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Former Stinger Pictures

March 24, 2015

Please click on Photo Albums and 2015 to see former players that continue to play.  Luke Leonardi is at Post.  Nicky Liegi is at Binghampton.  Chris Gaffney is at UNC Wilmington.  I will add as pics come in!!

Brendan Jones Makes It to the D1 Finals

March 11, 2015

Brendan Jones, goaltender for the Stony Brook Seawolves, helped take the team to the finals of D1.  Despite losing the final game, Jones gave up only 5 goals in three playoff games  Great Job Jonesy!! (See photo albums on left for action shots of Jones)

Gaffney Catches vs. FSU

March 6, 2015

While visiting Matt Kersich at FSU, we attended a baseball game and came across Chris Gaffney, a catcher for UNC Wilmington, who played with the Stingers in our first spring travel league.  Great to see him playing Div. I ball!!  Click on Pictures to see him!!

College News

March 11, 2015

College Seniors
1. Peter Kersich: Attending Marist University in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. has interned with the New York Cosmos, CBS Sports, the Poughkeepsie Journal and with a Marist professor.  Major:  Sports Communication; Minor:  Psychology Has done Marist radio all four years.  Just worked the NBA All-Star game.   GPA is 3.4  Plans to graduate May 23, 2015.  

2. Dean Papakonstantis: Attends S.U.N.Y. @ Cortland.  Playing club baseball team this year.  Major:  Economics.  Minor:  History.  Plans to get his Masters in Teaching Adolecent Social Studies at          CUNY @Hunter.  G.P.A.:  3.7

3. James Iorio: Attending Marist University in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. James is majoring in Sports/ Public Relations Communications.  

4. C. J. Hafner: Attending S.U.N.Y. @ Cortland. C. J. is majoring in Physics and Math. C.J. is playing club baseball.  Still planning to teach and has a G.P.A.: 3.3

5. Chris Linkletter: Attending S.U.N.Y. @ Oneonta. Chris is graduating with a BS in Geology this spring.  He is interested in doing research with his advisor on Lava Flow in Northeast, US.  He may attend grad school next year..  Chris is captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team.

6. Tom Trifaro: Attending the University of Tampa in Florida. 

7. Bryan Vaccaro: Attending St. Joseph's College.  Graduating in May. Hired to coach a 12 y.o. travel team called the B45 Patriots.  He does lessons at All-Pro in Setauket.  G.P.A.: 3.7  Major:  History education.  Writing his thesis. Bryan is doing his student teaching right now at Sequoya MS, and then will do seven weeks at Sachem East.  He passed Part 1 of his teaching exams.  Bryan is also the assistant JV baseball coach at East.  

8. Shane Paparelli: Attending S.U.N.Y. at Oneonta.  Shane is graduating this spring with a degree in Business Economics.  He plays all intramural sports and recently won the wiffleball championship.  

9. Matt Esposito: Attending University of Villanova. 

10. Vinny Bona: Working construction.  Now playing travel softball with the "old guys".  Heading to Florida next week for a World Tournament.

11.  Brendan Jones:  Attends Stony Brook.  Plans on graduating in May.  G.P.A.:  3.7.  Plays for Stony Brook Hockey as their starting goalie.   Won the Conference Championship Game on Sunday, February 22.  The team lost in the D1 National Championship!!  Great effort...As always!!.    Major:  Broadcast Journalism.  Interned with News 12 Sports.

12.  Mike Kalab:  Attends Fordham University. 


1. Matt Kersich:  Attends The Florida State University.  Matt is an Italian major / business minor. He spent three semesters in Florence, Italy for his Freshman year.  Visited 35 cities and 8 countries.  Loves his futbol and his soccer scarves.  Matt is playing intramural soccer and softball.  Matt is currently planning to graduate in Dec. 2015.  He also plans to get his Italian Citizenship this summer along with Coach Pete and Pete, Jr., by spending nearly three weeks in southern Italy.

 2. John Flynn: Attending S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo as a finance/ international business major.  Plays intramural sports.  Season ticket holder of the Buffalo Bills.  Belongs to some Business Clubs.  Plans to intern this summer in finance.  G.P.A.:  3.5

 3. Mike Flynn: Attending S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, where he is majoring in finance and international business.  Mike plays intamural football and volleyball.  Is a season ticket holder for the Buffalo Bills.  Plans to Graduate in the Spring of 2016.  Would like to intern this summer in the banking industry.  Hopes to make the cut for the 2015 PGA Championship!!  G.P.A.:  3.6

 4. Brian Castles: Attends the University of Miami.  Currently the bullpen catcher the the Division I Miami Hurricanes!!  

 5. Joey Andrechuk: 1.5 YEARS CANCER FREE!!!!!!  Taking classes at Suffolk and working with a mechanic.  Major:  Radiation Biology.  G.P.A.:  3.7 Plans to graduate SCCC in the fall and hopes to go to S.U.N.Y at Stony Brook!!
6. Rich Donnelly:  Attends S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton.  Plays Club ball for the school.  

 7. Kevin Gebhart: Currently at S.U.N.Y. at Old Westbury

 8. Joe Ryan: Attending Alfred University and playing football.  Starting Fullback.  Involved with something on the 50 yard line two weeks ago....

 9. Tom Ryan: Attending S.U.N.Y. at Albany and having the time of his life!! 

10. Nicky Cioffi: Attending Coastal Carolina.  Major:  Accounting

11.  Colin Chaloupecky:  Attends The Florida State University.  Major:  Biology.  Plans to attend Medical School one year from now.  Colin is graduating in May, 2015!!  His softball team is the defending intramural champs.  G.P.A.:  3.7

12.  George Stenby:  Recently hired by Southside Hospital.  Holtsville EMT and fireman.

13.  Brian McIntyre:  Commutes to Baruch College in N.Y.C.

14.  Mark Ortiz:  Attends S.U.N.Y. Albany.  Major:  Economics.  Belongs to Able-Albany Business Leaders.  G.P.A.:  3.1  Hopes to get a summer internship.

15.  Ed Johntry:  Attending Suffolk Community College.  Major:  Liberal Arts.  Transferring to Miami Dade next year.  G.P.A.:  3.1

16.  Louis Ferrari:  Attending Suffolk CC.  Major:  Business Management.  Taking a break from baseball.


College Sophomores

1.  Anthony Telesca:  Bates College in Maine.  Rehab for Tommy John surgery.  Hopes to DH in the Spring.  Major:  Economics. G.P.A.:  3.1

2.  Nicky Liegi:  SUNY @ Binghampton.  Playing Division 1 baseball at S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton!!  Will be the first man out of the pen for the team.  Team recently went 1-1 vs. Auburn. 

3.  Dan Hetzel:  Playing ball in Arizona.

4.  Joe Messina:  St. Joseph's of Patchogue 

5.  Tyler Piccolo:  Transferred to Dowling.  Looking for more playing time

6.  Cody McPartland:  Dowling University in Oakdale on a baseball scholarship.

7.  Tommy Williams:  Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

8.  Michael Castles:  

9.  Nick Neri:  Suffolk Community College

10.  Rich Motta:  Suffolk Community College.  Starting pitcher on the baseball team.

11.  Joe Deland:  Transferred to Suffolk Community College.

12.  Jake Andrechuk:  Currently an Apprentice to work as a steam-fitter. 

13.  Chris Gaffney:  Back-up catcher for DI UNC Wilmington.

14.  Luke Leonardi:  Coming off Tommy John surgery.  Hopes to get back to playing ball at C.W. Post.  Formerly at S.U.N.Y Binghamton!!


 As the boys update me, I will pass it along….

Tentative Playoff Schedule

July 28, 2014

Game 1

Stingers vs. Indians at BBH 9:30 pm Friday

Game 2

Win Game 1:  Sunday at 12:00 pm at Tanner Park in Copiague

Lose Game 1:  Sunday at 7:00 pm at Tanner Park in Copiague


Note:  I will be holding a BP and Fielding practice on Friday, before the Game.  Place TBD!!

My Walkoff Home Run!!

August 14, 2012

The L.I. Stingers have taken the field for the last time. I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on all that was accomplished, all the players who donned the Stingers uniform and to say thanks for the memories. We started as a fall team in Connetquot Little League in 2003. Although we were a CYA team, we did name ourselves that year. In late summer 2007, I left the Ronkonkoma Cardinals and formed the Long Island Stingers travel team. We played Fall NJBL that year and starting in 2008, we began six full years of travel baseball. Below are some accomplishments and the boys (hopefully I remembered most) that played…

2008 Spring / Summer Team: Alex Rosenfield, Eddie Johntry, Greg Corcoran, Zach Vormittag, Anthony Palermo, Nick Neri, Billy Schulz, Matt Kersich, Nicky Cioffi, Ryan Fox, Anthony Telesca, Tommy Williams, Joe Messina, Chris Gaffney, Louis Ferrari, and Owen Helring.

Highlights: Winners of NJBL Memorial Day Tournament; Runner-up in RYO 4th of July Tournament; Winner of NJBL Summer Regular Season; Runner-up in Summer Playoffs.

2009 Summer Team: Brian Castles, Nick Cioffi, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, C.J. Hafner, Kevin Hernandez, Chris Kennedy, Matt Kersich, Pete Kersich, Chris Linkletter, Nick Neri, Shane Paparelli, Taisei Saito, Anthony Telesca, Tom Trifaro, and Tommy Williams.

Highlights: 2 wins and 2 losses in the NJBL Memorial Day Tournament playing up as a 15U team; Dan Duquette Tournament; 14 - 2 Summer record in NJBL followed by winning five playoff games to win the Summer Playoffs and become Champions of 15U Central; Mr. Telesca’s speech!!

2010 Summer Team: Joey Andrechuk, Nicky Cioffi, Brandon Deniz, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, C.J. Hafner, Kevin Hernandez, James Iorio, Matt Kersich, Pete Kersich, Nick Liegi, Chris Linkletter, Shane Paparelli, Anthony Telesca and Tommy Trifaro.

Highlights: Semi-finals of NJBL Memorial Day Tournament; Finals of the Town of Brookhaven Summer Playoffs; Win vs. Levittown Cardinals in the R.Y.O tournament; No-hitter to open up the Medford Complex; Maureen.

2011 Summer Team: Joey Andrechuk, Brian Castles, Michael Castles, Rich Effinger, Matt Esposito, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, Kevin Gebhart, C.J. Hafner, James Iorio, Matt Kersich, Pete Kersich, Nick Liegi, Dean Papakonstantis, Shane Paparelli, Tyler Piccolo, Joe Ryan, Tommy Ryan, Anthony Telesca, Tom Trifaro and Bryan Vaccaro.

Highlights: Winner of the first Town of Brookhaven Pre-Bash Tournament with most of the Sachem East Varsity / Junior Varsity baseball team; winner of Town of Brookhaven Regular Summer League; the team spirit and the fun on the bench all summer.

2012 Summer Team: Jake Andrechuk, Joey Andrechuk, Brian Castles, Mike Castles, Nicky Cioffi, Rich Effinger, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, Kevin Gebhart, Danny Hetzel, Chris Kennedy, Matty Kersich, Nicky Liegi, Rich Motta, Tyler Piccolo, Joe Ryan, Tom Ryan, George Stenby, Anthony Telesca, and Tommy Williams.

Highlights: Joey Andrechuk throws a no-no vs. Mudcats, a one-hitter in the playoff win and his two-hitter; George Stenby leading the batting; Rich Motta's passion to play; Tommy Williams desire to prove he can play; Mike Flynn hitting a homer; L.I. Falcons; Joe Ryan's layout catch; one playoff win; Tom and Joe Ryan spirit on the bench; quality relief pitching by John Flynn; Matt Kersich to play ball in Florence, Italy; Kevin Gebhart to play ball at SUNY @ Canton; Jake Andrechuk plays at short and his speed; Rich Effingers' bunting.

2014 Team:  Joey Andrechuk, Jake Andrechuk, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, Mike Castles, Brian Castles, Joe Ryan, Tom Ryan, George Stenby, Shane Paparelli, C.J. Hafner, Mark Ortiz, Mike Kalab, Dean Papakonstantis, Pete Kersich, Matt Kersich, Colin Chaloupecky, Pete Kersich, Sr., Kevin Gebhart, Bryan Vaccaro, Brian McIntyre, Brendan Jones, Rich Motta, Rich Donnelly, Shane Paparelli, and Tommy Williams.

Highlights:  May 23, 2014:  Stinger Re-launch; Joey Andrechuk beats Brain cancer; Santa Claus; Dean Papakonstantis; Coach Pete stikes out the third out looking; Brian Castles homerun; stealing; Franklin Square drug addicts; down by four with one out to go vs. Yankees only to come back and win; Flynns not missing a game; Colin's throw; spirit; Duck Stadium all-star game; Motta with a near no-no; C.J. on the mound; Rich Donnelly vs. Merillon; Bryan Vaccaro with a near no-no; 

Fall Stinger Players: Matt Kersich, Pete Kersich, Brian Castles, Mike Flynn, John Flynn, Anthony Telesca, Tom Trifaro, Joey Andrechuk, Jake Andrechuk, Rich Effinger, Kevin Gebhart, Nick Liegi, Nick Cioffi, Nick Grieve, Andrew Grieve, James Iorio, Shane Paparelli, Tyler Piccolo, Ryan Rado, Cody McPartland, Bryan Vaccaro, Tommy Williams, C.J. Hafner, Tom Clarke, Chris Kennedy, Mike Amato, Anthony Wenzel, Mike Campanella, Alex Rosenfield, Greg Corcoran, Tom Guccione, Justin Gribaldi, Mark Ortiz, John Harrison, Anthony Addamo, Harrison Desio, Dylan Verderosa, Jaret Kornberg, Corey Fitzpatrick, Tom McElhone, J.D. Errico, Dan Barletta, and T.J. Pienkos.

Highlights: Too many in nine years… But here are a few: The Jets team at age 10 that had to run up a score; the coach that moved players after every out; playing in snow; home-run derby at Morris Ave.; dropping a fly ball on purpose??; the home runs hit; Mr. T. shagging fly balls; the places we traveled; the breakfasts; the commitment of every Sunday in September and October for nine years!!

The list of different players above totals sixty. For those who read this, please email me if I forgot anyone. Also, thanks to all my coaches. They include Fred Grieve, Rich Desio, Greg Addamo, Mike Telesca, Ed Wenzel, Joseph Errico, Charlie Hafner, Al Neri, Tom Trifaro, Vito Liegi, Matt Piccolo and Nick Telesca. My team moms Doreen Schulz and Debra Flynn were a huge help and cannot be thanked enough.

One final note: Throughout the years, it did become apparent to me that I can talk and talk. So, I will make this short. What I have accomplished with the Long Island Stingers far surpassed my expectations. The families I met, the players I coached and the time we spent together will never be forgotten. The ability to be the cheapest team in town, yet produce winning travel teams all five years speaks volumes. The support I received was simply amazing. The sponsor ties and the connections made for so many things showed just how great people can be. I tried my best to be positive, fair and honest. I tried to bring out the best in every player. It has been fun. Thanks to all for all the memories….. Coach Pete

Joey and FIOS 1 Heroes

July 16, 2014

Check out FIOS1 Channel 501 on Tuesday, July 22 at 8:00 pm:  Heroes on our Island.  Joey Andrechuk is featured with our Stingers in a ten-minute segment!!

Stats are Up-To-Date

July 16, 2014

Check your stats.  Click on Links to left and Click on Stan Musial.  

Note: To qualify for playoffs, you must have at least 20 AB's, 6 appearances as a pitcher or 17 IP's pitched.

Stingers Sweep AA Champs for Last Year

June 23, 2014

Stingers Sweep Defending Champs


In a rare break from the norm, the L.I. Stingers were actually wide awake for a morning double today and swept the games from the defending champs Suffolk Yankees. Both games were loaded with dramatics.

In Game 1, the Stingers were down 5-2 heading into the bottom of the seventh. With two outs, Matty Kersich singled, Mike Flynn doubled, and Brendan Jones singled to make the score 5-3. Brendan then attempted a steal of second and despite a perfect throw, Brendan was safe as the ball was dropped. With two strikes on Rich Motta, he ripped a singled through the right side of the infield and the score was tied. John Flynn retired the side in the 8th and in the bottom with one out, Mike Kalab doubled, Brian Castles singled, then stole second. In addition, Bryan Vaccaro roped a single to right to win in dramatic fashion… Shades of Islip so many years ago. Will they ever learn whom not to pitch too? The Stingers pounded out 17 hits and a walk and got super pitching from the Flynn twins. Mike pitched three scoreless, while John pitched four scoreless. Vaccaro and Castles each had three hits, Jones, Kalab, and Motta had two each; Pete Kersich, Matt, Joey Andrechuk, Mike Flynn, and Rich Donnelly each had one.

In Game 2, the Stingers started early and led 8-1 going into the bottom of the fifth. The Yanks showed why they won it a year ago and actually had the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the seventh with two outs, but failed to score. Final: Stingers 8 - Yanks 6. The Stingers are now in 2nd place, which allowed Coach Pete to be asked to manage the All Star game at Duck Stadium on July 12 and allowed five Stingers to be voted by their peers to attend and play. The game featured five strong innings of pitching by Dean Papakonstantis; eight hits: Two by Matt and Dean; a double by Tommy Williams and Rich Motta; and singles by Bryan and Rich Donnelly. Defense was solid. Stingers are now 8 - 3. Next game is at Baseball Heaven on Thursday at 9:30 pm.

Stinger Re-Launch for 2014!!

May 25, 2014

Stingers Launch Re-Boot …. Win 5 - 2


It was deemed Joey Andrechuk Night. Joey was considered cancer free in October, 2013, ten months after being diagnosed with Germinoma, a type of brain cancer. He had tumors in his brain successfully removed following chemo and radiation. Storms surrounded Birchwood Field with torrential rain throughout Long Island. Yet, merely a mist fell at the field and the Stingers opened 2014, having last played in August 2012. After going down in order in the first, Joey headed out to the mound. With the Stingers lining the third base line, the Corn kids lining the first base line, and a crowd of nearly 100 standing and applauding, Joey was our hero and what he endured for ten months was now being admired by all at the field. Joey went two-plus innings, striking out four, walking two, giving up just one hit and allowing no runs. Kevin Gebhart relieved Joey and pitched three solid innings giving up two hits two walks and two runs while striking out six. Brian Vaccaro pitched a scoreless sixth and seventh, striking out four and allowing just one hit. Entering the seventh, the Stingers trailed 2 - 1; the one run coming on a double by Dean Papakonstantis knocking in Mike Flynn. In the seventh, Brian McIntyre opened up with a double. Yes, the Brian that had not swung a bat in nearly ten years. It allowed the Stingers to play Stinger baseball. When the inning ended, the Stingers led 5 - 2. Interestingly, all four runs were scored without a single hit. The Stingers finished off the Corn kids in the bottom of the seventh and won the game 5 - 2. Joey Andrechuk was back!!


June 15, 2014

At 10:50 pm on Saturday night, Coach Pete received a text from one of the Corn Kids saying no games on Sunday. Cannot field a team. Total BULL. TWO WINS FOR US BUT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO PLAY!!

We Begin on Friday

May 20, 2014

Let's get fired up!!  Friday begins @Stinger_reboot!!  Be at Birchwood Field by 7:30 pm


Please click on Venues (Directions) on left column to find field we are playing at!!


July 20, 2014

Our Schedule:





Total:  26 games

Liegi Makes Headlines

May 4, 2014

Liegi walks on, impresses out of baseball’s bullpen


Nick Liegi wasn’t recruited to play for Binghamton’s baseball team — he wasn’t even on its radar.

“I didn’t know much about Nick entering into the fall tryout … only what his high school coach told one of my assistant coaches,” BU head coach Tim Sinicki said.

But Liegi knew he wanted to continue playing the game after high school, so he gave Sinicki a call over the summer.

“He responded and gave me times for a meet up, and practices in the fall,” Liegi said. “And so I started showing up to those throughout the fall.”

“What Nick did during the fall season was very impressive, and I felt he needed and deserved to be part of our program,” Sinicki said.

Flash-forward a few months: Liegi owns a 1.72 ERA in 15.2 innings and pitched three shutout innings to earn the win in the Bearcats’ 4-3 victory over Hartford last weekend.

Liegi’s success is rare for a walk-on, in that BU typically doesn’t carry many non-scholarship players. Traditionally, the Bearcats don’t even have a yearly walk-on tryout.

“This past year was an exception,” Sinicki said. “A couple of our returning pitchers were coming off injuries and one of our incoming freshmen was coming in with an injury so we were looking to add a walk-on pitcher if we felt there was a good candidate … That is when we found Nick.”

Sinicki didn’t hunt Liegi like a prized recruit — he stumbled upon him like a diamond in the rough. For a BU bullpen that’s been shaky the past couple of seasons, Liegi has shined especially bright.

“His numbers and effectiveness are impressive for both a walk-on or recruited player,” Sinicki said.

