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Who Are We?

Lone Star United F.C. is an independently operated, competitive soccer club that was founded under the belief that all athletes, regardless of their socio-economic status, deserve an opportunity to compete against high caliber teams.


Select soccer is highly competitive. Before making the decision to move up, it must be clearly understood that such a challenge requires commitment from both the player and the parent. It is important that you understand that competitive soccer teams do not have to adhere to the 50% rule. Playing time is at the discretion of the head coach and is based on a players performance on a field of competition and on the practice field.

Attendance, work ethic, attitude, and discipline are some factors that come into play when playing time decisions are made. It is important that when a player and parent decided to take it to the next level, whatever the coach says goes!

Coaches don't select players to sit on the bench. They select players to perform and produce results. Committed players that possess those factors mentioned above will grow to become highly competitive athletes.

Which ever direction you choose to go, stay committed and work hard. Your coach will reward you for you efforts.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are mandatory. Competitive soccer programs train approximately 80% of the year to include pre-season, league play, and off-season. Competitive soccer is a year round operation. We understand that there are situations that will arise when a player will be unable to make training sessions; however, if absences are occuring on a regular basis, interventions must be implemented to deter this unwanted behavioral pattern.

It is not fair to the team when other player, who make practice on a consistant basis, are missing out on their playing time to a player that is consistently missing training sessions. This will not be tolerated at Lone Star United. Communication with coaches and team management is necessary so adjustments can be made before a game.


We are committed in providing your child with the most comprehensive training we can. In order to do that, our coaches must continue to develop professionally in order to keep up with the competition. This is done through clinics, professional development courses, and licensing. A good coach will always be a student of the game.

Club Dues

Just as every family has a budget, so does Lone Star United. In order to maintain this budget, it is important for parents to contribute to the team financially in order to maintain a successful operation. We can guarantee that our club dues are very competitive.

Because our profit margin is virtually non-existant, all parents are required to pay their dues to our organization. 60% of the money is applied to uniform, league, tournament, and administrative fees. The other 25% is applied to paying our coaches. 10% is applied to an endowment fund for future scholarship money for families who are struggling financially.


Because we are a new club, scholarships are not available. Our club dues are highly competitive and we have incorporated a scholarship endowment fund for the future in order to help out any child who's family is experiencing a financial hardship.

We also have mandatory fund raising campaigns that will also be utilized for scholarships as well.