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  • 2017-2018 Licking County Youth Wrestling Champions - Lakewood Lancers
  • 2nd Place - Licking Valley Panthers
  • 3rd Place - Watkins Warriors
  • 4th Place - Newark Wildcats





Newark Wrestling Camp featuring Kent State Clinicians






Jim Andrassy-

(Head Wrestling Coach Kent State)

15 years as head coach at Kent State University


1 NCAA Champ

3- University Freestyle National Champs

0ver 70 NCAA Qualifiers

2-Top 15 Dual Team Finishes

3- Top 20 NCAA Team Finishes

2- Top 5 NWCA All-Academic Teams

NCAA Qualifier


Danny Mitcheff

NCAA All-American

2x MAC Champ

4x NCAA Qualifier

World Team Trails Placer

Coached at West Point



Matt Hill- Associate Head Coach at Kent State

10-Seasons at Kent State

Coached 11 –NCAA All-Americans

1 NCAA Champ

3x NCAA Qualifier at Edinboro




Times, Dates, and Location

Monday, June 4th

     9am-11am-session 1

     11am-12pm-Pack your own lunch

     12pm-2pm-session 2

Tuesday, June 5th

     8am-12pm-2 sessions w/breaks

Wednesday, June 6th

     8am-12pm-2 sessions w/breaks


Location:     Newark H.S. (Aux gym)

                        314 Granville St.

                        Newark, OH 43055

Cost: $75 for all 3 days or

           $30 for individual/single days





*Paper registration is on the back



Mail Payment to:  Newark High School-C/O 

                                   Coach Martinez

  314 Granville St.

                                   Newark, OH 43055                                                                       Newark, OH 43055





Traditional/paper mail-in registration below


Check desired camp package (use separate form per wrestler):


Silver Package (individual/single days) $30


Gold Package (6/4-6/6) $75 for 3 days                                         Send Payment to:                                          Newark High School

C/O Coach Martinez

Make Checks payable to: Newark Athletic Boosters                    314 Granville St.

Newark, OH 43055


Contact Information:                                               Total Enclosed: __________________

Jose’ Martinez

614-325-0190                                                             T-Shirt Size: _________


The undersigned, on behalf of ___________________________________ a minor whose birthday is

_____________________, and for whom the undersigned is the natural or legal guardian, hereby releases Newark High School, Kent State Wrestling organization, its administrators, coaches, and employees, from any and all liability of whatever nature relating to or in any manner arising out of the use of Newark High School and its facilities. Furthermore, the undersign agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all previously mentioned parties, from any suit or other legal proceeding, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees with respect to the use of the facilities or any part of them by the minor named above. This release and indemnification shall be binding upon the personal representatives, heirs, and assigns of the undersigned and of the minor named above.


I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing paragraph, that I understand it, that I have the option to have it reviewed by legal counsel prior to signing, and that I agree to it.


x___________________________________________________    _____________

Printed name of Parent/Guardian Date


x___________________________________________________    _____________

Signature of Parent/Guardian Date


Name of Wrestler: _________________________________________ Age: _________


Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: _______________________________ State: __________________ Zip Code: ___________


Phone Number: _________________________________School/Grade:__________


Email: ______________________________________


Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number


Name:_____________________________________         Phone:    ______________________________






Licking Heights Wrestling Camp – June 15,16,17



Ross Thatcher - Clinician

NCAA All-American

National Champion Coach

Coached 17 years at




 Kollin Moore – Counselor

2x Big Ten Champ – 2x NCAA All-American

2x Team USA Member – Junior World Team

Bronze medalist at the Jr. World Championships

2017 - Big Ten Freshmen of the year 



Jim Edwards - Clinician

NCAA All-American

State Champion Coach

2017 most favorite clinician


Where: Licking Heights Middle School – park behind the building

6565 Summit Rd SW, Pataskala, OH 43062



Registration: June 15th 5:30pm to 6:30pm $125 cash per wrestler 


When: June 15th 6:30pm to 8pm 

June 16th &17th 10am to 11:30am & 12:30pm to 2pm 


Who: Open to any and all age groups 


What to Bring: Bring a lunch and something to drink, extra t-shirt


Contact: Ross Thatcher 814-769-4694 Coach Price at 614-554-4479



This camp is Open to any and all wrestlers



Licking Heights Wrestling Camp – June 15,16,17

Registration and Waiver 


Name____________________________________________________   ________________________

Address ____________________________________ City____________________________________

Cell #_____________________________________________________________________________



Age _____________ Grade you are going into____________________________________________


Paid $125 ____________________________How long have you be wrestling _________________


 Parents: Please Read and Sign!


