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January 1, 2018 – 12:00 AM


Welcome to the HOME of the Kernersville Mavericks "Basketball Academy".

Our Kernersville Mavericks AAU Basketball program has transformed from its established AAU Basketball program.  The program is now focused on the training and development of young athletes for college careers.  Our teaching surrounds  quality, fundamentals and enhancement of skills for potential college play. 

The program has a new approach given the growth and success to the AAU competition circuit.  The program has two stages - "Training and Development" for those wanting to get stronger or better and "Elite competition and Exposure" for those seeking college recruitment while playing against overseas and local competition.

We are a premier program for youth development and training for the sport of basketball.  Our goal is to develop college material players through opportunities of personal growth, mental and physical development for the sport of basketball.  We surround our athletes with reinforcement of positive influences, build self-confidence and self-esteem that leads to the ability of excelling on and off the court. 

Our program is made for young boys and girls seeking growth in the sport of basketball around the Triad and surrounding counties.    

Kernersville Mavericks Basketball Academy is dedicated to skill development of each player while emphasizing education, teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun through the spirit of basketball development.




All donations to the Kernersville Mavericks Basketball Academy are tax deductible:
The Kernersville Mavericks Basketball Academy is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that are willing to accept monetary or material donations to better serve the players, staff and the organization members to provide the best product.  The Kernersville Mavericks Basketball Academy will use these funds to provide a strong teaching foundation, training equipment and sites or gym rentals.