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Softball starts May 2

March 21, 2019

Thursday May 2 our Men league begins play at Cass park

Plans to have our playoffs after Labor Day Saturday 9/7

Team Reps meeting in April. Sponsor fee remains $640. 

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Super Saturday Playoff Bracket

August 21, 2018

I tried to post the pic of the bracket here, but this website wouldn't let me. You can access it on the league Facebook page or by asking your team rep. Don't worry about paying umps as they will be paid for by the league.


Team CFCU disbands and remaining players join other teams

July 30, 2018

It’s official that CFCU does not have enough players to finish the season, so we sent the remaining 8 guys to the current teams that need players. Only Gorgers and RFS wanted in so we just did a draft between them via group text. Each got 4 new players and we shouldn’t have any attendance issues rest of the year. Any teams playing CFCU will get two automatic forfeits (all players get credit for games played and please put input that on website) and super Saturday will be a 7 game tourney with the top seed getting a bye. 

2018 All Star Fantasy Team Pics and Champs (Team KP)

Congrats to Team KP on winning the All Star Fantasy Draft Mini Tourney!

2nd Place- Team Harrison

3rd Place- Team Washburn

4th Place- Team Gibson

See pics and more on our league Facebook page:


July 5 All Star Mini Tourney Rosters

Happy 4th! I have the rosters for tomorrow's mini all star tourney. We had 40+ players commit so about 4 even teams. I split them up as evenly as possible and assigned an experience veteran to manage each team. Rosters may change if people show up or withdraw last minute and we'll adjust as needed. Team reps, please send this out to your players that are playing. 


6pm sun field: Team Washburn vs Team Merrit

6pm hangar theater field: Team Gibson vs Team Harrison

Winners play in game 2, losers play in game 2. First team to win game 1 gets to stay on field for game 2 while losing team walks. 


The league will provide free pizza. 



Team Washburn


Tim Reynolds

Tyler V










Team Gibson



Tom (Empire)

Evan J











Team Merritt














Team Harrison




Chris Laird

Nick Vogel







Hey players, just a reminder our fantasy draft all star mini tourney night is next week July 5. There are no regular season games and the idea of having this event is to bring the league closer and create some evenly matched competitive games. 


Team reps should be finalizing this Thursday who from their team will be participating next week.  The amount of people that participate will determine format and how many games we can play.

May 14, 2018

The 5/17 game between Lifestyle Properties and CFCU will start at 7pm on the same field (sun field) due to a funeral service. No other teams are affected. 

GREAT turnout for 1st Free Agent meeting/scrimmage!

April 26, 2018
We had an AWESOME free agent meeting/scrimage tonight! 18 guys showed up and we have a great group of talented and motivated players! Still have about 10 more that couldn't make it tonight but want to play. Big thanks to Dennis Britton (Gorgers) and Micah Kraus (CFCU) for volunteering to be the new expansion team Managers :) Still not to late for new players so please send them to Chris Washburn if your roster is full.
Let's make sure we all provide a very welcoming and fun atmosphere for all the new league members. The growth and success of this league rests on us as a whole allowing current and new players to feel welcomed, comfortable, and that this is a fun activity that is worth their time. We MUST keep it family friendly and strive to expand our family and friends spectator support. Skill level will vary for the new teams and it may take some time for everyone to get to know each other, so please show good sportsmanship and respect. The more the merrier :)


March 22, 2018

Hello League!


The 2018 season is upon us and we have some exciting announcements. We are very thankful to CFCU for being the corporate sponsor of the league! Special thanks to our other team sponsors as well: Rogans, Washburn Entertainment, Scalehouse, Empire Mechanical, Gorgers. Team fees will be $640 once again and we are hoping to add two new teams, a combo of IPD/IFD, and a Free agent team. Rogans/Gorgers will become Washburn Entertainment and Uncle Joes/Bowl-O-Drome will become the new Rogans.


Starting this year, the league will be governed by a Board of Directors that will oversee and ensure the smooth functioning and expansion of the league. We already met in early March and will be organizing another meeting with the Team Reps in the near future.

Commissioner: Chris Washburn

Board of Directors: Stu Bergman, Kevin Faehndrich, Billy Maul, Mason Swanhart, Brandon Lynch-Jacobson, Rob Gibson


Please join the Facebook league group, "CFCU Ithaca Mens Softball League (Public Page) for the latest updates and send all questions or new player requests directly to the Commissioner at: IthacaMensSoftball@gmail.com

Super Saturday!!!!!

Saturday's games:
Bowl A Drome is home team to LLC on field A-3 at 11:00 A.M.
Empire is home team to Replacements on field 4 at 11:00 A.M.

12:30 P.M. Rogan's is home team to Scalehouse on field 4
 12:30 P.M. game on field A-3 is winners of the two 11:00 A.M. games.
2:00 P.M. game is on field 3(with two umps)
3:30 P.M. game is on field 3(with two umps)
If necessary 5:00 game will be on field 3(with two umps)

playoff resume Thursday night

Rogan's plays Bowl a Drome at 6 PM on field 4

Scalehouse plays?(no report to date) 6 PM field 3

LLC vs Empire game

Not official game as both teams refused to pay the ump

Bowl over Replacements 14-4

Bottom of the 6th game called by Replacements as Ambulance carted off their right fielder

End of season

August 11, 2017


                   Playoffs begin Tuesday 8/15

Number one team Rogan's and number two team Scalehouse get a bye and play Thursday at 6 :00 PM

Number three team Empire play the number 6 team LLC Tuesday on field 3 at 6:00 PM

Number four team Bowl a drone  plays number 5 team Replacements on field 4 at 6:00 PM

Losing teams play on Saturday. It's a double elimination tournament kept within the brackets. So everybody comes down to play on Saturday.

Thursday Rogan's play winner of Bowl vs Replcements

Thursday Scalehouse plays winner of Empire vs LLC


Ump fees will now be paid by each team before each game throughout the playoffs

$20 per team as the ump gets $40 per game

Super Saturdays last two (or three if necessary) games will have two umpires

First games 11 A.M. two games

Second games  12:30 P.M. two  games

Third game 2:00 PM 

Fourth game 3:30 PM -- could decide the winner

Fifth game (if necessary) will decide the champs


Playoffs start Tuesday August 15th

August 10, 2017

Games are on for tonight Thursday July 27th

July 27, 2017 – 01:15 PM

Rain out schedule will be formalized by the end of the night. Consult with your team rep.

No Games Tonight!!!!

July 13, 2017

Cass Park has Canceled ALL games tonight!!!

NO GAMES!!! 5/25/17

Just got word from Cass park that the fields are unplayable for tonight. So no games... not sure if or when we will make them up. We will figure that out soon. Bummer

How about a sixth team!

May 10, 2017 – 12:00 AM

We will revamp the schedule by Thursday morning to reflect our new six team schedule. All bets off anything you've seen in the past. Sorry about that but to  get another team to play softball with us, a last minute minor adjustment. Promoting and growing the league is my goal. The part I don't like is imputing the data and figuring out how to transfer it to our site. Thanks but no thanks.


Welcome new team: Village Solars,LLC    110 Willow Creek Point RD-----Ithaca  NY

Tyle Vanostrand is your point man


And for you who want to know, how does this work, what do you mean minor adjustment?

Our contract with the city of Ithaca,Cass Park has us on two fields A-3 and B-4 for 15 Thursdays

Now we request an additional field (B-5) for the next 14 more weeks.If available. This will incur an increase to our league field use fee to the city. Requesting additional insurance and fee ,additional Asa dues,More Softballs and Ump fees almost will balance out the $640 of the sponsor fee )


But the ideal is "We Play Softball"



Softball resumes Thursday night with a four or five games scheduled

May 11, 2017

Most teams will play every Thursday.

10 run rule for first game if one of the teams has a 7pm game

The count of 1 and 1 to start all second games until we get more sunlight.

Rake and speedy dry your own field.

Messy Muddy sloppy,nothing short of a downpour stops us from playing ball.. 

We pay for the Speedy dry $14 a bag so use it wisely. Each team should have a rack to manage the fields especially  Home plate ,the mound and First base.

Don't get so crazy about having to do a rain dance. Safety first! Most of us have to go to work the next day.

The reps call the games if Cass park says we can play. Once the games begins it's all up to the paid umps to decide.

Then again you can't complain when it's too hot!

Banned bat list 2017

May 4, 2017

Billy-------- has comprised  a link for anyone looking for the banned bat list for this year.  He is  going to do some more research to make sure he has the most accurate list but as of now with the league started  this is all we have found so far.  Most people know what bats have been banned the biggest thing is the new Easton's that got put on last year that Billy is still looking for a full list for past years plus this years list.  http://www.teamusa.org/usa-softball/play-usa-softball/certified-usa-softball-equipment/non-linear-bat-compression-thresholds

Thank you Billy for your research! Billy Knows bats!!



Games are on for tonight May 4th

May 4, 2017 – 04:35 PM

light rain in Ithaca to date and expect to hold up 

Team Reps met for final meeting before season starts

April 23, 2017

The 2017 Constitution shows all changes for our softball league.


All players must sign a code of conduct with their email noted.

20 game schedule with 10 games played to be eligible for playing in the playoffs.

Playoffs start Thursday August 17th and Super Saturday August 19th

Sponsor fees will include umps fees to be paid via the league.

