• 1st High Game - Lenny O - 58
  • 2nd High Game - Kevin Smith - 55
  • 3rd High Game - Kevin Smith - 54


Welcome to the web site for the Jamesburg Men's Dart League hosted at Jamesburg Elks Lodge #2180. Games are held on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm from September through March.

We play the American Baseball Dart Association (ABDA) style of play using Darto Dart boards and darts. The league currently consists of 11 teams, each team using 4 players per game. Average team size is 6-7 players, but no more than 8 players per roster. We are a "handicapped" league basing the handicap on a high average of 40 and using 80% of the difference.

If you have questions for the league or how we keep our stats/handicaps/schedules, feel free to send an email by clicking on the mailbox to the left and I will get back to you. Also, if you would like more information on the ABDA or would like to know where to get the boards or darts, go the the "links" page and click on the resource there.


Back to Business

After a 1 week break to observe Patriot Day we are back. It is certainly going to take a couple weeks to see how things sort out, but In It To Win It has gotten off to a fast start while the Woodcocks are off to their worst start ever.  A couple of teams that started off with a fast start in the first week have gone in the opposite direction this week. Stay tuned as this season plays out.

For high games this week, we had a some really good scores. Lenny O (In It To Win It) leads the week with a high game of 58 - that's a 54 scratch. The next 2 spots were by the same player - Kevin Smith (The Degenerates) shoots a 55 and a 54.  

The standings and game results have been posted and I will try and keep up with the stats. The kitchen has been open for business and I expect to get a list of upcoming specials soon.  If you like watching football, the lodge now has all the games available on Sunday and we will be serving food.

Keep Shooting.............

Home Team

Home team (second team listed on the schedule) is now responsible for providing the scorekeeper. Home team is responsible for emptying the trashcan located in their area into the dumpster before 10:00pm. They are also responsible for taking down their dartboard and toeboard and putting it in the coat room in the hall. ALL TEAMS are responsible for cleaning up after themselves - this includes removing trash, glasses and bottles from your area as well as stacking the chairs.

What did he say?

Dart Terms According to Marty
I have been asking Marty (from Dipsomaniacs) for a listing of all of the terms that he uses when scoring for the past two seasons. He has finally given them to me and I put them in a document for all to view. I have also added a few other terms to it. If anybody else has any other terms that they use, send it to me and I will include it. Just click on the link to bring up the page. It will also be available on the Bulletin Board.

Suggestion, Comments, Something to Add??

Have questions?? Like to see more information displayed??? Have something of your own you want to add????
We are open to suggestions and comments to make this site better. If you have an article or blurb that you'd like to add,just let me know! --- I'm still looking for recent pictures........


Upcoming Games/Practices
Sep 25
Deer Hunters @ White Trash
The Degenerates @ Just Tro'in It
Woodcocks @ In It To Win It
Spoilers @ Cowboys
Get A Grip @ The Far Side
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