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Lineman Academy - Sports International - MA

July 10, 2014




Founded in 1983, we are the best teaching football camps in the nation having graduated over 96,000 athletes, many currently playing at the college level. This will be our 31st successful year of football instruction. If you are an experienced football player or just starting football, our Lineman Academy is an experience you will never forget!

 Daily one-on-one instruction by top offensive and defensive lineman instructors with emphasis on: Fundamentals, Quickness, Speed & Agility, Alignment, Legal Use of Hands, Correct Position & Control, Footwork, Stance and Start, Mental and Physical Preparation, Proper Training and Conditioning, Understanding the Importance of Academic Grades for College Recruitment and Scholarship Opportunities as well as the NCAA Rules and Regulations.

   With no other position distractions, the Lineman Academy specializes in organization and instruction with selected coaching personnel who possess teaching qualities that benefit the development of a very special person... “the lineman!”

  The Lineman Academy will emphasize basic fundamentals necessary to be successful in the game’s most important area, the trenches.

   Campers are grouped by age, position, ability, and experience to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group.

   At camp, players get all the football they could want. Campers receive up to 6 hours of instruction each day. Campers are divided up into different age groups to ensure they receive the proper training. Each camp is the right size to allow players to be matched up properly at each age level. This allows not only for a proper match up, but also for the campers to be challenged and provided with a better learning environment.

        Our coaching staff offers each player an enormous amount of encouragement with an enormous amount of enthusiasm. Our philosophy is to "let them have fun" while learning a lot of football! We promise each camper will go home a better football player. But players learn more than just football at camp. They are taught about teamwork, consideration of others, self-discipline, and how to attain their potential in sports and in life. Players also learn the importance of achieving good grades and selecting correct role models. We encourage them to go home a more positive, optimistic person. Safety is important at camp so all of the staff is subject to a background check. There are athletic trainers on duty at all times to attend to the campers needs. Send your son to the finest instructional and best supervised football camp in the USA!