2020 Summer Heat Baseball Information

Please check here for updates.

Workouts will be held on Deep Meadow F3 or Carpenter Park F2 on an as needed basis and will be determined by the Managers of each team.

2019 Dates for 2020 Season Tryouts / Registration will be determined by the Manager of each Heat team:

13 Year Olds - Players interested in playing for Hatboro-Horsham HEAT Team   

Each Player must fill out a Hatboro-Horsham HEAT Tryout Waiver to attend Workouts / Tryouts if they are not already a participant in the HEAT Program.

Players must make at least one tryout to be considered for a team or separate arrangements must be made with Manager if you cannot make a tryout.

Tryouts / Workouts will be run by the Managers but any volunteer help is welcome as needed.

Spring / Summer Ball 2020 Managers: Games begin late May 2020

Tony Evangelista - Connie Mack A - if enough players
Pete Pedone - Connie Mack B
Paul Macaluso - Connie Mack C1


Please contact Managers with any questions you may have.

Final Leagues and Division placement will be determined after the teams are picked.



Any Horsham Hounds or Hatboro Hornets Travel Baseball players that are interested in playing Fall Ball on the 60-90 Field in the Fall Connie Mack League must get in touch with us.

Coaches for Fall League(s) will be determined by HH HEAT President once the number of teams are determined and after the Summer Connie Mack Regular Season is complete. Fall Coaches will be in touch with potential players once they are picked. We can only have a Fall program if there is enough participation of Coaches and Players.

The 12 game Fall 2019 Season begins Saturday September 14. Games are played on Saturday and Sunday – usually 1 game each of the days.

HH HEAT Registration Form


Tryouts for Heat Players Age 13 will be held in Fall / Winter 2018 for 2019 Season:

The fee for the 2019 season will be $350 per player and is payable upon acceptance to a team and completion of registration form.

Please make checks payable to Hatboro-Horsham Heat.

If you are interested in playing please make sure you are committed to make all practices and games as there are only so many spots on each team. Only School Baseball should take priority although usually School Baseball is complete by the time HH Heat Baseball starts. 

The season will run from late May (after school ball is over) through July and possibly in to August depending on playoffs etc... 

There is no guaranteed playing times as this is competitive real baseball and will be managed as such with standard baseball substitution patterns.


Anyone interested in Managing or Coaching a team should submit their qualifications as soon as possible for consideration and will be required to complete a commitment and code of conduct document if selected. Deadline for Manager and Coach submission for 2020 Season is 8/15/2019.  Please include any previous experience as well as references from those experiences. Information and input will be considered from any previous management or coaching roles and organizations. Interviews will be conducted as required. Background checks will be required.
We can only have teams if there is enough volunteer support for Manager and Coaching roles.  


Please check back here for ongoing updates and information.


It is the MISSION of the Hatboro-Horsham Heat to provide players with an experience in travel baseball in a league and at a level of baseball that will complement a team's skill as well as players individual skill level and provide for improvement for the players. Since we are an all volunteer organization teams can only be formed if there is enough qualified player participation in each age group for players as well as participation from qualified volunteers to manage and coach each team.


All residents(players) living within the boundaries of the Hatboro-Horsham School District are eligible to tryout for the HH Heat. This includes any residents living within the Hatboro-Horsham School District boundaries who may attend private schools, parochial schools are home schooled, etc. Players must reside in the Hatboro-Horsham School District.

The goal of the Heat is to place all qualified Hatboro-Horsham players who live in the Hatboro-Horsham School District on all Heat teams. No player who lives within the Hatboro-Horsham School District will lose a roster spot to an out of district player.


Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. All exceptions must be brought to the Board of Directors  for approval.


General Board Meetings will be on an as needed basis.

Hatboro-Horsham Heat Baseball Teams

Teams: Players making a team will be notified by Manager after teams have been picked after Workouts / Tryouts completed.




Code Of Conduct

AS A PLAYER, I promise to always play with good sportsmanship and respect for my teammates and opponents. I will be courteous to all coaches, officials and other parent volunteers who are trying to help me become a better player. I will do my best in all practices and games have patience with myself and remember that I am playing these games for fun. I will attend every practice and game I can, knowing that my team will depend on me to be there. Finally, I will play hard at every position that my coaches assign to me.


AS A PARENT, I, promise to encourage good sportsmanship by showing support for all players, coaches and officials at every game. I will focus upon my child’s efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the game. I will never ridicule or yell at any child, including my own, for making a mistake or losing a game. I will never use profanity or physically or verbally abuse any players, coaches, officials or spectators. I will participate in positive cheers that encourage all players and discourage any cheers that redirect that focus, including those that taunt and intimidate officials or opposing players and fans. I will help my child enjoy the experience of playing on a team by doing whatever I can, including being a respectful fan and providing whatever help is needed by the team or league according to my skills and availability. I will endeavor to learn, understand and respect the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions. I will remember that the coaches and league officers are all volunteers. I will not be critical unless I’m ready and willing to make the necessary effort to correct the object of my criticism; and I will bring any perceived problems to the attention of my child’s coach IN PRIVATE. I will bring my child to practices and games on time and, if I do not stay, will make sure that my child is picked up promptly afterward. I will also give advance notice to my child’s coach whenever my child will be absent from a practice or game. Finally, I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all team-sponsored events.


AS A COACH, I will honor all of the above promises that generally apply to parents; and I will never forget the trust that parents place in me while coaching their children. I will do my best to develop the talents of every player on my team, to treat them with respect and fairness and to help the entire team learn the principles of sportsmanship.