Liegi’s fastball tops out at 81 mph. While he doesn’t necessarily have a go-to pitch, Liegi mixes three pitches into his repertoire and throws whatever is working for him during any given outing. As for his approach on the mound, Liegi likes to keep things simple.

“I always just try and stay focused,” Liegi said. “Always being ready to go in. Work well with the catcher, be in sync with him. Make the most of every opportunity and practice hard every day.”

Liegi, who went to Sachem East High School in Suffolk County on Long Island, first picked up a glove when he was 10 years old, and played throughout middle and high school. He wasn’t promised a spot on a college team, but the itch to toe the rubber didn’t end for him when high school did.

“I really wanted to continue playing, and playing D-1 baseball has been a dream,” Liegi said.

As for his goals down the road, Liegi just wants “to get as much playing time as possible.” He has flashed sparks of dominance in a small sample size this season, and Sinicki foresees Liegi continuing to be the reliable arm he’s been looking for in his bullpen.

“All I know is, as long as Nick continues to buy into what we do here within our baseball program there is no reason he cannot continue to be successful,” Sinicki said.

As good as Liegi has been in the opportunities he’s had as a freshman, and for as good as he may be in the future, he’ll still carry the label of “walk-on” around with him for as long as he’s wearing the green and white. That alone, according to Liegi, is enough to continue to drive him to be the best pitcher he can be.

“I was not recruited by anyone else,” Liegi said. “I guess you could say I slipped through the cracks. I don’t have anyone specific to prove wrong but I always play with a chip on my shoulder because I wasn’t recruited by anyone.”

The Bearcats will return to action at Varsity Field this weekend with a three-game series against UMass Lowell. First pitch of Saturday’s doubleheader is set for noon. The series will conclude at 1 p.m. Sunday.

#StingerNation Gets Press Coverage

April 14, 2014

The story on Joey Andrechuk will be aired by Fios1 sometime in early June


Coach Pete is ready for May 25th !

April 2, 2014

#StingerNation Uni's are ready.... what about you?!

March 31, 2014

Another Successful Practice!!

March 24, 2014

Thank you to John and Mike Flynn, Pete Kersich, Mike Kalab, Tommy Ryan, Rich Motta and George Stenby for coming to the HCC on Saturday for two rounds of batting and a strong infield/outfield practice.  We appear to be in mid-season form.  Please keep throwing.  Ten teams in our division.  I want to compete!!

Stinger Re-Launch Gets National Attention

March 18, 2014 – 10:00 PM

The re-launch of the L.I. Stingers and the recovery of Joey Andrechuk is turning heads and has reached the national level. Please read the email Coach Pete just received:

Good Evening,

It's Amanda from Fios1 News, we "spoke" on Twitter earlier today about a story
idea. I would love to hear more about your player who overcame brain cancer and
now is going to be starting on the mound in May. When do you guys start
practice? I would love to get some video of him practicing--talk to him, you,
his family and maybe some of his friends who are on the team. Let me know what
will work well with the schedule of the team and I can work around it--since the
story can run anytime between April and May I don't need to film everything on
the same day.


Amanda VanAllen
FiOS1 News (NJ/LI)


Hopefully, this will lead to more coverage of twenty GREAT boys!!

Stan Musial Meeting Re-cap

March 9, 2014 – 12:25 PM

The Long Island Stan Musial Baseball League held its Registration and Information Meeting on March 5, 2014. The following is a recap of what was discussed and important information for all teams interested in playing in 2014.

TEAM PLACEMENTS - teams are being placed in one of four Wood Divisions [AAAA, AAA, AA, A] by the Board of Commissioners and President based on previous year's record and league administration's knowledge of team. Team must complete a Registration form to be assigned to a Division. Teams can register on-line on the League Website under Online Forms - www.leaguelineup.com/lism14
LEAGUE SCHEDULES - will be completed this season by the Board and the President.
All team opening dates, conflicts and days a team cannot play must be submitted by APRIL 15TH!!! This information will not be accepted after that date. Information must be indicated on Registration Form or by e-mail to President or Commissioner.
No verbal requests will be honored.
All teams in our league in a given division will be assigned basically the same amount of games.
Preliminary schedules distributed May 1st, teams will have one week to review. Final schedules - May 12!!!!
No team will be placed on the schedule without paying the league deposit fee.
LISM BASEBALL CONTRACT - all teams [including new division which will be updated with new dates] must sign the new LISM Baseball Contract to enter a team in the league. The form is located on the League Website under Printable Forms.
DEPUTY COMMISSIONER ASSIGNMENTS - the following are the DC assignments for the 2014 season. Please utilize the Board of Commissioners for the daily operation of the league during the season and the league phone / President for emergencies only. Contact info for the Commissioner and the DCs is located on the League Website under Contacts.


PASSWORDS / USERNAMES - passwords for use on the league website will be issued when a team completes a league registration form. 
We hope you find this information helpful. Please submit your Team Registration Form along with your required dates as soon as possible, send in your team deposit and read the LISM Baseball Contract.
The Board of Commissioners and the President look forward to another exciting season of baseball.
Bob DePersio, Sr
LISM Baseball Commissioner

Stinger Updates

March 24, 2014 – 03:00 PM

As of today, 20 players are in!!!!!

     A. Stinger Hats in and getting engraved!!

     B.  Your 2014 L.I. Stingers Jerseys are in and getting engraved. 

     C.  Our Stinger checking account is open!!.

     D.  Click on the Stan Musial site listed below.  Then go to teams on left side and AA.  That is our division.  Ten teams are listed so far. 

     E.  March 8, 16 Practices were fantastic!!

     F.  Click on handouts and Stan Musial One to view agenda and fees for league!!

     G.  Nicky Liegi shut down powerful Georgia and is playing at Stony Brook on April 13.

     H.  Dan Hetzel is playing at Rhode Island and will face Stony Brook on April 16.

     I.  Rich Motta is a starting pitcher for SCC and signed to play for University of New Haven next year on scholarship!!

     J.  Joe Ryan will be the starting fullback for Alfred this fall!!


2014 Uniform

February 19, 2014

Here is what the 2014 Stingers uniform will be looking like !

Long Island Stingers Re-Launch!!!

February 22, 2014 – 04:38 PM

Players Committed:

1.    Peter Kersich:  Paid

2.    Matthew Kersich:  Paid

3.    John Flynn:  Paid

4.    Mike Flynn:  Paid

5.    Joey Andrechuk:  Paid

6.    Bryan Vaccaro:  Paid

7.    Tommy Williams:  Paid

8.    Mike Kalab:  Paid

9.    Colin Chaloupecky:  Paid

10.  Rich Donnelly:  Paid

11.  Brian McIntyre:  Paid

12.  Jake Andrechuk:  Paid

13.  Dean Papakonstantis:  Paid

14.  George Stenby:  Partial Payment

15.  Shane Paparelli:  Partial Payment

16.  Kevin Gebhart:  Partial Payment

17.  Joe Deland:  Partial Payment 

18.  Tommy Ryan:  Partial Payment

19.  Joe Ryan:  Partial payment  

20.  Rich Motta Partial Payment    

21.  ??????



Note:  Full Payment  =  You Are In!!!


21.  Anthony Telesca??

22.  Nicky Liegi??

23.  Nicky Cioffi??

24.  Billy Alvino??

25.  Mike Castles??

26.  Brian Castles??

27.  Sal Giannino



I Need At Least 20 Paid!!  Let's Go!!!!! 


Coach Pete is excited to announce:
Long Island Stingers
Re - Launch

League:  Stan Musial AA

Start:  Third Week of May.

Games:  One Weekday and Double every weekend for total of 25 games.

Fee:  $300 Per Player ( based on 20 players)

League Cost:  $1800
Umpire Cost:  $2000
Uniforms for 20 players:  $2000
Team Insurance:  $200
Baseballs:  $400.

Note:  We will be using new uniforms.

I cannot put a team together with less than 20 players. Also, I cannot move
forward without money.
If I can get some sponsors, I will refund money.

So, checks for $300 per player need to be made out to: 

Long Island Stingers

mailed to or dropped off to:

Long Island Stingers
61 Thunder Rd.
Holbrook, NY 11741

Questions??  Call me @ 631-965-3502!!
Speak to your parents.
Again, I cannot move forward without a commitment (meaning $300 payment) by
February 28, 2014.

Stan Musial League Website

February 18, 2014

Joe Andrechuk Gets Great News!!

The follow-up MRI on Joey Andrechuk revealed NO CANCER!!  What a GREAT DAY!!  Keep your prayers going for Joey!!


Mass for Joey Andrechuk

June 29, 2013

Where:  Good Shepard Church in Holbrook

When:  Sunday, June 30

Time:  Noon

Details:  A mass is being said for Joey Andrechuk on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at noon, prior to Joey having his second brain surgery on Tuesday, July 2.  All are welcome.  Stinger players / parents, should wear something Stingers.  All are encouraged to wear a baseball jersey. 

Marathon for Joe

May 8, 2013

FYI:  The goal of $5000 has been reached!!  If you want to follow the site, simply google Joe Andrechuk and look for Marathon for Joe. He will be headed to Boston in late June to start radiation. If all goes right, Joey will be back in late July. His spirit is good and he remains strong. Please set aside Sunday, August 4 for our softball Stinger reunion day for Joey!!  More to follow. 

BELIEVE.... Joe Chuck Update

FYI:  Joe Chuck went in to NYU this morning for a brain scan to see if there was any change. I just got this text from Sandra. Please keep the texts, emails, prayers, etc. coming. It is working...


Sandra's text:  


Great news.  small tumor no longer visible and large tumor looks more than 50% smaller.  will be going to boston for radiation in 2 1/2 months.  thank you god.  added bonus....counts are good and we are doing chemo!!!!!!

NORTH SHORE COBRAS (The 12 U Stinger Team) Wins Summer!!

August 5, 2012

The North Shore Cobras (Coach Pete's 12U team) has won the regular summer season title in the "A" Division with a 13 - 3 record. In just its third year of existence, the Cobras were winless in 2010 and 8 - 8 in 2011. They begin playoffs on Monday at Diamonds in the Pines at 8:30 p.m.

Playoff Game 1: Stingers 3 - Jays 0

August 7, 2012
The L.I. Stingers live on for at least one more game after beating the L.I. Jays 3 - 0 to start the T.O.B. playoffs. Joey Andrechuk continued his dominate summer allowing just one hit and three walks in the complete game shutout. Defense was flawless. The Stingers turned a double-play in the first inning, had great catches from Matt Kersich, Mike Flynn and Anthony Telesca, had great scoops at first from John Flynn and Kevin Gebhart, had a player thrown out from rightfield to first twice by Tommy Williams and Joe Ryan. The Stingers had eight hits including two from Jake Andrechuk and one each from Matt, Rich Motta, Anthony Telesca, Tom Ryan, Tommy Williams and a double from Joey. Matt also had 2 Rbi's and tonight showed that the Stingers are not ready to close it down. Their next game is Thursday vs. MLI at Medford at 6:00 p.m.

Our Final Game

August 9, 2012

The L.I. Stingers fought until the end. John Flynn threw four great innings. Mike Flynn got little support. Rich Motta got the final Stinger hit. Three Stingers were hit with pitches: Kevin Gebhart, Tommy Williams and John Flynn. Matt Kersich got the final sacrifice. Tommy Ryan threw out two runners. Nicky Liegi and Anthony Telesca wanted to be a part of this team one more time and gave it their all. Joe Ryan, Tommy Ryan and Joey Andrechuk provided spirit until the last pitch. Images that will remain forever. That we lost 5 - 0 is not the story here. Throughout five years, these Stingers scared the establishment and threatened teams that charged thousands of dollars to play. We paid $150 to play this summer. We had a winning record and a playoff win. Twenty different boys played. And, despite the misery that happens to some on the Sachem East Varsity, these boys showed how much they loved the game, how well they could play the game and that it is fun to play baseball. Lifetime memories. Best of luck to all of you!!

Stingers lose last-ever Regular Season Game

July 31, 2012

The L.I. Stingers managed just a single by George Stenby to drive in their only run, and doubles by John Flynn and Kevin Gebhart and failed to get a win, losing to Newfield 4 - 1. The Stingers finish the regular season with an 11 - 7 record and should be seated sixth out of eighteen teams for the playoffs next week. Coach Pete chose to pitch three original Stingers: Mike Flynn, John Flynn and Joey Andrechuk, all who played with the Stingers for nine years. All did an admiral job. Defensively, the Stingers made some nice plays, including a great play at third by Mike, a nice play at short by Jake Andrechuk, a throw-out to first from right field by John to Rich Motta, a sparkLing grab at second by Tommy Williams, and finally, two runners gunned down by Matt Kersich, who hopes to play ball in Florence, Italy while he attends his first year abroad there this coming fall. Also, thanks to Nick Cioffi, one of my original travel players when he was ten, and to Mike Castles for covering ground in centerfield. THE STINGERS WILL PRACTICE AT SACHEM EAST ON SUNDAY AT 11:O0 A.M. TO PREPARE FOR NEXT WEEKS PLAYOFFS. PLEASE TRY AND ATTEND!!!

Stingers Beaten by First-Place Sharks

July 24, 2012

After an intense game on Monday, the Stingers put up little resistance vs. the L.I. sharks and were beaten 9 - 0. The Stingers faced one of Suffolks' best pitchers and managed only a 6th inning single by Jake Andrechuk. The Stingers also made a team high 6 errors and clearly showed the effects of last night. They fall to 11 - 6 with one game left.

Stingers TKO Falcons (Longwood Lions) As Coach Quits Game!!

July 23, 2012
The L.I. Stingers beat the L.I. Falcons ( a.k.a. the Longwood Lions) by a score of 9 - 1. The coach of the Falcons actually forfeited the game in the top of the sixth, as his pitcher, who previously punched Kevin Gebhart as he was thrown out at first, went crazy after Kevin collided with him on a foul pop-up. The Falcons started early on with low class as a parent came to our bench to complain about our boys. Matt Kersich defended our boys and the fun they have coming to the field. A few innings later, one of the Falcon pitchers went at it with Coach Pete Jr. as we executed two perfect bunts in a row. The parents were nasty. The Falcon players did nothing but complain. And, the Stinger boys (16 of them tonight) let their pitching, fielding and batting do the talking. Joey Andrechuk threw into the fifth, allowing just three hits, three walks and one run. Brian Castles finished the fifth, which included Danny Hetzel gunning down a runner at home from short left field. Tom Ryan made a great one-bounce catch to tag the runner. The Stingers pounded out twelve hits, had nine walks and five steals, to go along with their nine runs. Tom, Brian and Danny each had two hits, and Jake Andrechuk, Mike Castles, Joey, Rich Effinger, Rich Motta and Anthony Telesca had one each. George Stenby had the games first RBI and with one or two games to play, the Stingers are now 11 - 5 and points-wise, close to a two or three seed for the playoffs!!

Stingers Sweep...after a lousy loss!!

July 17, 2012

After a miserable Monday night at Moriches and a 6-0 loss to the Elite, the Stingers swept a double from the Breakers (1 - 0) and the Vipers.(8 - 1) In the Breaker game, Joey Andrechuk tossed a complete game, five-hit no walk outing. The lone run came on a ground out from Rich Effinger to score Matt Kersich, who had reached on a fielder's choice and stole second and third. Joey, George Stenby and Rich had the other Stinger hits. In the second game, Kevin Gebhart, George and one out from Matt Kersich combined for the two-hitter. Tommy Ryan went 3 - 3 with 2 Rbi's and a run scored, John Flynn, George, and Jake Andrechuk each had a double, Matt had a Sac-fly, a walk and a single, Mike Flynn added an Rbi and gutted out two games with a bad back, Joe Ryan got his 3000th hit that knocked in two, Rich had a single, and Joey was on base all three at-bats. The Stingers are now 9 - 5 with four to play. Their next game is Thursday at 5:00 at St. Joe's.

John Flynn Dominates Jays!!

July 19, 2012
John Flynn struggled in inning one throwing 31 pitches, but then he settled in to dominate the L.I. Jays,throwing only 55 more for the next six innings, as the Stingers won 6 - 2. John allowed just three hits and two earned runs going the distance. He was helped by: Jake Andrechuk with a hit, a walk, two steals and two runs; Tommy Williams with a hit and a run; George Stenby with two hits, 3 RBI's and a steal; Mike Flynn with two hits and an RBI; Matt Kersich with a hit and a sacrifice; Tom Ryan with a hit; and finally, Joe Ryan with two hits, a walk, two runs, and maybe one of the greatest Stinger catches of all time in centerfield. We had only nine players tonight, but everyone helped contribute to the victory. The Stingers are now 10 - 5 and play rival L.I. Falcons next!!

Why I Love This Team!!

July 12, 2012

After a bad loss on Tuesday night to the Mount Sinai Reds, (We had great pitching by Rich Motta, Rich Effinger and Anthony Telesca giving up no earned runs, and two more hits by George Stenby) the Stingers faced the Atlantic Tides tonight, a team very evenly matched. What the Tides did not prepare for was why I love this bunch of boys. The Stingers won the game 8 - 3, behind 8 hits and 10 walks. Mike Flynn and Joey Andrechuk did their jobs on the hill. Jake Andrechuk walked three times and scored three runs; Mike, Dan Hetzel and Rich Effinger each had two hits; Mike also scored three runs; John Flynn and George each had a hit, Matt Kersich walked twice; Mike also made a nice double play in the last inning. But this is not the story. It's about 13 boys coming down to a baseball game to play baseball and have fun doing it. It's rooting for Gallo, Joe and Tommy Ryan and even Joey at the plate. It's the constant dugout chat that has our parents laughing and the boys laughing as well!! Yes, BLUE warned our bench. Yes, the other parents got nasty with some of the boys. Why? The Stingers want to have fun and in our society today, that is not the norm!! Lighten up people. The L.I. Stingers have seven more regular games and the playoffs. We are 7 - 4 and love the game. Too bad more teams cannot just come and have some fun. GREAT job, boys. Keep doing what you are doing!!

Stinger Boys Show Their Class.. Again!!

July 11, 2012

Stinger Players,
You did it again!! Please read below:

christian (and i) had a great time.? i have been with him at many events that are 'firsts' in his young? life.? last nights' ball game, meeting the entire stingers team, having his ball signed by all the players, including coach pete, and then the team handing him the broken bat..... it was the thrill of a life time for him.? he is on cloud nine and spent a half an hour on the phone with his father recounting every detail of the evening.
his bat and signed ball are prominently displayed on his dresser with his other important mementos and will be the topic of many conversations.? i have been told(by christian) that i am to pack them carefully and that they are going back to south carolina with him.
he kept telling me all the way home "how nice all the players were to him".? this was a? highlight of his trip and i know we will make another game this summer if possible. you have a new little friend, he thinks the world of you too.
you, your sister, the boys, coach pete, the photographer(somehow), combined to make a nine year old boy very happy. he is beaming.? thanks.

Stingers win an Epic Battle!!

July 9, 2012

The Stingers pounded out 15 hits, had 3 HBP's and 4 walks to beat MLI Grey 8 - 4 in an epic battle. The Stingers scored three runs in the first and added a another in the second to jump out to a 4 - 1 lead. In the third, the Stingers made two costly errors followed by a bases-clearing double and the score was tied. In the bottom of the sixth, MLI loaded the bases with one out and their two best hitters of the night coming to the plate. John Flynn struck them both out. In the top of the 7th, the Stingers scored four big runs and sent nine men to the plate. MLI loaded the bases in the bottom of the seventh, but grounded out to end the game. The offense was lead by: George Stenby who went 4 - 4, Rich Motta, who went 3 - 4 with 3 RBI's, Matt Kersich, Jake Andrechuk and Mike Flynn with two hits, Tommy Williams with two HBP's, John Flynn with a double, and Chris Kennedy with a go-ahead triple in the seventh that started the ball rolling. Joey Andrechuk pitched the first four innings, allowing just one earned run while striking out six. John Flynn got the win in relief. The Stingers had only nine boys and really showed some heart tonight!! They are now 6-3 at the half-way mark.

Stingers get Stung!!

July 5, 2012

The L.I. Stingers failed to make a dent with the Miller Place Reds and were beaten 8 - 0. The Stingers managed just two hits, a single by Jake Andrechuk and a double by Joey Andrechuk. The boys were small-balled to death and just could not get out of the 95 degrees, post 4th funk. Tommy Williams and Matt Kersich each made nice catches on fly balls, but the story of the game was....it was one of those days.... The Stingers are now 5 - 3 and start a stretch of three games per week for the next three weeks. Pick it up boys!! Show how good you are.

Stingers Win Big... Pound Out Record Number of Hits!!

