• League Banquet - March 16


Welcome to the web site for the Jamesburg Men's Dart League hosted at Jamesburg Elks Lodge #2180. Games are held on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm from September through March.

We play the American Baseball Dart Association (ABDA) style of play using Darto Dart boards and darts. The league currently consists of 11 teams, each team using 4 players per game. Average team size is 6-7 players, but no more than 8 players per roster. We are a "handicapped" league basing the handicap on a high average of 40 and using 80% of the difference.

If you have questions for the league or how we keep our stats/handicaps/schedules, feel free to send an email by clicking on the mailbox to the left and I will get back to you. Also, if you would like more information on the ABDA or would like to know where to get the boards or darts, go the the "links" page and click on the resource there.


Round 2 Complete

I have to make this a quick one. I will try and get the updated ladder posted later (I have to use a different computer).

We had 2 sweeps and 2 matches that went to 4 games. I will start with the sweeps - In the match between the Spoilers and the Cowboys, The boys came ready to play and won all three games pretty easily.  On the other side of the ladder, The Woodcocks were just not up to the task against Just Tro'In It. The 1st game was won by 3 points in the bottom of the 9th inning with the 2nd game being a 20 point spread. The 3rd game wound up in a tie at the end of nine innings and in the extra frame, Just Tro'In It came up big, winning it in 10.

Now for the other 2 matches - I will start with league champion In It To Win It and their match against Get A Grip.  In It To Win it jumped out to the early lead winning the 1st game by a bunch and then the 2nd game by only 5 points. Get A Grip took the gathering momentum and won the next game by 7 to move the series to 2-1. In the final game, In It To Win it came out strong to start making up the 32 point handicap deficit and then pulled away to win by 14. 

In the last matchup, The Degenerates came out with a strong opener against The Far Side, winning by 12 and thinking that that would be the tone for the night. As what always seems to happen in the playoffs, The Far Side then turned on the jets and played 3 really good games to win the series 3-1.

The Semi-final matchups are as follows:

           In It To Win It  vs.  The Cowboys

           Just To'In It     vs.  The Far Side


Good Luck to the 4 remaining teams.

First Round Of Playoffs Are Complete

The first week of the playoffs are complete. The weather made it a little interesting as to whether we could get the games in, but everything turned out fine. At least for the winners this week.  Next weeks matches have all been posted. I am trying to get the ladder uploaded....

With ten teams, we wind up with 6 teams on a 1st round bye. It kind of makes it a "play in" type of situation for the remaining 4 teams and that's what was contested last night. The results were at the opposite ends of the spectrum with one match ending early in a sweeep and the other match going the full 5 games. Let's get to it.

In the first match, we have  #7 The Far Side taking on #10 seed White Trash. The Far side came ready to play, and while White Trash did not too bad in the first game, they still lost by 20 points. After that, it looks like the wind was taken out White Trash's sails and they were just trying finish up the season. The Far Side will take on #2 The Degenerates next week.

In the other match the scores were nothing much to write home about. Get A Grip jumped out to the early lead winning the 1st game by 8. The Deerhunters countered by taking the 2nd game by 10. Game 3, things were even tighter with Get A grip winning by 5. the Deerhunters evened it back up at 2 apiece by winning the 4th game by 3 points. So, that brings us to the rubber game to decide who moves forward. Game 5 was very close through the 5th inning. That is when Get A Grip threw a 23 inning followed by a 19 in the 7th. The Deerhunters fell apart at that point and eventually conceded. Get A grip moves on the play against #1 seed In It To Win It.

The other matches for next week has #3 Woodcocks taking on #6 Just Tro'In It while #4 Spoilers face off against #5 Cowboys. 

Next week is the last week for food in the kitchen and we will have meatloaf as the final special.

Dart Banquet - March 16

Mark Your Calendars --- March 16 will be our annual League Banquet. Please let your captain know if you will be attending or not. We also need to know if you will be bringing a guest. We will be handing out the end of year awards and may have some give-aways. Guests will cost exrtra - fee to be determined.

Last Week For The Kitchen

Next week will be the last week for our kitchen staff to be preparing food. Corrine has graciously decided to make meatloaf for their final night. Anyone can come and have a meal, but for meatloaf they better get there early.


With the season winding down, the kitchen should be thanked for the fine job that they have done for us this year. Make sure that you stop by and thank so that they will be encouraged to do it again next year.

If you have any suggestions, let the kitchen staff know.

Home Team

Home team (second team listed on the schedule) is now responsible for providing the scorekeeper. Home team is responsible for emptying the trashcan located in their area into the dumpster before 10:00pm. They are also responsible for taking down their dartboard and toeboard and putting it in the coat room in the hall. ALL TEAMS are responsible for cleaning up after themselves - this includes removing trash, glasses and bottles from your area as well as stacking the chairs.

What did he say?

Dart Terms According to Marty
I have been asking Marty (from Dipsomaniacs) for a listing of all of the terms that he uses when scoring for the past two seasons. He has finally given them to me and I put them in a document for all to view. I have also added a few other terms to it. If anybody else has any other terms that they use, send it to me and I will include it. Just click on the link to bring up the page. It will also be available on the Bulletin Board.

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