Game Schedule 9/23/18

Below you will find the Game Schedule for Sunday, 9/23.  For games the girls are to wear their GREEN Lynvet Cheerleading game tee shirt, black shorts, sweats or leggings, sneakers and their hair in a ponytail with their GREEN game bow.   
We ask that you DO NOT just drop your daughter off at the field for games.  Most of the time the girls will cheer for a bit more than an hour depending on the game and we NEED to have an adult present to pick them up when their game ends.  NO GIRLS WILL BE LEFT TO HANG OUT AT THE FIELD AFTER THEIR GAME.  AN ADULT MUST COME AND PICK THEM UP. 
GAMES ARE NOT OPTIONAL for 6 through 11 year old teams.  The teams must cheer at, at least 3 scheduled games in order to compete in SCYCA.  If you have a conflict with a game please talk to the team mom before the scheduled game.  
The 12 and 14 year old teams will not cheer at games.
Lynvet Cheerleading Game Schedule 2018
All games are played on the field behind Woodhull where we held summer practices.
Sunday, September 23rd-This week there are 3 home games.  This means all teams will be cheering a game with another team. 
Please ARRIVE at the field at the time on the schedule below. 
6 & 7 yr old teams - Game Time 10:05am
8 & 9 yr old teams - Game Time 11:25am
10 & 11 yr old teams - Game Time 12:45pm

Some Important Updates and Reminders

Below are several reminders and updates: Please read all information carefully.

Just a remider... September 1st started the three excused absences from practice rule and you MUST attend ALL Competitions, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you miss the practice before a competition your child WILL NOT be able to compete that weekend. 

Indoor practices are scheduled to start on Tuesday, September 18th 

The indoor practice schedule for the 2018 season will be as follows:

Monday & Wednesday nights – 6, 7 and 8 yr old teams from 6 to 8pm at William Floyd Elementary

Monday & Wednesday nights – 10 yr old team from 6 to 8pm at Woodhull Elementary

Tuesday & Thursday nights – 9 yr old team from 6 to 8pm at Woodhull Elementary

Tuesday & Thursday nights – 11 yr old team from 6 to 8pm at William Floyd Elementary

Tuesday & Thursday nights– 12 and 14 yr old teams from 7 to 9pm at William Floyd Elementary


Due to meet the teacher night and the holiday, the Monday/Wednesday night practice schedule had to be modified for the week of 9/17.  Monday/Wednesday practices will be fully inside starting the week of 9/24.  The schedule for the week of 9/17 is as follows:

Monday, 9/17 – NO PRACTICE

Wednesday, 9/19 – 6, 7, 8 and 10’s from 6 to 7:20pm on the field behind Woodhull, weather permitting

Friday, 9/21 – 6, 7 & 8’s from 6 to 8pm at William Floyd Elementary

Friday, 9/21 – 10’s from 6 to 8pm at Woodhull Elementary


Just a heads up…  Looking at the school calendar it is likely that some teams may have to practice some Friday nights due to events going on in the schools…  As of right now these are the teams and the Fridays they will need to practice.  These dates are just to give a heads up, they are not definite:

6,7,8 and 10’s on Friday, 9/21, Friday, 10/12 and Friday, 11/16

6,7 and 8’s on Friday, 10/26

9’s on Friday, 11/9


Wm. Floyd Elementary... You will enter the school through the back gym doors.  Access to the parking lot is at the corner of Van Buren and Meadowmere.  DO NOT USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE SCHOOL, the doors will be locked.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE EITHER BUS LOOP OR ANY OF THE DRIVEWAYS AROUND THE BUS LOOP AT WM. FLOYD EL.  ALL DROP OFF/PICK UP/PARKING MUST BE DONE IN THE PARKING LOT IN MARKED SPACES.   The parking rules for Wm. Floyd El. must be followed for practice and any Lynvet function that takes place there. 

At Floyd Elementary for dropping off, if your daughter is on the 6, 7, 8 or 11 yr old teams please park your car in the parking lot and walk them to the back gym door.  If they are on the 12 or 13/14 yr old team please let them out at the cross walk in the parking lot for them to safely cross to the sidewalk.  When picking up we ask that ALL TEAMS, ALL AGES park in a parking lot in marked spaces.

