Last Updated: June 29, 2016

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Equipment Return!

Jack says they are still a few equipment bags that have not been turned in.  Please get in touch with him.   Thanks for a great season.  We will not be offering fall ball this year in Kaufman due to not enough interest.

Pinto End of Season Tournament!

This schedule and tourney format may change based on weather.  

Game 1-- Mon, June 6-Seed 8-Avengers(4) vs Seed 9-Longhorns(5)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 2--Mon, June 6-- Seed 7-Raiders(5) vs Seed 10-Outlaws(4)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 3--Tue, June 7-- Seed 4-Spartans(9) vs Seed 5-Scurry Bombers(3)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 4--Tue, June 7-- Seed 3-TX Rangers(11) vs Seed 6-Tuzos(10)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 5--Tue, June 7-- Longhorns(2)vs Seed 1-Orioles(15)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 6--Tue, June 7-- Raiders(0) vs Seed 2-Wildcats(15)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Blue

Game 7--Thur, June 9-- Outlaws(1) vs Longhorns(7)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 8--Thur, June 9-- Avengers(Forfeit) vs Raiders(win)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 11--Thur, June 9-- Spartans(1) vs Orioles(16) --6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 12--Thur, June 9-- Wildcats(11) vs Rangers(2)  --6pm Coach Pitch Blue

Game 9--Fri, June 10-- Scurry Bombers(10) vs Longhorns(3) --6pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 10--Fri, June 10-- Tuzos(13) vs Raiders(6)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 13--Fri, June 10-- Rangers(3) vs Bommbers(1)-- 7pm Coach Pitch Green

Game 14--Fri, June 10--Tuzos(11) vs Spartans(6)-- 7pm Coach Pitch Yellow

Game 15--Fri, June 10--Orioles(13) vs Wildcats(4)-- 6pm Coach Pitch Red

Game 16--Thu, June 16--Rangers(8) vs Tuzos(10)-- 6pm Big Green Field

Game 17--Thu, June 16--Wildcats(9) vs Tuzos(8)-- 7pm Big Green Field

Game 18--Thu, June 16--Orioles(12) vs Wildcats(6) -- 8pm Big Green Field

Congratulations Orioles are Champs and Wildcats runners-up

Mustang End of Season Tournament!

This tourney schedule and format may change based on weather or other conditions.  

Game 1--Mon, June 6-- Seed 4--Diablos(10) vs Seed 5-Aces(9)-- 6:15pm

Game 2--Mon, June 6-- Seed 2-Rangers(6) vs Seed 3-Longhorns(2)-- 7:45pm

Game 3--Tues, June 7-- Seed 1-A's(13) vs Diablos(3)-- 6:15pm

Game 4--Thur, June 9-- Longhorns(10) vs Aces(7)--  6:15pm

Game 5--Fri, June 10-- Rangers(3) vs A's(7)-- 6:15pm

Game 6--Fri, June 10-- Longhorns(9) vs Diablos(8)-- 7:45pm

Game 7--Thu, June 16--Rangers(11) vs Longhorns(2)-- 6:15pm

Game 8--Thu, June 16-- A's(12) vs Rangers(1)-- 7:45pm


Congratulations A's are Champs and Rangers are runners-up

Bronco End of Season Tournament!

This tourney schedule and format may change based on weather or other conditions.  Games should be complete by June 14.

Game 1--Mon, June 6--Seed 4-Indians(9) vs Seed 5-Marlins(7), 6:15pm

Game 2--Mon, June 6--Seed 3-Cyclones(*) vs Seed 6-Patriots(no show), 7:45pm

Game 3--Tues, June 7--Seed 2-Lions(13) vs Seed 7-Phantom(2), 6:15pm

Game 4--Tues, June 7--Seed 1-Wildcats(8) vs Indians(2), 7:45pm

Game 5--Thur, June 9--Cyclones(6) vs Lions(4), 6:15pm

Game 6--Thur, June 9-- Patriots(5) vs Phantom(6) 7:45pm

Game 7--Fri, June 10--Marlins(16) vs Lions(2), 6:15pm

Game 8--Fri, June 10--Indians(12) vs Phantom(4), 7:45pm

Game 9--Thu, June 16-Wildcats(6) vs Cyclones(3), 6:15pm

Game 10--Thu, June 16--Indians(5) vs Marlins(11), 7:45pm

Game 11--Thu, June 16--Cyclones(2) vs Marlins(12), 9:15pm

Congratulations Wildcats are Champs and Marlins are runners-up

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Most questions you may have can be answered by your child's coach.  Please contact them first.  After talking to the coach, if you still have questions you may call our Commissioner Jack Bishop at 469-719-7265 Monday-Saturday before 9pm.  NO Calls on Sunday's.   Or you can e-mail anytime at 

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