• 0-5 start for 2016
  • Cam Lee joins the hit parade...
  • Swing 100 times per day...keep game ready...
  • Want a Good read?? "The mental game of baseball" by Dorfman and KUEHL
  • Jack Lawler handed it in...

Bulldogs Baseball

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Fast Paced Subway Race 2

The subway race has gotten into full swing this season so far with Michael "the lost hanson brother" Robertson in the lead 

Leaderboard: Hanson-2,  Will Tom- 1,  Gigly-1,  Hicks-1, Shep-1, Lawlor-1, Corsi-1 

Remember to lean into it if ya have too

#subwayisworthit #eatit



The 2016 Bulldogs season is underway and looking a lot different than the EPIC run from last season.  To recap, the 2015 version of the squad pulled out a first place finish and ended up losing the YRAA Tier one final by a score of 4-3. Three of the grads ended up Stateside in the NCAA.  Andrew Raponi (LHP - Notre Dame of Ohio), Jeff Barton (LHP) and Christian Mullen (RHP) fled to Michigan to play at McComb)


The loss of the graduating class was a tough pill to swallow for the coaching staff but it gives the team a chance to rebuild with some good young talent.


Joining the team this year is a crop of young and old who have been learning the intricacies of the game by being thrown into the fire.  

Although the team has dropped its first two games there have been flashes of brilliance.  Jack Lawler has become an absolute beast in the field and at the plate while Will Meany is continuing his domination that began late last season.  Curtis Sheppard is leading the team in most positions played as he has quickly become the go to guy when it comes to ANY position that needs to be filled.  Reilly Holdsworth is showing leadership both on the field and off it taking the reigns and running with it while hitting in the clean up spot.  Tristan Reddy clearly began drinking milk and has not only grown 6 inches but is becoming more successful behind the plate in his sophmore season and has yet to break a bone this year.  


The team welcomes back Owen Corsi who took a year off last season while competing on dancing with the stars and has been one of the team's most reliable outfielders.  


Newcomers are many, Angelo "The Stallion" Savoia joins the team not only for his fine taste in veal "Sangwiches" but he looks tough and is a good guy to have if the tension rises. Josh Fulford, Dan Henderson, Mike Robertson and Cel Malfara are new to the team as well and will all have the opportunity to work their way into the starting lineup.  Robertson is best known for his supporting role in Slapshot where he played one of the Hansen brothers while Fulford is still in search of a helmet that will fit on his head.  Malfara may have one of the best arms on the team and will be leaned on to pitch provided he can figure out where the ball is going after it leaves his hand.  Henderson is a Senior who to put it simply is athletic.  Although he has not played competitive ball before he is adjusting well and will be a mainstay in the outfield.  Tanner Hicks, Cole Mason (gr. 9), Cameron Lee, Eric Van Loon, JP Foisey, and Brandon Baeza make up the biggest freshman class in team history and the playing time they are getting now will build the skills they need for the future.  


Early season awards:

Cel Malfara - First player to EVER steal first base on a 2-1 count

WIll Meany - Gamer award

Cole Mason Gr. 9 and Eric Van Loon - 1.000 on base percentage after the first two games.

Will Meany and Cam Lee - Have a batting average


More to come

2015 Bulldogs

A new squad for the OLL Bulldogs is shaping up nicely. This off season Manager Mark West recruited five new players as a start to replace the class of 2015 (the best damn baseball players this town has ever seen). 


2015 Recruits:

1. LHP/1B Will or Tom or Willtom no one really knows.

2. C/IF/Injured reserve Tristan "Gimp" Reddy

3. OF TeeJay

4. LHP/OF Jack Lawlor handed it in

5. IF/OF/RHP Mario "The Cuban Cassanova" Gueverra-Alvarez

Baseball Winter Workouts Underway...

March 8, 2015

All players interested in Trying out for the Varsity Baseball team MUST attend the try out Monday March 9th at 3:13 in the OLL Gym.


Players with issues (not issues like Mullen has but issues with missing this workout) must see West ASAP.

2015 Bulldogs