2019 Jasper Youth Baseball Sign-Up


When: Sunday, January 27, 2019



            1301 St. Charles St.  Jasper, IN


Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm


Who: Participants must be league ages 5 – 15 years old.


Date of Birth on/between May 1, 2003 – August 31, 2014.

Details: Complete and return the attached registration card.



All 5 – 12 year olds in Bainbridge Township or players that are enrolled in schools within the district boundaries (which includes 5th St., 10th St., Holy Trinity Schools, and Jasper Middle School) are eligible for the Jasper Little League Program regardless of residency. For any 5 – 12 year old living outside Bainbridge Township and the school district boundaries, a waiver must be obtained from the Little League Central Region Headquarters.


All 13, 14, and 15 year olds living in the Greater Jasper Consolidated School District are eligible to participate in the Jasper Babe Ruth Program. First Time participants must furnish a copy of a government issued birth document that will be retained by Jasper Youth Baseball.


Fee: A $25 Auxiliary Membership Fee per player is requested. Also, an additional $10 fee per player is required (by the City of Jasper) for any player living outside the Jasper city limits, unless the player’s family owns real estate within the city limits. (The City will check each registration card to verify this information is correct so please be sure to include the additional $10 if you are not a City of Jasper property owner.)


Make Checks Payable to: Jasper Youth Baseball


Fundraiser:          This year our fundraising effort will give you two options: if you do not wish to participate in the fundraising drive, you will be able to “Opt Out” by paying an additional $35 donation per player on registration day. This would bring your total per player to $60 for city residents and property owners, or $70 for out-of-city players. If you do wish to participate in the fundraiser, your child will be expected to sell 6 boxes of microwave popcorn at $10 per box. Your decision must be made before or on registration day. Popcorn will be handed out the day of sign-up. Your LATE registrants will automatically be considered as “Opting Out” and the $35 fee per player will be charged.



If you cannot attend the January 27th Sign-Up, the Jasper Park and Recreation Department will be accepting ‘LATE’ registrations at the Habig Center until February 15th. Any registrations turned into the Park and Recreation Department after February 1st will have a “Late” Fee of $10.00.  


If you have any questions, please contact Jason Stamm at 812-630-5760. 


Click on Handout/Forms tab for registration card and more information

Game Cancellation Text Service

Jasper Youth Baseball will again be providing e-mail and text alerts for game cancellations for boys baseball and girls softball.  If you used our service in the past, your are not required to do anything.  If you are new to our program, you can register for these alerts on this website by clicking on the banner labeled "Signup for Alerts."  This link will guide you through the process to sign up for text alerts or e-mails for game cancellations and general league information notifications. 


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