July 3, 2012

The L.I. Stingers pounded out a record seventeen hits and scored fifteen runs in 4+ innings to beat Patchogue. John Flynn and Nick Cioffi combined to pitch four innings of one-hit ball with no walks. The hit list went like this: Tommy Williams: 1-2, with a triple and a run; Nick Cioffi: 1-2 with a single and 2 rbi's; Jake Andrechuk: 2-3 with an HBP,2 steals, 3 runs scored, and 1 rbi; Mike Flynn: 2-3 with our first homer of the year, a double, a walk, 4 rbi's and 3 runs scored; Chris Kennedy: 3-4 with two doubles, 2 rb's, 2 stolen bases and three runs scored; Rich Motta: HBP and scored a run; Kevin Gebhart: 2-2 with an rbi; John Flynn: 2-3 with a walk; George Stenby: 2-4 with a double, and 3 rbi's; Matt Kersich: 3-3 with three steals and two runs scored; and finally: Rich Effinger: 1 walk, 1 rbi and one run scored. The Stingers are now 5 - 2 and play at St. Joe's this Thursday.

Mike Flynn Dominates.... Stingers Beat Mudcats

June 28, 2012

Mike Flynn continued his Stinger dominance tonight allowing just one hit, five walks and TWELVE strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings to beat the Mudcats 1 - 0. Rich Motta made it a little more exciting in the seventh when he walked the bases loaded, but he struck out the final batter to preserve the win. Mike at one point struck out nine straight outs and ten of eleven in what may have been his most dominating performance as a Stinger. The lone run was scored in the third inning. Joe Ryan was hit by a pitch. Matt Kersich got an infield single. Tom Williams grounded to short to hit into a possible double play. However, Matt slid hard into second and Tommy ran hard down to first and the ball sailed passed the first baseman allowing Joe to score from second. Other highlights: Rich Motta threw out a runner at home trying to tag on a fly to right field on one bounce; Matt Kersich threw out a runner trying to score on an infield grounder; Tom Ryan threw out two more runners trying to steal!! Finally, the Stingers managed just three other hits; one each by John Flynn, Tommy Williams and Rich Motta. The Stingers are now 4 - 2 and knocked off the undefeated Mudcats. Next game: Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at Medford.

Gebhart Dominates Cage Knights... Stingers win on a mercy!!

June 26, 2012

Kevin Gebhart started and pitched four strong innings, his longest Stinger outing to date, and the Stinger bats buzzed Knight pitching to the tune of 15 hits and an 11 - 1 mercy in 4 1/3 innings. Kevin allowed just one run on one hit, three walks and four strikeouts. The hitting highlights were many: Nick Liegi had two hits and 2 rbi's; Brian Castles had one hit and one rbi; Danny Hetzel had a double, a single and a walk; Chris Kennedy returned to the Stinger line-up hitting a double and scoring a run; Mike Flynn had two doubles, scored two runs and had an rbi; John Flynn had a single, a double, was hit by a pitch, had an rbi, and scored three runs; Rich Motta went 3 - 3 with three rbi's and two runs scored; Tommy Williams had a single, was hit by a pitch, had two rbi's and scored a run, and finally, Kevin had a single, a walk, an rbi and a run scored.

Stingers Get Stung!!

June 14, 2012

The L.I. Stingers lost to the M.L.I. White Phantoms but played them tough for six of the seven innings. Pitching was an issue for the first time as three Stinger pitchers combined to walk nine M.L.I. batters. Rich Motta did make his Stinger pitching debut and threw three very strong innings allowing just one earned run. Anthony Telesca contributed with three hits, including a double and an RBI. Tommy Ryan gunned down a runner at second and a runner at third after a strikeout for an inning-ending double play. Jake Andrechuk continued his stellar play in the field, had a double and stole a base. John Flynn had a single, a Sac. Fly and an RBI. Kevin Gebhart and Nick Liegi each had singles. Kevin also had the lone Stinger walk. The Stingers are now 2 - 2 and have a week off before playing 14 games in the next five weeks. Let’s go boys!!!

Joey Andrechuk Throws a No-hitter!!!

June 11, 2012

Joey Andrechuk threw his first-ever complete game no - hitter vs. the MLI Phantoms tonight, throwing 98 pitches, walking three and hitting one batter. Big plays in the field by Jake Andrechuk, George Stenby, Matt Kersich, Rich Motta, Tommy Ryan (Gunning down yet another runner) and scoops at first by John Flynn helped to preserve the no-no and allow the Stingers to win 2 - 0. Both Stinger runs were scored in the first inning with two outs. Mike Flynn singled, Rich Motta and Kevin Gebhart walked and Nicky Liegi delivered a huge two out hit to knock in the two runs. The Stingers managed just one more hit by Tommy Williams and a sac. bunt from Tommy as well, but that was all the offense the Stingers brought to the plate. It was enough, though, and Joey becomes just the second Stinger ever to pitch a no-hitter. MLI White is next for the Stingers on Thursday, who are now 2 - 1.

Stingers Bounce Back vs. Sharks!!

June 7, 2012

The L.I. Stingers came right back to the win column with a convincing 5 - 1 win vs. the L.I. Sharks at the brand new St. Joe’s Complex on Sunrise Hwy. in Patchogue. Mike Flynn dominated on the pitching mound allowing just three hits and one run in all seven innings of work. Mike has been doing this for three years now and has shown he truly belongs out on that mound. Mike also added two hits. Jake Andrechuk made all the plays to him at short, including a web gem in the last inning, robbing the batter of a hit by laying out. Jake also scored from second on a fielder’s choice play, as the Sharks tried to turn two. Joe Andrechuk and Kevin Gebhart each hit long doubles. George Stenby made his Stinger debut getting a single and throwing out a runner by ten feet. Mike Castles came down as a filler and contributed a great deal using his speed to beat out a bunt, steal three bases and track down a few fly balls. The Stingers enter week two with a 1 - 1 record. They play three games in week two before getting a weeklong break. Keep it up, boys!!

Stingers Open Final Season with a loss!!

June 4, 2012

The L.I. Stingers opened the 2012 season with a 5 - 1 loss to the Mastic Pirates at the Medford Complex. This was their first game of the final L.I. Stingers season and for the first time playing together, the boys did a fine job. Tommy Ryan threw out three runners attempting to steal. Nick Liegi had a double. Dan Hetzel scored the lone Stinger run on a hit by Jake Andrechuk. Dan, Rich Motta, Anthony Telesca, and Tommy Williams all had singles. Anthony reached base all three times. Dan stole three bases. The pitching staff of Anthony, John Flynn, Joey Andrechuk and Nick allowed just six hits, but walked five and hit two batters. They did strike out 14 batters in a losing cause. The Stingers play at the new St. Joe’s complex on Thursday at 7:30. Mike Flynn will start on the hill.

Summer Schedule is Posted!!

May 27, 2012

Click on Schedules and T.O.B. 2012 to see our entire summer schedule. Please let me know ASAP if you cannot be at a game. Thanks... Pete

Stingers to go International??

May 9, 2012

Matt Kersich, who is headed to Florence, Italy in August, has reached out to a baseball coach there and the coach responded, telling Matt he would love him to come down to the team and to call him when he arrives. Below is the actual emails but they are in Italian, so it may not be easy for you to translate:

From: "info@fiorentinabaseball.it"
Date: May 9, 2012 2:54:21 EDT
To: mkersich4@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Baseball in Italia

Ciao Matt
puoi giocare con noi.Appena arrivi a Firenze chiamami al 3389847452?
A presto?
Gianfranco lauria?
Fiorentina Baseball?
Da: "Matt Kersich" mkersich4@gmail.com
A: info@fiorentinabaseball.it
Data: Tue, 8 May 2012 20:46:59 -0400
Oggetto: Baseball in Italia

> Ciao !
> Mi chiamo Matt Kersich. Ho diciassette anni e sono Americano. Vorrei sapere se posso giocare a baseball quando vado in italia. In agosto, andro in italia per il mio primo anno di collegio. Per tutto anno, studiero a Florida State University in Firenze. In America, amo giocare a baseball e voglio continuare a giocare a baseball quando vado in Italia. Avro diciotto anni quando arrivo in Italia. Anche mi dispiace se il mio italiano non e perfetto. Se mi puoi aiutare, mi scrivi per favore. Grazie Mille !!!?

> Matt Kersich

Mike Flynn wins Crowley Scholarship!!

For the second time in as many years, a Long Island Stinger has captured the Jim Crowley Scholarship!! Mike Flynn, an original Stinger for more than ten years was presented with the scholarship tonight at the Sachem East vs. Sachem North game at the Medford Complex. C.J. Hafner won it last year. Way to go Mike!!!!

Fall Stinger Players Headline Newsday!!

April 1, 2012

Cody McPartland of Miller Place and Tyler Piccolo of Rocky Point were both highlighted in the High School sports section of Newsday today as "Rising Stars"!! Check it out..and congrats to you both.

We're Back!!!

March 24, 2012
If all goes correctly, this will be our summer look. The LE is for Lang Eylandt; the original name of Long Island. It is my hope that we can find a company that we can get them made from. Stay tuned...

Our Roster:

Committed to play:

1. Tommy Ryan
2. Joe Ryan
3. Rich Motta
4. John Flynn
5. Mike Flynn
6. Matt Kersich
7. Joey Andrechuk
8. Jake Andrechuk
9. Kevin Gebhart
10. George Stenby
11. Rich Effinger
12. Tommy Williams
13. Anthony Telesca ( Part-time committed!!)
14. Nick Liegi (Part-time committed!!)
14. Nick Cioffi (Verbal)
15. Rich Trifaro (Verbal Part-time)
16. Dan Hetzel (Verbal Part-time)

About our own!!

Tom Trifaro in uniform at University of Tampa!! Good luck, Tom!! Tom currently is on the JV squad and is out two more weeks with a broken arm. The University of Tampa Varsity is ranked first in Division II in the country. Tom told me today that he will not let the Stinger Nation down and will get on that team some day. Make us proud, Tom!!!

T-Shirts are in!!

March 15, 2012

The #stingernation t-shirts are in and will be distributed as I see you. Uniforms for the summer are ordered and hope to see them within the next four weeks. Hats will be in by next Friday!!

Our Stinger Players School Ball Results

March 10, 2012 – 02:35 PM

A very BIG congratulations to the following summer Stinger players and what they will be doing this Spring:
1. John Flynn: Sachem East Varsity
2. Mike Flynn: Sachem East Varsity
3. Tom Ryan: Sachem East Varsity
4. Joe Ryan: Sachem East Varsity
5. Rich Motta: Sachem East Varsity
6. Anthony Telesca: Sachem East Varsity
7. Nick Liegi: Sachem East Varsity
8. Jake Andrechuk: Sachem East Junior Varsity
9. George Stenby: Sachem East Varsity
10. Nick Cioffi: Sachem North Varsity
11. Rich Effinger: Newfield Varsity
12. Kevin Gebhart: William Floyd Varsity

Make the Stingers proud boys. Work hard. Keep me posted. And, I will be seeing you at your games. Congratulations!!

Out of Retirement???

Dear All,
If Brett Favre can do it...Roger Clemens can do it... Michael Jordan can do it.... why can't the Stingers!!! I received an email this past Wednesday from the Town of Brookhaven. Unlike last year, this year they will allow ANY HS senior to play the summer Varsity league. Therefore, I offer the following... If we can find 12 players to commit to the team, I will run a summer program one more time. There will be no other tournament... Just 18 games plus playoffs starting the second week of June. The commitment by you is simple... For each person that plays, I will need a check for $150.00 by March 1, 2012. I will cover the rest with the money I have left in the Stinger account. The real cost will be close to $2400, so I am saving each player $50.00. I will get new hats and some sort of Jersey / shirt. And, we will need a few dozen more baseballs. I will say it again... I NEED 12 COMMITMENTS AND $1800 by March 1, 2012. Ask a friend if need be. Our team looks like this: Cioffi, Flynn, Flynn, Effinger, Gebhart, Ryan, Ryan, Kersich, Motta??, Williams, Stenby??, and????
To Matt Piccolo and the North Shore Cougars, if any of your players are interested in playing a little more ball, let me know. I will ask each of them for just $75.00 to come and play some games for us. I will not step on your toes and put any of your players on the spot. And, if you can, spread the word for me that I am looking for a few more players and a commitment by March 1.
To All, we have won something every year in this organization. How great that we have been given one more chance to see our boys play baseball together one more time... Hope to hear a lot of yesses in the next few weeks... Thanks.. Coach Pete

Rained / Snowed?? Out Tomorrow!!

October 29, 2011 – 03:50 PM

We are rained / snowed out tomorrow (Sunday, October 30) vs. Centerport. I would like to play one more nine-inning game on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Please email / text me with your availability. We would start at 10:00 a.m. and then go to lunch!!

Stingers Stomp on Jericho!!

October 23, 2011

The L.I. Stingers put on an offensive display unlike any seen in a long time and beat Jericho 15 - 0 in just five and one-half innings. The boys pounded out fourteen hits along with four walks and a hit-by-pitch and displayed some great power. John Flynn (Grand slam!!), Anthony Telesca and Tyler Piccolo all hit home runs. Anthony, Ryan Rado, Tyler, Mike Flynn, and Tommy Williams all hit doubles. Matt Kersich had three singles; Nick Liegi and Nick Cioffi each had a single. Matt, Anthony, Mike, Nick Liegi, and Tommy all scored two runs each. John and Anthony each had four rbi’s. Kevin Gebhart had a walk and was hit by a pitch. Rich Effinger was walked in his only plate appearance. All this offense helped Kevin Gebhart settle in and pitch three strong innings allowing no runs, no hits and five walks in three full innings of work. Mike Flynn, Nick Cioffi and Tyler Piccolo each pitched one inning and gave up just one hit total in those three innings. The win puts the Stingers at 6 - 5- 1 with the last two games in Centerport on Sunday morning.

Stingers Split for 4th Time in Fall!!

October 16, 2011

The Long Island Stingers split a doubleheader for the fourth time in 5 weeks, winning 3 -2 and losing 8 - 5 versus Port Washington. The games featured Joey Andrechuk and Pete Kersich returning to fill some empty spots. Joey saw a lot of action at second playing error free ball. He also walked three times and was hit by a pitch. Pete also walked twice and had a few nice plays at first. Mike Flynn and Nick Cioffi pitched Game One allowing just two runs, seven hits and three walks, while striking out five. The Stingers managed just three hits; a single by Mike, a double by Nick, and a triple by Kevin Gebhart. The Stingers walked eight times in Game One. As for Game 2, the Stingers had nine walks but also struck out nine times. They managed just five hits. Anthony Telesca had three of them hitting a single, a double, a triple and had a walk for a perfect game. Rich Effinger and Tommy Williams each added a single. John Flynn pitched three strong innings allowing just two earned runs. Rich Effinger pitched the next three-plus innings and came one out from getting out of a seventh inning jam. Joey closed it out. Ryan Rado had two RBI’s and was mad that Port Washington did not have one attempted steal on him. Matt Kersich, in Game One, did throw out a runner, so maybe they learned not to steal on us!! The Stingers play at North Shore Little Leagues fields starting at 1:30 on Sunday vs. Jericho and are 4-5-1 for the fall. Finally, thank you John Mastroddi for cooking hot dogs for the boys in between games. We really appreciate it!!

Stingers Split Again!!

October 9, 2011

It took until Game 2 for the Stingers to wake up, and wake up they did in a big way. They won Game 2 by a score of 12 -2 in just 4 ½ innings. The Stingers pounded out 14 hits including: A triple by Matt Kersich; a double by Anthony Telesca; two singles by Ryan Rado; a single and two doubles by Tyler Piccolo; a double by Mike Flynn; a single and a double by Kevin Gebhart; a double by Nicky Cioffi; a single by Rich Effinger; and two singles by Tommy Williams. Nine of the eleven Stingers scored at least one run. Tyler added three rbi’s and Tommy, Anthony and Kevin all scored two runs each. Cody McPartland pitched four strong innings, striking out eight and allowing just two hits. Unfortunately, Game 1 had a different ending as the Stingers were beaten 5 - 2. They had a meltdown in the second inning allowing four runs and just could not recover. They had just six hits; Ryan had two and Anthony, Mike, Kevin and Cody had the others. Mike Flynn and Nicky Cioffi pitched well and deserved a better outcome. The Stingers are now 3-4-1 in the fall and play at Port Washington on Sunday.

L.I. Stingers Organization gets a Cooperstown Bid!!!

October 5, 2011 – 01:08 PM

Dear Parents,

Nearly ten months ago, Tom Esposito and I reached an agreement for me to come aboard as a coach and business manager for your North Shore Cobras. My biggest goal, besides sharing my knowledge of the game with your son, was to get a bid to Cooperstown. In early January, I sent in a $1000.00 deposit and paperwork to Cooperstown Dreams Park applying for a bid for the 2012 summer tournament.

It is with great excitement and pride that I announce to you today that we have been selected to play the week of August 17 thru August 22 at the Cooperstown Dreams Park. Please realize that this is a VERY BIG deal. We were chosen over literally thousands of other teams to play during this week. Nearly 5000 teams will be rejected. We got in!! I am ecstatic. You should be, too. It is a week you and your son will never forget.

So, mark your calendars now!! You should plan to leave on Friday, August 17. Many more details will be forthcoming. And, we will be setting up a meeting within the next month to discuss this incredible opportunity for your son. In the meantime, please visit: www.cooperstowndreamspark.com to get just a taste of what is to come for your entire family.

I thank you for your trust and support.


Stingers Split Interesting Double vs. Lynbrook

September 25, 2011

The L.I. Stingers split a double with Lynbrook today. The Lynbrook team could only field seven players but came all the way to the North Shore fields to play. So, a Stinger played centerfield every inning and Matt Piccolo and Mike Telesca split rightfield duties. In Game 2, Mike turned the clock back 25 years or so as he made a tremendous catch with the bases loaded for Lynbrook. He almost turned it into a double play. The games featured the following highlights: Mike Flynn allowed just one hit in four innings of work. He walked just one and struck out six. Mike also hit a monster home run in Game 1. Anthony Telesca had two moon - shot homers in Game 1 driving in five runs. He added a double in Game 2 and scored four runs. Rich Effinger finished pitching Game One and began pitching Game 2. He also picked off a runner!! Matt Kersich made a nice block of home to get a runner out and had two hits and two runs scored on the day. Tyler Piccolo pitched three innings allowing just one run and showcased his sick knuckler. Tyler had four hits on the day as well as four steals. He also scored three runs. Ryan Rado threw out a runner at second from behind the dish and had two hits. Ryan also was robbed of a hit due to the fielder not hustling back to his position and standing up the middle when Ryan hit the ball. The fielder turned it into a double play. Tommy Williams returned to the Stingers and hit the ball nicely. He wound up getting one base hit and one walk. Nick Cioffi was dragged out of bed for Game 2 and proceeded to hit two doubles with two rbi's. He also got in to pitch to a few batters. Finally, Kevin Gebhart had a nice hit in Game One but was thrown out by his own player trying to advance to second. It's Fall ball people. Each player has skills that need work. And, every Sunday in September and October should be where they work on it. We play a double at Samoset MS this Sunday vs. L.I. Storm starting at 9:00 a.m.

Tommy Williams Joins the Stingers

September 19, 2011 – 08:19 PM

The Long Island Stingers are thrilled to announce the signing of Tommy Williams for the remainder of the Fall season and hopefully, the Winter workouts. Tommy is an original Stinger and we are excited to see him back wearing the black and yellow!!

A Loss and a Tie vs. S.Y.A.G.

It was a tough day for the L.I. Stingers as they lost Game 1, 8 - 3 and tied Game 2, 3 - 3 in nine innings vs. the S.Y.A.G. Braves. The Stingers pitchers in Game 1 struck out 12 of the 18 outs, but also allowed 12 walks and 7 hits. The Stingers managed just six hits; two each by Matt Kersich and Ryan Rado, a single by Nick Cioffi and a double by Rich Effinger. Ryan also had two RBI’s. Anthony Telesca had the other. Nick Cioffi threw out a runner trying to score from second on a base hit in the first inning.
In Game 2, Cody McPartland took to the hill and after allowing a run in the first inning, he dominated, striking out 11 of the 15 outs recorded and allowing just two hits. Nick Cioffi pitched two scoreless innings and Rich Effinger pitched the last two innings allowing two runs, but picking off the potential winning run in the ninth. Mike Flynn had a huge single in the bottom of the eighth with two outs to bring home two runs after the Stingers gave up two in the top of the inning. S.Y.A.G. had walked Cody to load the bases to face Mike. And, he came up big!! Again, hits were tough to come by as the Stingers managed just five; a double by Matt, and singles by Anthony, Mike, Cody and John Flynn. A big thanks to Nick Liegi who was summoned out of bed after John Flynn hurt an ankle in Game One. Also, hats off to Kevin Gebhart who started Game One for his first Stinger start of 2011. Next up is Lynbrook at the North Shore Little League Fields on 25A in Miller Place on Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m.

Fall and Winter Workouts

Due to the nature of Coach Pete's injury, we will be working out every Thursday night from 8:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. at All-Pro in Bellport. There is no cost for you to come down and take some swings!!

