All Managers please contact me; as we start 2019 exhibition games (April 14th) soon. We will be remaining at the same fields we were at last year.   



2018 Summer Champs (Titans)


In a hard fought battle the titans were able to hold off a serious comeback attempt from the gritty and defensive minded Goonies to win the series in 4 games. Job well done by the titans, and the goonies will be back more determined than ever, so everyone better look out. 




    2018 Summer Champs  (Titans)                           Managers "Pop" and "Tony"






                                                                  I.S.L  League MVP (Boobie)- Titans   




 Rookie of year (Muscles)-Titans          Silver Slugger (Mookie)- Bombers        Golden Glove  (Manny)- Bandits          Most Improved (Bobbo)-goonies



 Outfielder of the year (Larry)- Titans                       Cy young award (wiz)  and Best infielder (Sean) both from the hitsquad team 


Most improved player-Bobbo (goonies)

Rookie of the year- Muscle (Titans)

Best infielder- Sean (hitsquad)

Best Outfielder- Larry (titans)

Cy Young- Wiz (hitsquad)

Golden Glove- Manny (bandits)

Silver slugger- Mookie (bombers)

League Mvp- Boobie (Titans)


Congrats to all.




1)titans                        7)Gunnas

2)Bandits                      8)Rattlesnakes 

3)Hit squad                   9)Young Gunz

4)Bombers                   10)Los Monos

5)cyclones                    11) Gibbons Home 

6)Goonies                     12) Los Muertos


Update on stats: As of 10:30pm on 7/17. we have started to update the season stats on a new website. The older site was having server issues, once we are finished by the end of the week you will see your stats by clicking below.

All stats will be current by the end of the week.


 Titans      http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28159

 Bandits    http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28160

 Hitsquad  http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28157

 Bombers  http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28163

 Cyclones  http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28165

 Goonies   http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28164

 Gunnas   gunnassoftball.softballtracker.com

 Rattlesnakes http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28166

 Young gunz   http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28161

 Los Monos     http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=28162

 Gibbons home http://www.softballtracker.com/team/index.php?team=26508


 Directions: Field #11 ----You can Google map 111-26 Corona ave.  zip 11368  near Queens Zoo 

                     Field #14-----Exit 22c off the LIE , or Exit 10-E off Grand Central to exit 22c.  near the Lake




 American Division                              National Division       (seeding will be done by record, not division standings)

    Titans  18-2                                     Bandits    17-3          

    Hitsquad      16-4                             Bombers    15-5

    Gunnas      10-10                               Cyclones    12-8

    Rattlesnakes  8-12                           Goonies   12-8

    Gibbons Home  2-18                        Young Gunz    6-14

    Los Muertos    2-18                          Los Mono  2-18


Player of the week:

Week 1- Dan (Goonies)

Week 2- Nando (Cyclones)

Week 3- V.I (HitSquad)

Week 4- Muscle (Titans) 

Week 5- Mike (Goonies)

Week 6- Mookie (Bombers) 

Week 7- Slick (Titans)

Week 8- Shawn (Rattlesnakes)

Week 9- Tito  (Gunnas)

Week 10-Larry (Titans)




Ump fee $50

(softballs and bases are included in reg. season)




                                                      The 2017 Winter League Champions  "The Hit Squad"

The Hit squad won a hard fought battle with the nasty Bombers team with good pitching and excellent base running. There experience showed when things got tense, even the reserve players stepped up. The bombers play well but the bats did not come up with the timely hits when guys were on base, but they will be back I am sure with that fire; as they are definitely the team to be reckoned with for seasons to come. Job well done by both teams, the managers especially.                     



      Winter league "Cy Young" (Angel of the Bombers)               Winter league "MVP" (Lopez of the Purge)                   Winter league "Golden glove" (Edwin of the outlaws)




2017  Winter league


   Div-A                                                        Div-B                                                             

 Hit  Squad   9-3                                      Bombers  9-3                              (Seedings are done by win percentage, not division)

 Purge   8-3-1                                       Cyclones   5-7                                             

 Goonies  8-4                                       Titans  5-7  

 Outlaws  6-5-1                                    Jacks Fire    2-9-1

 Dawgz    5-7                                            Gibbons Home  1-10-1








                                      2017 summer champions are " The Hit Squad" congrats.



Fall season starts in 1 week, Sept 10th, $490 per team.We have THREE new teams that will be joining us. 


 2017 Multiple Positions player of the year                    2017 Rookie of the year                              2017  Cy Young award winner                         2017  Slugger Slugger award winner

Kev of the Bombers             Joe of the Purge              Papo of the Titans            Boobie of the Titans



              2017 All-star game MVP                                                              2017  I.S.L   League   M.V.P   winner                                                                     2017  Golden Glove  Winner

     Bam of the Goonies                              Liva of the Titans                                  Mike of the Rattlesnakes


PLAYOFF! (Best of 3)  Softballs are $10 in playoffs.  Shirt rule is still in affect.  This week will be a $14 field maintenance fee. 


