Hoopville Warriors is an entity that aims to develop basketball skills and improve basketball  acumen in youth and adult athletes. Our goal is to not only to improve the quality of your game, we also expose athletes across multiple markets to help showcase talent all across the country. 

We have our own branded facility located in Belleville, IL. The Hoopville Athletic Center is where our athletes are given an opportunity to gain a variety of experiences to assist in maximizing potential. We have knowledgeable coaches with a vast amount of diverse experiences in sports with commitment to building discipline, sportsmanship, and basketball IQ. At Hoopville, we always welcome anyone who is committed to teach or play the "game" of basketball and willing to build character through athleticism. 

Our program is separated into 4 different levels:

  • Skill building and training for athletes who is dedicated to developing their game
  • Youth club teams (local teams and select teams) who participate in basketball tournaments and leagues starting at 2nd grade thru unsigned High School seniors
  • A semi-professional division that consist of adult players as an affiliate of the Independent Basketball Association (IBA)
  • A professional division that consist of current/former NBADL, former NBA, and current overseas players participating in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) which is broadcasted live on ESPN annually. 

In addition to coaching and training basketball, Hoopville Warriors also host sports events, sports clinics and training camps throughout the year.