Also, Coach Pete is looking for 10 players to do Winter workouts. The workouts will run every Sunday, starting December 18, 2011. The workouts will be held at All-Pro in Bellport from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. We have two pitching mounds and one tunnel. After all pitchers pitch, we will have a second tunnel. Coach Pete cannot wait to start pitching again!! The cost for the ten weeks is $100 for current and former Stingers. New players will be charged $150.00. This will be on a first come, first served basis. I will collect money starting this weekend for all those interested. The absolute cut-off is 10 players. So, get your payment in asap!! Thanks.. Pete

Stingers open Fall Season with a Split!!

September 11, 2011

The L.I. Stingers opened their final fall season with a doubleheader split vs. Garden City. The Stingers lost Game 1 by a score of 9 - 6, after being down 7 - 1 at one point. The Stingers came back to win Game 2 by a score of 12 - 7. The Stingers pounded out 17 hits for the double and every member of the team had at least one. Tyler Piccolo led the attack with two singles, two doubles, a Sac. Fly, 3 runs scored and 4 RBI’s. Mike Flynn had two singles, a double, a walk, a run scored and an RBI. Anthony Telesca had a triple, a single, a walk and two runs scored. Nick Cioffi, returning for one last season with the Stingers, had two hits. Ryan Rado had a triple, scored three runs, walked twice and had two RBI’s. Kevin Gebhart had a hit and two walks; John Flynn, Matt Kersich, Rich Effinger and Nick Liegi each had a hit. Rich and Matt each had two walks as well. As for the pitching, Mike Flynn, Nick Cioffi and Rich Effinger allowed no walks in Game 1 and five runs were unearned. In Game Two, Anthony Telesca and John Flynn pitched well and Tyler Piccolo finished the last two innings for the victory. The Stingers face the S.Y.A.G. Braves at Seneca Middle School on Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m. Come down and root on the team!!

Trifaro Makes Univ. of Tampa Baseball Team

September 10, 2011
Tom Trifaro, a freshman at University of Tampa, and former Long Island Stimger has successfully made the Tampa J. V. Baseball team!! Way to go Tommy!!!

Directions for Garden City This Sunday!!

We are meeting at Exit 61 Park and Ride and leaving by 7:15 a.m. on Sunday. The games are at 9 and 11:30 and it should take at least 45 - 60 to get there. Also, please try and bring something for the team for breakfast after Game 1. I will get bagels. Let's try and have someone to bring Butter and Cream Cheese, Juice, Paper Goods, Cups, Coffee, and anything else you can think of. Thanks.. Pete


L.I.E. to Northern State to Meadowbrook Pkwy South to Old Country Rd. (Exit M1W)

Go 1.2 miles W on Old Country Rd. Make left onto County Seat Dr. and go .5 miles to 11th St. Make a right and go .4 miles to Cherry Valley Ave. Make a left onto Cherry Valley and travel .6 miles to Rockaway Ave (which is the same road so continue straight for another .6 miles.) Make a right onto 1st street and go .4 miles to Cherry Valley Ave again. Turn onto Cherry Valley to Field.

Scrimmage for Tuesday, September 6

L I Stingers vs Mudcats scrimmage is rained out for today!!!

Fall Ball Players Wanted!!

The L.I. Stingers are looking for a one more player to play NJBL 18U Fall Ball. To date, the team consists of:
1. Matt Kersich
2. John Flyn
3. Mike Flynn
4. Anthony Telesca
5. Nicky Liegi
6. Tyler Piccolo
7. Kevin Gebhart
8. Ryan Rado
9. Rich Effinger
10. Tom and Joe Ryan
11. Nicky Cioffi

Please consider playing. It will be doubles on Sunday with an optional practice every week from September 11 thru October 30. The cost, which includes a league fee, umpires, a shirt and baseballs is $165 per player. If you need a Stinger hat, that will be an extra $20. Please email me at: pjjk522@aol.com or call me at: 631-965-3502 if you want to play. Thanks.. Pete

Stinger Playoff Pictures

Click on Links and then click on Stinger Photos. Go to August 11 pictures!!

L.I. Stingers Accolades!!

Congratulations to the Team,Coaches, and Family members. A sports season is a long task. You should all be proud in your accomplishments. I am honored to be a sponsor of such a great organization. Feel free to contact me for the next season! Best of Luck for the fall and dare I say.....school!!.....Regards,
Dr. Michael Gulotta

It was a blast seeing you in action as a head coach. I'm not surprised that your kids did so well this year. You teach and are a friend at the same time. The guys look like they have tremendoues respect for you. You look like a family out there and have fun. That's what it's all about! I can only hope that your involvement with the Cobras brings the same to our team.
Congrats on a great season,
Rob Fig

Great achievement , peter and the stinger boys!
It must be very sad and disheartening to not win after coming out so far. But in the end , what will count is how the team gracefully and deservedly got to that point. And judging from Coach Peters post- game roundups, we feel proud to say that our Stingers did it so well with the best of sportsmanship, vigor, talent and sheer hard work. Kudos to the team!! To us , the Stingers ARE the champs. Every one if them.
Thanks Peter and the other coaches for doing such a fine job with the team and keeping them together as one cohesive team and in fact a family.
Till next season....kudos on e again!!
- raj patel

Stingers Win Summer League!! Playoffs to follow....

To All,
For the second time in four years, the L.I. Stingers have won the regular season and are seated first for the playoffs!! This means they get a bye tonight and then begin the road to the Championship on Thursday night at the Moriches Complex Field #4. Go to www.listingers.com and click on directions to find the field. The Stingers need to win the 6:00 p.m. game and then the 8:30 p.m. game on Thursday night to advance to the championship on Monday, August 15.

Welcome to the home of


LI Stingers 15 3 0 .833 --
North Fork 14 2 2 .833 --
LI Mudcats 13 3 2 .778 1.0
MLI Phantoms 10 4 3 .676 3.0
Longwood Lions 9 6 2 .588 4.5
NY Thunder 9 7 2 .556 5.0
Islip 8 7 3 .528 5.5
Shoreham Wading River 7 8 2 .471 6.5
Royals 7 10 1 .417 7.5
Patchogue Medford 7 10 1 .417 7.5
Mastic 7 10 1 .417 7.5
Elite 7 11 0 .389 8.0
LI Falcons 6 10 1 .382 8.0
Connetquot Cyclones 3 15 0 .167 12.0
East End Vipers 1 17 0 .056 14.0

More Exposure on the Sachem Patch

August 8, 2011
Sachem Patch Youth Sports Notebook
Have information and updates on your own youth sports teams? Email chris@patch.com.
By Patch Staff | 2:27pm
This week we take another look at the Long Island Stingers, a travel team mainly comprised of Sachem community residents.

The Long Island Stingers improved to 14-3 last week and head into the playoffs having beaten Patchogue-Medford, 5-1, in their final regular season game of the summer.

The Stingers have won eight consecutive games. Against Pat-Med, the put up 11 hits.

In the win, John Flynn recorded two singles and two RBIs, and other offensive support came from Matt Kersich (two hits), Tom Frifaro (two hits), Nick Leiegi (one hit, two runs), and singles from Mike Flynn, Kevin Gebhart, Pete Kersich and Bryan Vaccaro. Four pitchers, Vaccaro, Pete Kersich, Dean Papakonstantis, and Rich Effinger, allowed just five hits and one unearned run.

The Stingers finished in first place in their Town of Brookhaven league and received a bye on Tuesday night in the first round of the playoffs. They open up Thursday night at 6 p.m. Offensive Team Leaders (minimum 20 at-bats)

Batting average: .450, Rich Effinger
At-bats: 45, Matt Kersich
Runs: 10, Matt Kersich and Anthony Telesca
Hits: 16, Matt Kersich
Doubles: 5, Anthony Telesca and Pete Kersich
Homers: 1, Pete Kersich, Mike Flynn and Joe Andrechuk
RBIs: 15, Pete Kersich
Walks: 11, Anthony Telesca
Stolen Bases: 8, Rich Effinger
On-base percentage: .538, Rich Effinger
Slugging percentage: .528, Pete Kersich
Pitching Team Leaders (minimum 15 innings pitched)

Innings pitched: 31, Dean Papakonstantis
Strikeouts: 37, Dean Papakonstantis
ERA: 0.40, Bryan Vaccaro
WHIP: 0.48, Dean Papakonstantis
Wins: 4, Bryan Vaccaro and Dean Papakonstantis
*Statistics are for regular season only and exclude tournament play

If you would like your youth team written about in the Sachem Patch Youth Sports Notebook, email chris@patch.com.

Stingers win 9th in a row!!

August 8, 2011

The L.I. Stingers ended the regular summer season with the Town of Brookhaven with a 15 - 3 record after the Royals gave up and forfeited the last game. The Stingers finished with nine straight wins and will open Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. at Moriches!! The mission: A Championship by next Monday night!!

Stingers win 8th in a row!!

August 5, 2011

The L.I. Stingers beat Pat - Med by a score of 5 - 1 improving to 14 wins against only 3 losses and won for the 8th straight time. The Stingers pounded out 11 hits including: two by John Flynn to drive in two runs; two by Matt Kersich; two by Tom Trifaro, a single and a double; one by Nick Liegi to drive in two runs; and one each by Mike Flynn, Kevin Gebhart, Pete Kersich and Bryan Vaccaro. Four pitchers, Bryan, Dean Papakonstantis, Pete and Rich Effinger allowed just five hits and one unearned run. Mike Flynn started a nice double play; Pete and Dean both picked off runners from first base; and the victory put the Stingers in position to finish the regular summer season in first or second place. They will get a bye on Tuesday night and will open up Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. Field and opponent is yet to be determined.

Playoff Information Update

August 5, 2011
Unless I am missing something, I received an email with an updated playoff schedule and we will be getting a bye in Round 1. This means:

Thursday: August 11: 6:00 p.m. game
Field and opponent to be determined from Monday and Tuesday night.

Thursday, August 11: 8:30 p.m. game if we win the 6:00 p.m. game. Same complex as game one!!

Monday, August 15: 6:00 p.m. Double if we win the 8:30 p.m. game on Thursday at Medford.

Tuesday, August 16: 6:00 p.m. Winner-Take -All game if we split on Monday!!

2011 Playoff Info

1. Final standings are based on point system- 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. Tie breaking system is detailed in league rules.
2. Seeding will be based on final standings.
3. 11u and 12u divisions will be combined for playoffs.
4. Playoffs are single elimination format. The finals are best 2 of 3.
5. There is no time limit for playoffs.
6. All games are played to completion. Any game stopped due to weather or for any other reason will be considered suspended and will be resumed from the point the game was stopped.
7. The TOB will provide baseballs for all rounds of playoffs.
8. In order to be eligible to participate in the playoffs a player must have appeared in: 5 games (9u-12u), 7 games (13u-Var)
9. The TOB Supervisor and umpires will decide all protests at the field.
10. If one game in a particular age group is canceled due to weather, all games in that age group will be canceled.
11. The same pitching rules from the regular season will also apply in the playoffs. A pitcher's week begins with the team's first playoff game in a given week.

Dean Dominates... Gebhart Ends It!!

Once again, Dean Papakonstantis pitched a gem, allowing just two hits and two walks in six innings, as the Stingers mercied Connetquot 12 - 0. The Stinger offense was in high gear as they pounded out 13 hits with three walks. Pete Kersich went 2 - 3 with 3 runs and a Sac. Fly, Tom Trifaro went 2 - 4 with a run, Bryan Vaccaro went 2 - 3 with a run, Dean went 2 - 4 with a run and 2 rbi's, Kevin Gebhart went 1 - 2 with three rbi's that put the Stingers into the mercy column, Rich Effinger went 1-1 with a walk, a run and two steals, Tom Ryan went 1-1 with a steal and an rbi, Matt Kersich scored the first run, Joe Ryan went 1 - 1 with a walk and a run, and finally, Anthony Telesca had a hit, a run and two rbi's. The L.I. Stingers are now 13 - 3 with two regular season games left. If they win these games, they will finish in first. Their next game is Monday at 6:00 p.m. at the Moriches Complex.

Mike Flynn Ties It... Bryan Vaccaro Wins It in a Walk-Off!!

The Stingers beat Islip in dramatic style today. Entering the bottom of the seventh, the Stingers were losing 1 - 0 and were down to their last two outs. Bryan Vaccaro had walked and Tom Trifaro doubled to put runners on second and third. Mike Flynn then came up big hitting a single to knock in the tying run. Mike then stole second and again, the Stingers had second and third with one out. But, they could not get the run across. After a 1-2-3 top of the eighth, Matt Kersich singled, Anthony Telesca walked and after a strikeout, the boys did a double steal and made it to set up second and third with one out. Pete Kersich was intentionally walked and up stepped Bryan Vaccaro. And....bam, a base hit!! The Stingers win in a walk-off!! Other notes: Anthony pitched three scoreless innings allowing no hits; Nicky Liegi pitched two solid innings allowing just one run; Tom Trifaro sat down all nine batters he faced to get the win; Tom Ryan gunned down a runner attempting to steal second; Matt Kersich had two hits as did Mike Flynn and Bryan Vaccaro. The game ended with a bit of controversy as the Islip head coach, Pete, who is the Islip HS Varsity coach, refused to have his team shake our hands. Class act, coach!!

Mike Flynn and Brian Vaccaro Pitch a No-No!!

July 25, 2011

For the second time in the last three games, the Stingers entered the last inning pitching a no-hitter. Tonight, they completed the job and beat the East End Vipers 12 - 0!!! Mike Flynn pitched three no-hit innings and Bryan Vaccaro pitched two no-hit innings!! Bryan and Mike both had big hitting nights as well. Mike Flynn went yard hitting a monstrous 350-foot homer and driving in three, Bryan Vaccaro had five rbi's with three hits, Pete Kersich had 3 walks, Dean Papakonstantis had 2 hits and 2 runs, Tom Trifaro had two hits and 2 runs, Tom Ryan scored two runs, Joe Ryan had a hit and scored two runs, Nick Liegi and Anthony Telesca each had a hit. The Stingers wound up with 11 hits and8 walks. Again, they played great defensively and the roll continues.

Stingers move into first place!!!

In a battle for first place, the L.I. Stingers pounded the Mudcats 9 - 3 to take over first place. Joey Andrechuk pitched four great innings allowing just one run on two hits. Rich Effinger, facing his former team, pitched two innings giving up two runs on two hits. Pete Kersich closed it in the seventh. Offensively, the Stingers managed just four hits and five walks. Anthony Telesca had three of those walks; Joey, Matt Kersich and Anthony had singles and Kevin Gebhart ripped a double and had 2 rbi's. Each team was missing some players, but the Stingers proved to be too much for the Mudcats and now have taken over first place!!

Dean Papakonstantis comes up one out short... Stingers win!!

After a brief rough beginning, Dean Papakonstantis pitched into the seventh allowing no hits. Dean was one out from a no-no before allowing a double and a single. Dean only walked one and he struck out 12 as the Stingers beat Mastic 3 - 1 to go 9 wins against 3 losses. The Stingers had eight hits. Pete Kersich had two of them; a single and a double; Rich Effinger had a bunt single that scored a run; Mike Flynn, Joe Ryan, Tom Ryan, Anthony Telesca and Bryan Vaccaro each added a hit. The Stingers battle the Mudcats on Saturday for first place. The Mudcats beat the Stingers twice last year so the Stingers are looking for some revenge. Go get 'em boys!!!

Directions to Fireman's Field

 Directions to Fireman's Field: Take L. I. E. To exit 68 (William Floyd Pkwy) North about 2 plus miles to Middle Country Rd. (Rte. 25). Then travel east on Middle Country about 1/2 mile. Make a left turn into the field. Note: A shooting range is part of this complex and you should see a sign for this as well.

More L.I. Stinger Exposure!!!

July 20, 2011

We are now a part of the newsletter Sachem Patch!! Click on links and click on "Stingers on the Sachem Patch" to read all about us!!

Stingers beat Connetquot... Counts as two wins!!

July 20, 2011

The L.I. Stingers played a nine-inning continuation game from Monday night and won 8 - 3 vs. Connetquot. The game on Monday was stopped in the top of the second due to lightning and it resumed Tuesday night at that spot with both coaches agreeing to play one nine-inning game with the winner taking two wins. Highlights: Matt Kersich continues his torrid hitting getting three more hits; Pete Kersich came up with two big hits and a sac fly to knock in four; Bryan Vaccaro was lights out for five scoreless innings of work; Nick Liegi had three walks; Joey Andrechuk, Rich Effinger, Kevin Gebhart, Tom Trifaro and Bryan all had a hit; the Stinger defense turned two double plays; one by John Flynn who tagged a runner and threw to first, and one to end the game; Tom Ryan was sharp all nine innings behind the dish and threw out a runner at second; Joe Ryan continues to get on base, reaching safely two more times; Mike Flynn gave the Stingers 3+ solid innings of pitching. The Stingers are now 8 - 3 and need wins on Thurs. (6:00 p.m. at Moriches) and Saturday (6:00 p.m. at Morris Ave.) to jump to first place. Nothing better to do?? Come down to watch this great team and the entertainment that goes with it!!

North Fork Lefty No-Hits Stingers!!

July 16, 2011

The Long Island Stingers were no match for one of Long Island's top pitchers as they fell to North Fork 2 - 0. Bryan Vaccaro was nearly as dominate as he gave up just two runs on three hits. And, one costly error allowed the second run to score. The game lasted just under 1:30 minutes. The Stingers did manage 5 walks, two by Kevin Gebhart and had second and third with one out in the fifth, but could not get the big hit to make a difference. The Stingers are now 6 - 3 and with half the season to play, they are now fourth of sixteen teams. The Stingers play four games next week and to have a shot at first need to win at least three of them. The games are at Moriches on Mon., Tues., (Both 8:30 p.m. starts) and Thurs. (6:00 p.m. start) They play a 6:00 p.m. game on Saturday at Morris Ave. Sponsors try to come and see us play. You are a part of this team!!

Andrechuk Homers in Extras to be M.L.I.!!

July 13, 2011
Joey Andrechuk hit a two-run homer in the top of the 8th to help the L.I. Stingers beat the M.L.I. Phantoms 4 - 2. The Stingers were up 2 - 0 going into the bottom of the 7th, but MLI rallied to tie it . Tom Ryan threw out the winning run trying to steal third to send it into extras. Tom lead off the top of the 8th with a single. He then stole second before Joey launched one over the leftfield fence. Dean Papakonstantis pitched all 8 innings giving up just four hits, no walks, striking out five and throwing only 75 pitches. Dean also had two hits, as did Tom Trifaro. Mike Flynn, Tom Ryan, Kevin Gebhart, Matt Kersich, Joe Ryan, and Anthony Telesca all had singles. John Flynn, Mike and Kevin all had sac. bunts. This game had solid defense and great pitching. The Stingers also pounded out ten hits and stole four bases. They are now in second place out of 16 teams with a 6 - 2 record. Thursday night is next vs. North Fork.

Stingers beat Islip 1 - 0!!

July 12, 2011

The Stingers beat Islip 1 - 0 with just getting two hits!! Matt Kersich and Nick Liegi each had infield singles with Matt driving in Nicky for the only run. Mike Flynn pitched five strong innings allowing just two singles and two walks. Mike struck out 8. Pete Kersich closed out the last two innings giving up a double to start the seventh, but then throwing an outside pitch on a suicide squeeze as Tom Ryan applied the tag. Matt also was sharp as he threw out two more runners at second. Joey Andrechuk saved the game by snaring a throw from Tom on a sac bunt in the seventh. The ball nearly sailed into right field. It was a struggle, but the Stingers won and now are 5 - 2. MLI is next!!

Belmont Does the Right Thing!!!

July 11, 2011 – 09:40 PM

Please read the following:


We are going to pay you the the balance of $727.00. Jenny Dunne will be
cutting the check this week. Sorry for all the inconvenience.



I am not sure what happened or what didn't happen for the Stakes. What I would like to do is have Rosario evaluate again what the amount should be and further I would like to know which manager in your area was assigned to you. I know who was supposed to be there, but I want to know if he even paid any attention to you. Danny Cohen was the manager of that location and he is a very solid worker. I will question him though and see what his interpretation of the day was in that area. That sounds like a day I certainly would not want to go through and we value your continued support.

Let me look into this further, my contact info is below if you need to speak with me I am the General Manager.


QUE3ST to be #1, Have a grEAT day!
Drew J Revella General Manager
CLN Sports & Entertainment
Centerplate New York Racetracks
Cell 917-696-5725
Belmont 516-352-5944
Saratoga 518-581-9061

Email drew.revella@centerplate.com

I got your message and forwarded it to my General Manager. I'm receiving e-mails like the one below from your group and it is not necessary at this time. Please discuss the matter amongst yourselves until I get back to you with the solution.
Thanks Again,

Belmont Stakes Update!!

