Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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Field Status!

All games in Kaufman Tuesday May 24 Will be played.  Coaches, parents and players need to check make up schedules daily because additional rainouts may cause this schedule to be adjusted so we can get as many games in as possible. 

Special Thank You!

Special thank you to the following community members and businesses for help in making our Lions Club Pavilion a reality:

Double R Ag Supply--Randy and Brian Reznicek

Advantage Redi-Mix--Donnie Rice

Vrzalik Sand and Gravel--Jimmy Joe Vrzalik

Austin Road and Bridge--Thomas Burr

Joaquin Cordero

Hits for Hunger is Back!

Kaufman Lions Club baseball and Kaufman Christian Help Center are teaming up again for our annual Hits for Hunger campaign.   Don't miss your chance to win an Adrian Beltre autograph baseball and tickets to a Ranger game in June.  5 cans or $5 dollars gets you entered.  Click on Handouts to your left for more details.

End of Season Info!

T-ball does not have an end of season tournament.  They will finish their regular season and rain out games by June 14th.  All t-ball players receive a participation trophy after their games are complete.

Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco divisions will have regular season and rainout games scheduled through Thursday, May 26 and begin their double elimination tournaments on Tuesday, May 31 and finish by June 14th.  These dates are tentative and could change based on weather.

Pony will begin end of season activities Monday June 13.  The tourney will be held in Crandall throughout that week.

T-Ball Make up Schedule

Tuesday, May 24---Chaos vs Young Guns 6pm T-Ball Blue, Spartans vs Scurry Wildcats 7pm T-Ball Blue, Turbo vs Cowboys 7pm, T-Ball Red

Thursday, May 26--Ruiz vs Spartans 6pm T-Ball Blue, Little Monsters vs Young Guns 7pm T-Ball Blue

Tuesday, May 31--Young Guns vs Cowboys 6pm T-Ball Red, Chaos vs Little Monsters 7pm T-Ball Red, Wilcats vs Turbo 6pm T-Ball Blue, Ruiz vs Turbo 7pm T-Ball Blue

Pinto Make up Schedule

Monday, May 23--Orioles vs Tuzos, 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Tuesday, May 24--Outlaws vs Texas Rangers 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow, Tuzos vs Scurry Bombers 7pm Coach Pitch Green

Thursday, May 26--Orioles vs Spartans 6pm Coach Pitch Red, Longhorns vs Tuzos 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow, Bombers vs Raiders 6pm Coach Pitch Green, Wildcats vs Tuzos 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow, Raiders vs Orioles 7pm Coach Pitch Green

End of Regular Season

Mustang Make up Schedule

Monday, May 23--A's vs Aces 7:45pm

Tuesday, May 24--A's vs Longhorns 7:45pm

Thursday, May 26--Longhorns vs A's 6pm, Aces vs A's 7:45pm

End of Regular Season

Bronco Boys Make up Schedule

Monday, May 23--Phantom vs Wildcats 7:45pm

Tuesday, May 24--Phantom vs Marlins, 6:15pm, Indians vs Marlins 7:45pm

Thu, May 26--Phantom vs Indians  6:15pm, Cyclones vs Patriots 7:45pm 

End of Regular Season



Pinto End of Season Tournament!

Game 1--Tue, May 31-- Seed 8 vs Seed 9-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 2--Tue May 31-- Seed 7 vs Seed 10-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 3--Thu June 2 -- Seed 4 vs Seed 5-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 4--Thu June 2-- Seed 3 vs Seed 6-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 5--Thu, June 2-- Winner Game 1 vs Seed 1-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 6--Thu, June 2-- Winner Game 2 vs Seed 2-- 6pm Coach Pitch Blue

Game 7--Fri, June 3-- Looser Game 2 vs Looser Game 5-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 8--Fri, June 3 -- Looser Game 1 vs Looser Game 6-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 11--Fri, June 3-- Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 5 --6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 12--Fri, June 3-- Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 4 --6pm Coach Pitch Blue

Game 9--Mon, June 6-- Looser Game 3 vs Winner Game 7 --6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 10--Mon, June 6-- Looser Game 4 vs Winner Game 8-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 13--Tue, June 7-- Looser Game 12 vs Winner Game 9-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 14--Tue, June 7-- Winner Game 10 vs Looser Game 11-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 15--Tue, June 7-- Winner Game 11 vs Winner Game 12-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 16--Thu, June 9-- Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 17--Thu, June 9--  Looser Game 15 vs Winner Game 16-- 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 18--Fri June 10--  Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 17 -- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 19--Fri June 10 If necessary Winner Game 18 vs Looser Game 18 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Mustang End of Season Tournament!

