and reception of this idea.


11. Financial Statement

- Warren the treasurer was not present during the meeting and as such a financial statement could not be given.

-Warren  hasn't been seen since collecting the money on final day other than on his Instagram photos which depict him on his yacht aptly named "Tax Sea-Vation" surrounded by scantily clad troll like women.

-The executive is to contact him and update the league with the finances


12. Other

A.     New List for Call Ups/Team Reps

-Dennis Agnew and Dan Murphy will get a new contact list (email/phone) for this year and have it posted online

B.     Scorebooks

-Kevin Wynne will be printing off Scorebooks for all teams before the season starts; this will also include the current rules

C.      4 Point Games

- These will only be done in last case scenarios where the teams have tried to make up a cancelled/rained out games

-Teams reps must inform the executive so they are aware

-The winning score will be duplicated for both games in regards to plus/minus (ie, 4 point game result is 8-4; both games will be inputted with that score)

D.     Trophies

-It was discussed that the A division trophy should be replaced and updated with all championships. The trophy will remain with the same title and founders on it.

- The B division trophy is geographically misplaced, does anyone have an idea where it is. Please contact the league with any information you have

E.      Executive Meeting

-all exec members will have a meeting within the next month to discuss losse ends and any updates between now and then.

Final Day Schedule

Here is the game schedule for Final Day on Saturday:

8:15 - Opening Ceremonies featuring the National Anthem performed by multiple AVN award nominee Don Murray

8:30 - B Quarterfinal #1 - Raiders (B4) vs Jokers (B3)

9:45 - B Quarterfinal #2 - Brew Jays (b5) vs. Demik (B2)

11:00 - B Semi-Final #1 - Winner of B Quarterfinal #1 vs. Intimidators (B1)

12:15 - A Semi Final #1 - Bug Rigs (A3) vs. A2

1:30 - B Semi Final #2 - Winner of B Quarterfinal #2 vs. Coolers (A5)

2:45 - A Semi Final #2 - Pirates (A4) vs A1

4:00 - B Final

5:15 - A Final

***Please note that game times are approximate, we may end up ahead of schedule so please have your teams ready




2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 GSPL Annual Meeting Minutes


Kevin Nagy         Dave Jervis         Mike Aldred       Paul Demik        Nick (Pirates)              Kevin Wynne           Mike Bailey  Dan Murphy      Jamie Mitchell   Allen Fair              Roger Burns       Brad Sutton                     


1. Schedule

-we will still be having a 22 game schedule

-the schedule will be put together by James Cranston by March 31, 2017.

-Team have requested the following; Intimidators like 8:15 games; Pirates like Fridays; Big Rigs would not like as many Fridays; and Badgers like 7pm games and no Fridays as Roger's Barbershop Quartet practice that night (his group is called Feline Fine- I must say they do sound like cats in heat but still questioning why they dress up like cats) They have a big show at the upcoming Furry convention in Toronto; show your support!


2. Scores

- Dave is too see if the Umpires have a problem with texting Dan Murphy the scores and placing the hard copy in the box in the dugout


3. Umpires/Rules

- There was discussion about umpires calling the game too early. Dave is to clarify to the umpires what is reasonable

-It still remains that there will be no  innings after 8pm in the first game


4.  Supplies

- Baseballs are ordered and available in Paris; someone needs to pick them up

-Bats that are allowed can be viewed on the website

-We are looking are getting some new bags on a trial (this motion was passed). The plan is that if we like them we will continue to use them and if we do not think they are reliable we can then regress back to the soft bases again

-Chalk- Allen Fair will have a look at how much chalk there is in the dugout and then once inventoried we will purchase more from Harwil.


5. Cancelled Games/Rainouts

- The City makes the call on rained out games up until 1pm; then it is the umpire's discretion and they will try and make the call sooner than later so people are not rushing. Please be mindful of this.


6. Playoffs

- Everyone liked the playoff format and it will remain the same this year


7. Locks

- Pirates need a dugout key; Raiders also need a key

-If any other team needs a key please contact Kevin Wynne

-Locks are to be WD40'd at the Spring Clean Up

8. Lights and Electrical Panel

- After a power outage; the panel must be manually reset. To do this, get the key from the dugout, open the box and reset it


9. Splash Pad

- still a couple years away


10. Important Dates

Clean Up Day- May 7 @ 12 pm- this is BYOB

START DATE- the week of May 8 will be the first week

FINAL DAY- remains the same- the wknd after Labour Day

JUNE 15, 2017- complete team payment of $1650 is due along with your ROSTER


11. Executive Update

Kevin Nagy- President until 2019

Kevin Wynne- Past President until 2018

Jamie Mitchell- VP until 2018

Warren Boonstra? (something Dutch)- Treasurer until 2019

Dave Jervis- Head Umpire until  2018

James Cranston- Scheduler until 2019

Dan Murphy- Secretary until 2018


12. Final Weekend & Banquet

-we need to have the city cut the lawn prior to final weekend

- Everyone agreed that we have to do something to improve the Banquet or if we should even have one at all.


- All team reps are to talk to their team and gain a consensus of what we would like to see; once we have feedback we are to meet April 19, 2017 and discuss the different options. 