Game time starts 5:45 PM and 7:00 PM for late game

Changes in field 4 and 5 ground rules

Updated "rules of play" or frequently asked questions will soon appear on our website. 

Billy Maul will be our new Web Master

Chris Washburn will be our new Treasurer 

Chris will also be my apprentice this season and will take over as Commissioner after the 2017 season is over. 

Team Reps meeting Monday April 17th

Sponsor fees due,any rule changes finalized 

April 9, 2017

Want to play softball and join a team?

Contact me at stubergman@gmail.com 

Season starts May 4th Thursday and we play into August 20 games plus playoffs

Schedule up

Double Headers in June

Season starts Thursday May 4th

March 29, 2017

Softball Starts Thursday May 4th 2017

(March 27, 2017)

Our league will begin it's 15 week season with five teams all will be playing Thursday night.


Softball at Cass park

Happy New year softball fans

Softball practice begins in late March


Softball in Ithaca has come to a close. Fall ball has ended as well as did the Men spring and summer league. Those who want to play softball in the Spring should plan to contact their team rep. Those who are looking for a team to play on or would like to start one should contact the the commissioner of the league, Stu Bergman via email at Stubergman@gamail.com or call 607-257-1750. Winter meeting in February will be announced ,check out our website  on Facebook heritage builders Ithaca men's softball.



The Painter win it again


 An error in the top of the 7th with two outs allowed Rogan's to tie up the game  at 6 a piece.

The Goat, Casselberry, turned hero in the bottom of the 7th with a sac fly driving home the winning run to give The Painters the 2016 championship 

In the playoffs,a double elimination tournament,the Painters got a bye with only one loss for the entire season. The number two seed Rogan's corner,the only team to beat the Painters faced each other in the finals. Tied in the bottom of the 7th a sac fly became the walk-off winning RBI as the Painters defeated a strong Rogan's team 7-6.


In other action Empire Mechanical beat the Replacements 5-0. Scalehouse beat Seabring 11-5 and the Brew pub went on to blowout Rogan's 14-3. Rogan's edged Ithaca Plastics-Uncle Joe's 12-11 then beat the Replacements 16-10,overpowered Seabring 17-5 then had a rematch in the losers bracket to avenge their loss to Scalehouse setting up their sixth game to the nail bitter loss against the Painters. Seabring defeated Ithaca Plastics-Uncle Joe's 18-13 and Empire 6-5. The Painters only had to win three game beating Empire,clobbering Scalehouse 33-7 and edging Rogan's to be the 2016 Men league champs

Your Super Saturday schedule and updated scores

Here are the results from the Tuesday and Thursday playoff games.

Empire Mechanical  beat Replacements 5-0 and will play Rogan's on Saturday because the lost to Scalehouse 11-5

at noon.Rogan's vs the Replacements

Rogan's beat Ithaca Plastics/Uncle Joe's. Joe's scored 9 runs in the 7th to come with in one run short in a 12-11 ball game.

Seabring met Scalehouse in a playoff game Tuesday night, Scale over Sea 11-5. So Ithaca Plastics will play the first game Saturday at 10:30 A.M. on field 3 vs Rogan's .the home team

This noon game is on field 4 where # 5 seed Replacement play # 2 Rogan's. Also at noon on field 3 , the championship field,will heat up with Empire playing the Winner or the Uncle Joe's vs Seabring game from 10:30 A.M.

The next two games  now are winners of Replacement vs Rogan's plays the winner of Empire vs Joe's or Seabring at 1:30 PM  

The other 1:30 PM game are the winners of the bracket to date,The Painter vs Scalehouse  on field 4 where two undefeated playoff teams battle  for the championship game in the loser bracket stating on field 3 and thewinner plays at 4:30 PM.

There could be a 6 PM game only if it's a winner bracket has it's first loss


Empire beat Replacements 5-0

Scalehouse defeated Seabring 11-5

Rogan's held on to beat Ithaca Plastics 12-11

Recap: Thursday

Painters 33-7 over Empire

Scalehouse beat Rogan's 14-3


August 18, 2016
Hey all,
Heritage Builders Ithaca softball league will continue it's playoffs with the following schedule.
 Thursday 8/18 on the grass fields A-3 and B-5 our league will have the Painters vs Empire on field 3 at 6:30 P.M. and Scalehouse vs Rogan's on field 5.
Our Super Saturday 8/20 schedule we will be using fields A-3 and B-4
Starting on field 3 at 10:30 A.M. we will have one game, Uncle Joe's vs Seabring.
At noon there will be two games, one on field 4 and another on field 3. At 1:30 P.M. there will be two games,field 4 and 3.
Then the rest of the games will be on field 3 at 3:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. and if needed 6:00 P.M.
​Stu Bergman, Commissioner ​

Playoff Schedule revised

Double Elimination Tournament

Tuesday, August 16th - 6:30 pm - fields to be determined

                                      Seed 1 gets a buy

                                       2 vs. 7

                                       3 vs. 6

                                       4 vs. 5


Thursday, August 18th - 6:30 pm - fields to be determined

                                       1 vs. winner of  4 vs 5 

                                        winner of 3 vs. 6 plays winner of 2 vs. 7


Super Saturday, August 20th - losers'  bracket starts at 10:30 - 1 game - field 3

                                         12:00 - two games - fields 3 and 4

                                           1:30 - one game - field 4

                                            3:00 - one game - field 3

                                                 winners' bracket

                                            1:30 - field 3

                                          , 4:30 - field 3

                                            if necessary: 6:00 - field 3








Get ready to play Ball again

June 21, 2016 – 02:00 AM

 We met with city official today. Anybody who wants to play ball will need to sign a Code of Conduct before playing ball in our league. Reps will have the forms ready for you to sign by Tuesday prior to the start of the game. More info will be provided to the reps tonight.

League players meeting tonight,Tuesday on field 5 at 5:30 PM

See "League forms" for the new Code of Conduct. print it out,fill it out before you play ball and give it to your team rep.

Thanks for your cooperation

Play Ball!


Results from Thursday's Reps meeting

Action taken by the league Thursday night June 16th is the following:

Team Empire Mechanical is suspended from play four game and therefore will forfeit the next four games due to behavior during the game.

All votes to suspend were unanimous.

Committee of five to adopt a "Code of Conduct" will provide a written statement for all players to sign prior to resuming play of softball.

Also:   Cass Park states we do not have permission to use the fields until further notice. I will be meeting with officials Monday to try and reinstate access to the fields based on our recent action taken by our league.

Games are cancelled tonight final notice Team reps will meet at 7pm for one half hour

NO games until further notice per Cass Park!

"I received information today about the league behavior on Tues night and I need to know immediately the leagues account of the situation and how it is dealing with it.  Consider all Heritage Builders Softball League use of Cass Park suspended until if and when I have given the go ahead to proceed.  Any use of the fields for "pick up" softball will only demonstrate a lack of dealing with this incident seriously and will extend the league suspension of field use."


This was not written by me Stu Bergman. However  this is true. I am in consultation with all parties to resolve the issue. Either way we will have a meeting  tonight,at Uncle Joe's


Final result is no games tonight. We must meet as a league to be able to play ball by Tuesday. Reps will meet at Uncle Joe's at 7

plan to play Tuesday if we get the OK by Tuesday morning

Action Plan to be explained as well as player and team suspensions and apologies will be announced  




Tuesday June 7 games are on

June 7, 2016 – 03:50 PM

So far we are still scheduled to play ball tonight!!

Rob has inspected the fields and says they are playable as of 3:50 PM

Rosey Memorial May 10th 6:15 PM field 4

May 3, 2016

Our good friend Jeff Rosenberg will be celebrated before the start of our 2016 season. Family and friends are asked to arrive by 6:10 PM on field 4.Anybody who has something to say should contact me at stubergman@gmail.com

Long battles with Cancer takes one of our kindest players

January 3, 2016

More news to follow when I get it

Men Softball season

Congratulations to Heritage Builders Ithaca Softball League 2015 for a great 32 plus game season!


The season started the first week in May and concluded the third weekend in August.

The season Champs were Rogan's Corner who finished with a 26-4 record beating second place The Perfect painters 3 0f 5 during the regular season..

The Painters evoked revenge by ousting the Rogan's team in the league's double elimination tournament,Saturday August 22. N.E. Pizza/Scalehouse went on to gain second place in the all day tournament. The third place Scalehouse came from behind with two outs in the 7th to defeat Rogan's,thus setting up the finals between last years champs and the 2009 winners.


Congratulations to Perfect Painters for their third straight crown!


Softball planing continues now for the 2016 season. Any new players or teams that would like to join the league,please contact the Commish Stu Bergman @ 607-257-1750 or email Stubergman@gmail.com. For more info.

Spring training starts in March 2016. ….Next Men League meeting is Thursday,October 29 at 7:30 P.M. @ Uncle Joe's on Albany St.


Play Ball!!

Perfect Painters 2015 Champs

A recap of Super Saturday starts with the early game 10:30 a.m. losers bracket.  Ithaca Plastics/Uncle joe's defeats Replacements 14-6. At noon Empire's came back and rallied to defeat Plastics 15-11. NE Pizza Scalehouse crushed Seabring 19-3. The 1:30 PM games had the winner's bracket's number 1 vs number 2 square off for the 6th time this season. The Painters put up 28 runs against the regular season champs Rogan's 10.Meanwhile the hot pizza team edged out Empire 9-8. A single game at 3pm saw a two out come from behind rally in the 7th, as the Pizza team once again win by a run 5-4 over Rogan's. The finals had NE Pizza scalehouse play their 4th game of the afternoon against the Painters.The Pat Casselberry team scored more runs than the Orange jersey Brandon team by a score of 10-3




Thursday night's results

Games were played in the rain and called by the umps after the fifth Inning.

