1)  Only team's top 2 players can be replaced.

2)A Replacement player will be found through the league commissioner, the captain of the team needing the replacement player and 2 other captains from the panel.  All replacement players will be agreed upon by ALL captains before being allowed to join a team.

3) A replacement player can only be activated if the injured player is lost for the entire season.

4) A replacement player must be activated by the 1/2 way point in the season.  After the seasons half way point, no replacement players will be allowed.


Player Conduct:

1) Any player striking another player, will be banned for the remainder of the season and will not be allowed to participate in future seasons.

2) If a player gets ejected from the game, due to 2 technical fouls, that player will then be suspended for the next game.

3) If a player receives four technical fouls throughout the season, that player will then serve a 1 game suspension.



1) 2 24 minute halves, running clock until the last 2 minutes of each half.  In the last 2 minutes of each half, clock stops on all dead balls and whistles

2) Each team is allowed 4 timeouts per game

3) Each team is allowed 1 timeout in overtime

4) A player fouls out on the fifth foul.  However, if that leaves only 4 players on the court, the player can remain in the game.  For each additional foul that the player commits, the opposing team will shoot 2 technical foul and will also have possession of the ball