Pony & Little League 1st Place Finishers &Tournament Champions!


2018 JCYB Pony Tournament

Ski Slide Park - Ixonia, Diamond 1

        Ixonia White              

            #1 Seed Bye                Ixonia White *Won 8-6


                                              Game 3 - 7/28, 1:30 pm          Ixonia White *Won 11-8


Game 1 - 7/28, 9:00 am          Farmington Black     

 Farmington Black  *Won 10-5

                                                                                        Pony Championship Game         Ixonia White              

      Prepside     *Won 8-1                                                    7/28, 6:00 pm                 2018 Pony Tournament 

Game 2 - 7/28, 11:15 am              Prepside                                                                         Champion


                                               Game 4 - 7/28, 3:45 pm     Farmington White         

    Farmington White           

            #2 Seed Bye             Farmington White *Won  6-2


2018 JCYB Little League Tournament

Ski Slide Park - Ixonia, Diamond 2

         Ixonia Gray     *Won 12-2   

Game 1 - 7/27, 6pm @ #1 Seed    Ixonia Gray *Won 16-1

        Watertown Blue                     

                                                     Game 5 - 7/28, 1:00 pm       Ixonia Gray *Won 13-3

         Johnson Creek                  

Game 3 - 7/28, 9:00 am                  Watertown Grey          

   Watertown Grey    *Won 9-7  

                                                                                                  LL Championship Game              Ixonia Gray                 

 Farmington White    *Won 4-0                                                       7/28, 5:00 pm                    2018 Little League

Game 4 - 7/28, 11:00 am               Farmington  White                                                         Tournament Champion

      Farmington Black                

                                                      Game 6 - 7/28, 3:00 pm                Clyman                


Game 2 - 7/27, 6pm @ #2 Seed      Clyman  *Won 12-7    

                Clyman    *Won 12-9  



JCYB Tournaments this Weekend at Ski Slide Park

Please come down to Ski Slide Park and support our Little League and Pony teams as they look to complete their first place finishes in the JCYB Tournament!  Both Ixonia teams at these divisions finished in first place and are the number 1 seeds in their respective divisions.  Good Luck to both Ixonia Gray and Ixonia White!


First Game: Friday Night at 6pm                                             First Game: Saturday at 1:30pm

2019 Board of Directors Nominations & Elections

IYB Families,

It's election time again for Ixonia Youth Baseball and we are in need of nominations for individuals who would like to contribute at the organizational level and help IYB improve and grow for our players and their families.  

This year we have two directors who are at the end of their terms but have openings for up to five positions per our by-laws.  In past years we have been operating with a smaller than desired board and we'd like to carry the full seven spots if possible.  The board members who's terms are expiring are Kevin Kendellen & Sarah Nissen.

This organization operates solely on the dedication and effort of our volunteer families, and without this kind of commitment, Ixonia Youth Baseball would not be what it is today.  We are also quickly approaching a shift in the families that have been involved for years as their players age out of the program and we are looking for the next generation to step in and keep it going.

A term for the IYB Board is 2 years with monthly pre-season meetings beginning after the holidays and various in-season commitments once games begin.

Elections will take place at the family picnic this coming Saturday evening with the adult family members casting votes for the nominated individuals.

If you have any questions pertaining to the IYB Board of Directors or would like to express interest in a nomination, please contact any of the current board members or email us at



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A Reminder About Field Use With Games

With games now fully underway, please remember the following regarding field usage:

1. Games take priority over practices.  If a field is lined and game ready for that evening, practices are to be held elsewhere in the park.

2. Practice times & assignments remain in effect when games are not scheduled for a specific field and time.  Teams are not able to move to another field unless the coaches have previously coordinated the practice time switch.

3. Please plan ahead and look at the upcoming game schedule for potential field use requirements.


Important Information: Little League Bats

JCYB has implemented new rules regarding which types of bats are permitted to be used at the Little League level.  If you are looking to purchase your player a bat this year, please be aware that the bat must be stamped with the USA logo as shown below:

Image result for USA Bat Logo

This is a similar rule that many other leagues and organizations have implemented across the country in the interest of player safety.  Please note that no changes have been made to the Pony or PeeWee bat rules at this time. 

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