Rogan's beat Empire 9-2

Painter's beat NE Pizza 6-0

Rogan's will play Painters 1:30 PM on field 5

Empire will play the winner of Plastics vs Replacements at noon on field 3

NE pizza will play Seabring at noon on field 5

Tuesday night's Playoff results

Empire 14,Seabring 10

NE Pizza 6, Replacements 4

Painters 8,Ithaca Plastics 6

Thursday 8/20

Rogan's will play Empire on field 3

Painters will play NE pizza on field 5

Playoff brackets set

Click on in the main menu, League forms for our 2015 playoff schedule and brackets.

#2 seed The Perfect Painters vs #7 seed Ithaca Plastics/Uncle Joe's on field 5

#3 seed Northeast Pizza/Jack's Grill vs #6 seed The Replacements on field 3

#4 seed Seabring vs #5 seed Empire Mechanical on field 4

start time 6:30 PM

Playoff scheduled at our regular fields

Tuesday fields 3,4,5 will be used.Highest seeds picks by Sunday night

​Thursday winners pick field 3 or 5
Super Saturday fields are set for 3 and 5
Saturday starts 10:30 A.M. on field 3.

winners stays on field 3 and plays loser of Thursday at noon.Other loser bracket on field 5 at noon.
1:30 P.M.on field 3 winners of losers bracket vs losers of game one Thursday. Winners from Thursday play on filed 5 at 1:30 P.M. 3:00 P.M.loser from winners bracket plays winners from losers bracket on field 3. winner of that game plays unbeaten winner at 4:30 P.M. on field 3 for championship.If unbeaten winner loses the final game will be on field 3 at 6:00 P.M.
 ​Coin flip for home field for that last game.Otherwise higher seeds are home unless that higher seed is playing from loser bracket an unbeaten team.

Tuesday 8/4 and Thursday 8/6 games are DH

Rain out make up games from July 9th first game will be made up Tuesday August 4th and second game of DH from July 14 will be made up as part of a DH on Thursday August 6th.

Tuesday August 11th we will play a single game to make up rain out of second game of DH from 7/9

Playoffs starts Tuesday 8/18 Double elimination continues 8/20 & 8/22

Players will need 15 games to be eligible for the playoffs.

First place team gets a bye,as seeded team 2 vs 7,3 vs 6,4 vs 5 Tuesday August 18 at 6:30 PM.

We will use brackets throughout the playoffs 

Games are on tonight!

July 21, 2015

Field 4 has alot of Standing water everywhere so I am leaving it up to the teams that play on that field as to whether they want to play, I went down and checked myself. Field 5 and Field 3 are playable.

Rain outs are rescheduled

Thursday July 9th DHs are rescheduled as follows:
8/4 single games will now be a DH to make up the first game.
8/11 rain date will be used to play the second game of 7/9 DH
Tuesday July 14th second game of the DH rain outs will be made up as a DH on 8/6. 

Tuesday night July 14 games are on!

July 14, 2015 – 04:35 PM


We should get at least one game in with some early field maintenance. I will reschedule the second game if need be 

Games are Canceled tonight!

July 9, 2015 – 04:15 PM

Rain Rain Rain..............................................

I just heard from Cass park. There is standing water in the outfields and base lines and the suggestion is to cancel the games as more rain is expected.


Therefore the games are canceled for tonight and I will reschedule them. 

Rain out games from 6/9 reschedled to 7/28

The games that were rained out on Tuesday 6/9 are rescheduled as a double header 7/28

Tonight's games are cancelled

June 9, 2015 – 03:00 PM

There is standing water on our fields. Cass park has recommended we cancel our games.

They will be made up as a double header July 28th

Second round

May 28, 2015 – 07:00 AM

Most team will have played everybody once as we go into our second round,Note that some teams will play a double header 6/11 then everybody has Double headers starting 6/23, summertime with the most day light.

The first place Rogan's team remains undefeated as the Painter only loss came from the opening day rematch and are in second place

.N.E. Pizza is in third with two losses,followed by the combo team Seabring in 4th at 500. The Replacements has the 5th seed as they beat Empire who is in 6th place. The winless Uncle Joe's/ Ithaca Plastic team is in last place.

The All star game and Home run derby will not take place this year due to lack of interest

tonight suspension

May 12, 2015 – 03:00 PM


A team rep from Northeast Pizza will sit due to violation of our league rules.


Team stats will be posted to our league website before Sunday midnight at the beginning of each calendar week.. Games not recorded by Sunday night will not count towards player’s eligibility for the playoffs. Stats must note every at bat.


a. A Team Rep is suspended from playing for their respective team if they fail to meet the Sunday Midnight deadline.

  1. All suspended players must physically be on their team's sideline during their suspension in order to receive eligibility for their next non suspended game.

  1. I will wave the eligibility rule in this case so players games and ABs will count

Painters repeat as league champs

Perfect Painters defeated Rogan's corner twice in the Super Saturday double elimination tournament 15-9 and 12-11.  Rogan's who beat Pete's Thursday night defeated Pete's once again in the loser bracket 16-0. Pete's wine and liquor Yetis advanced to the losers bracket finals by beating the Replacement at noon by a score of 11-7,and Italian Carry out 15-6. ICO scored the most runs in a game Saturday by rolling over Seabring/Stella barn 23-3. The early games had Seabring/Stella barn winning over Envisage/Uncle Joe's 12-8 and Replacements doubling up Empire Mechanical 16-8

Painter's VS Rogan's in the winners bracket

The Painter's walk off win puts them up against a familiar rival Rogan's 1:30 PM on field 6

Rogan's beat Pete's 7-2
Painter's beat Italian Carry out 9-8
Pete's will play at noon the winner of the Empire vs Replacement game.
ICO will also play at noon the winner of the Envisage/Uncle Joe's vs Seabring/Stella Barn game 

Top four teams advance to Thursday night

Tuesday night playoffs results:

Rogan's scored 3 in the bottom of the 6th to defeat Envisage/Uncle Joe's 5-2. Pete's Wine and Liquor Yetis beat Seabring/Stella's Barn 14-3. The winners will play each other Thursday at 6:30.

The Perfect Painters beat Empire Mechanical and will play Italian Carry-Out who scored late to beat the Replacements 11-7.


Super Saturday games at 10:30 A.M.

The Replacement host Empire on field 7

Envisage/Uncle Joe's home against Seabring/Stella's Barn on field 6


Thursday night's winners will play each other on field 6 Saturday @ 1:30 PM

Thursday night's losers will play at noon the winners of the 10:30 A.M. games (following the bracket)

1:30 P.M. game on field 7 will be the winners of the losers bracket.

3:00 P.M. game on field 6

4:30 P.M. championship game on field 6

6:00 P.M. game if needed on field 6


Playoffs start Tuesday August 19

Seeding for 2014 

1- Perfect Painters

2- Pete's Yetis

3- Rogan's

4- Italian Carry out

5- Replacements

6- Envisage/Uncle Joe's

7- Seabring/Stella's Barn

8- Empire 


Games start at 6:30 PM on the grass field Tuesday with four games.Thursday winners play at 6:30 PM

Super Saturday will be on fields 6 & 7,starting at 10:30 A.M.

Championship game will be on field 6

Games are still on for tonight 8/12

We will speed up the games tonight with a one ball one strike count and could play just 5 innings. Heavy rain is expected by 7:45 PM 

August 5 games are cancelled tonight

The Umps cancelled at 5:30 PM saying they didn't think the fields would be playable.

Rescheduling will be done by Wednesday night

games rainout Tuesday July 8


 Schedule will be revised

Games are cancelled tonight Thursday July 3 .Play them on our rain make up date

Cass park states the fields are flooded and unplayable

They are  rescheduled for Thursday  August 14

2013 league photo

Week 4 parity

May 29, 2014 – 12:01 PM

Week 4: ALL teams have won and lost a game


News from the team reps meeting."Two home plates will be 5 feet apart" (some were painted much further apart) Players are getting use to the new rule as it will remain and get painted weekly.

Four teams have sent results to the journal where they appeared in Saturday's sport section under Home town games. They will print them when the winning team sends them to ith-sports@gannett.com

Stats were in on time but some teams appear to be very liberal in their scoring according to a few team reps.Many Errors and Walks have been shown up to be hits. One thing is for certain you can't get 9 hits on 8 ABs



Two Home plates rule explained

You can hear the sound of the ball hitting the strike mat from the outfield now with the new wooden plate.There should not be any more issues or injuries due to a play at the plate. Don't run on it.

The rule is as follows:

  1. Commitment Line Rule for plays at home plate: As a player is rounding third and heading for home once they cross the commitment line the play at home plate becomes a force play with the tie going to the runner.

    1. There will be a second home plate approximately 5 feet away from the first home plate that all runners scoring will run to. The umpire will make the call of out or safe based on force play rules.

    2. The commitment line will be clearly marked a and noted before each game. It will be approximately 10 feet from home plate. Once a runner passes this commitment line they can not retreat back to third base and any play at home plate involving that runner will be considered a force play.

