Rain-outs / Reschedules

It is HSR's policy not to extend the season past the end of the published schedule. This is for the benefit of the volunteers behind the scenes who organize and work the umpire, concessions and field-prep positions. Many of them have made plans based on the end of the season as it exists today.

For this reason, please do your best to reschedule any home rain-outs or other conflicts on or before Friday, July 15.



HSR Weather Policy

Here's the HSR policy when it comes to making the decision about playing a game or not due to weather:

A game will only be called due to weather if one of the following conditions is met:

1) The field will not be safe and/or playable by game time.* This determination will be made by an HSR board member in sufficient time to notify all players and coaches affected by the decision (no later than 4:30 pm).

2) Lightning is seen before or during a game (Umpire's determination).

3) The field becomes unsafe or unplayable due to a weather event during a game (Umpire's determination).

4) Heat: If the temperature is below 90 degrees F, games will go on as scheduled. Anything above 90 degrees will be played at the coaches' discretion. If the temperature reaches 100 degrees, all home games will be cancelled.

*Note: HSR will only cancel a game based on speculation or a forecast for rain if there is a National Weather Service Watch or Warning. If a coach wishes to postpone or cancel a game based on an imminent forecast, however, they are free to do so.


ALL Games Cancelled by HSR will be posted on the website first so ALWAYS check our site!