Final Day - Finalized Schedule

Final Day Schedule - Finalized 

8:30am - B Quarter Final 1 - Coolers (B4) vs. Raiders (B3)

9:45 - B Quarter Final 2 - BrewJays (B5) vs. Jokers (B2)

11:00 - B Semi 1 - Winner of B Quarter Final 1 vs Demik (B1)

12:15pm - A Semi 1 - Intimidators vs. Badgers 

1:30 - B Semi 2 - Winner B Quarter Final 2 vs Pirates (A5)

2:45 - A Semi 2 - BigRigs vs Hawks 

4:00 - B Final

5:15 - A Final


******Important....GRILL Schedule**********

Because we are running our own grill this year each team will be asked to help out running the BBQ, cook some hamburgs for an hour after your game

End of 1st Game - 10:45 - Coolers

10:45-11:45 - Raiders

11:45- 12:30 - Brew Jays

12:30 - 1:30 - Demik

1:30 - 2:30 - Badgers

3:30 - 4:30 - Big Rigs

4:30 - 5:30 - Intimidators

6:30 - close - Pirates

2016 GSPL Annual Meeting


Nick Moulder-Pirates     Kevin Nagy- Hawks         Al Marshall- Intimidators              Allen Fair- Big Rigs

Coop- Coors       Jamie Mitchell- Big Rigs             Dave Jervis- Umpire                     Dan Murphy- Hawks

Kevin Wynne- Jokers



·         Cranston will have this emailed to all team reps by April 25, 2016

·         Accommodations from teams can be submitted. The scheduler will do their best to meet all requests however none are guaranteed as there are many teams. If the team still has an issue then the suck it up buttercup clause takes effect. To view the clause please click on the link below


·         Will be posted in same fashion as last year, both teams will text Dan Murphy (905) 719-6450 after completion of their game. Dan will post scores on a regular basis and frequency will increase as the postseason nears and throughout playoffs. Please stop sending me selfies.

·         Umpires will put gamesheets in the box labeled “gamesheets” in the dugout for Dan to collect weekly

·         Any score discrepancies will be solved by the umpires gamesheet


·         Umpires will be Dave, Bob and new blood named Pat Nellignton; I heard he’s sensitize so please be nice guys

·         Rules and constitution will be updated by executive on April 19 to reflect current standards. All team reps and umpires will have these given to them prior to the season opening


·         Baseballs are the same as last year, Cranston will pick these up in Paris ON

·         Bags are in good condition and will remain the same

·         Chalk will be picked up at Harwill’s by Allen Fair as a free donation cause he won it big on the ponies

·         Chains will be put down by City, Dave Jervis has took on this

·         A new plate will be provided by Bull Terrier Construction as we have been waiting for Demik to supply one longer than I’ve waited for my dad to come home from getting a pack of smokes.



·         The VP is in charge of posting this to the website as soon as the city notifies him

Playoff Format

·         We are staying with the same format as last year’s “Super Saturday” meaning all teams will play a meaningful game. Even the new team “Boyz to Men” they use to be the “Da boyz” but they have matured now


·         Will all be the same this year, Coop offered to get all team reps and umpires keys made

Light and Electrical Panel

·         Lights will be turned on during Clean Up Day and we will make an inventory list of the angles and where they need to be so when the city comes to replace them we can communicate it with them. I laughed as I typed this, don’t worry I have faith in the City,

Splash Pad Update

·         Apparently years away now.  So we are forgetting about it until shit gets real

Important Dates

·         DUE ASAP- $300 for your teams deposit

·         June 15, 2016- Complete payment of $1650

·         June 15, 2016- Complete finalized roster with minimum of 15 players be submitted to NSA

·         May 9, 2016- SEASON OPENER

·         September 9th- FINAL WEEKEND

·         CLEAN UP DAY- May 8, 2016 @ 12:00pm


·         After June 15, 2016 there will be no more changes allowed and call ups will not be able to play as they are not covered under our insurance. If you do play without insurance and the league finds out we are coming for your legs and you first born, unless the first child is ugly, then we will take the second born

·         Team reps and executive will enforce the rosters and ensure people not covered are not playing

·         Each team rep will be given a scorebook with a page to list all players in case of a discrepancy between teams


Cancelled Games

·         24hrs notice for all cancelled games. If the team does not give this notice a forfeit will occur and the coinciding monetary penalties will accrue for the forfeiting team



·         VP is now Jamie Mitchell; don’t ask me how this happened but it has. This also means he is on the discipline committee…….what have we created. Term ends 2016

·         President is Kevin Wynne; Term ends of2017

·         Treasurer is Kevin Nagy; term ends 2016

·         Secretary is Dan Murphy; term ends 2017

·         Scheduler is James Cranston; term ends 2016

·         Head umpire is Dave Jervis; term ends 2017


·         Load of dirt behind visitor bench for yearly repairs

·         Clean out Home Dugout

·         Allen Fair and friends are going to “dicker” with the chalk liner to get it fixed

·         Getting more people to the banquet; looking for ideas other than free cocaine


·         If you are still looking for the link to the clause please stop looking, it doesn’t exist much like my girlfriends’ self esteem. 

Congrats to this years champs: B Division - The Big Rigs

                                                   A Division - The Hawks

Thanks to everyone who pitched in final day, especially Brad and Coop who combined to dominate on the grill (not so much on the field tho)