• Welcome to the Frankin Rams, Louisville Packers an Spartans to the LYFL.
  • New mite head coach Jordan Thompson, head coach Mr. Jackson Jrs, head coach Evans PWs.
  • New Sr head coach Terry Samuels of NFL and U of K football.


Proud member of the LYFL and these sponors

The Patriot Academic & Athletic Training Inc.(Louisville Patriots Football & Cheer) is a non-profit organization that currently provides opportunity for youth in the Newburg community to be involved with sports programs in Newburg. During the past three years, The Patriots have grown from a volunteer organization helping about 150 children with football to one that provides approximately 250 kids with football (Louisville Patriots), and Cheerleading (Louisville Patriots Cheerleaders). Here in the Newburg community our children had not been provided with the standard facilities or equipment for extra curricular activities. Our volunteers provide the facilities, equipment, and variety of sports as a lure to attract community youth of all ages. Extra curricular activities are used to help keep youth off the streets, reducing chances of drug usage, street gangs, and violence in Newburg. Sports are used to help promote a healthy lifestyle, building self-esteem and teamwork along with community ownership. Our programs are open to anyone but are based in the Newburg community.
In our 2017 year, we plan to continue with all the hard work our volunteers do while working with Newburg youth and increase the number of kids we help with our programs.

Thank you, Louisville Patriots