2019 Legends Classic Information

Game: Men’s Legends Classic (North Hagerstown alumni vs. South Hag alumni)


Legends Classic Event Info:

Event Date: Saturday, March 30, 2019
Venue: Gael Center (St. Maria Goretti HS)
Game Time: Your game starts at approx. 9:00 PM
Arrival: You should arrive no later than 1-hour prior (8:00 PM) to tip-off
Game Uniform: You will be provided a Legends Game Shirt, players are asked to wear black shorts.
Admission: Players/coaches will check-in at the door
Event admission for non-participants: $10.00 / free for children five & under
Event Programs: $5.00    
Event Director: Dave Foltz    E-mail:
Public Relations Director: Rick Reeder  contact: 240-291-1246

Registration is now open!

2016 Legends Classic Baseball Game

Williamsport vs North Hagerstown, Sunday 6/5, 9:00 AM @ Municipal Stadium

Gates open at 8:00 AM

(Boonsboro did not field enough players so North Hagerstown alumni will replace them; all Boonsboro players who registered will be refunded their registration fee)

 2016 Legends Classic Matchup

St. Maria Goretti vs. Williamsport

Saturday, March 26, 9PM @ Hub Arena
(Finale of the 2016 Buffalo Wild Wings Roundball Classic)


St. Maria Goretti      
Player  Year Height Weight
John Gavin Rajahpillay 2012 6-0 175
Mitch Bellela 2008 6-1 195
Trey Cobb 2000 5-5 155
Kevin Brashears 2006 5-11 185
Nic Martin 2010 5-11 190
Tim Miller 2002 5-9 210
Chad Brashears 2000 6-2 190
Jeffrey Butts 1996 6-3 210
Bradley Alexander 2000 6-1 225
Kevin Robinson 1995 6-5 205
Rodney Monroe 1987 6-6 xxx
Andrew Chambers 2006 6-0 275
Chris Cunningham 1995 6-5 210
Matt Semler 1994 6-7 270



Player  Year Height Weight
Andy Artz 1997 6-6 225
Connor Arnone 2011 6-0 205
Trey Malott 2010 6-1 190
Dave Warrenfeltz 2005 6-1 195
Stephen Christy 2011 6-5 195
Ryan Grabill 2000 6-0 200
Brad Moore 1996 6-0 174
Alan Moore 1996 6-0 175
Chad Bikle 2007 6-2 210
Mike Warrenfeltz 2009 6-4 190
Greg Minnick 2008 6-5 205
Josh Reid 1999 6-3 240
Chad Basore 2002 6-5 360
Will Taylor 2007 6-6 235
Josh Martin 2000 6-5 220


2015 Legends Baseball Classic Event News

Details for Monday's Legends Classic
*The Suns will open the gates around 8:00 AM for the first game (Williamsport vs Clear Spring).
*No large coolers are allowed into the stadium.
*We have access to the batting cages, but teams will need to bring their own baseballs, helmets, bats, catching equipment, etc.
*We will supply game balls.
*The Suns will have a concession stand open throughout the day with a limited number of items including beer!
*All players/coaches will be introduced. Once announced, players will lineup on the base line closest to their dugout starting at home plate.
*We ask that pitchers throw only one inning, but may go up to two innings max.
*Teams may bat all the way through the lineup and players may re-enter the game unlimited times.
*Games will be seven-innings (no extra innings). If the game is tied after seven, it will be a tie.
*Games will have a 2½ hour time limit.
*Some players have not played in a long time, so have fun, but play to win!
*At the conclusion of each game, an MVP plaque will be awarded to the top overall player.
*After the MVP Plaque is awarded, teams will have a team photo taken.
Dugout assignments Legends Game #1
First Base Dugout: Williamsport
Third Base Dugout: Clear Spring
Dugout assignments Legends Game #2
First Base Dugout: North Hagerstown
Third Base Dugout: South Hagerstown
*Gameday Event Itinerary:
8:00 AM: Gates open / Williamsport & Clear Spring players arrive
8:10 AM: Players begin warm-ups
8:50 AM: Williamsport & Clear Spring Introductions
8:55 AM: National Anthem
9:00 AM First Pitch Williamsport vs Clear Spring
Approx 12:00 PM: First Pitch - Diamond Stars High School All Star Game
Approx 3:00 PM: First Pitch - MABC Elite High School All Star Game
Approx 4:30 PM: North & South Hagerstown players asked to arrive
Approx 5:00 PM: North & South players begin warm ups (batting cages)
Approx 5:50 PM: North & South player introductions
Approx 5:55 PM: National Anthem
Approx 6:00 PM: First Pitch North vs South
Enjoy the event!


