DO NOT ENTER THE COMPLEX if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

Social distance as much as possible.  Try to maintain at least a six-foot distance from other people, and do not congregate in groups.

Take your temperature prior to arriving at the complex and stay home if it is higher than 100.4F.

Wear a mask as often as possible.

Bring your own hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes.

Designate a team representative to periodically sanitize bats, balls, and high touch surfaces.

Dugouts should only be occupied by the members of the team playing.

Keep all food and drink out of the dugouts.

Do not spit, including sunflower seeds.

Arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to game time and leave the complex soon after the game ends.

The catcher, batter and umpire should try to maintain a six-foot distance, as should the base coach from the base runners.

At the end of the game, both teams should positively acknowledge the opposing team from a safe distance.

Spectators should bring their own chairs or watch from their cars.

Spectators should limit movement around the facility as much as possible.

Youths under age 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

No pets will be allowed at the complex.

Since the concession stand will be open, people in line should try to maintain a six-foot distance.

Restrooms and high traffic areas will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.