Stats are posted for all teams except the rattlesnakes, I have not received their sheets yet.

Seedings:  Top four seeds have a bye this week  

1)Titans                           7) Goonies

2) Cyclones                     8) Young Gunz 

3) Purge                          9)  Bluedevils

4) Rattlesnakes               10) Average Joses

5) Bombers                      11) Gibbons Home

6) Hitsquad                      12)  Ambersteaks


                                 July 23rd  is cancelled due to weather related conditions


7/23:  1  vs   8/9 winner             2  vs  7/10                 3  vs   6/11                   4  vs      5/12

7/30:      1   vs    4  Bracket            2  vs   3  Bracket           

8/6: Finals




                                  Week 9: Player of the week  "Tony" from the Hit squad   


Shirt $3 fine is in effect.

Please get a good person to do the scorebooks weekly. Rbi's, hit, walks, outs, etc etc  


2017: STANDINGS  (Playoffs seeding will be by record not by division)

American Division                           National Division                                      

Titans   17-3                                    Cyclones   13-6-1

Purge  13-7                                     Rattlesnakes   12-7-1

Hit Squad  11-8-1                           Bombers    12-7-1

Young Gunz    10-9-1                       Goonies    11-9

Amber Steaks  4-16                         Bluedevils     8-11-1  

Gibbons Home  4-16                       Average Joses   6-14




Week 1:  Joe of the Purge

Week 2:  Carlos of the Cylcones

Week 3:  Pry of the Goonies

Week 4:  Fiddle of the Titans 

Week 5:  Jeff of the  Rattlesnakes  

Week 6:  Andrew of the  Titans

Week 7:  Jose Luis of the Cyclones 

Week 8:  Mundo of the "Bombers"

Week 9:  Tony of the  Hit squad

Week 10: Liva  of  the Titans



                                        2016 I.S.L  Winter League Champs!  ( The Hit Squad)


Championship Summary: The Hit Squad team brought their best defensive game to the championship round against the undefeated Wildcats team. In game #1 the hit squad with excellent defense and good pitching gained a shutout win and hand the wildcats their 1st defeat. In game #2 the contest was very close and it was a hard battle until the 5th inning when the hit squad team scored many runs and prevailed by a mercy victory of the Wildcats to win the series. The wildcats had a great season but on this day the bats did not wake up and they did not complete their dream of a perfect season. Many great days ahead await the young wildcat's team.  Everyone enjoy your holiday season and I will see you in the spring.Be well. 




Mookie of the bombers(2016 Silver Slugger award)        Steve of the Wildcats (2016 Golden Glove award)             Los of the Hit squad (2016 CY young award)





Wildcats  10-0

Hit Squad  6-2

Cyclones 7-3

Goonies  7-4-1

Bombers  7-5

Titans   5-6

Bulldogs   4-8

Purge  2-8-1

Jack Fire  2-8

Sat. Nov 12th   Playoffs (Last 2 teams) best of 3

Field cleaning fee of $14 is only on weeks that it rains. 


Summer league Championship summary:    Game 1, the Gunnas scored a come from behind bottom of the 7th victory.

                                            Game 2, the Cyclones broke open a tight game in the 6th inning to secure the late game victory.

                                           Game 3, went extra innings with the Cyclones prevailing to take a 2 to 1 series lead.     

                                           Game 4 , the Gunnas came out on a mission and prevailed with a 7th inning win.

                                           Game 5, the Cyclones came out with an early big lead and survived a late rally to win.

The 2016 Champions are the "Cyclones"  

The congrats to both teams as this was a very hard fought and exciting series that will be remembered for years. The Gunnas proved they are a force to be reckon with now and in the future and I am proud of the level of guts, grit, and determination they show throughout the playoffs. They had excellent performances from their C.f (steve), S.S (adam) , and Leftfielder (Tiese) in every game. Their whole team came prepared to play from the first pitch to the last.

The Cyclones are the 2016 champs and they "EARNED" it as it was not easy as ever game came down to the last 2 innings of play. These guys have been in this league for a long time and have been through many ups and downs and on the bad side of some tough defeats. This 2016 team has erased all those past ghosts that have haunted them for years as they brought in some young, smart, tough players this year to go with their core group and it paid off. These guys fought hard in every game and came up big when it was needed the most. They had excellent performances from 2nd (Fuego), C.F (Eric) , and Pitcher "Carlos" in every game. The whole entire team was sharp and showed a lot of resolve in some tense moments late in the games. Congrats to the Cyclones!      

Winter league season Only $450 per team(least expensive in NYC) , softballs included(only league that includes balls), all games at one park(no traveling all over the city), all teams make the playoffs. Sept 11th start.

