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The Goddard School
Joe Ball GMC






Will not be held in December.  We will return with regularly scheduled meetings in January 2020!


We wish all our football & cheer families

a safe and happy holiday season!!!

Save your Chick-fil-A & Moe's Receipts!


This season Mars Youth Football and Cheer will be participating in a rewards program with our local Chick-fil-A and Moe’s Southwest Grill.  Everyone in our organization can participate and help by saving your receipts from now until the end of the football/cheer season.  I mean, who doesn't like chicken or tacos?!?!  


Chick-fil-A and Moe’s Southwest Grill have graciously agreed to reward our organization with a food credit worth 20% of the total in receipts that we collect.  This food credit will then be used to offset any future catering orders that we place with Chick-fil-A and Moe’s Southwest Grill.


Receipts will be collected at the concession stand at every home game.

Pictures are ready for purchase!

Pictures for our 2019 season are ready for purchase!  Simply click on the link below to find your photos.  All orders are placed online and will be delivered right to your door.  Happy shopping!

2019 Sponsorship

Our Fundraising Chair, Rochelle Seideneck, has been hard at work developing a sponsorship program for our organization.  She has done an amazing job creating many options and sponsorship levels.
Do you own a business?  Do you work for a business that might be willing to sponsor our youth?  Do you frequent the same coffee shop, salon, or gym?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we ask that you look at the Sponsorship Program that’s located in our Downloadable Forms section.
Game Day Program
Game day programs will be available at each of our home games this season.  Ad space will be sold to local companies or families within our organization.  This is great way for local businesses to promote themselves to area families!  Consider purchasing an ad or even a Well Wish to congratulate them and wish them luck as they move onto middle school!  Please take a minute to look over the Game Day Program in our Downloadable Forms section.

Game Day Photos 


Mars Youth Football has created Shutterfly Share Sites for each of our teams.  Here you can find team specific photos and even video!  In order to access the photos, click on your team’s site listed below.  Photos can be purchased directly from Shutterfly.  The photos will be uploaded at their highest resolution for the best quality and capacity to enlarge.  I am happy to make collages, cards, or any accessories for your family!

 If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

Julie Wright


Team:  Mars Rockets  (

Team:  Mars Astros  (

Team:  Mars Martians  (

2019 M.A.R.S. Youth Football & Cheer Board


Executive Board

President:  Giovanni Cuzzocrea

Vice-President:  Tony Babeo

Treasurer:  Jennifer Osterman

Secretary & Webmaster:  Erin Hein

Football Commissioner:  Randy Teyssier

Cheer Commissioner:  Nicole Symchak

Safety Officer:  John Yurisinec


Coordinator Positions

Fundraising Chair:  Rochelle Seideneck

Operations Chair:  Alan Hartle

Concessions Chair:  Mike Astarb

Spirit Wear:  Jennifer Osterman

Banquet Coordinator:  Melissa Truitt




Each of our Board Positions include a two (2) year term.  Below you will find a list of each position and their next election date.  If you are interested in running for any of our Board Positions, you must have attended at least two (2) meetings during the calendar year leading up to an election.


November 2020 Elections:  President, Secretary, Cheer Commissioner, Safety Officer

November 2021 Elections:  Vice President, Treasurer, Football Commissioner