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Longoria Sports and Association (LSA) is designed to provide Athletes with: the proper mechanics to increase speed and agility. It will give Athletes an opportunity to maximize their potential and make them all around better Athletes. LSA is a Christian based organization that was established to provide athletes with the skills and lessons to become better mentality, physically, and spiritually. The mission of LSA is to give Athletes the skills to become more effective and confident at their sport. The founders of LSA Joey Longoria, Jesse Longoria and Joel Longoria: are providing a service for athletes where results can be seen in just a few clinics. It is our mission to get the very best out of each and every athlete that we encounter, and to push them to get the most out of themselves. These Clinics will increase your speed and agility so that you will be a more confident and complete athlete. LSA is surrounded around making Athletes better all around Athletes and we will be working on techniques to improve the Athlete's Footwork, Balance, Lateral Agility, Vertical, and Speed. We want the athletes to understand that taking care of their body along with hard work will pay off. LSA is surrounded around a positive and friendly atmosphere. We will be using techniques and methods that we have use to get us to the next level. Joey and Jesse have professional experience in football and baseball. Joey has played 6 yrs of Arena football and Jesse has exp in minor league baseball.If you are wanting to become a better all around Athlete in a positive atmosphere then LSA is definitely for you! Clinics will be held 3 times a week $20 for each clinic, but if you sign up for a month we will give you 2 sessions for free that means $200 for 12 sessions. You can contact Joey Longoria for more information at: or 214-564-3569