2016 Champs "The Cyclones"

                                   Winter League starts in 4 weeks. $450 balls included

            Championship Managers

This year marks the 1st time in 5yrs that the 1 or 2 seed will not be in the finals. This shows the parity from top to bottom in the league. In addition we have not had a summer champ win the winter league in the same year in 3yrs. The chip feels much better winning when it is a hard fought effort involved, their is no joy in beating up weak teams, in weak leagues. If you think your good then come to Maurice park, lets see if you can even win 11 games in the season. Everyone makes the playoffs and the championship is best of five. To my guys, have a blessed week and be safe.



There will be two umpires throughout the whole playoffs. 

Final stats are done for players and league leaders. click icon to your left.


I.S.L all-star game was a great event yesterday, the pizza and beverages were excellent as well. The "B" team beat the "A" team 10 to 8  with "Vice of the titans" being named the game's Mvp. The winning team's players all received a cash valued award for their victory. Some honorable mentioned players from the game were "Jose of the Ny Finest", "Steve & Tito of the Kaotic gunnas" , "Sandy of the cyclones" and the 3rd baseman Manny of the young gunz. Congrats to all, we do it right in the I.S.L league.

Abats needed for playoff eligible this year only will be reduced from 18 to 14.This includes walks and any team credits a team got due to any forfeits.        


2016 Awards:

Rookie of the year (Voe of Wasted talent)

Cy young award (Carlos of the cyclones)

Silver slugger award (Fiddle of the titans)

Golden glove award ( V.I  of the Hit squad)

League Mvp award ( Boobie of the Titans)

Some notable players whom had a good  year as well are: Tony & max of the Hit squad, Larry and andrew of the titans, Bobbo of the  goonies, Damian and Mahmond of the Young gunz, Andrew and eddie of the diamond thieves, Eric and Jose luis of the cyclones, Chris and dennis of the Wasted talent, Steve of the Gunnas, Kevin and Danny of Nyc finest, and Wilson of the Bulldogs.    Keep up the good work guys and good luck in the playoffs.



  Hit Squad Mgr. "Junior"       2016 League Mvp "Boobie"         All-star game action      


                Silver slugger "Fiddle"            "V.I" Golden Glove        2016 All-stars "A-team"         All-star game Mvp "Vice"    


July 10rd:  Playoffs   Teams 7 thru 10   (Best of 3)

830am--Bulldogs  Vs Nyc Finest (f4)                WINTER LEAGUE STARTS IN SEPT.-Only $450 per team for the season

1130am--Diamond thieves   vs  Young Gunz (f4)  


July 17th: Second round      

1 vs  (8/9)               4 vs  5 

2  vs  (7/10)            3  vs 6


July 24th : 3rd round    

1/8 winner  vs the 4/5 winner

2/7 winner  vs the  3/6 winner


Fielding cleaning $14 (if ness.)


I have gotten calls over the past week from teams from two different leagues that will be joining us this winter. We have always taken pride in our product and it always speaks for itself, there is never no need to oversell or fast talk folks with misinformation to take their money. The professional way of things is to let your league do the talking for itself, if you must push your product then you lack confidence in it.  Enjoy your week guys, stay blessed.              


Standings are listed below. 

No shirt fee $3 


Hit Squad  17-1

Titans   13-5

Goonies  12-5-1

Kaotic  Gunnas  11-7

Wasted talent     11-9

Cyclones  10-8

Nyc finest   6-11-1

Young Gunz   6-12

Diamond Thieves  5-13

Bulldogs   0-18

G-Ballers   0-18            




2016 season: $3000 in prizes ($2500 to the champs)      


Why this league?

We offer the cheapest league fee in queens or Brooklyn ($925). We provide bases and softballs free of charge. We play all our games at one park every week and we clean the fields. We offer the cheapest ump. fees in N.Y.C ($23 per game). We keep league stats for free. We giveaway trophies, t-shirts, and cash. We have all teams make the playoffs. We have a player's appreciation day in which we provide free pizza, soda, and other refreshments to our league players.


Why not goto other leagues?

Some other NYC leagues are good but, they charge $975 to $1400, they make you bring bases and pay for softballs, they make your travel all over the city playing at several parks,many different fields, and even different bouroghs. They make you clean the fields, they charge $90 to $140 per game for ump. fee, they charge to keep league stats, they give away small trophies, no t-shirts, and very limited cash, not all teams who pay their money make the playoffs, and no appreciation for your commitment to them is ever shown.     

This is where you get the best bang for your buck, and your treated like family.   


2016 RULING CHANGE!!!!!  ALL TEAMS WILL GET 3 times to use a courtesy runner per game. 







No Shirt fine in the Summer is $3

If it rains and the fields need maintenance then their would be a $14 per team fee for that week.

**Shirt fine is $3


(Softballs are included)


&1 count, no fouls to give.



**Mercy rule is 10 runs 4innings



**Game is a tie after 8 innings




**Ump fee only $24 per game ($48 per doubleheader)



** Playoff seeding will be done by team's record, not divisional standings.



Good luck to all the teams.