Here are your 2020 League Officers 

President: Jordan Dean

Vice President: Paul Diveglia Jr

Minor League President: Bryce Franzwa

Treasurer: John Young lll

Secretary: Brittany Diveglia 

Player Poll Agent: Chris Miller

Tee-ball Advisor: Tammy Perrin

Field Advisor: David Petterson Sr

Social Media Advisor: Jordan Dean

Rules Community: Matthew Bender, Tammy Perrin, Mason Ferrucci, Chris Miller

Concession Stand Manager: Sue Young


Cant wait to get the 2020 season started !!!

Congratulations to Geig your 2019 Major League Champions !!!

Congratulations to the 2019 Minor League Champions Cumming Motors


Logan Township Youth Baseball Association 2019 Home Runs

(Geig) Markell Herr (2) 

(Peterman's) Gayge Miller (1)

Joseph Fye Memorial Field

In Memory of Dr. Joseph Fye 

Dr. Fye’s vision, leadership, and extraordinary work ethic in this league’s early years remains the foundation for providing a safe and fun learning experience for our youth through the game of baseball.