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Pictures are set for August 15th.  Envelopes will be handed out the practice before. 


Last day to register for Knights Youth Football Season is July 12th.

Equipment handout is August 13th and August 14th.  Coaches will take their team during practice to be fitted.

If they need something adjusted, they can have their coach help them before next practice.


Camp for 3rd-6th Grade is Monday August 5th, Tuesday August 6th and Wednesday August 7th from 10-12 PM at the Dysart City Park.

Last Day for Camp Registration is July 22nd to be guaranteed a t-shirt for your child.

Please sign up online under "Register Online"  Upper right corner


We Practice at Dysart City Park

Practice will start August 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th for the first week.

3/4 4:15 to 5:30 PM

5/6 5:30 to 7:00 PM

The second week of practice we will go to our regular practice schedule which is:


Tuesdays and Thursdays

3/4 4:15 to 5:30 PM

5/6 5:30 to 7:00 PM


August 24th is going to be the Jamboree.  This is where kids get some experience playing with their gear on.


We will have a float in the Dysart Parade on July 4th.  Please have your child to the Middle school between 10Am and 10:15AM and wear their red practice jerseys from last year if they have them.  If you don't have a jersey you can wear a red shirt.  We will have candy for kids to throw.  

You can pick your child up after the parade back at the middle school.










Parents and Youth Players:

We have been very blessed at Union to have an outstanding youth football program with 1st-2nd grade flag and then the transition to 3rd-6th grade padded.  We appreciate all the volunteers who have made this a first class program over the years. 

At this time we would like to announce that we are terminating the flag football program this fall. After counseling with some of the coaches about the value and time of the flag, we have decided to delay organized play until 3rd grade. The two most important fundamentals are blocking and tackling. Neither can be taught properly with a non-padded flag league. There will be a one day "We Build Champions" camp and it will include a FREE t-shirt. 

As head coach, I encourage the dads to get your sons in the backyard with the neighborhood kids, show them the fundamentals of throwing, ball handling and catching. Get a few cones and set up a field and let the kids pick teams and have some fun. Sit back and watch them play or as a dad, you be all-time QB. Some of my best memories are the neighborhood kids coming over and playing ball until after dark. Bring them to the KYFC Games, the UMS Games and the High School games. Let the kids be kids. 

If you have a son that is entering 3rd grade he is eligible for our KYFC program. I want to emphasize the time for your son to start is when he wants to play. There is no hurry. Our number one goal is to have each kid have a great experience where he will want to come back next year. Some kids may be ready as 3rd graders and some may not be ready until 7th grade or even high school. When they are ready, they will want to play. Once they come out, be sure to have a goal of finishing the season. Be the greatest encourager you can. 

Again, thanks for the support. We have some of the greatest parents and fans in the state of Iowa.

Live each day like a Champion!

Joe Hadachek



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