Herald-Mail Article
Dozens of county legends to take the diamond again

They say baseball players bleed chalk dust.

After years of playing the game, it has a habit of staying in one’s system.


On Monday, after years away, a group of Washington County players will get a transfusion.

Former players from four schools — Williamsport, Clear Spring, North Hagerstown and South Hagerstown — will take the field once again for the first Legends Baseball Classic, a pair of alumni baseball games at Municipal Stadium.

The two games are the sister event to the Legends Classic Basketball game, which pitted former North and South Hagerstown players in the final game of the annual Roundball Classic in March at Hagerstown Community College. The alumni baseball games will be the bookends for the 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Baseball Classic.

“This is going to have a decent turnout,” said Dave Foltz, who coaches at North Hagerstown and is the organizer of the Classic and Legends series. “A lot of these guys haven’t been on a diamond for years. Some of them have continued to play slo-pitch, but more haven’t played.”

Yet, there is the draw to grab a glove and try it all again.

On Monday, 78 former players are scheduled to play in the two games. In between will be the Diamond Stars and the Maryland Association of Baseball Coaches Elite High School All-Star games. The Mid-Atlantic Classic, like the Roundball event, are showcases for high school seniors who have accepted or are looking for offers to play from colleges.

Those days have passed for the alumni, but it doesn’t mean they won’t play. Williamsport will face Clear Spring at 9 a.m. to kick off the four-game set of games at the home of the Hagerstown Suns.

The Diamond Stars will play at noon, followed by the Elite game at 3 p.m., before the former Hubs and Rebels take the field for the 6 p.m. finale.

Gates will open at 8 a.m. and admission will be $10 for all four games, which will be used to pay for the use of the stadium. Concessions also will be available.

The idea for the two alumni games evolved out of the Legends game played at the Roundball Classic.

“This is the piggyback off that game,” Foltz said. “When we had the Legends game for basketball, the baseball guys say we need to have one for them.”

Initially, the plan was to have a Williamsport-Clear Spring game, but the city players wanted a chance to take the field, too.

“The North and South guys said they got to do it, too,” Foltz said.

From there, the games took on a life of their own. Foltz created a website announcing the Legends Classics, but the rest was by word of mouth.

Players who graduated between 1973 and 2014 are scheduled to play, including Doug Higgins, who played for Williamsport 42 years ago.

Former Wildcats coach Larry Wadel and former North Hagerstown coach Dave Warrenfeltz will work the dugouts for their former teams.

“The teams are trying to get together this week to get some batting practice and work on some infield,” Foltz said.

The games will last seven innings or 2½ hours, whichever comes first, and there will be no extra innings.

But even if the games end up in a tie, it won’t matter.


“I’m very surprised at the number of players who are coming out,” Foltz said. “Baseball is so much different than basketball. I don’t know why they are all coming out again. It might be to get that one more time out on a diamond or a chance to play with other players from other time periods.”

Official game times announced
The Williamsport-Clear Spring Legends game will start at 9:00 AM, while first pitch of the North-South Legends game will be at approximately 6:00 PM following the Diamond Stars and MABC Elite High School All-Star Games. Both games will be played on Memorial Day Monday, May 25.




Date, Teams taking shape 
April 7, 2015---The inaugural 2015 Legends Baseball Classic will be held on Monday, May 25 at Hagerstown's historic Municipal Stadium. Williamsport will take on Clear Spring, then North Hagerstown & South Hagerstown will battle once again.

Official start times has not been officially announced at this time, however it looks like the Williamsport/Clear Spring game will start at 9:00 AM and North/South will begin at approximately 6:00 PM.

One former coach has agreed to coach in the event. Dave Warrenfeltz, who coached the Hubs in the 1990's, will coach the North Legends team.






North, South Legends play one for old time sake


HAGERSTOWN — By the time the first-ever alumni game between South Hagerstown and North Hagerstown began, the concession stand was near closing time because of heavy sales.

It made no difference. Folks were glued to their seats to watch not just any alumni game. It was North-South and it mattered. And they were rewarded with a heart-pounding 87-84 North victory.

 “It is great to be back,” said Scottie Rice, North’s all-time leading scorer who flew into town from Chicago. “I never thought I would put a North uniform on again.”