Game 1--Tue, May 31-- Seed 4 vs Seed 5-- 6:15pm

Game 2--Tue, May 31-- Seed 2 vs Seed 3-- 7:45pm

Game 3--Thu, June 2-- Seed 1 vs Winner Game 1-- 6:15pm

Game 4--Fri, June 3-- Looser Game 1 vs Looser Game 2--  6:15pm

Game 5--Mon, June 6-- Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3-- 6:15pm

Game 6--Mon, June 6-- Winner Game 4 vs Looser Game 3-- 7:45pm

Game 7--Tue, June 7-- Looser Game 5 vs Winner Game 6-- 6:15pm

Game 8--Thu, June 9-- Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 7-- 6:15pm

Game 9--Thu, June 9-- If necessary Winner Game 8 vs Looser Game 8-- 7:45pm

Bronco End of Season Tournament!

Game 1--Tue, May 31st--Seed 4 vs Seed 5, 6:15pm

Game 2--Tue, May 31st--Seed 3 vs Seed 6, 7:45pm

Game 3--Thu, June 2--Seed 2 vs Seed 7, 6:15pm

Game 4--Thu, June 2--Seed 1 vs Winner Game 1, 7:45pm

Game 5--Fri, June 3--Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3, 6:15pm

Game 6--Fri, June 3--Looser Game 2 vs Looser Game 3, 7:45pm

Game 7--Mon, June 6--Looser Game 1 vs Looser Game 5, 6:15pm

Game 8--Mon, June 6--Looser Game 4 vs Winner Game 6, 7:45pm

Game 9--Tue, June 7--Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 5, 6:15pm

Game 10--Tue, June 7--Winner Game 8 vs Winner Game 7, 7:45pm

Game 11--Thu, June 9--Looser Game 9 vs Winner Game 10, 6:15pm

Game 12--Fri, June 10--Winner Game 9 vs Winner Game 11, 6:15pm

Game 13--Fri, June 10--Looser Game 12 vs Winner Game 12 if necessary(20 minutes after game 12)

No Wednesday Activities at Sports Complex!

For the remainder of the season there will be no organized practice or play on the Sports Complex baseball fields on Wednesday's only.  City is using this day for maintenance; fertilize, herbicide, and field repair.  Gates will be locked.

Season Begins!

The season is starting and we want to remind you of a few things.  First, these are kids NOT MLB players.  Let them have fun without the critical comments.  Second, fans must pick up their trash in the stands area after the game and place it in the cans provided.  Third, on days when the weather is questionable we will post a message on this site by 4pm.  Assume your child's game will be played until this site indicates otherwise. We allow the fields as much time to dry as possible in order that we don't postpone games unnecessarily.  Finally, remember to thank your child's coach for volunteering.  Have fun and be encouraging!

Contact the Commish

Most questions you may have can be answered by your child's coach.  Please contact them first.  After talking to the coach, if you still have questions you may call our Commissioner Jack Bishop at 469-719-7265 Monday-Saturday before 9pm.  NO Calls on Sunday's.   Or you can e-mail anytime at 

2016 Information

New for this year:  Coaches may sign a full team prior to the draft.  Teams that are not full will select players from the player pool at the draft.  We reserve the right to assign players to teams that are not full in order for every player who signs up to get to participate.  Teams can utilize guest players from a lower age division in order to avoid forfeits.  Pitch counts have been adjusted.  Practice begins in March; the season begins in April and ends Tuesday, June 14, 2016.  Please schedule vacations, camps etc after this date.  

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