We've Moved...Come See Our New Home!

The Lower Paxton Aquatic Club has a new website and we're excited for you to join us there!


Whether it's schedules, meets, clinics or even helpful articles, you can find it our new site. Come see for yourself!


...And we're underway! Practices have begun, the meet schedule will be released's all exciting stuff!


There's still time to join, however! LPAC is still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 season.


You may register your swimmer here.


About LPAC

The Lower Paxton Aquatic Club (LPAC) Gators are a winter swimming organization, operating out of the Friendship  Center and located in Dauphin County. LPAC is committed to providing every swimmer with good methodology and stroke technique through the guidance of our experienced coaching staff.  LPAC swimmers are imparted with the life long skills of goal setting, discipline, and teamwork as well as friendship and belonging.