July 11, 2011
The following email was sent at 12:30 p.m. today:

Attention Rosario:
On Wednesday, June 29, 2011, I was told by Jenn Dunne at L.I. Ducks Centerplate that our take from the Belmont was going to be $2438.39. Knowing that we brought in over $40,000 for the day, I found that number impossible to believe. Jenn then handed me a printout showing that the concessions we were involved in were short $727.00 and that this number was subtracted from our take.
This morning, after speaking a few times with Jenn during the last ten days and not hearing back from you despite me leaving a message last week on your voicemail, I called and spoke directly to you and you asked for this email. I am outraged on so many accounts that it will be hard to put it all in writing, but I will do my best. Here is some of what we encountered for the entire day at the Belmont Stakes:
1. One stand had no beer for nearly 1.5 hours. (B12) No one was willing to get the stand restocked. This occurred at 2:00 p.m. when the place was packed!!
2. My stand (B11) ran out of cups, pretzels, hotdogs, cracker jacks and most types of beer. We asked more than ten times during the course of the afternoon for supplies. It took hours for things to come to us, to the point where I was going to other concessions just to get supplies. At one point, I was carrying two cases of beer from B10 to my concession.
3. The working conditions were horrible. We stood in an inch of water for the entire time we were there. We kept placing cardboard boxes on the floor to dry and stay as dry as possible.
4. No one was in charge of us. I had so many confrontations with staff members that would stop and ask if we needed anything, yet never came back with a thing, including Rich who wrote down what we were missing on a napkin.
5. No one had us sign for any new supplies when they did finally come and we never counted anything except at the end when B11 did count what was left. However, we have no idea what was dropped off because things were literally just being thrown in the back and left there.
6. If a cashier made a mistake, we had no one to help us make a correction. NO ONE WAS THERE AT ALL DURING THE ENTIRE DAY TO HELP US. WE WERE LEFT OUT TO DRY!!!
7. B1 went 3 hours without any mustard!!
8. We were handed "fake" thermometers and told if the Board of Health was to show up, just show them these thermometers, which did wind up happening.
9. No one came to escort us or close us down at the end of the night. We were on our own to count the money at the concession and then take it up to the third floor. At no time were instructions given to us as to how to close down these registers.

The bottom line is that the three concessions busted their butt from 9:00 a.m. when we arrived, until 7:30 p.m. when we shut down. One concession sold beer until the end because they were never told to stop. We volunteered our time to help our boys get a little something for their team. We had no time for breaks and we received absolutely no cooperation from anyone at Belmont. Not only should we get every penny that is due taking 8% of our take, but there should even be more for shoes that were ruined due to squalid conditions. I, at this time, am requesting that you send me a check for at least the $3,165.39 or more made out to the Long Island Stingers within the next week. Do the right thing. We have NEVER had a problem like this with the L.I. Ducks and up to this point, despite the horrible conditions, we actually had a lot of fun working the Belmont. Why? Because we are good people who simply were trying to raise some money for our teams. I anxiously await your reponse.

Peter Kersich (L.I. Stinger Manager)

Stingers Bats Wake Up!!

July 10, 2011

The L.I. Stingers beat the Elite on Thursday by a score of 10 - 4. The Stingers pounded out 13 hits including: John with two singles, a double, 2 runs and 3 rbi's; Matt Kersich with two more hits, two men gunned down at second, and another block of the plate out; Pete Kersich with two hits and 4 rbi's; singles by Rich Effinger, Mike Flynn, Nick Liegi, Bryan Vaccaro and Dean Papakonstantis and a double with two walks by Anthony Telesca. Bryan also gave a strong pitching performance allowing just 3 hits and no walks in 3 innings. Kevin Gebhart and Rich Effinger pitched the remaining four innings and the Stingers won the game. The boys face a tough test this coming week playing three very good teams. But, we are very good also, so we'll see what happens!!


July 7, 2011

I have uploaded 22 pictures so far from our game last week taken by Joe Symington, who is a parent for my 11-year-old Cobra team. Click on photos if interested.

Stingers Lose 4-week Game to Longwood

July 7, 2011

The Stingers lost to the Longwood Lions 2 - 1 in the longest game in Stinger history; nearly four weeks!! The game was suspended last month in the third inning with the Stingers winning 1 - 0 as Matt Kersich batted in Tom Trifaro. Then the storms came, so the game picked up from that point. The Stingers could only manage one more hit from John Flynn and a walk by Anthony Telesca and could not hold the lead, giving up a run in the bottom of the sixth and one in the bottom of the seventh. A few positives: Matt Kersich threw out two runners at second; John Flynn gave up no runs in two innings; the Stingers turned two double plays in two straight innings!! They are now 3 - 2 and face the Elite tonight. Get those bats going, boys!!!

Our Summer Schedule

July 6, 2011
Here is our somewhat concrete summer schedule:

Thu 6/9/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers Longwood Lions Medford 2
Thu 6/16/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Mudcats LI Stingers Diamond in the Pines 1
Mon 6/20/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers Shoreham Wading River Moriches 4
Mon 6/27/2011 8:30pm TBP Royals LI Stingers Moriches 3
Tue 6/28/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers LI Thunder Moriches 3
Thu 6/30/2011 8:30pm TBP LI Falcons LI Stingers Moriches 4
Thu 7/7/2011 8:30pm TBP LI Stingers Elite Moriches 4
Mon 7/11/2011 6:00pm TBP Islip LI Stingers Medford 1
Tue 7/12/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers MLI Phantoms Medford 1
Thu 7/14/2011 8:30pm TBP LI Stingers North Fork Moriches 3
Mon 7/18/2011 8:30pm TBP Connetquot Cyclones LI Stingers Moriches 3
Tue 7/19/2011 8:30pm TBP Connetquot Cyclones LI Stingers Moriches 2
Thu 7/21/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers Mastic Moriches 2
Sat 7 / 23 6:00 p.m. TBP Mudcats v. Stingers Morris Ave.
Mon 7/25/2011 8:30pm TBP LI Stingers East End Vipers Moriches 3
Tue 7/26/2011 6:00pm TBP Islip LI Stingers Blue Point 2
Thu 7/28/2011 6:00pm TBP Connetquot Cyclones LI Stingers Moriches 2
Mon 8/1/2011 6:00pm TBP LI Stingers Royals Moriches 3
Tues 8/2/2011 6:00pm TBP Patchogue Medford LI Stingers Moriches 4

L.I. Stingers Photos

July 3, 2011
Check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/djsyms/ and see our boys in action. This will also be posted as a link!!

Our Place Ad

Check out under photo albums what Home Run Burger did for the L.I. Stingers.

The Stinger Nation!!!

July 1, 2011
The Stingers won their third straight game of the week by a score of 4 - 2 vs. the Falcons. Again, the boys started slowly, but the show they put on during the game is simply priceless!! If you want to laugh, yet watch great baseball, it is worth your 2 hours to come and watch this team. The boys dominated the game but did not score until the bottom of the fifth. Rich Effinger had a big night. He pitched three scoreless innings allowing just a leadoff hit and one walk. He sat down 8 in a row. He was also successful in putting down a suicide squeeze scoring Nicky Liegi who had walked, gone to second on a wild pitch and stole third. That opened the flood gates as then John Flynn's single and Anthony Telesca's double drove in three more. The boys got wild on the bench prompting the opposing coach to come to the mound and yell at them to be quiet!! Not my boys...We are going to have the time of our lives on the ball field this summer and noise we will make!! Other Game notes: Matt Kersich had another single; Pete Kersich hit a double; Bryan Vaccaro had another single. Defensively, great plays were made by Mike Flynn, Dean Papakonstantis, Nicky Liegi, who threw out a runner from right field, Pete on a throw from first to third picking off a runner after getting an out; Tom Ryan who called a great game behind the dish; Bryan and Joey Andrechuk who both threw fantastic on the mound; and finally, in a limited roll, hats off to Joe Ryan who is the spark that gets this team rolling. What a great bunch of boys. We start the RYO on Saturday. Go get them, boys!!!

Stingers wake up in Seventh .. Beat Thunder!!

June 30, 2011

It took until the seventh inning to get going, but the L.I. Stingers put a seven spot on the board and beat the Thunder 9 - 1. Tom Trifaro went the first three innings on the mound and allowed no runs on three hits. Kevin Gebhart made his Stinger debut pitching the fourth and fifth allowing no runs on four walks to get his first Stinger win. Nick Liegi and Pete Kersich each pitched an inning as well. Great defensive plays were made as Matt Kersich successfully blocked the plate twice, once by a drawn in throw from Dean Papakonstantis and the other by a great throw from John Flynn in right to nail a runner tagging from third. Tom Ryan picked another runner off first. Offensively, Pete got on the hitting board cracking a 3-run 350-foot blast homer over left-center fence driving in three of the seven seventh inning runs. Matt and Bryan Vaccaro each had big key rbi's and John Flynn, Nick Liegi, Dean and Joe Ryan each had two hits. The Stingers are now 2 - 1 and face the Falcons tonight at 8:30 p.m. at Moriches.

Stingers get first summer win!!

June 28, 2011

Behind the one-hit no walks in six innings performance of Dean Papakonstantis and some timely hitting, the Stingers beat the Royals 8 - 0. Pete Kersich finished the seventh and was helped by a seed of a throw from Rich Effinger in right to cut down a runner trying to advance to third. Rich also had two great bunt hits. Matt Kersich had two hits and a walk, Bryan Vaccaro had two hits including a big rbi hit, Dean added two hits, Mike Flynn had a double and Tom Trifaro had the game-winning sacrifice fly to start things off. The Stingers played errorless ball helped by strong plays from Mike Flynn, Tom Trifaro, Matt Kersich, Nick Liegi and Kevin Gebhart. Joe Ryan had a successful sac bunt and walk and Tom Ryan did well behind the dish. Tom also beat out a dropped third strike. Anthony Telesca added a walk and the Stingers earned a win. They face the Thunder tonight, weather permitting, at 6:00 p.m.

Stingers lose a heart-breaker!!

The Long Island Stingers finally got to open their summer season against Shoreham last night and lost 2 - 1. The Stingers were winning 1 - 0 going into the bottom of the sixth but could not hold the lead. The defense was outstanding with Matt Kersich throwing out a runner at second and successfully blocking the plate on a double steal to get an out at home; Tommy Ryan picked off a runner at second from the catcher spot; Joe Ryan made a nice catch in left; the infield was solid with Dean Papakonstantis, Nick Liegi, Tom Trifaro, Pete Kersich and Matt Kersich all making some nice plays. Bryan Vaccaro played a few innings at third but got no chances. Pitching wise, Joe Andrechuk pitched three scoreless innings and Rich Effinger pitched two scoreless innings. Offensively, the Stingers managed just four hits: two from Anthony Telesca and one each from Dean and Rich. Rich, Kevin Gebhart, Joe Ryan and Joey all worked out walks, but the lack of key hitting hurt the team. The Stingers next game is Monday, June 27.

L.I. Stingers are the Champs!!!

June 5, 2011

The Long Island Stingers are the champs of the Town of Brookhaven Pre-Season Bash!! After falling behind 4 - 0 in the top of the first, Brian Castles battled and held Longwood scoreless for the next two innings. Rich Effinger then pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings and C.J. Hafner finished the game getting the last four outs. Meanwhile offensively, it took the Stingers until the fifth inning before the bats started working. The Stingers scored two in the 5th and three more in the sixth with two outs and won the game 5 - 4. This means the Stingers have won the first-ever T.O.B. Pre-Season tournament. Interestingly, the Stingers opened the new Medford Complex with a win and the first at that Complex. We are a team of firsts!!!!
Here are some highlights: Brian Vaccaro came up huge with two more hits including a two-out two-run double in the bottom of the sixth to tie the score; Joe Andrechuk ripping a two-out single to knock in the go-ahead run; Matt Kersich throwing out the potential tying run in the top of the seventh with no outs; C.J. Hafner striking out the final out in the 6th with a runner on third and striking out the 2nd out in the seventh with the tying run on third and then getting the next batter to pop out to end the game; Rich Effinger giving up no runs, no hits and three walks in 2 2/3 innings; C.J. Hafner and Bryan Vaccaro with two hits; Brian Castles, Tom Trifaro and Rich with a hit each; Pete Kersich with a Sac Fly; John Flynn with a great battle leading to getting on base with a tough ball to handle to knock in the second run; Kevin Gebhart, Tom Ryan and Mike Castles all with walks. Finally, of 21 innings played, the Stinger pitching staff of Dean Papakonstantis, Vinny Bona, Tom Trifaro, Pete Kersich, Brian Castles, Rich Effinger and C.J. Hafner shut out the opponent in 19 of those innings. A great tournament.. a great group of boys.. a lot of fun..., This is the 2011 L.I. Stingers and tournament champs!!

Stingers sweep their way into the Finals!!

June 4, 2011

In the first-ever Pre-Season Town of Brookhaven Bash, the Long Island Stingers swept MLI and Longwood today to advance to the finals against Longwood on Sunday. Outstanding pitching dominated the day. In Game 1, Dean Papakonstantis pitched six innings of shutout ball and Vinny Bona finished the job in the seventh as the Stingers won 1 - 0. The Stingers got just three hits but that was enough. Rich Effinger and C.J. Hafner each had singles and Tom Trifaro roped a triple. Pete Kersich made a game-saving stop in the right field gap in the sixth that would have scored the tying run and Tom Ryan threw a seed in the seventh to Bryan Vaccaro to pick off the leadoff runner. Kevin Gebhart made his Stinger debut reaching on an error and Joe Ryan roped a liner that was caught by the 3rd baseman to end the seventh. Mike Castles did an outstanding job in center tracking some bombs by an All-County player from Mt. Sinai.

In Game 2, the Stingers brought 15 players down to the field and used 14 of them. Tom Trifaro started and was roughed up a bit in the first giving up one run. Tommy settled in to pitch two more scoreless innings. Pete Kersich then entered and pitched four scoreless innings pitching to just 14 batters and allowing just two walks. Defense was key as Anthony Telesca, Nick Liegi, Rich Effinger, Joe Ryan, and Bryan Vaccaro all contributed with some nice plays in the field. Matt Kersich threw a runner out trying to steal third and Tom Trifaro along with Pete Kersich called a play that picked off a runner at first with a runner also on second. Again, the Stingers hit just enough and were able to beat Longwood 3 - 1. Bryan Vaccaro had a double and a single, Brian Castles had a single and a steal which then allowed him to score on Tom Trifaro's double. C.J. Hafner walked and scored the first run and Matt Kersich and Nick Liegi each came up with clutch hitting as both put the ball in play allowing runs to score.

Coach Pete wants to congratulate all the boys and hopes to finish the mission tomorrow....

RYO Results

July 5, 2011

The L.I. Stingers went 1 win and 3 losses during the RYO Tournament this past weekend. They lost by scores of 12 - 7, 7 - 2 and 5 - 0. They won 1 - 0. There were some bright spots despite what looks like a lost weekend. The three losses were close games until the final inning as the Stingers battled in each one of the losses. At one point, they were within one or two runs of tying the score in all three losses. Offensively, Matt Kersich had one of his best tournaments ever. Matt went 6 - 9 with five singles and a double. Matt also walked twice and reached on an error. And all this occurred in just three games. Other hitting bright spots included: Matt Esposito getting two hits in five , Joe Ryan getting two hits in five; Pete Kersich going 4 - 11; Tommy Trifaro going 4 - 12; Mike Flynn going 2 - 6; and Dean Papakonstantis getting two hits. The Stingers just could not get a key hit when needed and should be proud of their performance. Also, Tommy Trifaro pitched a dominating Game 3 allowing just 3 hits and one error in a 1 - 0 win. Tommy also had 10 strikeouts and was awesome to watch. Dean, Pete, Mike, Rich Effinger, Bryan Vaccaro, James Iorio (playing his final Stinger games), and Joey Andrechuk all pitched and did well. Good effort, boys. Now, it's back to the Summer league!!

Awards and Gifts Donates Banner

May 28, 2011

Awards and Gifts donated our 2011 L.I. Stingers banner today. They have been so great to us and please try and use them for gifts, plaques and any other awards. They are a great sponsor and saupporter for us.

Stingers Own Duck Concession

May 28, 2011

Thank you to: Mike, Rie and Anthony Telesca; Lisa, Peter and Matt Kersich; Debra, Tom, Meghan, Mike and John Flynn; Tom, Denise and Tom Trifaro; Alyce, Tom and Joe Ryan; Bob and Rich Effinger; Mr. and Mrs. Gebhart and Kevin; Joey Andrechuk and Nick Liegi for another outstanding job working the Duck concession. I am still trying to land the Belmont Stakes for us. We deserve it as we did a great job tonight!!!

New LI Stingers Banner

May 17, 2011

Go to "Handouts" and then click on 2011 Banner. Check it out!!!

Sachem East Varsity Update!!

May 12, 2011
Sachem East Varsity won for the sixth straight time and improved to 8 - 7 in league play. Stinger player Anthony Telesca pitched six scoreless innings today and also went yard, as did Stinger player Bryan Vaccaro. East needs to beat Floyd twice next week to make the playoffs.

Mike Flynn goes under the knife!!

May 12, 2011

Mike Flynn had surgery yesterday to repair a broken nose he suffered when a boy elbowed him in gym class. Speedy recovery to you, Mike!!

CJ Hafner gets Crowley Award

May 12, 2011

The Tim Crowley Memorial Scholarship was presented to our own C.J. Hafner last Saturday night at Sachem vs. Sachem at Baseball Heaven. We salute you, C.J., and are very proud of you!!!

Stingers get their 11th player!!

April 18, 2011

The L.I. Stingers summer team is coming together very nicely. Thomas Trifaro has decided to join us for our summer!! Thomas is headed to Tampa University and will play ball there. Thomas joins fellow Sachem East Varsity and JV players Anthony Telesca, Nick Liegi, Bryan Vaccaro, Mike Flynn, John Flynn, Pete Kersich and Matt Kersich. (Mike Castles looks to be our 12th!!) Add in Rich Effinger from Newfield Varsity, along with Kevin Gebhart and Joey Andrechuk and we are looking solid. Also, the hope is that some of our seniors will partake in some games and our tournaments. We should be VERY competetive!!

Duck Concession Date!!

April 17, 2011

Help!! Help!! Help!! Please make every effort to help us out on Friday, May 27 starting at 5:30 p.m. to work the Duck Concession. This will be the ONLY date I am asking for your help with. I need 15 adults and 10 boys. Please ask family and friends and please, please try and give of your time for just this one day!!

Help, help. help!!!

April 14, 2011

Please forward my email (pjjk522@aol.com) to any 12U boy interested in going to Cooperstown Dreams Park this summer with Joe Messina and the Ronkonkoma Cardinals. Joe needs 2 solid players and has asked me to reach out!!

Our Summer Competition

April 10, 2011

The List so far....
East End Vipers
Hampton Bays
LI Breakers
LI Falcons
LI Mudcats
LI Stingers
Longwood Green
Longwood Lions
MLI Phantoms
Moriches Ducks
North Fork
Patchogue Medford

North Shore Cobra Sponsors

March 27, 2011

The 11 - year-old North Shore Cobras that have joined the L.I. Stingers organization are starting to bring in sponsors for their team. These sponsors will be listed on our site as well and can be found on the left margin.


March 12, 2011

Ten players worked out all winter to prepare for school ball... Here are the results:

Varsity: Pete Kersich, Rich Effinger, John Flynn, Mike Flynn, C.J. Hafner, Tom Trifaro, Anthony Telesca and Bryan Vaccaro.
Junior Varsity: Matt Kersich, Mike Castles and Nick Liegi

Other Stingers notables: James Iorio: Varsity; Tyler Piccolo: Varsity Shane Paparelli: Varsity Joe Pavlik: Junior Varsity

What a great accomplishment. I cannot wait to watch you all play and will enjoy every second of it. Congrats, boys!!!

Senior Stinger Player Updates

March 7, 2011

Peter Kersich: Attending Marist!! ($8000 merit scholarship per year.) Also, on 91.9 F.M. every Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Tom Trifaro: Attending University of Tampa and will play ball!!

Bryan Vaccaro: Attending Western Connecticut and signed to play Division 3 baseball there!!

C.J. Hafner: Attending Cortland in the Fall of 2011!!

James Iorio: Accepted at Cortland and Marist.

Chris Linkletter: Accepted to Fredonia, Brockport ,Maritime, Oneonta and Otswego ($2000 Merit scholarship). Waiting to hear from Stony Brook.

Shane Paparelli: Accepted to Cortland, Oneonta, Mount St. Mary's and St. Joseph's.

2011 Sponsors on Welcome Page!!

March 3, 2011
A new look for sponsors: Every sponsor is now on the left side of the Welcome page and if they have their own web page, you can click on the sponsor and it takes you directly to their site. Also, on the bottom of each link you click on, a sponsor appears!!
1. Eastern Suffolk Pulmonology
2. Everyday Pools
3. Infiniti Performance
4. Certified Transmissions
5. Modells
6. B.I. Auto Sales
7. Majestic Gardens
8. California Diner
9. Middle Country Automotive
10. Joy Cleaners and Tailors
11. East End Screen Printing
12. Awards and Gifts
13. Mr Molar
14. MTA Auto
15. DTT Designs
16. Homerun Burger
17. Hunter's Garage

Stingers Welcome a new addition!!