Woodhull Elementary...  You will enter the school through the main entrance.  If the gates on the Woodhull bus loop are open you may pull in and drop off or pick up your child.  DO NOT DOUBLE PARK OR BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY.  In the bus loop you must park along the curb on the right ONLY.  If the gates to the bus loop are locked please park in the parking lot in a marked parking space and walk your daughter into practice.

At Woodhull, if your daughter is on the 9 or 10 yr old team you must walk them into practice no matter where you park. 

The drop off/pick up rules apply for ALL TEAMS at both schools.

ALL TEAMS - DO NOT DROP YOUR DAUGHTER OFF AT PRACTICE UNLESS A TEAM ADULT IS PRESENT AND YOU SEE THEM.  All girls on the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 year old teams MUST be walked into practice to an adult by an adult.

These rules for both Wm Floyd elementary and Woodhull were put into place for the safety of ALL the kids. 


A Few More Reminders...

If your daughter is new to Lynvet and/or didn’t cheer for the 2017 season, we will need a COPY of her birth certificate by Thursday, 9/27.  Without a copy of her birth certificate she will not be allowed to compete.

Your competition fee will be:  $120.00 per cheerleader

This fee will purchase sneakers, body suit, briefs, socks & hair bows.  These items will be yours to keep after the competition season ends.  These items are not to be worn for school, leisure, etc… until after the season is over.  Once we are inside for practice, the girls may wear their sneakers to practice only.

The competition fee is due by Friday, September 21st.  Please make checks payable to LYNVET.  After 9/21 we will no longer accept checks, only cash will be accepted, and your daughter will not be able to receive her competition essentials until the fee is paid in full. 


Also, here is an updated competition schedule.  It is still very tentative, as all schools, including us, have not gotten their final permit approvals.  If you see 2 competitions on the same day, it's just because we have not figured out which one we will be going to yet.  But most importantly our league WILL NOT be attending Hauppauge on Sunday, October 7th.  We have just missed too many practices due to weather to be prepared for a competition in 3 weeks.

2018 Tentative Competition Schedule

LYSA (Longwood), Brentwood and Deer Park are all looking to host competitions but are still figuring out dates.

East Islip - Sunday, October 21st

Levitown – Sunday, October 21st 

Brentwood – Saturday, 10/27 or Saturday, 11/17 

Bay Shore - Sunday, October 28th

Lynvet – Saturday, November 3th (we will need parent volunteers for ours, more info to follow)

Lindenhurst - Sunday, November 4th     

Connetquot - Saturday, November 10th

Deer Park – Saturday, 11/17 or Sunday, 11/18

Sachem – Sunday, November 18th  

Lynvet Cheerleading 2018

Welcome to the 2018 season of Lynvet Cheerleading. 

Practices are scheduled to start for all girls on Tuesday, July 10th on the field behind Woodhull, 6pm sharp. Summer practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights on the field from 6-7:30pm.  ALL summer practices are weather permitting.  If it should be raining you will receive an email canceling practice and it will be posted on the web site.  While practices are outside on the field you are welcome to stay and watch.  We ask that you not sit right on top of the kids, please keep a distance between yourself and the team.  We also ask that you not call your child over to you during practice time and you not go over to them.  Please send them over to their team with their water bottles and anything else they may need.  And if you bring children, besides your cheerleader(s), with you please watch them.  Lynvet is not responsible for any children on the field besides those registered to Lynvet Cheerleading.  If you have any questions regarding practice feel free to email us at LVJCheer1@aol.com.  

This season we will have 5/6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13/14 year old teams.  

We will be doing parent meetings throughout the first few weeks of practice.  Every cheerleader MUST have an adult present at the meeting.  It is very important that you attend this meeting as we will discuss the rules, competitions, games, coaches, team moms, how the season will run, etc...  

The Parent meeting schedule is as follows: (If we should get rain any of these days, we will reschedule and an email will be sent.)

