• 2018 Tournament is this week!
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Weather Alert

All Games are ON as scheduled!

Friiday night's action was a great start to the tournament!

Please check the website regarding game cancellations and/or the rescheduling of games.

Depending upon the amount of rain & the ability to get fields playable, we will look to reschedule & to play games later on Saturday.  Obviously this is predicated on the rain stopping and us being able to get fields in playable condition.

Accordingly, please be ready to play games at 4 pm & 6 pm & potentially later at ages 11 & 12 where we can play games at 8 pm under the lights at the EI Marina.

Stay tuned for more information!




Rules & Tie-breakers

June 18, 2018

For this tournament H.S. Federation Rules apply with the following below exceptions, if any:

Infield fly rule applies at all ages.  At all ages, ballplayers must slide, or avoid contact. At ages 8-12, there is no head first sliding allowed, only back to bases.  At ages 13,14, 15/16 head first sliding is allowed.  At all ages, a courtesy runner MAY be employed for the catcher (not pitchers) at any time, the substitute runner is the last batted out.

There are no pitching restrictions for the tournament.  Please use good sound judgment in caring for your players health, including their throwing arms!

At ages 9-10, the bases are set at  60/46 ft bases/mound.  At age 8 the pitching mound is set at 42 ft.  There is no leading, or stealing until the pitch crosses the plate. At ages 8-9, there is NO stealing home.  At age 10, stealing home is allowed.

At age 9 & 10, no slashing is allowed (fake bunt/swinging).

At ages 11 & 12, the bases are set at 75/51 ft bases/mound.  At ages 13-16, the bases are set at 90 ft and the mound is at 60 ft, 6 inches. Leading & stealing on the pitch is allowed.  You can run on dropped 3rd strikes.  At 11, there is a 1 balk warning, per pitcher.  At ages 12-16, there is NO balk warning.  13u-16u games are 7 innings.

This is a wood bat tournament.  All wood bats are allowed with the exception of bamboo.  No composite/hybrid wood bats are allowed.  Metal bats are allowed at age 8 only .  At age 8 using metal, no big barrel bats are allowed.  Bats must be 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

In Pool Play, home team is decided by coin toss at the pre-game umpires meeting.

In finals and consolation games, the higher seed is the home team.

Universal Batting orders are managers choice - unlimited EHs.

At 13, 14,15/16 the use of "a," meaning one, DH is also allowed, in addition to any EHs.  The DH is wed to the player that he is hitting for, so if the DH enters the game the player for whom he was originally fielding/pitching for must come out of the game & can only be reentered for the DH who is then out of the game for good upon substitution.

One hour, 50 minute hr time limit - No inning may start one hour & fifty minutes after the official start time of the game. Ties are allowed in pool play games, no extra innings.  Playoffs games will be played until there is a winner.

The run rules for all ages are 12 after 3, 10 after 4 (home team still bats) & 8 after 5 innings.

Text/email scores to 631-766-6979 or isliptravelbaseball@gmail.com

Teams must email/text scores w/n 1 hr after ea. game is complete.  Scores will be updated on our website. 

Tie- Breakers are: (1) Head to Head, (2) Runs Against, (3) Runs Differential, (4) Coin Flip  A win is worth 4 pts, a tie is worth 2 pts.


There are no metal spikes on the Islip Turf Field.  Turf shoes or sneakers ONLY.


Rosters - Rosters should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the event by email, mail or fax. Rosters must be submitted prior to tournaments start. No player may be added to the roster once the tournament has begun unless it is approved by the Tournament Coordinator.

Birth Certificates- Birth certificates must be supplied if requested and should be on-hand during the tournament. Any issues regarding a player’s age MUST BE addressed by a team manager prior to or during a tournament game. Questioning a player’s age following the completion of a game is NOT an acceptable form of protest. NOTE: Any team violating this rule will automatically receive a forfeit for such game and any other game (said player) had played in previously. The violating team will also be subject to any other disciplinary actions taken by the tournament director.  Exceptions, are permitted if approved and at the discretion of the Tournament board, particularly in the above age brackets 13-16 & will only be exercised in an effort to create competitive full brackets, as necessary.

Team Insurance- Each team is required to carry its own insurance, naming, the following as additional insureds on certificates of insurance to be provided to the tournament director: (1) Town of Islip, 50 Irish Lane, East Islip, NY11730; (2) East Islip School District, 1 Gariepy Lane, Islip Terrace, NY 11752; (3) Islip Travel Baseball, P.O. Box 132, East Islip, NY 11730  Certificates of insurance, indicating Proof of insurance should be submitted 5 days prior to the start of the tournament, but must be submitted prior to the first game.

Weather Related Tournament Refund Policy

No Games Played: 75% Refund

One Game Played: 50% Refund

Two or More Games Played: No Refund