Players Needed

May 10, 2014 – 04:30 PM

Some teams are short players. One team is actively looking is the new team Schooleys run by Ethan Smith 607-351-0010

Week one of Softball

Getting use to the two home plates has been mostly positive as you can hear the thump of a strike in the outfield.We will try to have the commit line and the runner's home plate painted regularly.

Good weather has dominated the week and we only have just two teams that hasn't put in their stats in yet. Remember the Web Master will check if they are in by midnight Sunday otherwise they don't count and the team rep has to sit on the bench next game.(Not good)


Softball season starts in Sunshine

Opening Day!

Three games were played at Cass park on a mild sunny day starting the 2014 men slow pitch softball season.

The league has nine teams this year with around 150 players in all. We call ourselves the Heritage Builders Ithaca softball league.

I want to wish a Get Well to our corporate sponsor and friend to softball Ron Ronsvalle.


Our season will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will have a forth field on June 17th. Rain out make ups will be on Thursday August 14th. Our Playoffs begin Monday August 18th with seed #8 vs 9. The winner plays Tuesday August 19th vs # 1 seed.2 vs 7,3 vs 6,4 vs 5.Winners play Thursday. As usal this is a double elimination tournament so every team will play on "Super Saturday" August 23rd. Rain date is Sunday.

Plan your vacation accordingly!

Winter is leaving

We meet again

Team reps meeting Thursday March 20th @ Uncle Joe's 7:00 P.M.

To: pay for sponser fee $640.Deadline for all teams is 3/20.

Schedules and number of games

agree on rule changes


Looking forward to playing softball. Season starts Tuesday, May 6th

Info on the ASA new ball

Article written by Kevin Schullstrom of A.D. Starr Sporting Goods and edited by Dan Pfeffer

With no capability to check for shaved bats (and lets not kid ourselves I have heard some bats in this league with that distinct shattered glass sound of a shaved composite bat) and keeping the .44 Cor .375 compression ball. With a less than ideal pitchers mound, often times no rubber at the proper men's slow-pitch distance combined with a H.S. distance pitching rubber in front of a pitcher batted ball speeds in excess of 100 MPH with the 44 Cor .375 compression ball should cause great concern for all pitchers. Below is an article that addresses the risk. I hope we will reconsider changing the balls for this season to the ASA .52 COR 300 Compression ball. 

COR is the ability of the ball to rebound away from the impact area. The lower the COR, the higher the impact Therefore when a player gets struck by a lower COR ball, the impact drives into the body instead of wanting to rebound away from it. When a ball drives into the impact area it is transferring the energy into the impact, creating a much more severe impact.

Compression is the hardness of the ball. When high compression and lower COR are combined, the impact rises to a point that it is beyond severe levels. The harder the ball the less flex it has on impact. An impact of a .44/375 ball has the initial impact of about the size of a quarter. Now the force of the ball is transferred into the impact that spot. The ball does flex somewhat after the initial impact but the damage has already occurred.

High COR balls. A high COR softball will reverse direction much quicker on impact lessening the force transferred to impact spot. By the ball rebounding away from the impact spot the damage is reduced by a great deal.

Compression. Now lower the compression with a high COR ball and you now have an impact spot is about 2 times the size of a low COR ball.

Scary Part I. Severity Index (SI) is the measurement of the impact on a National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) http://www.nocsae.org head form. Anything above 1200 SI can kill you. Anything close can kill you. During testing using an American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) http://www.a2la.org accredited NOCSAE approved test facility we performed head form studies. These tests were performed on NOCSAE head forms and impact data collected through force load transducers.

.44/375 softballs were constantly testing above 1800 SI. Many tested above 2400 SI. And some tested as high as 3600 SI. Now it is proven that SI’s above 1200 will break the skull and or cause severe brain trauma. This is unacceptable in recreational sports.

Now the high COR balls using the same test and the same facility yielded impacts of less than 500 SI, we tested the balls at different weights and none of the ball that were within an approved spec tested above 500 SI that we tested.

I also tested a couple of .50/525 balls and found the less dangerous than a .44/375, still way above the 1200 SI.

Peak G’s is the G force that the Brain can take before you have severe brain trauma. 180 peak g’s will cause a severe brain trauma. Anything below 170 is acceptable. With the new balls they tested around 157 to 165 balls at 165 are not being made by me or anyone else unless their ball fails the specifications. I did extensive testing on different weights. As long as the balls are made at less than 6.7 ounces they will pass the peak G’s no problem.

So a brief review we can make a ball that is safer for play. Keep 300 foot fences in play and not lose the home runs. Have a ball that is much less sensitive to cold or heat, and allow softball players to go out and have fun like we used to do without the fear of dying every time a ball is hit at them.

Scary Part II

NOTHING is safe traveling at you at 100 MPH, even a tennis ball can kill you if it hits the exact spot at the exact time. But the .52 COR 300 compression ball is much safer than what we have made in the past. Nose, fingers, and other bones can still be broken but the skull structure will be much less affected by this ball than before.

Article written by Kevin Schullstrom of A.D. Starr Sporting Goods and edited by Dan Pfeffer

Winter meeting 2/6

 Time to have our Winter meeting! Open to all.

Anything you want to discuss or change, email me so I can put it on our agenda. Talk to your teamates. Let me know if your coming back or planning on a new team. Anybody who wants to start a new team should contact me prior to the meeting. Stubergman@gmail.com

We will meet at Uncle Joe's Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. February, 6th

Winter meetings coming soon

Teams that are coming back and any new team should come to the Winter Meetings in Feburary (date to be announced)

Fall Ball starts Friday at 5:30 PM

Softball continues as a pick up game at Cass park field 3 @ 5:30 P.M.

Anyone can play as we will combine with "Hippy League" players to play a game.

This should continue every Friday. Come on down

Perfect Painters win

August 24, 2013

The Painters repeat as league champs beating Rogan's twice on Super Saturday 17-8 and 16-10.Rogan's who defeated Glenwood 18-5 in the loser's bracket rallied in the 7th to make it close. Earlier Envisage/Uncle Joe's beat Seabring 8-6,and Empire beat Replacements.Glenwood went on to defeat Empire 14-4 as Pete's beat Uncle Joe's 13-6.Glenwood then defeated Pete's 8-6 to meet Rogan's in the loser's bracket finals

Congrats to the Perfect Painter


Fall Ball on Friday.

Thursday's playoffs results

August 22, 2013 – 11:00 PM

Painters beat Glenwood 14-8 and play Rogan's who edged out Pete's in 8 innings 8-7. Pete's will play the winner of the Uncle Joe's vs Seabring game. Glenwood gets the winner of Replacements vs Empire. Games are on fields 6 & 7 starting at 10:30 AM and are scheduled at noon,1:30,3:00, 4:30 and 6:00 PM if needed. Painters vs Rogan's on field 7 at 1:30 P.M.

Playoffs winners advance to Thursday

The Painters play Glenwood on field 5

Rogan's play Pete's on field 4

Saturday games start at 10:30 AM

Uncle Joe's vs Seabring on field 7

Empire vs Replacements on field 6

League Photo Tuesday 6:25 PM tonight

We will be taking a league photo on field 4 tonight Tuesday 8/20 before our playoffs start at 6:25 PM




Playoffs schedule for Tuesday 8/20

Painters vs Seabring on field 3

Rogan's vs Replacements on field 5

Pete's vs Empire on field 2

Glenwood vs Envisage(Uncle Joe's) on field 4

6:30 PM start time.The league will pay the umps after the playoffs

Playoffs start Tuesday one game each team

1 vs 8 picks field for double elimiation starting 6:30 PM. Loser plays Saturday in bracket. Winner plays Thursday

2 vs 7

3 vs 6

4 vs 5

Season tie breakers head to head wins,then runs scored aganist that team

Men League beats "Hippy" league in extra innings

It took eight innings but Heritage Builders All-Star team defeated Audrey Edelmen "Hippy league All Stars 17-16. The Men All Stars took an early lead scoring 7 runs in the first inning.The "hippies" woke up to score 6 of their own in the second and took the lead by scoring 4 in the bottom of the 6th.Down by 3 the Men tied it up in the top of the 7th. In the extra inning they pushed across the winning run. The bottom of the 8th the Hippies went 1-2-3

Jimmy Herrick and Jeff Goodmark  Homered for their teams


Home Run Derby was won by Tony Mooney

Jeff Goodmark and Weston Morris were runner ups

All Star game and Home Run Derby Saturday

Noon Saturday August 3 field 7 we will start the Home run Derby. $5 per player. Half the money goes to the Ithaca Youth bureau. The other half goes to the winner. 280 feet HRs. 10 outs in the first round followed by the top 6-8 leaders in the second round who get 6 swings. The finals will consits of 5 swings.

Free pizza and wings sponsored by Rogan's

There will be a double header All Star game. Game one will have the olders vs the yonger players. Game two will have the "Hippy league" all stars vs the "City League" all stars

Each team should select two players to represent as an over 30 and under 30 year old for the all star teams. Team reps should notify me and Tony Mooney as to names of players phone numbers and emails contacts.



