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Indiana Blazers

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Indiana Blazers merging with Demand Command Baseball


Demand Command Baseball is excited to announce the consolidation of the Indiana Blazers baseball organization with Demand Command travel baseball teams in our Indiana baseball operations. The Blazers have historically had very competitive players and teams at the younger age groups and a history of developing collegiate and professional baseball talent.

DC baseball has had a history of placing players in appropriate colleges and professional ranks with our ability to assess talent, provide neutral coaches, networking, and honest feedback to players and parents regarding the ability of their sons.

Although perfection is the goal, we realize we are not perfect. However, we are joined together with a common goal of “getting as many kids to play college baseball as possible” and we both have a track record of doing so.

The future looks very bright for DC baseball!

Zach McClellan
Demand Command


Try-Out Pre-Registration Form:!1660&authkey=!AMRGU7w4QbrBP8s


Demand Command has included tryout information for all teams on their website.

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