1. My child has permission to attend the Licking Heights Wrestling Camp at Licking Heights MS.

2. I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would affect or be affected by my child’s participation in the Licking

Heights wrestling camp at Licking Heights Middle School.

3. I acknowledge that, at camp my child will participate in a sport that will involve physical contact of the body with other

persons or objects including the mat where he may risk injury.

4. I specifically, fully and forever, waive and release Licking Heights wrestling camp, Clinicians, Counselors and Licking

Heights Middle School, its owner and staff liability and claims for damages my child may sustain at camp and in travel to and from said camp.

5. In the event of an emergency in which my child requires medical care, I authorize the staff of the Licking Heights Wrestling Camp to obtain, for him, necessary medical treatment.


Parent’s/Gaurdian’s Signature:


__________________________________________________ Date:______________________________


Emergency Contact and Relation:____________________________________________  _____________


Emergency Phone:_____________________________________________________________________ 











2018 Newark Open Mats


Once again Newark will be hosting open mats in preparation for OAC/Ohioway State tournaments and Nuway Nationals.  All are welcome to attend at no cost.  We would love to see any and all wrestlers out to join us we all prepare for the upcoming high caliber competitions.


Practices will be conducted Mo., Tu., Th., and Fr., from 6-730pm going forward up until the Nuway National tournament.


Practice will be located at the Newark Wrestling room located in the old Roosevelt Middle School, at 621 Mt. Vernon Rd. Newark, OH. 43055.

Please use North Eastern Rear entrance marked Newark Wrestling.




For information about the Licking County Youth Wrestling League, please contact Ken Justice at

League Description

Licking County Youth Wrestling League was founded in the spring of 2005 to promote and develop sportsmanship, wrestling skills, and interest in wrestling for the youth of Licking County. Originally it consisted of 10 teams representing 10 of the 11 primary high schools in Licking County. In the fall of 2007 Johnstown, the lone remaining primary high school in the county joined the league as a member. This same year registration was limited to wrestlers having to be on the team in which school district they attended or lived, with a few exceptions. League participation has continued to grow and has made its mark at the Jr. High and High School level in the county. We would like to thank our founding members as well as the youth wrestlers, parents and coaches for continuing to develop wrestling in Licking County.

2005 Founding Members

Irv Hunkler - Secretary
Tony Ucker - Granville
Mike Gershom and Bryan Martin - Lakewood
Tim Hansel - Newark Catholic
Jeff Boehm and Bo Ramsey - Licking Heights
Eddie Jayne and Jeff Hammond - Watkins Memorial
Seamus Mulligan, Bill Williams, and Rob Mickey - Northridge
Travis Benner and Gavin Benner - Newark
Jeremy Tate - Licking Valley
Rodney Fields and Robin Drumm - Heath
Doug Leaman and Jason Pelletier - Utica

Past Results
2005-2006 1st-Northridge, 2nd-Newark Catholic, 3rd-Licking Heights, 4th Utica
2006-2007 1st-Northridge, 2nd-Newark Catholic, 3rd-Heath, 4th-Licking Valley
2007-2008 1st-Northridge, 2nd-Utica, 3rd-Newark, 4th-Newark Catholic
2008-2009 1st-Northridge, 2nd-Watkins Memorial, 3rd-Newark Catholic, 4th-Utica
2009-2010 1st-Northridge, 2nd-Watkins Memorial, 3rd-Licking Heights, 4th-Licking Valley
2010-2011 1st Watkins Black, 2nd-Granville, 3rd-Northridge, 4th Newark Catholic
2011-2012 1st-Granville, 2nd-Watkins Memorial, 3rd-Utica, 4th-Licking Valley
2012-2013 1st-Granville, 2nd-Watkins Memorial, 3rd-Licking Valley, 4th-Licking Heights
2013-2014 1st-Granville, 2nd-Licking Heights, 3rd-Watkins Memorial, 4th-Lakewood
2014-2015 1st Licking Valley, 2nd Watkins Memorial, 3rd Licking Heights, 4th Granville
2015-2016 1st Licking Valley, 2nd Newark, 3rd Granville, 4th Watkins Memorial
 2016-2017 1st Newark, 2nd Watkins, 3rd Licking Valley, 4th Lakewood
2017-2018 1st Lakewood, 2nd Licking Valley, 3rd Watkins Memorial, 4th Newark