Softball is still on for tonight

July 18, 2013 – 03:00 PM

Plan to play ball tonight

Softball returned to Cass Park Tuesday night

July 9, 2013 – 11:59 PM

​After a week of no softball dispite the rain all eight teams played

All games are cancelled tonight

July 2, 2013 – 04:35 PM

​Cass park states the fields are soaked and are unplayable

Players supended for their game

Bucko from Rogan,David Leskin from Empire, Jim Price from Replacements and Rob Quin from Seabring should sit on the bench tonight. As team reps they were responsilbe for not putting in the stats by Midnight Sunday



Rain out make up schedule

Rain outs for 6/6 games are made up as double headers. Seabring vs Envisage and Empire vs Replacements will plan on playing two on Tuesday June 25th starting at 6:00 PM. Glenwood vs Painters will play two on June 20th at 6:00 PM.

10 run rule will be in effect for the first game of all double headers as usual

Games are cancelled tonight

June 6, 2013 – 04:00 PM

There is an 75% chance of rain and thunder expected at game time.Games will be made up as a double header.

Opening Day May 7

We started playing softball Tuesday night May 7th at Cass park. Some ball players are still looking for teams. Let me know if you need aplayer or two

All Star games and Home run Derby Saturday August 3rd

Play Ball!

Next Softball meeting Tuesday April 30th

Softballs,2013 ASA rule books,team score books,will be distributed at the meeting.

April 30th 7:30 P.M. @ Uncle Joe's

 ​Rosey is back!

Fall Ball ContinuesThursday

Those of who would like to continue playing softball,we will meet on Thursday nights at 6:00PM on filed 3.Take BP, warn up, take fielding and by 6:30 PM we will have a game. This is open to anybody, Men and women and we play till it gets dark

Perfect Painters Champs

May 24th was the last time the Painter's lost a game at Cass park. Saturday they beat Glenwood Pines and defending champ's Rogan's Corner to win this year's championship. Rogan's started the day coming back to win against Uncle Joe's.Then were down late to Yetis Pete's only to win in a walk off.The loser's bracket finals also required a comeback by Rogan's to defeat Glenwood Pines.
Earlier the Replacements beat Mahogany grill.Seabring defeated Empire. The next round Seabring beat Model citizen,and Uncle Joe's defeated Replacements.Yetis won over Seabring
Congrats to the Painter's 2012 champs

Painters and Glenwood in winners bracket

Playoffs continues Saturday starting at 9:30 A.M.
field 6 and 7
Games scheduled at 11,12:30,2,3:30 5 PM and 6:30 PM if needed
Thursday night's games results
Yetis edged out Joe's 10 to 9
Painters took a forfeit from Replacements
Rogan's beat Seabring
Glenwood beat Model
The late games
Painters 3-2 over Yetis (defense)
Glenwood 9-6 over Rogan's
Saturday schedule:9:30 A.M. field 7 Mahogany vs Replacements.winner plays Joe's @ 11 am.winner plays Rogan's @ 12:30 PM.
Field 6 Empire vs Seabring. winner plays Model @ 11 am .winner plays Yetis @ 12:30 pm Painters play Glenwood @ 2 PM loser plays 3:30 winners of the loser's bracket.Then that winner plays winner of winner's bracket 5PM. It's a double elimination playoffs so when you lose twice it's over. Therefore 6:30 pm could be the last game of the playoffs

Thurday's playoff schedule

August 16, 2012
With Tuesday's rain outs, games will resume on Thursday at 5:45 PM. The four winners will play immediately following the conclusion of the postponed games. The postponed games will start exactly where they stopped. The games played by the winning teams will play until completion or darkness, whichever comes first. If the umpire decides that it is too dark to finish the games, the games are official if they have gone a full five innings. If they have not gone a full five innings or teams are tied, they will be postponed until Saturday.

Monday Playoffs

The Replacements beat Empire and play the Painters on Tuesday
Seabring beat Mahogany and play Rogan's on Tuesday
Saturday games
Empire plays 9:30 a.m.vs ?
Mahogany plays 9:30 a.m.vs ?

Playoffs begins Monday 8/13

Playoffs begins Monday 8/13.
7th seed Seabring is home on field 3 vs 10th seed Mahogany . 8th seed Empire is home on field 5 vs 9th seed Replacements.6:30 PM start.

Tuesday 8/14
1st seed Painters vs winner of 8 vs 9
2nd seed Rogan's vs winner of 7 vs 10
3rd seed Glenwood vs 6th seed Model
4th seed Yetis vs 5th seed Joe's

Thursday 8/16 winners play
Everybody plays Super Saturday
Umps will be paid by the league throughout the playoffs
Rain date Sunday

patches and raffle tickets still on sale for Rosey

Anybody interested in purchasing a patch or participating in the raffle contact Kevin at kfaehn@gmail.com 607-227-8917 or Stu Bergman at stubergman@gmail.com 607-257-1750. Patches and raffle tickets can also be purchased playoff "Super Saturday", August 18th, on field 7. Donations gladly accepted.

Below is a link to highlights from "Rosey Night"


Rosey Night Thursday 5:30 PM

Jeff Rosenberg will be honored Thursday night 8/2 by having a short ceremony on field 2 at 5:30 PM. Players in the league will have their iron on colon cancer patches to support Rosey in his battle with colon cancer. For those of you that have not yet purchased your $5 patch,Kevin will be down on the fields Tuesday night. They will also be sold Thursday night
I hope you all can come down early to cheer Rosey on as he will catch the opening pitch at 5:45 PM

Tonight's game's are officially cancelled due to rain and thunderstorms We will reschedule them

July 26, 2012 – 05:30 PM

Looking for softball players to start a new team

June 5, 2012 – 02:40 PM
La Familia team Has dropped out.All teams that were scheduled to play them will have a win a 7-0 forfeit for now.There are about 8 players looking to remake a team. If you know players who want to play,let me know asap to possible to form the new team the Replacements
John Zavatski radhikazavatski90@gmail.com will be running the new team with the La familia record of 1-5.They plan to play Thursday 6/7 against Empire as a regular scheduled game.Scores, stats win and lost in the standings will count.

Cancelled Games tonight

May 8, 2012 – 02:50 PM
Due to the standing water on our fields at Cass park our games are cancelled for tonight. They will be made up as a double header the next time the teams meet

Meeting May 4 Friday 7 PM

Meeting to provide balls score books and rule books
Make sure your team reps can access our web site to enter team players and stats
Final changes to our constitution approved

Power hitter

2012 Softball

January 25, 2012
Season expected to start early May
All teams fees due by April 1
New teams fees due by March 15
Winter meeting scheduled for February 16th Uncle Joe's at 7:30 PM

Fall Ball ....

October 5, 2011 – 10:00 PM
Thursday is looking like a reasonable sunny day to try and play some Fall ball. Let's meet at 5:30 PM on field 3.
Spread the word to other players

Rogan's Corner Champs

Congratulations to the 2011 Playoffs champs Rogan's Corner

Tuesday August 16th games
Glenwood beat Marquees
Painters beat Empire
Rogan's beat TCA
Yetis beat Joe's

Thursday's games
Rogan's beat Painters
Glenwood beat Yetis

Super Saturday
Empire took the forfeit from no show Jimmy John's at 9:30 A.M.Then
Empire down by 10 in the 7th tied it against TCA but a walk off win for TCA matched them up against Yetis at the 12:30 game
Uncle Joe's defeated Marquees but lost to last year's champs Perfect Painters.
In the winners bracket Rogan's beat Glenwood Pines in eight innings and waited for them to play again for the championship game.
The Pines took on their emotional rival the Painters to win the losers bracket.Yetis had defeated TCA before falling to the Painters.
The final play of the season was a walk off RBI single by Will Fox. Final score 5 to 4.....................................

For those of us that still want to play softball, Fall Ball will start this Thursday August 25th at 6:00 PM field 3
We will continue every Thursday into October

Playoffs starts

August 15, 2011
Monday night #9 Marquee's defeated #8 Jimmy John's 16-8 in a wet soaked sloppy game ending after 6 innings due to darkness.
Marquee plays #1 Glenwood pines Tuesday on field 3 @ 6:30 PM
#2 Perfect Painters plays #7 Empire Mechanical on field 4
#3 Rogan's corner plays #6 Tompkins Community Action on field 5
#4 Feliciadipity Yetis plays #5 Uncle Joe's/Ale house on field 2
Playoff schedules will be distributed on the fields to team reps Tuesday night

The Heritage Builders Ithaca softball league continues with their playoffs this week.It's a double elimination played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Cass park. Then on Super Saturday August 20, we play on Union fields starting at 9:30 AM. Games will continue until 5:00 PM or 6:30 PM if necessary.All are welcome to come down and watch and see who will be this year's champs

Rain outs-Tuesday June 28

This last rain out has caused much havoc to our schedule!

We will reschedule the first game of the rain outs as a double header the next time teams play each other on 7/28

Then we will have a mixed double header on 8/9
Games will start at 6:00 PM sharp
First you play your regular scheduled game. Then you might have to move to your next game.

Home teams are listed last

Uncle Joe's plays on field 2 vs Trader Ks (they changed their name back)
Yetis plays one game vs Jimmy Johns field 3
Painters play on field 4 vs Empire
TCA plays on field 5 vs Rogans

Summer time!

June 21, 2011
Sunshine has allowed 1/3 of our season to be completed. Every team has won a game and only Glenwood remains undefeated.

