2019 JCP Finals

Congratulations to the teams who won their semifinal playoff games on Saturday. Championship game participants and game times are listed below:

2:00pm JV "B" Division Frostburg (Shaw) vs. Frankfort (Ferguson)
4:00pm Minor "A" Division Frankfort (Bolinger) vs. Hyndman (Shaffer)
6:00pm JV "A" Division Bedford (Sipes) vs. Braddock (Nelson)...
8:00pm Varsity Braddock (Salvadge) vs. Mount Savage (Snyder)

All of the championship games listed above will be played on Saturday, October 26th, at Stayman Field on the campus of Potomac State College.

2019 Futures/Farewell Games

Futures games at Bishop Walsh on Sunday, 10/27 will follow the schedule listed below. Players are asked to warm up on either end of the field so that they are ready to take the field shortly after the game before their game is completed.

JV BOYS TEAM 1: Ellerslie, Mount Savage, Frostburg, and Georges Creek
JV BOYS TEAM 2: Braddock, Flintstone, Washington, Calvary, and PVAA
JV BOYS TEAM 3: Frankfort, Bedford, Bishop Walsh, Northern and Southern

Varsity BOYS TEAM 1: Braddock
Varsity BOYS TEAM 2: Mount Savage, Northern, Southern
Varsity BOYS TEAM 3: Bishop Walsh, Frankfort, Washington

JV GIRLS TEAM 1: Ellerslie, Georges Creek, Mount Savage, Frostburg, and Calvary
JV GIRLS TEAM 2: Braddock, Bedford, Frankfort, PVAA, Bishop Walsh, Flintstone, Northern, Southern

Varsity GIRLS TEAM 1: Mount Savage and Braddock
Varsity GIRLS TEAM 2: Washington, Northern, Bishop Walsh

Game times
1:00-1:25 JV BOYS Team 1 vs. Team 2
1:30-1:55 JV BOYS Team 1 vs. Team 3
2:00-2:25 JV BOYS Team 2 vs. Team 3
2:30-2:55 Varsity BOYS Team 1 vs. Team 2
3:00-3:25 Varsity BOYS Team 1 vs. Team 3
3:30-3:55 Varsity BOYS Team 2 vs. Team 3
4:00-4:55 JV Girls (2 twenty-five minute 1/2's)
5:00-5:55 Varsity Girls (2 twenty-five minute 1/2's)

2019 Varsity Playoff Bracket




2019 Minor B Playoff Bracket






2019 JV B Playoff Bracket




2019 JV A Playoff Bracket





Saturday Schedules

Futures / Farewell Game

Coaches / Area Reps should be taking names, shirt sizes and collecting money ($5.00) from those 6th and 8th graders that are wanting to play in the Futures/Farewell game. The games will be at Bishop Walsh on Sunday October 27. Encourage your 6th and 8th grade girls to participate, last year we had a girls only futures game and a girls only farewell game.

Names, shirt sizes and money will be collected at the September meeting.