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Opportunities still exist for players in certain ages

Several spring teams are still in need of a few players to round out their rosters.  Please see the ages listed below:


14/15 age group. This team is in need of a few players with room to take two 15u players.  Contact Rich DeAngelo for information at rdeang6363@aol.com,

13u   Only 1-2 players are needed in the 13u age group.  Please contact Sean Kelly for information at sp_kelly2000@yahoo.com

7/8u  A few additional players are needed to fill this team roster.  Please contact Ed Miller for a tryout at  ed@biblicalparenting.org,

9u   Looking for 1-2 additional players to round out the roster.  Please contact  edmundkemler@gmail.com or jcasimates@aol.com .  

11u  Our mid-level 11u team is also looking for 1-2 players to complete their roster.  Contact Chris Drudy for information at cdrudy@us.loreal.com  

15/16u  WE are adding a new 15/16u team for Spring.  Please contact Denmaddalena@aol.com for information.

12u  Out 12u team is looking for one player to complete the spring roster.  Looking for a player with experience at 2b/cf.  Pitching a plus but not necessary.  Contact Denmaddalena@aol.com for information.  

The Hamilton A's Boys Travel Baseball & Central Jersey A's Girls Softball programs are now accepting Booster Donations as part of our 2019 Fields and Facility Campaign.  All donations will go toward improving our facilities for our boys and girls programs.  All booster will be listed in our Spring Sponsor Program.   Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  We have 4 levels of booster donations.

$5.00 = Base Hit Booster

$10.00 = Double Play Booster

$25.00 = Home Run Booster

$40.00 = Grand Slam Booster



Thank you for supporting our programs!!

Congratulations to our 9u and 10u Elite Teams for winning their USABL American League Division and winning a berth in the USABL World Series!!  Good luck boys, bring home that Championship!!



Baseball Info Below                                                                             Click on the image above to visit our softball site!

Hamilton A's Travel Baseball & Softball

Our objectives are to  further enhance and develop the skill level of local youth baseball and softball players seeking to compete at a more competitive level by providing advanced and high caliber coaching and instruction; to provide a positive environment to participate in an all-star level travel league, all while developing the following characteristics:  good sportsmanship, honesty, leadership, respect for others and authority, which will lead to well adjusted, stronger and happier children.  To achieve these objectives, Hamilton A's Baseball & Softball will provide a supervised program under the Rules of organized baseball and softball.  All members shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.  

Why the Hamilton A's???:  

10 Years and going strong!  The A's celebrated our 10th anniversary this past year of putting out strong competitive teams and developing strong, well rounded players!  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization with the LOWEST fees around.  Thousands less than other programs.  We have no employees, strictly volunteers. We are about the PLAYERS not the PROFIT.  No one will suggest extra expensive lessons or training just to pad their pocket.  We make it available , but never mandatory.  

We offer fundraising opportunities, as a non-profit organization,  for the teams to fund their seasons and cover costs of uniforms, tournaments and training.

We have access to 8 fields at YMCA Pecci Field, YMCA Sawmil, & Notre Dame High School

We have access to two indoor facilities at YMCA Pecci Field and our own year round training facility located at 200 Whitehead Road which provides for open turf work, 5 tunnels, & parents waiting room.

We offer advanced lessons, training and clinics at discounted rates through our associations with  PPH Power Pitching & Hitting, Coach John McKenna's Irish Strength Club Training Program, Greg Short's off season Bio Pitch Velocity Program & YMCA Summer Pool Program.

  The Hamilton A's are totally independent.  While we support and encourage our players to play Little League and/or Cal Ripken Baseball, we are not tied to any one league,  eliminating any "politics," favoritism, or influence.

We strongly suggest before you pick the Hamilton A's or any organization, you do your homework,  look into each organization and their staffs.  Ask questions about total fees and added training that often become mandatory after making a team.  Talk to your local rec league presidents about the staffs of all the programs they've experienced and the reputations of the people running them!    Our reputation is second to none!!


Hamilton A's Code of Conduct & Antibullying Policy

The Hamilton A’s prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any person,  player, opponent, or official.  A safe and civil environment in sports is necessary for players to learn, grow, improve and achieve high academic and athletic standards.  Harassment, intimidation, or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a child’s ability to learn and improve, and an organization’s ability to educate, teach, & coach its players in a safe and disciplined environment.  Since players learn by example,  Hamilton A’s administrators, managers, coaches, staff and volunteers must practice demonstrating appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment, intimidation or bullying.   Click here for Code of Conduct form.



Hamilton A’s Travel Baseball & Central Jersey A’s Softball

Executive Committee &  Officer Board

President-Brian Maglione

609-841-2444 bcmags21@yahoo.com

Vice Pres. Finance

Bob “Duke” DeLuca


Vice Pres. Administration  

Dennis Maddalena


Vice Pres. Softball Administration

Wally Antosiewicz





Sawmill Fields Coordinator

Steve Barna





Promotions & Fundraising Coordinator

Chris Whalen


Indoor Facilities Coordinator

Rich Deangelo







The Hamilton A's are proudly sponsored this season by Dick's Sporting Goods.  Please click the banner below for Hamilton A's Coupons 

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