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Lebanon County Pony Baseball Night at the Lancaster Barnstormers

May 21, 2019
June 29, 2019 is Lebanon County Pony Baseball Night with the Lancaster Barnstormers. The Barnstormers take on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs at 6:30PM on Fireworks Night at Clipper Magazine Stadium. LCPBL Players who show up in their uniform shirt will be able to join the Barnstormers on the field for the National Anthem! We are running a quick sale on this and hope to have everyone with a ticket by June 5, 2019. After that, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available!
We have a special ticket price of just $8. Of that, $2 per ticket will be donated to two causes. First is Compassion International. There are multiple ways for us to donate--clean drinking water, food, education--there is clearly no shortage of need. The second program is Gloves4God, which is a ministry of Score International. Among other activities, Gloves4God shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ using BASEBALL as a medium. I urge you to check out their sites, and all proceeds will go back to these causes--no team or association nor the league will get any money.
As the saying goes, but wait...there's more! In addition to the opportunity to go to a game, LCPBL is partnering with the Barnstormers for a truly incredible experience. 
All teams 8u and above that sell at least 40 tickets will have the chance to have a practice event at Clipper Magazine Stadium! The tentative date is July 14 with some flexibility to work around vacations. While providing for less fortunate children thousands of miles away, your players get to have the chance of a lifetime to practice at this incredible facility.
 Anyone can purchase tickets through the link, not just players and immediate families...aunts/uncles, grandparents, teachers, neighbors...just make sure that they know your team name and division so you get credit for the sale. The entire transaction is handled through the link below.
And I will do one final thing...the team that sells the most tickets will get a $50 gift card to Dairy Queen or Ritas. To qualify for this part of the promotion, your team will need to sell at least 60 tickets AND outsell the competition.

10u Playoffs

May 20, 2019
With 19 teams, playoffs will look a little different this year. There will be two brackets, GOLD and SILVER. Those are independent tournaments, but there will be some play in opportunities. Now is the time to start checking on vacations, working on 8u call ups, and making sure you have several pitchers ready to go.
We will have an eight team gold bracket, but only the top four seeds will qualify outright. Seeds 5 through 12 will have single elimination play in games on Friday night June 14. The teams that win go to the Gold Bracket. Teams that lose will go to the Silver Bracket. All playoff games will endeavor to have two umpires...$36 per man per game. EACH TEAM PAYS ONE UMPIRE.
We will have a brief meeting on June  9 or 10 that is mandatory for all teams...assistant coach is fine or even a parent who will show up.  Location to be determined.
FRIDAY JUNE 14 (Seeds 1-4 have byes to Gold Bracket Quarterfinals, Seed 13 has bye to Silver Bracket Quarterfinals)
Gold Bracket Play In--Winners to Gold, Losers go to Silver Bracket --FOR THESE FOUR GAMES ONLY---Normal days of rest apply...will give a ten pitch allowance...any player that goes 60 pitches (hard cap, may not finish batter) may compete on Monday with two days of rest instead of three. If you go above 60, it will be three days rest and 66+ it will be four days rest. So, you as manager may decide to use a kid Friday for 66+ and realize he won't throw Monday. 
NE MIDDLE 5 v 12 (gold bracket play in)
NE LOWER 6 v 11 (gold bracket play in)
GLON LWR 7 v 10 (gold bracket play in)
GLON UPR  8 v 9 (gold bracket play in)
SATURDAY JUNE 15 - FOR THESE THREE GAMES ONLY---all pitchers are capped at fifty pitches, hard cap (may not finish batter). May throw Monday. You may choose to follow normal days of rest...however, if s/he throws 66+, they will not be able to pitch on Monday or Wednesday.
11am NORTHEAST LOWER  14 v 19 (elimination game)
11am NORTHEAST MIDDLE 16 v 17 (elimination game)
1:30PM NORTHEAST LOWER 15 v 18 (elimination game)
MONDAY JUNE 17--NORMAL DAYS OF REST APPLY FOR BOTH BRACKETS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK--all pitchers have ten (10) innings for the rest of the week--one pitch equals one inning!
A BRACKET QUARTERFINALS Annville 1 (Doubleheader)  Annville 2, Cleona (one through four seed play appropriately seeded winners...highest always plays lowest etc)
B BRACKET QUARTERFINALS NE Middle, NE Lower, Glonninger 1 and 2 (Friday night losing teams and the thirteen seed play Saturday winners)
A BRACKET SEMIS Annville 1 and Annville 2
B BRACKET SEMIS  Northeast Lower and Middle
10U Championship under the lights at Annville, 7:15pm Start

14u Playoffs

May 21, 2019
We will work the 14u playoffs around the Jr Legion Schedule. Sundays are about the only option at this point.
June 23
4pm Home Team hosts if possible...if not, we will use one site for a double header 2pm-4:30pm
June 30
Semi seed plays lower remaining seed, two seed plays the higher remaining seed--higher seed hosts if possible. Again, could be a double header...Losing teams from week one would play a "playback" game at some point..if umpires can do it, likely Sunday June 30 as well. That would be the fifth place game.
Finals July 7
Location and time TBD, likely Dairy Road. The Semi Final losing teams can play a playback game this date as well. That would be the third place game.
Round one, which is 6@3 and 5@4, all players are limited only by pitch count. 
Because we are putting games a week apart, we will abide a competition rule...for semi finals and finals, pitchers are limited to 8 (eight) innings total per pitcher as well as daily pitch count requirements. (Play in round games don't count against those eight innings.)