Saturday,July 30th will be our All Star game and Home Run Derby.$5 will enter you in this charity event where half goes the Ithaca Youth Bureau Scholarship Fund.The winner gets the other half.All bats can be used in the Derby.
Team reps will pick an over 30 and under 30 player to participate in the All Star game.Bucko will manage the older team while Bryan will manage the younger team

Monday May 16th games canceled

May 16, 2011 – 11:56 AM
Standing water in fields 3 & 5 Cass Park has suggested canceling the games tonight

Upper Tier beats Lower Tier

Three Upper Tier teams beat the Lower Tier by a combined score of 92 to 15 on opening day. One Ump came late but was expected to.Discussion of the Stats on the web site continue to be talked about

Opening Day!!

The 2011 softball season starts Tuesday May 10
All 32 games will have umpires down at Cass Park

Final meeting to start the season

Thursday May 5th Uncle Joe's 8:30 PM
Balls will distributed for the season of 32 games
ASA rule books and score books will be handed out

Opening Day

May 10th will be opening day for most teams
We have nine teams.
Falsc Yetis was Scalehouse
Outsiders was Trader K
Jimmy Johns was Napoli's
and Moonshadows is disbanded

Schedule finished. Can't wait to see everyone on the field. Good Luck this season.

Schedule Posted but...

Schedule is posted but I need to tweek it a little. Please if you see any possible issues contact me. I think this version is pretty even across the board for everyone. The most you should play on any field is 10 times and the least(field 2) is 4 times.

Winter Meeting 2/24/11, 7:30 PM

All teams reps should attend our Winter meeting at Uncle Joe's to determine if you have a team and will play softball this year. $640 sponsor fee will be accepted then or no later than March 17. Agendas will be distributed at the meeting. Call or email me as to your status

Softball in 2011

Anybody ready to start another team should contact me at 257-1750
Winter meeting coming in February. Date yet to be determined. Emails will go out to last years team reps. Anybody who wants to be on the mailing list should email me at Stubergman@gmail.com

Season should start in May

Co-Ed Softball Charity Tournament

Help out the family of Dave Mikula

October 16th, 9:00 AM until...
Cass Park.1 Pitch,Unlimited Arc- Double Elimination.$150 per team. All proceeds go to the family of Dave Mikula who died unexpectedly leaving behind his wife and four children.If you can't play ,consider stopping by with a donation. Call Joe P at 379-2410. Register by Oct. 12th.

Fall Ball continues on Tuesday nights

Players from most teams have been playing ball at Cass park on field 3 starting at 5:30 PM for BP. It will be open to anyone who comes down and we play till dark.

Crandall takes HR Derby - Old Guys edge Youngsters in All Star game

Congratulation to this year’s Home Run Derby winner Casey Crandall

Casey went six for six in the second round and six for six in the final round.
Tony Sudnikovich was the runner up in the final round having tied two others for the lead after round one where each player was allowed ten swings. Tony was met in the second round with Todd baker and Jeff Goodmark hitting four home runs. Kyle Jacobs, Chris Washburn and Casey hit three homers to advance to round two where six swings were limit. Tony hit three homers setting up the finals against Crandall

It was quite a show of power over the afternoon rocketing over 50 home runs at Cass Park Saturday. The winner would receive half the proceeds while the leagues charity the Ithaca Youth Bureau would get the other half. This year the winner donated his half to charity

Following the Home Run Derby was the All Star game. The “over 30” players beat the “under 30’ players 9-8. There was no scoring until the bottom of the fifth as the older guys struck for nine runs. Jeff Rosenberg, Rob Congdon and Tony Sudnikovih went 3x4.
In the top of the sixth the younger guys came back with fours and four more in the seventh. Led by Bryan Reynolds and Nat Ritter who went 4x4 the Youth fell short by a run. Both mangers Bucko Muro and Chris Washburn as well as the players enjoyed the good comradely displayed on the ball field

Home Run Derby / All Star game Saturday . August 21

The Heritage Builders Ithaca Softball league will hold it's annual Home Run Derby at 1:00 PM on Field 7 Cass park Union fields. It will cost $5 to bat and each players receives 10 swings. The fences will be approximately 270 feet. The top six will go on to round two followed by the top two slugging it out for the cash prize.Half the proceeds will go to charity.{The Ithaca Youth Bureau fund} The other half will go to the winner. Rogan's Corner will provide free pizza and wings.
All are welcome to participate in the Derby

After the Derby the league will have it's All Star game matching the "over 30" players against the "under 30" players. Approximate start time of 2:30 PM

Fall Ball starts Tuesday at 6 PM

Perfect Painter remain perfect as League champs

Play off recap

Monday night's games

TCA seeded 7 beat Trader K's seeded 10
Napoli's seeded 8 lost to Uncle Joe's seeded 9

Tuesday night's games

Painter's seeded 1 field 5 beat Uncle Joe's
Rogan's seeded 2 vs beat TCA field 3

Scalehouse seeded 3 beat Empire seeded 6 field 2
Benchwarmers seeded 4 beat Moonshadow's seeded 5 field 4

Thursday night's game

Painters beat Benchwarmers field 5
Rogan's lost to Scalehouse field 4

Saturday 9:30 AM

Moonshadows beat Trader K field 4
Empire beat Napoli's field 3

11 AM

Moonshadows beat Uncle Joe's
TCA beat Empire


Rogan's beat Monnshadows
Benchwarmers beat TCA

2:00 PM
Painters beat Scalehouse field 5
Benchwarmers beat Rogan's field 4

3:30 PM Losers bracket final

Benchwarmers beat Scalehouse

Finals field 5

Painters Beat Benchwarmers 7-5

Perfect Painters completed their perfect season, 31 wins and 0 losses. The Painters defeated Benchwarmers, last years playoff winners, in the finals 7-5. Benchwarmers held a 5-0 lead heading in to the bottom of the 4th inning when the Painters erupted for 7 runs.

We would like to thank Ron Ronsvale(Heritage Builders, Perfect Painters) and our other sponsors Benchwarmers, Scalehouse, Rogans, Uncle Joes, Tompkins Community Action, Moonshadows, Empire Mechanical, Trader-K's and Napoli's. Thanks to all who made this the wonderful season it was.
( photo to follow )

All Star Game and Home Run Derby

August 21 Over 30 vs under 30 teams
Each team has at least two reps that they chose to participate

HR derby open to all prior to the All Star game

Opening Day

Ron Ronsvalle with the team reps

Team Reps Meeting April 22

Final meeting before the season starts will be Thursday April 22 7:00 PM at Uncle Joe's. Balls, ASA rules and score books will be distributed

10 teams

Uncle Joe's / Ale House

Rogan's Corner


Tompkins Community Action

Perfect Painters

Empire Mechanical



Trader K


Next meeting

Our next team reps meeting will be March 18 @ Uncle Joe's 7:00 PM

Sponsor fees are due that night $640

Any new players who are looking for a team are asked to show up

Season will start May 3

Super Saturday will be August 14

Home run Durby and the All Star game will be the following Saturday 8/21

See you in the Spring.

February 5, 2009

Team reps meeting Thursday March 4 at Uncle Joe's 7:00 PM

We could have as many as 11 teams in 2010

Fall Ball Starts

Still want to play softball? Come down to Cass park around 6:00 PM,warm up,play a game by 6:30 PM. We play ball every Tuesday night until the snow flies.All are welcome!

Congratulations to Benchwarmers 2009 playoff Champs

The end of the Bruce Manley softball league season took place on Saturday. The number four seed Benchwarmers / LMS are the 2009 Champs!

It took 11 innings in an exciting seesaw battle for Benchwarmers/LMS to joyfully celebrate after defeating Napoli's/Perfect Painters 10-8 in the finals. They had just played each other to force this final game of the 2009 season, Napoli's taking that game 7-6.

Benchwarmers had lost all three games in the regular season to the number one seed, Napoli's, but beat them Thursday night in their first of three meetings in the playoffs. That put Napoli's/Perfect Painters in the losers' bracket where they swept their way to the finals winning the next four games by beating TCA, Maxie's, Watkins and Benchwarmers.

Watkins, the number two seed, won their games on Tuesday and Thursday, defeating TCA and Rogan's. However on Super Saturday they fell to the eventual champs, Benchwarmers, and then their arch rivals, also known as "Casselberry's team".

Earlier in the day, Maxie's made a nice run by defeating Woodland Roadhouse, Moonshadows and the number three seed, Rogan's. Also TCA won over Uncle Joe's.

Tuesday night's action had Rogan's beating Uncle Joe's/Ale house, Napoli's over Moonshadows and Benchwarmers over Maxie's Ragin' Cajuns.
Monday night, Moonshadows beat Strawbridge & Jahn and TCA defeated Woodland.

Playoffs set

Monday, August 10

Tompkins Community Action vs. Woodland Roadhouse - 6:30 Field TBD

Moonshadows vs. Strawbridge and Jahn - 6:30 Field 5
Tuesday, August 11

Rogan's vs. Uncle Joe's - 6:30 Field 5

Benchwarmers vs. Maxie's - 6:30 Field 4

Napoli's vs. the lower seed winner from Monday night - 6:30 Field 2

Watkins Glen vs. the higher seed winner from Monday night - 6:30 Field 3

Thursday, August 13

the four winners from Tuesday night

Super Saturday, August 15

everybody plays - opponents and times TBD - starting time 9:30 am

The Playoffs

2009 Playoff schedule

All games start at 6:30 - double-elimination, opponents determined by standings at end of regular season

Monday, August 10 - top six teams get a bye; bottom four teams play each other

Tuesday, August 11 - winners of Monday's games and top six play

Thursday, August 13- four winners of Tuesday's games play

Finals - Saturday, August 15 - everybody plays
losers' bracket starts at 9:30 am
next games: 11:00, 12:30, 2:00, 3:30, 5:00 and 6:30 if necessary

ASA umpires for all games

Rain date Sunday 8-16

Home Run Derby

Tedd Hurd is the 2009 Home Run Derby champ
Highlighted by hitting a mammoth shot, the top of the pole on field 7

Runner up HR Derby

Jesse Brady slugging his way into the finals

Commissioner Stu Bergman shakes the hand of and presents the cash to winner, Tedd Hurd

We had 19 players in the Home Run Derby. Half the money $48 went to our charity the Ithaca Youth Bureau. The other half $47 went to Tedd Hurd who blasted 7 home runs in the third round. Bucko Muro, Tony Sudnikovich, Chris Washburn, Jesse Brady and Tony Mooney all made it to the second round.

