• 2017 Teams are Practicing
  • 18U Black - Coach George Thomas , 16U Black - Coach Kevin Miller , 16U Blue - Coach Chris Spinner
  • 10U Black - Coach Ron Stump , 12U Black - Coach Chuck Buckland , 12U Blue - Coach Bill Simpson
  • 14U Black - Coach Jason Knight , 14U Blue - Coach Chuck Pettit
  • 18u state Champions
  • 2016 - 14U Blue World Series Champions - Northeast
  • 2016 - 10U Black - Forest Hill Frenzy Champions
  • 12U Black - 2016 Blue-Grey Champions
  • 12U Blue 2016 MD/DE State Championship Finalists
  • 14U Black - 2016 Charm City Challenge Champions
  • 12U Black - 2016 June Hustle Champions
  • 12U White - 2016 APGFCU Invitational Champions
  • 12U Blue 2016 Wins for Warriors Champions

 Hickory PDP Winter Session @ Harford Sports

* 2 Weeks Left - February 15th & 22nd

* 5 to 7pm


Check out the results of the Evals performed on January 4th & 11th 2017 below.

PDP Analysis

Hornets on the Rise!

Bigger, Stronger, Faster!

The Hickory Lady Hornets are making some real strides.

Our 10U Black Team Coached by Ron Stump is back for 2017 with a very strong Team , they are starting the Season out in C Class but will play some Open Events and is looking to progress up the classes by year end. Having 6 pitchers on the squad is a huge step towards this as well.

Our 12U Black Team Coached by Chuck Buckland has a very strong Team as well and will be playing B level ball to start but the sky is the limit for this talented bunch.

Our 12U Blue Team Coached by Bill Simpson is pretty much a new Team in total. We have a bunch of players and Coaches that have come together from across multiple programs to form this very dynamic team. I am very excited to have added Bill Simpson and Mike Eubank to the program & look forward to great success here.

Our 14U Black Team Coached by Jason Knight is the Programs Bench Mark for what a Team should strive to be , coaching , technique , effort , awareness and skill. They are playing A Class and are a top Team in the State and Region. I am excited to see what the season brings for this bunch.

Our 14U Blue Team Coached by Chuck Pettit started together for the most part in the Fall of 2016. They are a very talented Team for sure and I look for some great things to come in 2017.

Our 16U Black Team Coached by Kevin Miller is a very talented Team that has been playing together for multiple years now. They are looking to build on their successful run in 2016 &  with 10 Tournaments and the World Series in Florida on the resume this year , it looks to be a exciting year.

Our 16U Blue Team Coached by Chris Spinner looks to build on a World Series Title in 2016. With a few key additions , this years bunch looks to be improved for 2017.

Our 18U Black Team Coached by George Thomas is a team for the most part of returning players from multiple Hornet Teams from last year. This team looks to be very well rounded and has depth at several key positions. It has shaped up well and good things are on the horizon.



2016 Spring/Summer 14U Black Hickory Lady Hornets (Head Coach-Kevin Miller)

-Current record is 40-15-2 for the season with a winning percentage of over .725!

-Playing 10 Tournaments and 2 Leagues, we currently have two Championships, three 3rd place finishes and out of 50 teams made it to the quarterfinals in the World Series in Orlando, FL

-This team does move to 16U this Fall

2016 Spring/Summer 14U Blue Hickory Lady Hornets (Head Coach-Chris Spinner)

-Currently ranked #1 in the State and #16 Nationwide among 14U "C" teams with a record of 38-9-1 for the season

-In 8 tournaments we won 3 Championships including the USSSA National Championship, Northeast-World Series, and placed 2nd twice!

-We were reclassified by USSSA to ''B" class

-This team will move to 16U this Fall

2016 Spring/Summer 12U Black Hickory Lady Hornets (Head Coach-Jason Knight)

-Currently ranked 4th in the State with a record of 54-17-1

-In over 11 Tournaments and 2 leagues, we brought home 6 Championships, a 2nd place finish and defeated the #1 ranked team in the State twice!

-This team does move up to 14U this Fall

 2016 Spring/Summer 12U Blue Hickory Lady Hornets (Head Coach-Mike Streett)

-In over 6 Tournaments and 1 league, we brought home 4 Championships and were the Finalists in the MD/DE State Tournament.

-Reclassified up to the "B" division by USSSA

2016 Spring/Summer 10U Black Hickory Lady Hornets (Head Coach-Ron Stump)

-Current record of 41-8 for the season

-Playing in 7 Tournaments and 2 leagues, we played in 7 Championships winning 4 and placing 2nd in 3. 

-Team Goals: Have fun, compete and learn, make it to a Championship game and win a Tournament---MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Success in 2016 !!!

Our Lady Hornet Teams over the past few years have improved so much and the success of our Player Development Program is evident in this.

Our Lady Hornet Teams have combined to win 22 Different Championships in tournaments and leagues in 2016 with over 1 dozen 2nd place finishes as well.

That was a New Record or the Lady Hornets Organization !!!

If you are Interested in joining us please come check us out , you won't be disappointed...


The Hickory Program

The Hickory Lady Hornets fastpitch softball program, currently supports teams in 10U-12U-14U-16U and the 18U age groups Affiliated with the Hickory-Fountain Green Girls Softball program in Harford County, MD, we provide participants the opportunity to play softball at a higher level of competition and most importantly, at a reasonable cost. Our travel program supports continued player development through off-season clinics and workouts with a strong focus on good sportsmanship and team camaraderie. Bigger, Stronger, Faster!  Partnered with Harford Sports Performance Center, where we hold our indoor practices and workouts, our athletes enjoy a membership to a state of the art training facility that fits any athletes needs open seven days a week. Our girls know they can continue to grow together and move up through the Hickory Lady Hornets travel program because having a solid rec program behind them means we will be here year after year.

All of our teams participate in tournaments and leagues throughout the surrounding area. Each team will play a schedule tailored to their ability. Our experienced travel teams traditionally play a more rigorous tournament and league schedule, whereas our younger teams gain experience participating in a few local tournaments and a summer league like the Kingsville Summer League. Participation on any of these teams requires a HIGH level of Commitment and Dedication.

Sponsor Hickory Lady Hornets

Interested in helping out the program but don't have time to coach or volunteer How about becoming a sponsor? The sponsorship form is in the handouts section, and also linked in the headlines.