Congratulations to the 2019 Columbus Day Champions!


8U Champs- LI Sharks

8U Runner Up- Bellport BlueClaws


9U Champs- Knights Nation (Blind)

9U Runner Up- NS Giants (Passantino)


10U Champs- South Shore Chiefs (Laudisio)

10U Runner Up- Beast Red (Pecoraro)


10U65' Champs- Kings Park Knights (Pace)

10U65' Runner Up- EastEnd Tomahawks (Miles)


12U Champs- Islip Owls (Echeverria)

12U Runner Up- Eastern A's (Jones)


13U Champs- Beast Red (Binfield)

13U Runner Up- Legends (Johntrey)


14U Champs- LI Mudcats (Alberti)

14U Runner Up- Knights Nation (Huber)


JV Champs- Legends (Langan)

JV Runner Up- LI Sharks (McGowan)



Thank you to all the teams that participated. We hope you'll join us again next year.