• WEATHER HOT LINE 483-4255


Our wool hats off to the two tuffest teams playing the final
double-header of league play for Fall Softball - Nov. 7, 2019.


Print/Preview:  Roster/Waiver

 WEATHERLINE:  483-4255 (AFTER 4:00 PM • AFTER 2:00 PM on SUNDAYS)

 Bat testing available Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 5:00pm
Lifetime Sports Office (200 N. Foster)

The City of Lansing requires all bats be tested and approved for all league play including:
Men’s    •   Coed   •   Women’s

Note:  Bats that have passed the testing process must have the current year USA Softball District 11 Hologram Label affixed to the bat handle.  Using a bat without the hologram label results in an automatic out, ejection, and one (1) game suspension.  Bats do not need retesting for the Fall season of the same year.