February 13, 2011 – 11:02 AM

After nearly six months of talks and hard negotiations, Kevin Gebhart, a Junior at William Floyd H.S. has signed with our team. Kevin comes with an impressive resume and has fit in very nicely these last few weeks with our team at the winter workouts. We give him a warm welcome and look forward to him making our team even stronger!!

The Streak Ends....

October 31, 2010

In an epic battle, the L.I. Stingers were beaten by the L. I. War Dogs by a score of 15 - 10 to lose the 16U NJBL National Fall Championship. At one point, the Stingers were down 9 - 0 but the boys never quit. Game details will follow...

Praise from the War Dogs..plus

October 26, 2010
hey pete, we played you a year ago in central and got slaughtered. lol, its hard to tell against some of the teams in this division, this season, how we progressed. i let some scores get closer than they should have just to get some pitching in. win or lose, we're just looking to see how we compete against a top notch team. my only regret for the season, is that gil doremus who i've known for years took the season off. he's another guy who always was a step above. anyway, thanks, see you sunday...................best, vinny

Nice compliment, boys... Feed off it. Let's show our top-notch capability!!
Game will be played at Samoset...1:00 p.m. start.

Showdown for First!!

The War Dogs have agreed to a winner-take-all showdown on Sunday, October 31 at 1:00 p.m. Arrival should be by 12:00 p.m. for what we have played the entire Fall for: A chance to prove we are the best!!! Field is yet to be determined!!!


October 24, 2010
The L.I. Stingers completed a perfect fall regular season today by sweeping a doubleheader against the SYAG Braves. The pitching staff did not allow a run in twelve innings of work and gave up just five hits and three walks in those twelve innings. Defensively, Matt Kersich threw out another runner at second, Rich Effinger made a great catch on a screamer to left, Anthony Telesca, Mike Flynn and Tom Trifaro turned a 5-3-6 double play, and the team went errorless again. The offense was lead by Tyler Piccolo who went 5 - 5 with two singles, a double, a triple and a home run, six runs scored and 4 rbi's; Anthony had two hits and scored five runs and pitched two scoreless innings; Matt had a double, three walks, four steals, three runs and pitched successfully to one batter; James Iorio had a hit, scored two runs and also pitched two scoreless innings; Peter Kersich had two singles, a double, two runs and three rbi's; Tom Trifaro had four hits including a double and a triple, two runs and three rbi's; Mike Flynn had three hits including a double and two rbi's and pitched two scoreless innings again; John Flynn had one hit, two walks, one run and also pitched three scoreless innings; Joey Andrechuk had two doubles and three rbi's; Tom Clarke had three hits, two runs, two walks and two runs; and finally, Rich Effinger had two hits, struck out the side in his one inning of work and walked twice.

The Road to Perfection Continues!!!

October 17, 2010

The L.I. Stingers continued their march towards perfection beating the Storm Academy 8 - 4 in a nine-inning game. The Stingers improved to 7 - 0 with two games remaining in the regular season and hopefully, one playoff game to crown a champ. Timely hitting and good pitching was the story today. Mike Flynn continues to dominate, as does Anthony Telesca as both allowed no hits in two innings of work each. Tom Trifaro, Joey Andrechuk, Pete Kersich and Tyler Piccolo all pitched effectively thereafter as the staff struck out 13 and gave up only one earned run. As for the hitting, Matt Kersich and John Flynn both went 2 - 2, Anthony and Bryan Vaccaro each scored twice, Joey Andrechuk and Pete had doubles, Anthony had a triple and two walks, Tom Trifaro had two hits, Rich Effinger, Mike, James and Tyler each added one hit. John and Joey had 2 rbi's each. Strong defensive plays were made by James, Tom Clarke, Anthony, Tom Trifaro and Tyler. The Stingers face the SYAG Braves next Sunday at Samoset MS starting at 9:00 a.m. and hope to extend their season one week more by beating the Braves. Keep it up, boys. Finally, a shout to Mike Telesca for giving three hours of his time to help Coach Pete and Matt work on getting the field in shape. Also, thanks again to Debra Flynn for organizing yet another great breakfast and to all the parents that contributed to our feast!!

Piccolo Walk-off to Mercy Merrick!!

October 10, 2010
Tyler Piccolo hit a walk-off single to finish another mercy as the Stingers defeated the Merrick Demons 15 - 5 in eight innings. Tyler went 2 - 4 with 2 runs, 2 rbi's and a walk; Anthony Telesca went 1 - 3 with a run, 2 rbi's and a walk; Matt Kersich went 1 - 1 with 2 runs, 1 rbi and 3 walks; Pete Kersich went 2 - 3 with 2 doubles, 2 runs, 3 rbi's and a walk; Tom Trifaro went 2 - 4 with 1 run, 3 rbi's and a sac fly; Mike Flynn went 2 - 4 with a double, and 1 rbi; Bryan Vaccaro scored 2 runs and had a walk; John Flynn went 1 - 4 as he is back off the disabled list; Joey Andrechuk went 1 - 4 and put on a great batting practice show for everyone; Tom Clarke went 1 - 3 with a double, 1 run and 1 walk, and finally Rich Effinger went 2 - 4 with 3 runs, 1 walk and two steals. The Stingers pounded out 15 hits and had 10 walks. The pitching improved from a week ago as the staff walked only three but struck out 12. Anthony was dominate for the first three innings allowing no runs on just two hits. Tyler was dominate to close it out allowing just three hits in two innings. Bryan and Joey pitched well in between and just caught some tough breaks. The Stingers are now 6 - 0 for the season with two weeks to go. They want an unbeaten season!! Stay tuned....

Stingers win big... despite giving up NINE walks!!!

October 3, 2010
The cold weather this morning may have been the toughest opponent to date for this very strong Stinger team. The Stingers won 15 - 2 against the L.I. Rays but allowed nine walks to this very patient young team. Practices on Wednesdays seem to agree with the team as the Stingers pounded out 13 hits. Tyler Piccolo went 3 - 4 with 3 rbi's and 3 runs; Tom Trifaro went 3 - 3 with 1 run, 2 rbi's and a sac fly; Pete Kersich went 2 - 3 with 3 runs a walk and a double; Bryan Vaccaro went 1 - 4 with his hit in the first being the spark the team needed. Bryan also had 3 rbi's and 2 runs Anthony Telesca had 2 walks and two runs; Matt Kersich had a hit and 2 rbi's; James Iorio had a hit with two runs; Mike Flynn got a hit and a walk. Despite the nine walks, the pitching of Mike Flynn, Joey Andrechuk and Tyler allowed just two earned runs and struck out 12 batters. Once again, the Stingers were flawless in the field. The Stingers also welcomed Ryan Rado from the 15U North Shore Cougars who filled in for the injured John Flynn. Finally, thanks again to Mike Telesca and Rich Effinger for allowing the game to be played today by giving up several hours of their time to help Coach Pete get the field in shape.

Flynn Remains Perfect; Trifaro hits Walk-Off; Iorio Returns with a Vengeance; Stingers Sweep!!!

September 26, 2010
The L.I. Stingers swept a double vs. the Lynbrook Cyclones winning Game 1 in dramatic fashion as Tom Trifaro ripped a single to score Tyler Piccolo, who had stolen second base, in the bottom of the seventh with two outs. Mike Flynn started for the third consecutive week, and for the third consecutive week did not allow a run. Mike has now gone ten innings without allowing a run this fall. Bryan Vaccaro made his pitching debut as a Stinger. Matt Kersich went 1 - 1 with a walk, an HBP and had three stolen bases. Matt also threw out a runner trying to steal second. Tyler, Pete Kersich, and Anthony Telesca had some nice plays in the field. Anthony also pitched a perfect seventh to get the win. Rich Effinger and Brian had the other two Stinger hits. John Flynn had to leave the game with an ankle sprain and will be sidelined at least two weeks.
In Game 2, James Iorio was THE story!! James struck out nine batters in four innings and allowed no runs on just two hits. James also went 4 - 4 at the plate scoring three runs and driving in three. The Stingers pounded out thirteen hits in Game 2. Tom Trifaro collected three of them and Rich Effinger had two. Tom relieved Rich in the 5th inning and finished up the game for the win, as the Stingers erupted for seven runs in the last two innings after falling behind 5 - 2. Tyler Piccolo scored three runs; Matt Kersich had three walks. The Stingers are now 4 - 0 for the Fall and face the L.I. Rays next week at Samoset MS at 9:00 a.m. for a doubleheader. Rumors have begun to circulate that former Stinger Brian Castles may be called upon by the L.I. Rays to try and stop this very strong Stinger team. Let's see if the Stingers can continue to play very good baseball and remain unbeaten. Stay tuned.....

John Flynn lands on the D.L.!!

September 26, 2010

Unfortunately, John Flynn had to be placed on the 15-day disabled list today. After John got hit by a pitch, he turned an ankle, while taking a lead off first, in such a way that he is now on sticks for the next two weeks. The Stingers, now down a catcher and an integral player, called up Ryan Rado from their 15U North Shore farm system. Ryan comes with some great credentials and we are confident he will do his best to help out our team. Welcome, Ryan!!

Thanks to Tom and Debra...plus

September 26, 2010

Just a quick thanks to Debra Flynn and her husband Tom for creating a great spread in between games today. Also, as usual, great job parents for taking part and volunteering to bring an item for the event. I REALLY appreciate it!!

Stingers win in a mercy!!

The "new-look" Stingers played a second strong game in two weeks winning 10 - 0 vs. South Shore Rebels. The 9-inning game went just six as the Stingers came up with two runs in the sixth for the mercy. Mike Flynn continued to dominate throwing three more innings of no-hit ball and allowing just one walk. Joe Andrechuk pitched two strong innings allowing just two hits, and Pete Kersich finished pitching the sixth allowing just two walks. Defensively, great plays were made by Tyler Piccolo getting to a ball deep at short and throwing to Pete, who scooped it out at first. Tom Clarke made a nice pop catch at second. Rich Effinger made a few nice catches in left. Bryan Vaccaro made a nice catch at first. The team made no errors!! Offensively, the Stingers pounded out 13 hits, including a single and triple for Anthony Telesca, two singles for Matt Kersich, a double for Tyler, a double for Peter, two singles, a double and 3 rbi's for Bryan, a single for John Flynn that resulted in the mercy with two outs in the sixth, a double for Joey, and finally, a single and a triple for Rich.
There is practice this Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at Morris Ave. and a big doubleheader next Sunday in Lynbrook vs. Lynbrook, who won 19 - 3 today to also go 2 - 0. Directions will follow. Also, we will plan a breakfast in between the two games. Stay tuned...

New-look Stingers Begin Fall with Impressive Win!!

September 12, 2010 – 12:40 AM
The L.I. Stingers began the 2010 Fall 16 National NJBL season with a convincing 12 - 4 victory vs. the Garden City Fire. Prior to the start of the game, the Stingers announced the signing of Rich Effinger, a talented left-hander from the L.I. Mudcats. As for the game itself, Mike Flynn picked up right where he left off from summer ball by pitching three scoreless innings, walking none, allowing just one hit and striking out five. Tom Trifaro went the next three allowing three runs with just one walk and striking out four. Pete Kersich pitched the next two allowing one run on two hits, walking none and striking out five. Finally, Tyler Piccolo closed the game out. Tyler and Tom Clarke, players for the North Shore Cougars 15U team, had an immediate impact for the Stingers. Tyler had three hits, including a triple, and also pitched a scoreless ninth, while Tom had one hit but put the ball in play four times. Tom also made a great catch in the ninth. The pitching staff walked only one batter and struck out fifteen of the twenty seven outs. Offensively, Matt Kersich picked up two hits and two rbi's, Anthony Telesca had a triple to start the game and walked three times, Rich had two hits, two walks, two rbi's and two runs scored, John Flynn scored three runs, Tommy Trifaro had two hits and and three rbi's and finally, Joey Andrechuk picked up a walk, scored a run, and made some nice catches in right. Defensively, the Stingers were solid, allowing just one throwing error and making some great plays in the field, including some great stops by Tyler and two great catches by Pete.
Next for the Stingers is a game on Sunday, September 19 against South Shore at Harding Ave. Field in Lindenhurst at 10:00 a.m.

Fall Update

August 31, 2010 – 10:55 AM
Dear Parents,
I want to update you on the fall season and as always, give you as much advance notice as possible. First things first... I received this email last week while away:




We are one of these divisions. Last night we had our Fall meeting and intense talks took place among the teams. I fought for doubleheaders, as we are only playing once a week. It basically came down to a team by team basis. I did the best I could. Here is our tentative schedule, which I'm sure will change... Maybe not:

Opening Day: Saturday night September 11 in Garden City... We will start at 6:30 p.m. if they agree to a double or 8:00 p.m. under the lights if we play 9 innings. As soon as I hear, I will let you know.

Sunday, Sept. 19: 10:00 a.m. 9-inning game in Lindenhurst vs. South Shore Rebels

Sunday, Sept. 26: 9:00 a.m. double vs. Lynbrook in Lynbrook

Sunday, October 3: vs. L.I. Rays at Samoset MS At 9:00 a.m.

Sunday, October 10: 12:30 p.m. 9-inning game in Merrick

Sunday, October 17: TBD vs. White Storm.. Hopefully a double

Sunday, October 24: 9:00 a.m. .. Hopefully a double vs. SYAG

This is what I have so far. Finally, we will practice at 4:30 p.m. each Wednesday during the season. This week, practice is at 4:00 on Weds. at Sequoya and Saturday, at Sequoya at 9:00 a.m. Islip cancelled their double with us last night after I sent out the email. So, if you want to get in some swings and fielding, I will make myself available on Saturday morn Sept 4th. Thanks for your time... Coach Pete

Bryan Vaccaro makes Twelve!!

The L.I. Stingers are proud to announce the signing of Bryan Vaccaro from Sachem East Varsity to our Fall 2010 team. Brian comes to the Stingers as a very capable first baseman, outfielder and pitcher. We look forward to having his experience on the field.

Tom Trifaro Signs!!

August 17, 2010

Part-time summer player, Thomas Trifaro, has committed to play Fall ball for the L.I. Stingers. Tom becomes the eleventh player to commit and brings a lot to the team. Tom will start in centerfield; he can pitch and he can play the infield. We look forward to his enthusiasm, wit and dedication to baseball. Welcome back, Tom!!

Stingers add Tom Clarke

August 16, 2010
Fresh off the signing of Tyler Piccolo, the Stingers announce the signing of Tom Clarke for the Fall 2010. Tom is the second baseman for the North Shore Cougars and also played for Eastport-South Manor when the Stingers were part of the Cardinal organization. We look forward to this addition and want to say, "Welcome, aboard, Tom!!"

Stingers Acquire Tyler Piccolo!!

August 15, 2010 – 11:09 AM
After intense negotiations and several hours of discussions, the LI Stingers are proud to announce the signing of Tyler Piccolo, a shortstop and pitcher for the North Shore Cougars and Rocky Point High School teams. This addition will allow the Stingers to have three strong infielders (James Iorio, Anthony Telesca and Tyler) on the left side of the diamond and will give the Stingers options when any of these three players are pitching. We are excited to land such a strong talent and cannot wait to see him in action as a Stinger. Welcome aboard, Tyler!!!

Stingers finish Summer Playoffs in Second Place!!

The L.I. Stingers gave the L.I. Baymen all they could handle in the finals of the Brookhaven Varsity Summer finals at Medford on Thursday night. Unfortunately, the Stingers were beaten in the first two games of a best-of-three finals and had to settle for second place. In Game One, Mike Flynn pitched his greatest game as a Stinger, and possibly one of the best of his career, as he held the Baymen scoreless going into the bottom of the seventh. It was the third time in as many games that the Baymen and Stingers battled in this fashion. In the regular season, both scores ended 1 - 0 with each team winning one. In this game, with two outs in the bottom of the seventh, Mike walked a batter, who then stole second. Sachem East JV starter Mark Ortiz followed with a game-winning single over John Flynn's head in right to win it for the Baymen. Mike wound up giving up only four hits to this tournament team and pitched his heart out. The Stingers just could not come up with offense as C.J. Hafner had the only Stinger hit and Pete Kersich the only walk as the Baymen pitcher faced just two over the minimum. The entire 7-inning game was played in just 1 hour and 8 minutes.

In Game Two, the Stingers fought hard for as long as they could, but in the end, they just could not get much going on offense and wound up getting swept. Nick Cioffi had the only Stinger hit in Game 2. C.J. walked twice and Brandon Deniz, Anthony Telesca and Nick walked once. The Stingers finished the summer season with a record of 11 - 10 - 1. Considering this was a Varsity league and the Stingers had just five Varsity players means we done good!!

Thank you to the Flynn family for the pizza between the games; thank you to Debra Flynn for being the best team Mom you could have; thanks to the team for your gifts to all the coaches; and finally, thank you to the unbelievable turnout to support your Stinger team tonight. The stands were packed. The areas around the entire first base side were packed. Your support was tremendous!! It was a great year!!!

Stingers Are Going to the Dance... Again!!!

August 10, 2010
For the third time in their three-year existence, the LI Stingers are going to the finals of the summer season. Tonight, the Stingers beat Stony Brook 5 - 3 to advance to Thurday's Final against the L.I. Baymen in a best of three starting at 6:00 p.m. at Medford. Tonight, the Stingers , again, put together a decisive three - run inning. Mike Flynn led off with a ground ball error. Matt Kersich pinch ran and stole second. Brandon Deniz followed with a perfect bunt and beat it out. He then stole second. Pete Kersich followed with a double to right-center and C.J. Hafner followed with a double to right, as well, to score Pete. Earlier in the game, Pete singled in Anthony Telesca and Joey Andrechuk with two outs, singled in Chris Linkletter, who reached first on a fielder's choice after Kevin Hernandez had singled, and then stole second. Anthony Telesca dominated the Stony Brook team for six innings allowing no runs and just one hit. The game got interesting in the top of the seventh as Stony Brook rallied for three runs and had the tying runs on base, but Pete was able to get the final out with a pop fly to James Iorio. Once again, strong defense played a big part with Mike Flynn, Brandon, Nick, Pete, John Flynn, and C.J., all making good plays to save runs. The finals pit the Stingers against the Baymen. In their two previous games, the Stingers won Game One 1 - 0 and the Baymen won Game Two 1 - 0 in eight innings. So, the games on Thursday should be fun to play and watch. Call your neighbors, friends, sponsors.. Support our boys!! Come down and enjoy the show!!!

Stingers Win First Playoff Game

August 9, 2010
The L.I. Stingers won 3 - 0 vs. Islip in their first Town of Brookhaven Summer League playoff game. All the scoring was done in the third inning: Brandon Deniz battled to work out an eight pitch walk; Matt Kersich walked on four pitches; Mike Flynn sacrificed the runners with a good bunt; Nick Liegi followed with a clutch double to left; and Pete Kersich finished it by knocking the throw out of the first baseman's glove allowing Nick to score. C.J. Hafner ruled the mound again as he allowed just one hit and three walks through six plus innings of work. Pete came in to sit down three straight in the seventh and the Stingers live another day. Great defensive plays by Brandon, Anthony Telesca, Nick Cioffi, Kevin Hernandez and Joey Andrechuk helped seal the win. James Iorio had a nice double and John Flynn just missed hitting a bomb to left. Nice job was done in a true team effort!!

Help, help, help!!!!

This is my plea to all who signed up for the Duck Concession on this Wednesday. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! The following is the list:

1. Kersich: 1 Adult and 2 boys
2. Paparelli: 3 Adults
3. Linkletter: 5 Adults and 1 boy
4. Liegi: 2 Adults and 1 boy
5. Andrechuk: 1 Adult and 1 boy
6. Flynn: 2 Adult and 2 boys
7. Hafner: 3 Adult and 1 boy
8. Telesca: 2 Adult

The possible problem: I might lose Telesca and Liegi to playoffs

So, Iorio, Cioffi, or Deniz possible??? If not, can the rest of you find a friend to bring??? Please??? Bottom line, we need eight or nine registers, 9 boys, 2 adults on hotdogs and me. Please do your best to help out one last time.
The game tomorrow starts at 6:00 at Medford #1. I will be there to pitch BP starting at 4:30. Please keep the boys calm tomorrow and try and get them pumped to play. The goal is Thursday, which means the finals!! Thanks.. Coach Pete

Stingers finish 4th!!

August 6, 2010

The L.I. Stingers finished the summer season in 4th place out of ten teams with a 9 - 8 - 1 record. They will face Islip on Monday, August 9 at 6:00 p.m. at the Medford Complex. Come down and root us on!!!

Stingers Shutout Again... Lose Final Regular Game

August 2, 2010

The Stingers ended their regular season by losing 2 - 0 to the Mastic Pirates. This was the third straight loss for the team and second straight game where they could not score. C.J. Hafner and Pete Kersich combined to limit Mastic to three hits and three walks, but that was all Mastic needed. C.J. Hafner also had two hits, Pete had one and Nick Liegi had a double. Nick Cioffi made a heads up throw to gun down a runner trying to go to third. John Flynn had all three put-outs at first in the sixth inning, including a great dive on a line drive. The Stingers did put the tying runs on base in the seventh with one out, but then Matt Kersich lined out to right hitting the ball on the button, and then Joey Andrechuk ripped a ball down the third base line that was grabbed with a diving stop and then a tag of third base to end the game. The Stingers finished the summer 9 - 8 - 1 and will face Islip on Monday to start the playoffs.