All-star game rain out

This years All-star Game was dominated by the Younger team until the rain came in the third inning. Like a lot of our other games this season we will have a make up game yet to be determined

Younger All-stars

Older All-stars

All Star Game / Home run Derby July 11

The Older Vs the Younger. Each team picks two players from there own team to represent in the All Star game. If a player is 30 to 35 years old they can play on either team. Emails will be sent to the team reps for further instructions. Home run Derby is open to anyone. $5 fee. Half goes to the Ithaca Youth Bureau the other half goes to the winner!

Opening Day May 4

Last preseason team rep meeting will be April 30, Thursday night 7:00 PM at Uncle Joe's
Score books and ASA rule books for 2009 will be handed out.

Next meeting April 2 $640 fee due

Welcome two new teams, Woodland Roadhouse and Moonshadows..The Lawmen and Benchwarmers have disbanded.
Opening day May 4. Allstar /Home run derby July 11
Super Saturday August 15

softball is coming back!!

Think Softball get ready.work out, hit some snow balls throw some too

Winter meetings will be announced soon for all team reps to attend
Spring practice in March
Opening day set for May 5

Call me if you have a team again this year. Or if you plan on a new one

Stu Bergman commissioner
Email me AT stubergman@aol.com
Or phone me at 257-0906


Congratulations To the Lawman winning the 2008 Playoffs

They came from behind in the top of the seventh inning, scoring three runs to defeat Castaways 14-12. The lawmen went 4-0 in the playoffs.

Castaways the runner-up in the playoffs had lost to the Lawman in the winners bracket. They then went on to crush Benchwarmers to have a rematch with their rival, the Lawman

Benchwarmers made a run for the title by defeating Maxie's, and Fisherman Pub, making them the number three team in the playoffs.

In the early games:
Uncle Joe's defeated Strawbridge
Maxie's defeated Uncle Joe's
Tobacco beat State Farm and Chili's
Fisherman"s Pub beat Tobacco

Playoffs Double Elimination Bracket

Click below to see the playoff bracket for 2008 Bruce Manley League:

Tournament Bracket

NOTE: The tournament template is for a 16-team tournament! If any team is playing a non-existing team, just assume they win and move along to the next bracket.

2008 Final Standings

1 Castaways
2 Lawman
3 Fisherman's Pub
4 Tobacco
5 Benchwarmer's
6 Uncle Joe's
7 Maxie's
8 Chili's
9 Strawbridge
10 State Farm


Playoffs start Monday, August 11 on our regular fields. The bottom four teams play each other that night. The winners play Tuesday night against the top six. Those winners of Tuesday night play each other on Thursday. Everybody plays Super Saturday. Rain date is Sunday. Umps will be provided for all playoff games

All Star Game

The Older player's once again beat the Younger one's 22-9 in 7 innings. They played two more innings because "it was so much fun. This was the most fun I had all season" said one of the captains.
Players who opposed each other during the year, got a chance to be on the same team. While regular teammates were split up to be on opposite sides.
Friendly, congenial and good spirited play dominated the days events
Tommy Civaletto representing Chili's led the Olders by going 3x5 4 RBIs and a triple. Jim Herrick from Benchwarmers also 3x5 with a double.
The Home Run Derby champ Bucko Muro, stayed red hot for the Youngers with 4x4 4 RBIs day

Younger All Star team

Tommy Civaletto went 3x5 with 4 RBIs and kept his cool

Jim Herick went 3x5

Home Run Derby

Bucko blasted a total of 8 Home runs to win this years Home run Derby.

Bryan Reynolds makes it to the second round

Home Run Derby, a charity event
The second annual Home Run Derby was won by Bucko Muro from International Tobacco. He outlasted Matt Austin, the runner-up. Tim Bower and Bryan Reynolds also made it to the second round.
The Ithaca Youth Bureau will once again receive half the money raised during the Home Run Derby. Bucko received the other half.

Matt Austin was the runner up in the Derby with 6 total HRs

Tim Bower makes it to the second round

Home Run Derby-- All Star game Saturday June 14

Our second annual All Star game will once again pit the older players 30 and over Vs the younger ones.
Most Teams have selected two players from their own team to be represented. Tony Mooney will try to lead the older guys to their second straight win over the younger guys. Bucko Muro will manage the younger guys with increased numbers to the league.
The Home run Derby will start at 1:00 PM ,field 6 and is open to the public. Proceeds will be donated to the Youth Bureau. Rogan's will sponsor the event by providing free pizza

2008 All Star roster for Bruce Manley “over 30” league

Older players Team

Mike Townsend – State farm
Tom Civiletto - Chili’s
Dustin Alguard - International Tobacco
Aaron Vesugi - Uncle Joe’s
Stu Bergman - Uncle Joe’s
Rob Gibson - Strawbridge & Jahn
Tony Mooney - Castaways
Pat Woods - Maxie’s
Jim Herrick - Benchwarmers
Mike Dubrava – Castaways
Tim Bower – Castaways
Joe Pierson – International Tobacco

Younger players Team

Tony Sudnikovich – State Farm
R J Smith - Chili’s
Joe Kane -International Tobacco
Justin Buechel – Uncle Joe’s
Justin Hall – Fulton Enterprises
Rich Clark- Strawbridge & Jahn
Mike Jordan - Castaways
Bryan Reynolds – Maxie’s
Will Fox – Benchwarmers
Wynn Maxwell – Uncle Joe’s
Bucko Muro-International Tobacco

Meeting May 1

Last meeting before the season start. Plan to give out Rule book and score book.7:00 PM at Uncle Joe's

League Meeting, Thurs. April 3 at Uncle Joe's

League meeting on Thursday April 3rd, 7pm at Uncle Joe's. We will distribute 2008 schedules. Team sponsor fees are due this night (or before). Finalize league constitution and playoff schedules.

Team reps: it was decided at the last meeting that the All-Star game (and HR Derby) will take place on Saturday, June 14th. Please inform your team!

OPENING DAY: Monday May 5th, 2008

Next meeting March 13 th

February 13, 2008
The next league meeting will be held at Uncle Joe's on March 13 at 7:00 PM

Softball is coming back!

January 15, 2008
Team meetings should start soon. Reps will attend a League Meeting after the Super bowl week. Any new teams should contact me asap calling me at 257 0906

Fall Ball September 15

Fall Ball will continue on Saturday at 1:00 PM on field 6. It is open to the public

Fall Ball Starts Saturday September 8

August 28, 2007
Come on down to play softball on Saturdays at 1:00pm.Laid back League
"Letchworth"/schoolyard rules, pick up style. Talk to your team rep or email me for details

Fisherman's Pub wins the finals 8-5

Congratulations to Fisherman's Pub for winning the 2007 playoffs

and good job to the runner up team Castaways/Napoli's/Uncle Joe's

Uncle Joe's/Napoli's beat Strawbridge & Jahn
Welco beat Statefarm

Uncle Joe's/Napoli's beat Maxie's
Tobacco beat Welco

Castaways/Napoli's/Uncle Joe's beat Uncle Joe's /Napoli's
Tobacco edged out Benchwarmers

Castaways/Napoli's/Uncle Joe's beat Tobacco
Fisherman's Pub beat Bleachers

Castaway's beat Bleachers

then Fisherman's Pub down 5-1 in the sixth scored 7 to hold off Castaways in the finals

2007 Playoff Schedule (remaining games)

Thursday August 16th, 2007

Winner's Bracket Round 3 - 6:30 PM
#1 Fisherman's Pub vs. #5 Benchwarmers (on field 3)
#2 Castaways vs. #3 Bleachers (on field 2)

"Super" Saturday August 18th, 2007

Super Saturday Round 1 - 9:00 AM
#7 State Farm vs. #8 Welco (on skin field 7)
#9 Uncle Joe's vs. #10 Strawbridge (on skin field 6)

Super Saturday Round 2 - 10:30 AM
#4 Maxie's vs. 9AM Winner
#6 International Tobacco vs. 9AM Winner

Super Saturday Round 3 - 12:00 Noon
10:30 Winners vs. Thursday Losers

Super Saturday Round 4 - 1:30 PM
Round 3 Winners play each other
Thursday Winners play each other

Super Saturday Round 5 - 3:00 PM
The loser of the Thursday winners plays the winner of the Round 3 winners.
The loser of this game finshes 3rd.

Super Saturday Round 6 & 7 (if necessary) - 4:30 PM & 6:00 PM
The winner of round 5 plays the last remaining undefeated playoff team.
Since the winner of round 5 has 1 loss and the winner of the Thursday winners from Round 4 has NO losses, the team with 1 loss must beat the undefeated team twice in order to be the 2007 Bruce Manley League playoff champions!