After pregame ceremonies, it was down to business. Not one player was out there without the idea of taming their rival.

Just 55 seconds into the game, North’s Dee Mency (2006) rattled the rims with a slam dunk. South Hagerstown’s all-time scoring leader, David Miner (2004), followed with a steal and two points. He then missed a short layup but Mike Lee (2001) was there for a big putback.

North’s Avery Carey (1994) hit the first 3-pointer and he was quickly followed by Miner crafting a long-range bomb.

Even Kenzel Jessie (1987), who referees prep basketball in the county, gave a double-take.


As halftime neared, Miner got lost in a defensive switch and hit one of his three first-half 3-pointers for a 38-35 South Hagerstown lead. Miner, hitting on 8 of 15 overall from the floor, had 20 points at the break as everyone safely made it back to their respective benches without holding up one another.

 The second half was even more intense.

 Mency hit a missile for 3, which made Miner so unhappy, he hit a shot so deep, it should have been worth four points.  The jawing between the two began, exciting the crowd.

Whether the first exchanged was planned, smiles followed, so who knew. Another exchange followed and the two jawed face-to-face.

All the while there was still a game going on. North led 56-53 with 13:15 to play. South mounted a 10-0 run to push out to a 79-72 lead with 2:32 to play.

North came back for an 84-83 lead on two free throws by Tater Russ.

Mency broke an 84-all tie by driving past Miner for a layup and foul conversion with 32 seconds to play. South’s final effort was futile and the Hubs had the first alumni win.

Miner finished with a game-high 33 points, hitting 12 of 23 from the floor. Lee added 12 points and Muz Bhutto had 10.

Mency scored 23 for the Hubs, hitting 8 of 16 shots, and Avery Carey scored 12.

“It was a great experience,” said Mency. “This is what is was all about. You come to play, we played hard and you play to win.”

Said Miner: “We’re among buddies and competitors, I love all the guys. It was a great night.” 


Legends Classic Series News

2015 Legends Classic Rosters (updated) 

  NORTH       SOUTH  
# Player Yr   # Player Yr
1 Filip Simic 2001   0 Charlie Johnson 2004
2 Devin Carey 1998   1 Dominic Marshall 2002
3 Tyler Spencer 2009   2 Donald Roman 1997
4 J.R. Railing 2012   5 Mike Hull 1996
04 Jimmy Stubbs 1994   6 Josh Norris   2002
7 Tyrell Wilson 2006   10 Brent Shaffer 2003
8 Mike Hampton 1989   11 Shane Santell 2009
11 Scott Rice 2002   15 Alberto Valentin 2000
13 Kenzel Jessie 1987   20 Kevin Rideout 2003
14 Quielan Gantt 2005   21 Cody Myers 1995
20 Marshall Branch 2004   22 Danny Fowler 2001
21 Tater Russ 2000   28 Derek Brown 1994
22 Mike Lum 1998   31 Steve DeVore 1996
23 Phil Young 1986   44 David Miner 2004
24 Clif Carey 2002   45 Jon Lewis 2004
27 Nick Colvin 2012   55 Jesse Gutekunst 2004
34 Mitchell Branch 1989        
41 John Swartz 1987        
42 Avery Carey 1994        

Legends Baseball Game to be added to MABC
January 6, 2015----A Legends Classic Baseball game will be added to the schedule of this season's Mid-Atlantic Baseball Classic. This event will take place on Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 23) at Hagerstown's Municipal Stadium. Two Legends Baseball Games are in the works: North Hagerstown vs South Hagerstown and Williamsport vs Clear Spring. More details on this event will be announced in the coming months.




53e36ff617946.preview-100.jpg (100×70)

McNamee, Eirich named Coaches for 2015 Hoops Legends Classic

Longtime North Hagerstown Head Coach Tim McNamee (1982-2007) and former South Hagerstown Head Coach Todd Eirich (1989-1995) will lead both Legends squads in the 2015 Legends Classic Game.




Inaugural Legends Classic Basketball Game Set
December 28, 2014-----The Washington County Athletic Association, in conjuction with the Buffalo Wild Wings Roundball Classic, will introduce the first-ever Legends Classic Series Basketball Game. This game will feature basketball greats from North Hagerstown and South Hagerstown High Schools. The Game is set for Saturday, March 28 at 7:30 PM at North Hagerstown High School's Hub Arena. The Legends Game will be the final contest of Saturday's Roundball Classic Event. A post game reception for players, coaches and other alumni at The Greene Turtle is also in the works.