Stingers Open Medford Complex

Click on links to see the Stingers as they open the new Medford Complex or go to Photo Albums.

Saturday Scrimmage

August 4, 2010
Date: Saturday, August 7
Where: East Broadway School (Directions are on the left of this page!!)
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

I was able to secure a scrimmage with a team from Levittown on Saturday, prior to our playoff run starting on Monday. We are playing at East Broadway School in Levittown on Seaman's Neck Rd. off the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway. You can drop your son off at Exit 61 on LIE as we will be caravaning from there at 9:00 a.m. Directions are on our web and it takes about 25 minutes to get to. Committed to play as of this typing: Pete, Matt, John, Mike, Kevin, Nick C, Anthony, Joey, and CJ. I also believe Nick L will be there also. Chris and James cannot be there and I am still waiting on Shane and Brandon. Bottom line is we will have at least ten and will play an 8 or 9 inning game. Wear metal spikes and use only wood bats. See you Saturday. Hopefully, each boy will pitch at least one inning as a tune-up. Lunch will follow somewhere close to the field for all those interested.. Thanks.. Pete

Winter Workouts

July 31, 2010

I am looking for at least ten boys to sign up for Sundays and Wednesday night workouts starting in December to prepare you for school ball and/or getting in baseball shape for Spring 2011. Details of cost will follow... Contact Coach Pete if you want in!! Partial payment will be needed by the end of September!!

Stingers get swept by L.I. Mudcats

July 29, 2010

For the second time this season, the Stingers were swept in a doubleheader. This time, they lost to the LI Mudcats by scores of 11 - 1 and 4 - 0. In Game 1, Nick Cioffi had two of the three hits and knocked in the only run. Anthony Telesca had the other Stinger hit. The story of this game was sloppy defense and seven walks allowed. After a quick bite to eat thanks to the Telescafamily, the Stingers played Stinger baseball and were down just 1 - 0 going into the bottom of the sixth. After a tough call, the Stingers fell apart in the seventh and failed to score a run. Anthony Telesca pitched five strong innings, had one hit and two walks. Shane Paparelli, James Iorio, CJ Hafner, Joey Andrechuk and Nick Liegi each had one hit. John Flynn made a nice catch on a hard liner to third; Chris Linkletter did a good job behind the dish; the Stingers turned two double plays and overall, it was a better game. The Stingers are now 9 - 7 - 1 and finish the regular season on Monday night vs. Mastic at 8:30 p.m. at Moriches. Playoffs start next Monday, August 9 at Medford at 6:00 p.m.

Stingers wake up... beat Stony Brook!!!!

July 27, 2010
After a slow, and I mean slow start, the Stingers flipped on a switch and beat Stony Brook 11 - 5. Again, good pitching was the key. Kevin Hernandez labored in the first, but then found his zone and pitched into the fourth inning. Joe Andrechuk inherited a 5 - 2 lead and held down the fort until the Stingers exploded for six runs in the bottom of the sixth. Anthony Telesca closed out the game pitching the seventh. This game featured lots of highlights. They include: With two outs and no one on in the third, the Stingers scored five runs with singles by Kevin, Anthony and CJ Hafner, a double by Shane Paparelli, a HBP to Peter Kersich, and a walk to Brandon Deniz. CJ and Anthony both had two RBI's in the inning. In the sixth, the Stingers exploded for five more runs on singles by Matt Kersich, Nick Cioffi, a great Sac bunt by Mike Flynn, a 2-rbi single by Joey, a single and an rbi by Shane, and a double with 2-rbi's by Peter. Matt threw out a runner trying to steal third and was the receiver of a perfect relay from Shane to Brandon to Matt in the seventh to cut down a run. Pete Kersich turned an unassisted double play and Mike Flynn made a great catch on a liner to third. John Flynn caught the final out at second!!

Stingers beat Islip again!!

July 26, 2010
For the second time this summer, the Stingers defeated Islip by a score of 5 - 2 getting strong pitching from C.J. Hafner and Peter Kersich. Offensively, Anthony Telesca had a double, a single and a walk; Nick Cioffi had a BIG two-run single in the sixth to break it open a bit; Brandon Deniz scored two runs; CJ Hafner had a hit and scored a run; Joey Andrechuk crushed a double.

Our Week Ahead!!

Monday, July 26: Arrive at Medford by 7:45 p.m. for 8:30 game vs. Islip

Tuesday, July 27 Arrive at Medford any time after 4:30 p.m. for batting practice and a 6:00 p.m. game vs. Stony Brook.

Wednesday, July 28: Arrive by 5:30 for our third Duck concession. We have one more on Wednesday, August 11.

Thursday, July 29: This is now a doubleheader!! Arrive at Medford by 5:15 p.m. for our 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. games vs. Mudcats.

Monday, August 2: Arrive 7:45 p.m. for our last regular game at Moriches vs. Mastic at 8:30 p.m.

Thank-you Paparelli's

July 22, 2010
Just a quick thanks to Fred and Debbie for opening up their house for the Stingers after the showcase. The spread of food and desserts were the best. Nice job Fred and Debbie!!!

Stingers shine in showcase!!

July 21, 2010

Hats off to: Joey Andrechuk, Nick Cioffi, James Iorio, CJ Hafner, Pete Kersich, Matt Kersich, Anthony Telesca, Shane Paparelli, Mike Flynn, John Flynn, Chris Linkletter and Nick Liegi for doing an outstanding job at the 2-day college showcase at Baseball Heaven. Day One involved lots of drills and some instruction along the way. Day 2 saw the Stingers plus a few other players defeat their opponent 11 - 7. Pete Kersich started the game and CJ, John, Mike, and Anthony all pitched as well. Nicky Cioffi crushed two doubles and a single; Matt, Shane, Nick Liegi and Anthony all had nice hits. Matt also threw out two runners. The boys showed that they belonged with the BIG BOYS and congrats to you all!!

Stingers get Dominated!!

July 20, 2010

The Stingers lost 4 - 1 tonight to the first - place North Fork team. The story in this game was the dominate performance of the North Fork pitcher who stuck out sixteen batters while not walking one and allowing just two hits. Brandon Deniz had a two-out single and scored on Pete Kersich's single for the only Stinger run. The Stingers gave up four runs in the second and just could not conquer the North Fork pitcher. The Stingers fell to 7 - 5 - 1 and have four games remaining in their regular summer season.

Stingers beat Longwood Again!!

July 15, 2010
For the second time this summer, the LI Stingers beat the Longwood Lions 6 - 1. The Stingers pounded out 8 hits, including three by James Iorio. Anthony Telesca, Nick Liegi, Tom Trifaro, Matt Kersich, Anthony Telesca and Shane Paparelli each added one. Pete Kersich had three walks and scored two runs; Shane also scored two runs and James had 3 Rbi's. Pete, Tom and James combined to allow just one run on seven hits while striking out seven. The Stingers are now 7 - 4 - 1 and face first-place North Fork next.

Stingers lose epic battle vs. Baymen!!

July 14, 2010
For the second time this summer, the Stingers and the Baymen waged an epic battle. In the first game, the Stingers prevailed 1 - 0 allowing just one hit. This time, there was no score after seven innings. In the top of the 8th, Matt Kersich lead off with a single and advanced to second on an error. The Stingers tried to move him to third on a bunt but the ball was popped to the pitcher, who then turned and doubled Matt off second. Nick Cioffi then walked but a groundout ended the top of the inning. In the bottom of the 8th, the leadoff batter walked and stole second. He was sacrificed to third. The infield moved in. The outfield moved in. And then ... the drama. The next batter hit a fly ball to right field. Joey Andrechuk caught the ball. The runner tagged from third. Joey threw the ball to home on a fly but just up the line. Matt went to his knees to catch it and with that, the runner leaped over Matt and before the tagged was applied, the runner touched home. Game over. Baymen win, 1 - 0. The game featured some fantastic plays including the Stingers defending a "create" play and getting the runner trying to score on a combination of throws from Anthony and Pete Kersich. The Stingers turned a nice double play and Matt also gunned down another runner at second. Nick Liegi had two hits and unfortunately, the Stingers could not manage any other hits. Pitching continued to be outstanding as Mike Flynn went 4 1/3 innings allowing just two hits. Anthony Telesca went the next 3+ innings allowing no hits. The boys have nothing to hold their heads about. The Baymen are one of the better 16U teams in Suffolk and the Stingers have allowed just one run and three hits in 15 innings. A great game. And, we are good!!! Let's keep up the intensity on Thursday vs. Longwood. Batting practice begins at 4:30 at Medford #2 for our 6:00 p.m. game!!

Stingers get their first mercy!!

July 8, 2010
It took nine games, but the Stingers finally showed how dominate they can be by beating the Mudcats 10 - 0 in less than four innings. Pete Kersich and CJ Hafner pitched four shutout innings allowing just two hits. The Stingers pounded out 9 hits and had three walks. Shane Paparelli went 3 - 3 and scored three runs, James Iorio went 2 - 2 with a sac fly and 3 rbi's, Chris Linkletter also scored three runs, had a double and threw out a runner at second. CJ Hafner, Anthony Telesca, and John Flynn each had one hit. Anthony stole two bases and James came up with some big plays at short. The Stingers are now 6 - 3 - 1 and face the tough L.I. Baymen next Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. at Moriches. Sponsors, come down and root on your team if you are in the area!!

Stingers Tie to open up Second Half!!

July 6, 2010
After using the RYO Tournament as their All-Star break, the Stingers opened the second half of the summer season with a 1 - 1 tie with Stony Brook. The Stingers are now 5 - 3 - 1 with nine games still to play. The Stingers did get seven hits from seven different players, including Pete Kersich, Chris Linkletter, CJ Hafner, Matt Kersich, Mike Flynn, Joey Andrechuk and Nick Liegi. Matt scored the only run and Mike had the only RBI. Mike pitched 3 + innings allowing just one earned run. Nick Liegi and Anthony Telesca went the rest. Nick had two strikeouts, while Anthony had five. The Stingers had chances to score, leaving seven runners on base in the first three innings. Matt Kersich had a strong game behind the dish, throwing out two runners trying to steal second. It looks like the Stingers are figuring out how to hit with wood bats. Keep it going on Thursday, boys!!!

Stingers stun Levittown Cardinals.. beat Storm Academy.. Finish RYO 2 - 2

July 4, 2010

The L.I. Stingers started the 4th of July, 2010 with fireworks from the first inning and never stopped all day!! The Stingers stunned the Levittown Cardinals 4 - 1 at the Moriches Complex, then travelled to Adelphi University ( A one plus hour drive) to beat the Storm Academy 11 - 9 after trailing 9 - 3 to finish the RYO Tournament 2 - 2. The Stingers lost both games yesterday by identical 2 - 1 scores. In both of those games, the Stingers missed big opportunities and failed to get that key hit. Pitching and defense was the story all weekend and kudos to Kevin Hernandez for what will be his best performance to date as a Stinger as he took a shutout into the seventh against Levittown today. Levittown had mercied the Stingers in Massachusetts last year at a tournament they went on to win and is considered one of the better Nassau 16U teams. More details will follow tomorrow, but the boys were awesome all weekend and Coach Pete is flying high right now!!!

New Sponsor

July 2, 2010

B.I. Auto Sales is our latest sponsor to help support our team. Ask for Bob or Joe if you are in the market for a used car. They come highly recommended and their deals on used cars are fantastic. Click on sponsors for more info and their website!!

Stingers are stumbling into RYO Tournament

July 1, 2010

The LI Stingers lost for the third time in four games to Pat - Med by a score of 6 - 1 and need to turn things around quickly before the RYO Tournament begins. Both Shane Paparelli and Pete Kersich had two hits each, but the rest of the team managed only one by Mike Flynn. Nick Liegi and Pete both made their summer debuts. Both went two innings each and both allowed two runs. But, lack of hitting is the story and hopefully, the bats will awaken for the tournament.

Ugly loss ... That's baseball!!

June 29, 2010
The Stingers showed up early and got several batting practice swings and looked ready. Then the game started and it was just one of those days. Pitchers gave up six walks and six hits and fielders made six errors as the Stingers were beaten 10 - 0 vs. the L.I. Barnstormers. Chris Linkletter got the only Stinger hit. The next game is Thursday vs. Pat - Med under the lights at Medford #1 at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night. Let's go boys... You can do a lot better!!!

Stingers back on track!!

June 28, 2010
The Stingers responded in a big way beating Islip 4 - 1 after losing their first game last week. Pitching was the story as Mike Flynn, James Iorio and Brandon Deniz combined for a two-hitter while striking out 14 of the 21 outs recorded. Very impressive, boys!! Six Stingers got hits, including: Brandon, Peter Kersich with two, Chris Linkletter, Mike, John Flynn, and Kevin Hernandez. Shane Paparelli scored two runs and Brandon came up with a great catch in left to save the day.

Stingers Rule at Duck Stadium!!!

In an all out team effort, the L.I. Stingers dominated on Thursday night at Duck stadium and walked away with a great feeling of accomplishment and I want to say thank you to: The Entire Flynn Family, Nick and Nick Cioffi, the Kersich Family, The Telesca Family, The Deniz Family, The Linkletter Family, Tom Trifaro, Joey Andrechuk, Marissa and Nick Liegi, and the Paparelli family. It was a tough go with the oppresive heat, but you all did fantastic job and your sacrifice is most appreciated. You dominated the competition!!

Ouch!!... Stingers Get Stung!!

The L.I. Stingers lost their first game of the summer to North Fork by a score of 12 - 3. Nothing much went right for the team tonight as North Fork got some timely hits, lots of walks and a few Stinger gifts. Joey Andrechuk was a highlight going 3+ innings allowing no runs. The Stingers managed just three hits. Next week is a new week with lots of ball. Get it back together, boys!!

Stingers win 4th straight!!

After the first four Pirates reached base, C.J. Hafner settled in and allowed only one hit in the next four innings. Kevin Hernandez followed with 2 2/3 innings allowing just one run in the seventh and left with the bases loaded. Anthony Telesca came in and struck out the last batter and the Stingers won 6 - 2. Kevin had a timely hit, as did Pete Kersich. Each had 2 rbi's for the game. Brandon Deniz threw out a runner trying to score from second. Tommy Trifaro and Anthony made several good plays on the left side of the infield. Again, great defense and strong pitching were key. The Stingers made the most of their runners as they had only four hits, but also had six walks. The Stingers play again this Friday at 6:00 p.m. vs, North Fork at Medford #1. It will be a battle of the unbeatens... Go get 'em boys!!!

Kersich, Flynn Homer... Stingers win third straight!!

Pete Kersich hit a wood bat 320 foot two-run homer in the second and Mike Flynn added a wood bat 350-foot three run homer in the third to help power the Stingers to an 11 - 4 win against Longwood. Pete went 2 - 3 with a sac fly and 4 rbi's, C.J. Hafner and Brandon Deniz each hit doubles, Joey Andrechuk, Kevin Hernandez, Matt Kersich, John Flynn, Anthony Telesca, and Chris Linkletter all had one hit each, Brandon scored three runs and walked twice, John Flynn had two walks as well, C.J. Hafner added three steals and strong pitching by Nicky Cioffi, Brandon Deniz and Anthony Telesca allowed the Stingers to win their third straight. As you can see, this truly was a team effort, as all eleven players contributed. Great job, boys!!!

C.J. Hafner pitches another gem; Matt Kersich comes up big!!

C.J. Hafner pitched a complete game, one-hit shutout against the Baymen Red Sox. This follows C.J.'s no-hitter one week ago. The Stingers managed just three hits, but two came in the third and it proved to be enough. Chris Linkletter lined a single to center and moved to second on a pickoff error by the pitcher. After the second out, Matt Kersich lined a single to right scoring Chris for the only run of the game. The Stingers managed only one other hit, by Nicky Cioffi, but also had two walks each from Anthony Telesca and Shane Paparelli. The team made some incredible defensive gems including great diving catches by Brandon Deniz and Kevin Hernandez. The Stingers are now 2 - 0 and face Longwood next.

Stingers Christen New Field with a No-hit Win!!!

C.J. Hafner pitched six innings of no-hit ball and Brandon Deniz closed the game out in the seventh with John Flynn turning a game-ending double play to preserve the no-hitter as the Stingers won 7 -1. The game was tied 1 - 1 going into the bottom of the sixth and both runs were a result of errors. Then, the Stinger bats woke up as Shane Paparelli, Brandon Deniz, Pete Kersich, C.J. Hafner, and Chris Linkletter all had hits to start the bottom of the sixth. After Matt Kersich walked and Mike Flynn hit a sac fly, John Flynn followed with a hit that scored the final two runs. Anthony Telesca had the first Stinger hit of the season and first steal; Pete Kersich had the first RBI and the first broken wood bat; Nick C. scored the first run; Brandon had the first double; Joey Andrechuk crushed a ball that was caught by the centerfielder and Nicky Cioffi hustled out a strike three passed ball swing to reach first safely and ultimately came around to score the first run. Nice team effort. And, this marked the first game played at the new Medford Complex. Finally, thanks to great parent support and to Port Jeff Sports, who donated ten wood bats and a bucket of 36 brand new balls to every Varsity team!!

Stingers to open Medford Complex!!

The Long Island Stingers will open the new Medford Complex tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the inaugural game at the new park. Come down and root on the boys!!

Revised schedule is done!!

June 6, 2010 – 11:45 AM

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Memorial Day Stats are up!!

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Memorial Day Tournament Summary

The L.I. Stingers started their 2010 season on a positive note. The team went 2 - 2 in the preliminary round to make it to the semifinals. The Stingers lost their first two games on Saturday, losing to Smithtown 8 - 5 and to Farmingdale 7 - 5. In the Farmingdale game, the Stingers faced an All-County Junior pitcher from Farmingdale H.S. who has been clocked at 90 m.p.h. On Sunday, the Stingers needed to win two games to have a chance at Monday’s semis, and they came through in a big way, winning 10 - 2 and 6 -1 to qualify for Monday. In the semifinal game, the Stingers had a 4 -1 lead against Smithtown heading into the bottom of the sixth, but could not hold on. They wound up losing 6 -4. All in all, this was a great start to a new looks team and the summer season looks very promising.
Every player played extremely well and there were many highlights. Joey Andrechuk hit a 350 foot home run out of the park in Game 1 and pitched out of a bases loaded no out jam in Game 2. Nick Cioffi pitched four quality innings and had a very big base hit in Game 3 with two outs to knock in two runs. Nick finished with 4 RBI’s. Brandon Deniz made his Stinger debut by playing a great outfield and being Game 4’s closer. Brandon added three hits, three runs, three RBI’s and four steals in just three games. John Flynn pitched three innings in game 1, turned a great double play in the semifinal and had two hits and two walks. Mike Flynn pitched lights out in Game 4, giving up no runs in 4 innings pitched. Mike had three hits, including a double and two rbi‘s. C.J. Hafner pitched in two games, allowing only four earned runs. C.J. had four hits, including a double and a triple and had four rbi‘s. Kevin Hernandez made some big catches in right field and had two hits. James Iorio pitched into the sixth inning of the semifinal game allowing just four hits and no walks. He left the game leading 4 - 1. James also had three hits and three runs scored in four games. Chris Linkletter played a great shortstop and catcher, had four hits in just three games, stole three bases and scored three runs. Matt Kersich played very well as our catcher, picking off a runner at second and making a great tag on a runner trying to tag up at third from a strong throw from Shane. Matt added two hits. Pete Kersich had an unbelievable tournament at the plate going ten for twelve, with eight runs scored, five rbi’s, four walks and a sac fly. One of Pete’s hits was a 350-foot home run in Game 1 out of the park. Shane Paparelli had an outstanding tournament as well, making some great defensive plays, including throwing out a runner trying to tag from second, on a fly. Shane went seven for fifteen, scored four runs and had two walks. Finally, Anthony Telesca pitched lights out in Game three, allowing just one run on one hit in Game 3 in five innings. Anthony added two hits, including a triple, had three walks and three RBI’s.
Overall, this was a great effort by thirteen boys who came to play. Thank-you parents for giving up your time and for your support. Reminder: Our summer season starts on Monday, June 7 at 6:00 p.m. In addition, our first Duck concession is June 12. Finally, there is practice on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Sequoya, followed by a gathering at the Kersich house. Hope you can make it!!

