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Coed E State Tournament

Congratulations to Army/Navy for being the 2019 COED E State Champions!

First Place: Army/Navy
Second Place: Shock N Awe
Third Place: 
Honey Badgers

Download the Final COED E State Bracket


COED District Tournament Bracket

Men's E Tournament August 3 & 4

With the information we have the Men's E District will be an 8 team tournament.  With only eight teams it is possible to hold the tournament in one day.  This will mean that teams in the loser's bracket will have to play back-to-back games.  (If you win in the loser's bracket that could be more than a few in a row.)  All games will be at Centennial Fields.  Stay hydrated!!  Have a good time.  Six teams advance to state in Missoula. The entry fee for state is $300 for Missoula.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the bracket

Good luck to all teams this weekend!

Butte COED Softball Tournament

Butte COED Tournament: Halloween Havoc

Rescheduled Games

Current list of rescheduled games. These have yet to be updated in the online schedule.

List of all 2019 Tournaments

Men's & COED Rec League Tournament (Helena)

  • July 27-28 if enough teams are interested in playing. 
  • No state tournament.

Men's E

  • Districts (Helena) August 3-4
  • State (Missoula) August 9-11

Men's D

  • No Districts
  • State (Bozeman) August 9-11

Men's C

  • No Districts
  • State (Missoula) August 9-11

Men's +35

  • No Districts
  • State (Great Falls) August 2-4

Men's +45

  • No Districts
  • State (Great Falls) August 2-4

Men's +55

  • No Districts
  • State (Great Falls) August 2-4

Men's Fastpitch

  • No Districts
  • State (Havre) August 2-4


  • Districts (Helena) August 5-13 (Weeknights only)
  • State (Helena) August 16-18

COED C-1 & D-1

  • No Districts
  • State (Great Falls) August 16-18


  • No Districts
  • State (Great Falls) August 2-4


COED & Women's Contact List

Here is the contact list of teams, captains, and phone numbers in case you need to communicate direction with a team. 


Minor participation in slow pitch

It has been brought to the attention of the Leagues that there is no documented age requirement in the Adult Slow Pitch Softball rules. It has been past practice to allow high school age players to play with parents on their teams. If the player was on the roster, the parent has always had to “sign for” the minor on the roster. The presidents of the three Leagues met as the Executive Committee and have adopted the following documented age requirement for Adult Slow Pitch.

Roster and Player Status.

A player must be fifteen (15) years of age by the end of the year (December 31) to be eligible to play. Any player under the age of 18 years must have a signed permission form or be signed for by a parent or guardian on the official roster before playing. Permission forms will be available at the concession stands at each field complex and also on the web-site. The form will be kept on file with the rosters. It is recommended that minor players wear a batting helmet at all times for concussion prevention.

Rules "Cheat Sheet"

COED Voting Results


Rec League Tournament 

Yes 11     No 2

Rec League Home Run Rule:  We are voting on two home run options. Choose one

One home run only.  The rest are outs.

Yes 5

One-ahead home runs: This rule allows either team that has reached the limit of one home run to hit more home runs as long as they are not more than one home run ahead of the opposing team    The rest are outs.

Yes 9  

Red and White:

***Use USA softball rules: 5 home runs per game for C teams, 3 home runs per game for D teams, 1 home run per game for E teams; all teams have 1-1 count to start (the only C team we have is 99 problems and the only D team is Shenanigans, the rest are E teams). 

Yes 13    No 11

Eliminate granting 1 run per inning to lower division team in interdivision games:

Yes 6     No 4

First Place League teams awarded (pick one)

Trophy 11  

T-shirt 12

Medals 6

2019 Season Schedule

2019 Season Is Here! Download any of the files below. Check back for any updates. 

    • 2019 Season in PDF - Official Schedule. All of the documents needed for the entire season. Schedule, Team Abbreviations, Out of Town Schedules, etc. Last updated 4/19.
    • 2019 Season in Excel - Only shows games in Helena. (Batch and Centennial) Does not include out of town games for Women and COED White (COW) Last updated 4/19.
    • 2019 Online Schedule - 2019 Season in PDF is the Official Schedule. This is for reference only. Rainouts will be updated here.
    • Team Abbreviations - All teams and their abbreviations seen on the schedule. Last updated 4/19.
    • Out of town schedule -  Games for Women's and the COED White league (COW) league. Last updated 4/19.

Women’s teams play 16 games. Coed and Men’s Recreational teams play 12 games. All other men’s teams play 18 games. 

if you have any questions please contact us at Helenasoftball@yahoo.com or message us on our Facebook page.

Official Bats for this year's league and tourney play

HSA enforces the use of ASA certified bats for league and tournament play. To review a list of all certified bats for this year's season go to https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Certified-Equipment 

2019 Women's League Notes


Helena Softball Association
Women's meeting minutes
Recorded by: Ashley Hurt, Secretary

  - Only three teams were represented. (KittyCorns, GrubStake, BWings)

  - Lesley Farry resigned from her position as the Women's League Treasurer. Jackie Haskins nominated Kristi Hernandez. Lesley nominated Amanda Vischer. Kristi was voted in, 2-1, and will take over immediately as acting Treasurer. 

  - Debbie Gribbons, Ashley Hurt and Darcie Conquergood all chose to keep their current Board positions.

  - No new rules or changes (USA/ASA). We will continue to play league with a 1-1 count.
  - Jack Foster is planning to make small (basic) rule sheets for each league to be placed in the dugouts and/or in the concession area.
  - There will be no increase in umpire fees this year. This may change in 2020. 
  - There will be no increase in price of balls. Possibly a decrease.

  - There will be no increase in Women's League Team Fees or Player Fees. 

  - We are expecting to have approximately 8 teams this year. 

  - Team registration is set for 4/9/19 at 7:00 PM at the Lewis & Clark Library.

  - Tentative season start date is May 1st, 2019.
 - Coed Tournament, ManTherapy-  6/8/19- 6/9/19 at Batch Fields

  - Danzer Memorial Tournament (previously BombFest), Men's and Women's Lower only-  5/18/19- 5/19/19 at Batch and Centennial Fields. All proceeds will be donated to Hannah Danzer and her two children. The women's bracket currently has 3 teams signed up but will only be played if we have a minimum of 6 teams signed up.

  - We discussed issues concerning having game results posted on the website in a more timely fashion. Game cards need to be turned in to the Batch umpire shack before the weekend to help with the delay. Home team or Umpire responsibility? Talk to Jack Foster about the cards. Talk to Greg about the website.
  - Women's State to be held in Great Falls this year. 8/2/19 - 8/4/19

  - Referring back to our 2018 agenda, Patrick, with the City of Helena is still working on Bonnie's memorial plaque replacement.

  - Concession stand is to be remodeled to meet city codes and to be made more handicap accessible.
 - Each team will have an option to vote for or against a "five run rule" to help even the gap between teams of different skill levels or divisions. This will be on the team registration forms.
   The five run rule in detail is:  
         [A team can score a maximum of 5 runs per inning until the "open inning."  The open inning is the last inning of the game. This could be the last inning based on time or number of innings. The umpire must announce it is the last inning, or "open inning" prior to both teams batting if it is based on time. In the open inning, both teams can score as many runs as possible. There is not a 5 run maximum in the open inning.]
  *** This rule is used in and was taken from Senior leagues.