The 5/6, 7 and 8 yr old team meeting will be on Thursday, 7/12 at 6:20pm

The 9, 10 & 11 yr old team meeting will be on Thursday, 7/12 at 7:00pm

The 12 and 13/14 yr old team meeting will be on Tuesday, 7/17 at 6:20pm

In order to cheer safely certain rules must be adhered to. We ask that you ensure that your child understands these rules and follows them. If they do not, they will not be able to participate:

1. No jewelry can be worn or brought to practice.  Medical alert bands are permitted but must be secured.

2. Artificial nails are prohibited. Nails must be kept short.

3. Socks and athletic sneakers must be worn to all practices.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  No sneakers, no cheerleading!!!

4. Hair should be kept back and off the face.

5. Clothing should be loose and comfortable. (NO jeans, jean shorts, half-shirts, sports bras or skirts) this applies to ALL ages.  Older girls, no spaghetti strap tanks, no super short shorts, no bellies or undergarments showing and no low cut or off the shoulder shirts.

6. Please NO CELL PHONES. They are very disruptive during practice.


- When dropping off and picking up at practice...  An ADULT MUST walk all cheerleaders onto the field and make sure a TEAM ADULT is present at practice before you leave, this goes for ALL ages.  For pick up if your daughter is on the 5/6-10 yr old teams, you MUST pick them up on the field.  Ages 11 - 13/14, you can walk onto the field and pick them up or you can wait for the team mom to walk them out.  NO CHEERLEADER WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE FIELD WITHOUT AN ADULT.  An adult MUST cross ALL GIRLS, ALL AGES across the busy street. Everyone must follow ALL parking rules below when dropping off and picking up.  These rules were put in place for the safety of YOUR CHILD!

- DO NOT PARK ANYWHERE EXCEPT MARKED PARKING SPACES IN THE PARKING LOT!  DO NOT park or pull up in the end of the walkway going onto the field, the loop in front of the school or in the entrance and exit of the parking lot.  This rule is for the safety of ALL those involved in Lynvet.  



- FOR NO REASON IS ANYONE TO APPROACH A COACH OR MEMBER OF THE TEAM BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER PRACTICE.  If you have a problem please see one of the team moms at an appropriate time.  Those that don't follow this rule will be removed from the league.

We also recommend that your child use the bathroom before practice (there are no bathrooms on the field).

Bring a water bottle (no soda or glass bottles allowed) and wear bug repellent.

Please make sure your child’s Coaches and Team Moms are present before dropping her off for practice. We cannot be responsible for any child on the field unattended. Please check with your Team Mom each practice for ending time as it could occasionally change due to the coaches schedule. Please be on time for drop off and pick up.  Younger teams (5/6, 7 & 8) will have to sign out with Team Moms.

This Season the 5/6 through 11 year old teams will be cheering at the first 3 or 4 football games and then starting in mid October ALL TEAMS will be attending competitions on the weekends. Attendance at ALL Competitions is mandatory.  There will be an additional competition fee that will be due mid to late September. This will cover sneakers, body suit, briefs, socks and hair bow. These items will be yours to keep at seasons end.  Uniform (shell & skirt) sizing and distribution will be done at practice.  Please remember the uniform (shell & skirt) is a rental from Lynvet.  It must be promptly returned at seasons end.

Please understand that all of us involved in Lynvet (coordinators, coaches and team moms) are VOLUNTEERS. We ask if you are going to miss a practice call the team mom or email us before 5:00pm. Most of our coaches are high school cheerleaders or young adults, so if you have any concerns or questions please see your team moms or one of the Lynvet cheer coordinators.  Do not approach young coaches with problems please.

Please visit us at our web site. All information will be posted there.


Thank you for your support, we are looking forward to a great season!


Registration 2018 is CLOSED



IMPORTANT Uniform Return



Please remember you signed the registration form at the start of the season that states all uniforms (shell and skirt) are property of Lynvet Cheerleading and will be returned at seasons end.  If you don't return the uniform, you will be billed for it.

If you do not return the uniform from 2017 you will not be permitted to register for the 2018 season.