Our Summer Schedule

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Our New Banner

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2010 List of Stinger Sponsors

April 9, 2010

1. California Diner (5 straight years)
2. MTA Auto Service (5 straight years)
3. Awards and Gifts (5 Straight years)
4. Modells (Click on Handouts for extra coupons)
5. Techno Acoustics Holdings (3 Years)
6. Majestic Gardens Catering ( 5 straight years)
7. Certified Transmissions ( 2 Years)
8. East End Screen Printing (Our Uniform Guy)
9. Eastern Suffolk Pulmonology ( 3 Years)
10. Infiniti Performance (Training Place)
11. Clean World Cleaners (Great Guy!! Big Supporter!!)
12. Michael J. Gulotta, DDS (New Sponsor for 2010)
13. Cotten Coverage Insurance (5 Years)
14. Costco
15. Riteway Automotive Center (Gave us $$ for two different boys!!)
16. Ainsworth (Hot Spot in NYC for Night Life)
17. S.C. Mann DDS (3-Year Sponsor)
18. Everyday Pool Supply (5-Year Sponsor)
19. Centerplate at the Long Island Ducks
20. Hunter's Garage, Inc.

The Ducks Concession Fundraiser

Mark down these dates: Sat: June 12; Weds July 28 and Weds Aug 18. We have been hired by the Ducks to work the concessions for these three dates. This means all families aboard. I am working on two more dates. We are being trained next week. I need all of your help with this. We stand to make a great deal of money for our boys. Please make sure you can be a part. Siblings, relatives, neighbors and friends can all be a part. We need 20 adults at each date. I will call, text and email the other two dates, hopefully by tomorrow. Also, I am being trained on Saturday, April 3 with Mike or Nick Telesca and Lolly Deniz. Any one else is welcome. Also, a 2-hour training session for the entire team will be held next week. We all have to be there. Please give me effort on this. Again, the goal is to showcase your son at a Baseball Heaven event this summer for as little money as possible. I hope we can do the whole showcase and charge you nothing. I will be in touch as the week progresses with definites. Please offer your help. Thanks.. Coach Pete

The Long Island Ducks Commitment

Hi All,

Today, I sent in all the necessary paper work to the Long Island Ducks to get them to be a part of the Long Island Stingers this year. I discussed this at our team meeting in January and now, it has become a reality...Our team will earn approximately $3000 or more by working the concessions at the LI Duck games for 5 games. Now, this is where you come in..

The point of doing this is to get the boys exposure during the summer by getting them into one or two showcases. They are VERY expensive. If we work these five games, your cost will be minimal, if at all. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! WE ALL MUST BE INVOLVED TO MAKE THIS WORK. We have to supply 25 people per game. Basically, it will be most of you parents and the boys. I am only able to use six or seven boys at a time... That is their rule. This means that I need about 20 adults (Or any sibling, friend, relative, etc.) over the age of 18. Parents, this is a huge opportunity to make great money for the Stingers and I hope I can count on everyone to be on board. There will be a training session for our team during the week the boys are off from school. I know most parents work, so I will try and see if they can train us at night. The session will last for two hours. Also, can I have at least one parent come with me on Saturday, April 3 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m?? This is for training for the adults that will oversee the whole operation. I will be one of those people, but I need at least one more parent or more. Check your schedule and get back to me on this. And, if this day is easier for you to train, I can bring as many down as I want. I have gone ahead and started the ball rolling on this. Now, I need EVERYONE'S support and commitment. Our earnings is directly related to how much we sell. So, if we get good at this, we could earn up to 8% or 9% of total purchases for the night, less State tax. In real numbers, if we bring in $10,000 in sales, (which is the average at a Duck game) we could earn close to $900 for one night for our team.

Finally, siblings over 18, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. can all be a part. Let's not waste a great opportunity here. Thanks for your time, and please email me back with a definite yes or no in the next few days. Coach Pete

The Stingers are the Champs!!

For the second time in two years, the LI Stingers played in the Championship game for the NJBL summer league. Today, unlike one year ago, the Stingers were victorious 7 - 6 in nine innings. The game lasted more than three hours and was filled with lots of exciting moments... John Flynn catching a sharp liner at first... Pete Kersich making a diving stop and put-out at second base... Anthony Telesca making a great scoop on a throw to third... Chris Linkletter making a few more great throws to second to gun down runners... It does not end there. C.J. Hafner sat down the first eleven batters he faced and in five innings of work gave up just one run and left the game with a 4 - 1 lead. Anthony had a key two-out two run single in the bottom of the sixth and the Stingers entered the seventh inning with a 6 - 1 lead. However, the LI Ducks were far from conceding and scored five runs in the top of the seventh and loaded the bases with two outs before Mike Flynn struck out a batter to end the inning. In all, the Ducks scored five runs on just one hit. Okay... We move on to the bottom of the ninth...Mike sits the Ducks down in the top of the eighth and ninth.. Drama builds... Pete Kersich starts off the bottom of the ninth with a single.. One out happens... A second out happens... Matt Kersich singles to right... Pete moves to third... Matt steals second.... Nick Cioffi walks... Kevin Hernandez swings at a 1 - 1 pitch and.... The ball gets through between short and third!! Pete scores... The Stingers are the champs!!! Great game... Great season.. 18 - 2 final record for the summer NJBL season!! Great parents!!!! Great team!!! Thanks boys.... You are a great group of talented ball players. A pleasure!! Other game notes: Nick Neri had two hits, Shane Paparelli had one hit and a walk and stayed home from going on vacation to play in this game, Tommy Williams being a team player and rooting on the boys with thirty stitches in his head, Taisei and what he brought to this team, and finally... Thanks for some great memories to all of the boys on this team.

Stingers Win Again.. Now 14 - 2!!!

The Stingers won a rain-shortened 4+ inning game tonight against the South Shore Rebels, winning 11 - 2 behind the sttrong pitching of C.J. Hafner and several big at-bats. Pete Kersich went 3-3 with 2 runs, 2rbi's and 2 steals, John Flynn went 1 - 3 with 2 rbi's and 1 run, Shane Paparelli went 3 - 4 with 2 runs scored, Chris Linkletter had a double, Nick Cioffi and Matt Kersich each went 1 - 2 with a walk, Anthony Telesca had two walks and scored two runs, and Mike Flynn had a sacrifice bunt.

Stingers Win Again!!

The L.I. Stingers won again beating the Smithtown Bulls for the second time in three days by a score of 16 - 6 in 4+ innings, and now are 13 - 2. Mike and John Flynn combined to pitch five effective innings and the bats awoke in BIG fashion, led by Nick Cioffi, who had three hits. More about the game will appear tomorrow....

Stingers go to 12 - 2

The Stingers beat East Meadow 9 - 3 and the Smithtown Bulls 5 - 2 to now go 12 - 2 for the 2009 Summer league. In the East Meadow game, pitching was the story. Mike Flynn, Anthony Telesca, John Flynn and Kevin Hernandez pitched seven strong innings allowing just three hits and striking out six. Mike Flynn got the win. Kevin, Shane Paparelli, and Chris Linkletter each had two hits, Shane had two doubles and scored two runs, Chris scored three runs and had one walk and one rbi, and Kevin had two rbi's.
In the Smithtown game, the Stinger pitching was strong again. Pete Kersich went five solid innings giving up just one run. Kevin Hernandez pitched the sixth and seventh and gutted out a big save. Offensively, the Stingers managed just six hits, but also had eight walks. Anthony Telesca went 1-1 with two walks and two runs, Shane Paparelli went 1-2 with two walks and two steals, John Flynn had a big hit and a big rbi, and Nick Neri went 1-3 with a big rbi!! The game ended on a double play from catcher to first to catcher.

Our Challenging Week Ahead!!

Tuesday, July 28: Arrive at Gaynor Field by 5:15 p.m. for a 6:00 p.m. start against Smithtown.

Thursday, July 30: Arrive at Gaynor Field by 4:30 p.m. for a 5:30 p.m. game against Smithtown.

Friday, July 31: Arrive at Harding Ave. Field in Lindenhurst by 4:15 p.m. for a 5:00 p.m. start against South Shore Rebels.

Sunday, August 2: Arrive at Commack H.S. by 8:15 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. doubleheader against the LI Ducks.

Please be on time and please let Coach Pete know ASAP if you cannot be at any of these games. We need to win the majority to get into the playoffs!!!

Sponsor Shows Up!!

Thank you Bobby Jackson, our Modells sponsor, for coming to our East Meadow game this week. Glad you could see us in action.

Dan Duquette Tournament Summary

The LI Stingers played four games in the Berkshire Mountains this past weekend at the Dan Duquette Academy. While they won just one of the four games, the boys played hard and did their very best until they just ran out of gas. Some of the boys had never stayed in bunks before and thanks to a very rowdy team that was next to us, the boys did not get much sleep. The Stingers did manage a big win against the Brunswick Buckeyes from Troy, NY. The score was 16 - 1. The Stingers scored 9 runs before taking the field. Here are some tournament highlights:
Peter Kersich and Nick Neri each went 6 - 11, Shane Paparelli and C.J. Hafner each had four hits, Tom Williams had three hits, John Flynn, Kevin Hernandez, and Matt Kersich each had two hits, and finally, Mike Flynn and Chris Linkletter each had one hit.
Peter Kersich also had a great pitching tournament going 6 1/3 innings allowing just one run. Kevin Hernandez battled Levittown and held them to just three runs. Mike Flynn also pitched well.
Hopefully, each boy will bring home some highlight they will always remember. They did play in Wahconah Park, a stadium built in 1892 and that Ruth and Gehrig each played in.
Finally, once again, thank you parents and relatives for your enthusiasm and support. Our boys are very lucky to have such great people rooting for them. And, thank you to Mr. T. for all his hard work!!

Stingers beaten by the Ducks!!

In a hard fought battle, the Stingers lost 6-5 to the LI Ducks despite out-hitting them. The Ducks pitcher went the distance allowing just two walks. CJ Hafner and John Flynn pitched well, but came up a bit short. Offensively, Anthony Telesca had two doubles, Chris Linkletter had two hits, two steals and threw out two runners, Nick Cioffi had two singles, Matt Kersich went 1-2 and had a sac bunt and Nick Neri went 2-3 with 2 rbi's. The Stingers are now 8 - 2 and travel to East Meadow on Sunday for a doubleheader.

RYO Results

Despite giving a very strong effort, the LI Stingers lost all four games this weekend in the RYO Tournament. The Stingers were beaten 8 - 3 to the Whitestone Royals, 7 - 0 to the LI Bandits, 9 - 8 to the North Shore Vikings and 10 - 1 to the Ct. Blue Jays. Despite the look of the scores, the Stingers really did hold their own for the most part and had a good chance to win two of the four games. Offensively for the four games, Pete Kersich went 7 - 13, Nick Cioffi went 5 - 9, Nick Neri went 4 - 11, Shane Paparelli went 4 - 13, Anthony Telesca went 4 - 10, Matt Kersich went 3 - 8 with one walk and one HBP, Mike Flynn went 2 - 6, John Flynn had two hits, Tom Williams had two hits, one walk and one HBP, Chris Kennedy went 3 - 5, and Tom Trifaro had two hits. Defensively, Chris Linkletter played outstanding at short and threw out at least one person trying to steal second, Mike Flynn threw out two runners trying to steal second, C.J. Hafner pitched one of his better games shutting down the number one team in three of the four innings, and again, despite the scores, the Stingers played hard and gave each team a great battle.
I want to thank all the parents for getting the players to the field early for three straight days so that we could loosen up and get in some B.P. Your enthusiasm and support for this team is just fantastic.

Stingers Beaten for first time this summer!!

The Stingers lost after winning their first four games this summer by a score of 8 - 4 to the Smithtown Bulls. Things went well for the Stingers early on and they were up 3-0 after 4 innings. However, they left 10 men on base in those first four innings. In the bottom of the fourth, errors, infield hits and just a simple team meltdown led to 5 runs and the Bulls never looked back. They won 8 - 4.
There were a few positives in this game. Anthony Telesca struck out all three batters in the sixth, Pete and Matt Kersich each had three walks, C.J. Hafner had two rbi's and scored a run, Chris Linkletter got his first Stinger hit, Tommy Williams, John Flynn, Nick Cioffi, Shane Paparelli and Pete each had one hit.
The next game, we hope, is a double against first-place South Shore Rebels on Sunday at Lindenhurst MS on Wellwood Ave.

Stingers Sweep for Second Straight Week!!

For the second consecutive week, the L.I. Stingers swept a double against the L.I. Wardogs to go 4-0 for the summer. Once again, strong pitching performances combined with a hitting barrage helped the Stingers cruise to victory. Peter Kersich, Nick Cioffi, C.J. Hafner and Kevin Hernandez combined to allow just two runs on fours hits with four walks in ten innings of work. The four also stuck out fifteen batters of the thirty outs recorded. Offensively, the feats are endless. Nick Cioffi went 1-2 with two walks and two runs, John Flynn went 3-4 with 4 runs, 5 rbi’s and 2 HBP’s, Mike Flynn went 3-6 with 3 walks, 4 runs and 3 rbi’s, C.J. Hafner went 5-6 with 2 walks, 5 runs and 4 rbi’s, Kevin Hernandez went 4-6 with two doubles, 1 walk, 3 runs and 3 rbi’s, Chris Linkletter had two walks in his Stinger debut, Matt Kersich went 3-6 with 1 walk, 4 runs and 3 rbi’s, Pete Kersich went 1-4 with 3 walks, and 4 runs, Nick Neri went 2-5 with 2 walks, 3 runs, 2 rbi’s, and two fantastic catches in right field, Shane Paparelli went 3-5, (all doubles), with one walk, 5 runs and 6 rbi’s, Anthony Telesca went 2-6, with one walk, 2 runs and 4 rbi’s and finally, Tom Williams went 3-5 with two runs and two rbi’s.
It was a big day for the Stingers, but the season is young. Up next will be a double at Sylvia Packard JHS in North Massapequa against Plainedge on June 21 at 9:00 a.m. Keep it up, boys!!

Stingers Welcome a new player!!

June 12, 2009 – 08:25 PM
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Chris Linkletter to the Stinger team. As you all have been aware, I have been searching for another player since we lost Brian Castles for the season. Chris comes aboard with great credentials...He was the starting catcher for Mt. Sinai J.V. this year. He also plays second and shortstop, has outstanding speed, and a good bat. He played with Pete, C.J. and Brian for the last few years and is a great fit for our team. You will all get to meet him at practice tomorrow from 3:30 - 6:00 at Sequoya.

Stingers Sweep Opening Day!!

June 7, 2009 – 05:30 PM
The L.I. Stingers started off their summer season in grand fashion, by sweeping a doubleheader from the Northport Lightning by scores of 5-2 and 6-3. This was truly a team effort and all players had a hand in the sweep. Our pitching was outstanding and with timely hitting at times, we were able to take the two games.
In Game One, Pete Kersich pitched five solid innings allowing only one earned run, two hits and two walks with six strikeouts. John Flynn pitched two scoreless innings for the save. He allowed just one walk and one hit. Offensively, C.J. Hafner hit a monster home run over the centerfielder that just kept rolling. C.J. also had two rbi’s and a walk. Matt Kersich walked three times and stole home on our chaos play that Kevin Hernandez worked to perfection. Shane Paparelli hit a long triple, scored twice and also walked. Billy Schulz threw out a runner in the seventh, and Mike Flynn collected two rbi’s.
In Game Two, C.J. Hafner pitched into the fifth inning allowing just one earned run. C.J. left the game with the bases loaded and two out. Kevin Hernandez came in to get the final out on a 3-2 pitch, then had to work just as hard in the sixth when Northport had second and third with two outs. Kevin got the batter to ground out and end the threat. Anthony Telesca pitched the seventh and struck out three batters to earn the save!! Billy Schulz caught the entire game and again gunned down a runner at second. Offensively, clutch hits came from Anthony Telesca and Nick Cioffi. With two outs in the third and the score tied, Anthony delivered a single to drive in two runs. In the sixth inning with two outs and runners on second and third, Nick Cioffi crushed a 1-2 pitch for a double to knock in two runs. Kevin Hernandez had a double and scored a run, John Flynn went 2-3 with an rbi, Matt Kersich went 1-2 with a walk, Shane scored two runs with two walks and battled all game being under the weather, Pete Kersich went 2-3, and although they were both caught, Tom Williams crushed two balls to the outfield. Finally , thanks to Mike Flynn for playing third base and doing a fine job there.
The two wins were a solid team effort. The Stingers play Plainedge this Wednesday at Plainedge and play their next double on Sunday at Diamonds on the Pines vs. the L.I. Wardogs. Good job to all.!!

Thank You Artie Hughes!!!

June 3, 2009 – 09:17 PM
Thanks to Coach Artie Hughes from the LI Mets, we were given his field for June 14. We are playing at Diamonds in the Pines. Directions are posted and the schedule reflects the change. Note the time change: We need all boys there by 11:15 a.m. for a 12:15 start. We have the field until 4:30 p.m. so we really have to get everyone on and off the field. At least we will be playing that day!!

Stingers split again!!

The Stingers split their two games for the second time in two days. They beat the Merrick Blue Demons, in dramatic fashion, 11 - 10, and then lost to the L.I. Hawks 8 - 7, again in dramatic fashion.
In the first game, the two hour time limit was about to expire, but the umpires knew that we were there to play ball and allowed the seventh inning to take place. The Stingers were down 8 - 5. They proceeded to load the bases and had two outs, when Tommy Williams stepped to the plate. And, with one swing of the bat……. Tom had hit a Grand Slam Home Run to give the Stingers the lead 9 - 8. The Stingers added two more runs and held on in the bottom of the seventh to win 11 - 10. C.J. Hafner and Chris Kennedy pitched and despite the score, did very well. Offensively, Chris went 3 - 5 with 2 doubles, a home run, and 3 rbi’s, Matt Kersich went 1 - 2 with two walks and 3 runs scored, Pete Kersich hit his first home run as a Stinger, had two walks and scored two runs, Anthony Telesca went 1 - 2 with two walks, a Sac. Fly, and 3 RBI’s, and Nick Neri was on base both times up and he scored a run. Shane Paparelli had a double and made a game-saving play in the seventh to preserve the win. Nick Cioffi continued his excellent play in centerfield, and finally, Tommy Trifaro made his shortstop debut, and was part of a 6 - 4 -3 double play in the sixth.
In the second game, a complete role reversal took place. The Stingers were in control for most of the game and entered the seventh inning winning 7 - 3. In an ironic twist, a player from the L.I. Hawks came up with two outs and the bases loaded. And….. He hit a Grand Slam to put his team ahead 8 - 7. The Stingers failed to score in the bottom of the inning with the tying run at second. Again, both Anthony Telesca and John Flynn pitched well. Offensively, the Stingers managed only seven hits, but also had seven walks. Billy Schulz went 1-2 with one of those walks. He also scored three times. Pete Kersich and John Flynn had three plate appearances each….all walks!! Chris Kennedy stayed hot going 2 -3 with a double, an RBI, and two runs; Tommy Williams continued to perform going 1-2, with a sac. bunt and 3 rbi’s, and Mike Flynn went 2 - 3 with a double and 2 rbi’s.
The Stingers want to thank the Trifaro family and the Kennedy family for providing us your sons. They were a great help to our team and fit in perfectly with the other players. To all Stinger players, you need to hold your heads high. You went 2 - 2 in your first-ever 15U Tournament. There were many great defensive plays, including three putouts at home, a few double plays and many diving attempts and successes in the field. Pitchers threw strikes. It was a good beginning. Now, it is time to start our season. We begin on Sunday against a different L.I. Ducks team. Let us continue to improve our game and show we are a force to be reckoned with!!

Stingers split in first two games of Memorial Day Tourn.

The 15U LI Stingers opened their 2009 season by splitting a doubleheader in the first day of the 2009 Memorial Day NJBL Tournament.
In Game 1, Pete Kersich and Tom Trifaro held the LI Ducks to just two runs and the Stingers broke open a 3 - 2 game scoring 10 runs in the top of the sixth to win by a convincing 13 - 2 score. The Stingers sent 14 boys to the plate in the inning. Both Anthony Telesca ( 2 for 3 with two doubles and 3 rbi's) and Tom Trifaro (1 for 3 with 1 rbi) scored two runs each, 8 separate boys scored in the inning and John Flynn added a double. The boys threw out two runners at home, including a perfect throw from CJ Hafner as a runner tried to tag and score from third. Shane Paparelli also had a good first game at shortstop and went 2 - 3 with three runs. Tom Williams, Nick Cioffi, Pete Kersich and Nick Cioffi all had hits, Matt Kersich collected two walks, Kevin Hernandez returned after several months on the DL, and the boys looked solid all around.
In Game 2, the Stingers fell behind 8 - 1 after three innings and could not recover. The boys lost 11 - 2. On the bright side, despite the score, Mike Flynn, Kevin Hernandez and Nick Cioffi pitched well. The team made some key errors and calls just did not go our way. Also, Tom Trifaro went 2 - 3 with 3 runs, CJ Hafner went 2 - 2, John Flynn went 1 - 1 and Pete Kersich went 1 - 3. One other note: No Stinger walked in game 2 as the Storm Academy pitcher went the distance and was very effective.
After Day 1, the Stingers are in 8th out of 15 teams. Let's go out tomorrow with two strong performances, boys!!