Good luck to all teams and congrats on a great season!

The Younger All Star Team

The All Star Teams of 2007

The Older All Star Team

July 21, 2007 – 07:00 PM
The Older guys pounded out 16 hits to defeat the Younger guys 16-7 in Saturday's All Star game. Older jumped out to an 8-0 lead by the third inning before Younger came back with two of their own. It was 12-2 in the fifth when the Youth struck back with five, but left the bases loaded and never scored again. Older added four more in their next two innings putting the game away.

Tony Mooney, who won the Home Run Derby, hit a three-run homer in the first to start the scoring for the Older guys. Tim Bower and Dave Bennett collected three hits apiece, while Mike Dubrava hit a two-run homer.
Tony Sudnikovich homered for the Youth while Bobby Bergman went 3 for 4. Paul Zarach and Tim Denmark got 2 hits apiece.

In the Rogan's Home Run Derby, Jess Brady battled it out with Tony Mooney in the finals, 5 swings apiece. Tony connected for three in the final round to outlast Brady's two. Bucko Muro started the first round with five homers, only matched by Tony Mooney's five. Tim Denmark, Pat Casselberry and Mike Stanton [(the last entry) mustered four. Donl, Tommy Civ, Jess B and Kevin managed three, which sent them all to the next round. Having only six swings, Mooney and Jess took advantage by hitting two and were the only ones to advance to the final round, while Pat, Donl and Mike missed the finals by one shot.

Tony Mooney, the winner, received $70 cash with a smile and a waive to the crowd. The Youth Bureau received over $100 for this charity event.

The 75, or so, fans in attendance, really seemed to have a wonderful time. Little kids and grown-ups alike relaxed and cheered the players on. The event even brought out "Old time" softball players, retired from the league, to come down and expierence the fun after seeing the article in the Journal.

It was amazing that the low level bashing and barking did not exist. You rooted for your team's players on both sides. We saw some real great hitting, and guys who just wanted to donate to a good cause. I believe Pat hit the most exciting and furthest of all the home run hits (The fall-out is Jess may not let Tony use his Bat anymore).

I'm glad the event went so well. We saw the big hitters hit and watched a good All Star game. Let's plan another one next year. Email if you're interested in helping with ideas, suggestions and support.

Thanks for Rogan's who provide free pizza.
Special thanks to Katie Bucko for registering the participants for the Derby, to Bob Meisner for umping and to Tim Merritt's son, Taylor, for being such a great help behind the plate!

Next event: The Playoffs starting with the 4 lower teams on Monday August 13; winners play Tuesday and Thursday. Losers wait till Super Saturday.

Thanks for all the help and support to put on this first time event.
I'll Be BACK!

July 20, 2007 – 12:00 AM
The Home Run Derby is open to anyone. It will start at 2:00 PM. You will need an ASA approved bat. This will be a charity event. The winner will split half the money with the Youth bureau "recreation partnership." So come on out for a good cause. Entry fee will be $5. We will have a sponsor, Rogan's, who will provide pizza for free. The fences will be 280 feet down the lines and 300 feet to center. Anyone interested in pitching please contact ASAP. We can also use some more spotters.You will get 10 swings in the first round. The top 8 then go into the next round, then the top 4 and the two finalist.You can bring your own pitcher or we will provide one

The All star game will follow the Home Run Derby. The Ithaca Journal will print the names of the All stars and cover the days events.The Ithaca Times has written a very nice article about our event.
Pat Casselberry will coach the older team while Stu Bergman will coach the younger team.
Eric White and Bob Miesner will ump the game. There will be an eleven man line up with each team having up to a twelve man roster

The following teams have selected players

All Star Roster July 21

Younger team:

Tim Bauman - Fisherman's Pub / Bleachers

Bobby Bergman - Uncle Joe's / Napoli's

Jess Brady - Castaways / Napoli's / Uncle Joe's

Rich Clark -Strawbridge & Jahn

Tim Denmark - Benchwarmers

Bucko Muro - International Tobacco, CO.

Adrian Mitchell - State Farm Insurance

Bryan Reynolds - Maxie's

Tony Sudnikovich - State Farm Insurance

Aaron Vesugi - Uncle Joe's / Napoli's

Paul Zarach - Welco /Lil Venice / RH const

Coach Stu Bergman
Older Team:

Todd Baker - Benchwarmers

Dave Bennett - Uncle Joe's / Napoli's

Tim Bower - Castaways / Napoli's / Uncle Joe's

Brian Brown - Strawbridge & Jahn

Pat Casselberry - Castaways / Napoli's / Uncle Joe's

Tom Civiletto - Welco /Lil Venice / RH const

Mike Dubrava - Castaways / Napoli's / Uncle Joe's

Brooks Hendrix - International Tobacco Co.

Tim Merritt - State Farm Insurance

Tony Mooney - Castaways

Mike Stanton - Castaways

Player / Coach Pat Casselberry


OBP should include errors

For those who care, our league stats will reflex the following. If you get on an error it will be counted towards your on base percent

All Star Game and Home Run Derby

June 15, 2007
Our All Star Game is set for Saturday, July 21 . Each team will notify me who they pick to participate in the game by the Fourth of July. One player should be over 30-35 years old while the other should be under 30-35 years old. Yes, there will be this "grey" area of age. Once we have 20 names with their ages, we will divide the group into two teams of older and younger.
Team captains will then be allowed to fill in four addition players at their discretion

Home run Derby will precede the All star game. Anyone interested will pay a $5 fee to participate. There will be a cash award.
I will need volunteers to help run both events such as umpires and pitchers, catchers and spotters for the Derby. You can email me at Stubergman@aol.com

Team Reps Meeting Thursday

June 14, 2007 – 08:30 PM
Agenda items:

All Star game scheduled for July 21, 2 players per team plus. Home Run Derby.
Play off schedule reviewed. Other issues

Those who don't have games please come down to Cass at 8:30 pm or email me

Rain outs for second games of double headers

May 31, 2007
Tonight's second game of the double headers were rained out.Each team will make it up as a double header the next time they meet.Benchwarmer will play Strawbridge twice on 6-19.Uncle Joe's plays Statefarm twice on 6-26.Pub/Bleachers plays Castaways on 7-17 twice

Cancellation of Pub vs International

International Tobacco will forfeit tonight's game to Fisherman Pub. They do not have enough players to field a team tonght. They do expect to play their next game.

2007 Bruce Manley League ALL-STAR Game?

May 23, 2007
The idea of an all-star game has been thrown around for this season. We could do a "young vs. old" themed game that would take place sometime between mid-season and playoffs where a team of the best 35? & under players battle the best older players (over 35?). Each team would be represented and selections would be based on team nominations of their own players and possibly statistics & positional ability/needs for each all-star team. Contact Stu with your input / feedback on this.

Rain out make ups

The rain out from 5-10 involved six teams but all should note how we will make these up.

Uncle Joe's Vs Fisherman's Pub will play a double header next time they meet 6-25 starting at 6:00 PM
Benchwarmers and Statefarm will play a double header next time they meet 6-28 starting time 6:00 PM
Welco Vs Castaway next scheduled game is a double so they need to play a different time when both are down at the fields the same night which is 5-21. That will move up the starting time of the games they are playing to 6:00 PM. Statefarm will play at 6:00 PM instead of 6:30 Vs Castaways on field 4. Welco will play at 6:00 PM instead of 6:30 Vs Uncle Joe's on field 6. Welco will go to field 4 to play Castaways at around 7:15 PM

Reminder: When playing double headers, after the fifth inning the first game is called if a team is ahead by 10 runs or more. This helps to allow both games to be completed

Does your team have a web representative?

May 1, 2007
Many teams have already done this, but it's something we need to establish before we get rolling...

Each team needs to establish one person to report and monitor their results throughout the season. This person need only report final game scores and/or write up a small blurb about their team's successes. Email STUBERGMAN@AOL.COM for your team's username and password if you haven't already. This will allow your rep the access to update team info, roster info, sponsor info, and enter game results.

Even though its optional, it would also be very cool if all 10 teams entered their own box scores, as this website will keep detailed stats. We could then have a weekly "League Leaders" page to make things even more interesting.

Who's looking forward to opening day?? It's time to get this party started.

2007 Field / Schedule Information

May 1, 2007
The 2007 schedule appears to be set as of May 1st.
Revised schedules can be found in the schedule section of the website.

Please do look over your team's games and make sure you are scheduled to:
1) Play each team 3 times.
2) Play a fairly even number of home and away games.
3) Play a fairly even number of games on all 5 fields throughout the season.

We play Mondays on Field 6 (skin field) and Field 4.
Starting June 19 we have Field 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We will use Fields 3, 4, and 5 all season long on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We will stop using Field 6 (skin field) after July 16th.
Some doubleheaders are scheduled, but are kept to a minimum after early July in order to allow single games to become doubleheaders to make up any previously canceled games.

Our OPEN rain dates are:
Tuesday July 31st & Thursday August 2nd - Field 2 only
Thursday August 9th - All Fields
This site will be updated as we decide who will play on these dates.

Playoffs will be August 14th - 18th, with Sunday August 19th being the playoff rain date. Playoff details will be posted soon as a separate link in the menu bar to your left. Also: League rules/by-laws page coming soon.

Email all scheduling & website concerns to: STUBERGMAN@aol.com