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34th Annual Joe Barrett game will be played on SUNDAY JUNE 3rd   [More Info]

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Joseph J Barrett Memorial All-Star game


Today, was the 34th Annual Joseph J. Barrett Memorial High School All-Star Baseball game.  Unfortunately, due to weather-related issues, the game was cancelled this year.  But we were able to complete our Opening Ceremony.  There were two scholarships ($3,000 each) were award to:

Ryan Buck, Conestoga and Jared Korenkiewicz, Sun Valley

Pitcher of the Year, Tom Zimmerman, Marple Newtown 

Coach of the Year, Mark Jordan, Marple Newtown

Congratulations to all of the 2018 All-Stars. Please view the pictures from today's opening ceremony.  Thank you to Muddy Snow Productions for the great pictures.



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Central All-Stars (including Central, Chester County & InterAc leagues)


Del-Val All-Stars (including Del-Val, Chester County, Catholic & InterAc leagues)

GAME MOVED TO SUNDAY due to impending weather issues 

Event Date & Time:

Sunday, June 3, 2018 @ 12 noon (ceremony at 11:15 am) at Neumann University baseball field 

Tickets are $6  -- CASH ONLY

Raffles for great prizes

Watch a Great Baseball Game!

We are the only High School All-Star Game in the County that has baseball players from 24 local high schools including:

Interboro, Ridley, Cardinal O'Hara, Bonner-Predergast, Academy Park, Springfield, Marple Newtown, Sun Valley, Harriton, Haverford, Chester, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Archbishop Carroll, Haverford School, Conestoga, Lower Merion, Penncrest, Radnor, Strath Haven, Upper Darby, Chichester, Malvern Prep and Penn Wood. 

This game is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Joe Barrett. 

Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a financially needed, academically qualified baseball playing senior.  One senior is selected from both the Del-Val All-Stars and the Central league All-Stars.




Mission & Vision

34th Annual Joseph J. Barrett Memorial High School All-Star game and Scholarship Fund



To memorialize the name and ideals of Joseph J. Barrett, Sr. through the creation of a scholarship fund in his name; to award scholarships in his name to academically worthy and financially needy student-athletes; to promote high school baseball in and around Delaware County, PA; to offer another avenue to enhance the sport of baseball; to give local high school coaches and high school seniors an opportunity to showcase their talents on the baseball field through participation in the Joseph J. Barrett Sr Memorial All-Star game.  We are a 501c3 organization.

Event & Purpose:


32nd Annual Joseph J. Barrett Memorial High School All-Star game.  This is the only High School All-Star game in Delaware County!

·         The players selected for this prestigious game representing the two best baseball players from their respective high schools. Being selected for the Joseph J. Barrett Memorial All-Star game is an honor for all the baseball players participating in this year’s event.


·         One of the most important aspects of the day is the scholarships awarded in the name of Joseph J. Barrett. These scholarships are awarded to one baseball player for each team (one on the Del Val teams, and one on the Central teams).  These scholarships will go a long way for these special players in their college endeavors.


·         With the support of our local sponsors, we have been able to award nearly $126,000 in scholarship aid to worthy, academically deserving student athletes from the 24 schools that we service in the last 32 years.

Event Date & Time:

Saturday, June 2 , 2018 (rain date Sunday, June 3 , 2018) at 12:00 noon at Neumann University.


All donations will be used as raffle to raise monies for the event & scholarship fund.  All cash donations will go directly to the scholarship fund.  100% of all monies raised will go to the event and scholarship funds. 


Attn:  Pat Langdon

Joseph J. Barrett All-Star Game

PO Box 83, Glenolden, PA  19036


Joe Barrett Memorial All-Star Game Fact Sheet

Year     Location                       MVP                                                                  Final Score

1985    Swarthmore College      Rick Balabon, Conestoga                                     Central     6          Del-Val     1 

1986    Villanova University       Sam Preston, Radnor                                          Central   17          Del-Val     4

1987    Glen Mills                      Jeff Miller, Garnet Valley                                     Del-Val     4          Central     3

1988    Glen Mills                      Joe Barr, Marple Newtown                                   Del-Val   12          Central     8

1989    Glen Mills                      Dave Colleran, Radnor                                        Central     8          Del-Val     5

1990    Glen Mills                      Rob Ruditys, Chichester                                      Del-Val     7          Central     2

1991    Glen Mills                      Steve Franzini, Upper Darby                                Central   18          Del-Val   10

1992    Glen Mills                      Mike Disher, Marple Newtown                              Central     8          Del-Val     5

                                               Garry Maddox, Harriton                                       

1993    Glen Mills                      Devitt Moore, Radnor                                          Central   11          Del-Val      1

                                               Derrick Minter, Chester

1994    Glen Mills                      Barclay Surrick Strath Haven                               Central   14          Del-Val      9

1995    Glen Mills                      Heriberto Bahamonde, Glen Mills                          Del-Val    9          Central      4

1996    Radnor                         Chris Steinman, Interboro                                    Del-Val    9          Central      2

1997    Glen Mills                      Angelo Sperando, Glen Mills                                 Del-Val  13          Central      7

1998    Glen Mills                      Jeff Kennedy, Upper Darby                                  Central     8          Del-Val      0

1999    Glen Mills                      Tony Doto, Academy Park                                    Del-Val    4          Central      3 (10 innings)

2000    Glen Mills                      Dan Cappello, Upper Darby                                  Central    3          Del-Val      1

2001    Glen Mills                      Christian Thoroughgood, Radnor                           Central  11          Del-Val      1

2002    Glen Mills                      Dan Brady, Haverford                                          Central  14          Del-Val      0

2003    Glen Mills                      Hithem Rahmi, Upper Darby                                 Central   8           Del-Val      2

2004    Glen Mills                      Teddy Meyer, Ridley                                            Central   3           Del-Val      2 (10 innings)

2005    Glen Mills                      Chris DiLullio, Lower Merion                                 Central   7           Central      2

2006    Glen Mills                      Steve DiBarberie, Monsignor Bonner                     Del-Val   4           Central      2

2007    Glen Mills                      Phil Gosselin, Malvern Prep                                  Del-Val   7          Central      4

2008    Glen Mills                      Justin Lamborn, Garnet Valley                             Central    7          Del-Val      6

2009    Glen Mills                      Sam Farrell, Sun Valley                                       Del-Val   4           Central      3

2010    Glen Mills                      Shawn Patterson, Sun Valley                               Central    9          Del-Val      5

2011    Neuman University         Norm Donkin, Ridley                                          Central  14          Del-Val       4

2012    Widener University         Nick Bateman, Malvern Prep                                Central   9          Del-Val       2

2013    Widener University         Elis Schafer, Radnor                                           Central 23           Del-Val      11

2014    Widener University         Dave DiMieggilo, Ridley                                      Central 7             Del-Val       4

2015    Widener University         Ben Faso, Garnet Valley                                     Central 12           Del-Val       2

2016    Neumann University       David Shore, Strath Haven                                 Central 9             Del-Val       2

2017    Neumann University       Matt Daller,  Malvern Prep                                   DelVal 5             Central       3