McCallum Knights: TX UIL Region 3 District 12-5A

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  • McCallum vs. Lehman
    Knights surrender lead, then rally to beat Lehman, 40-27
  • Taco Shack Bowl 2018
    Knights pull off historic comeback in fourth quarter to win 17th annual Taco Shack Bowl
  • Taco Shack Bowl 2018
    Knights pull off historic comeback in fourth quarter to win 17th annual Taco Shack Bowl

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 If you would like to donate to the McCallum Knights Football Booster Club it's as easy as clicking HERE or on the link below.


Feed the Bears!

Our coaches work SO hard to make our teams successful, even on Sundays! It takes a village of parents to show our appreciation with a tasty meal on Sunday at the field house.  Please review the season and sign up for main course, sides and/or dessert on dates that you can cover and plan to deliver your item(s) to the field house by 12 PM Sunday. You are welcome to provide all items for one day or just the courses in your wheelhouse. The reward is the look of glee and gratitude on the coaches' faces when you drop off your food. Let's get this calendar covered! Thank you!

Varsity Team Dinner Signup

If interested in helping host or provide food for team dinners for varsity players the day BEFORE the varsity game day contact Rachel Rosales at 512-992-8161 or sign up at

Freshmen Game Day Meal Sign up

Hello all!

Let's get the freshman set for success with a snack for energy BEFORE the game and something a little more substantial AFTER the game to enjoy on the way home. There are 47 people that need food and drinks, so the need is for 47 of each item requested. Each slot you sign up for will be one sign up for 47 of the item.

Click on the following link for more information and to sign up:

Varsity Game Day Meal Sign Up

Please help us cover getting the Varsity team a good meal packed with good protein, carbs and hydration to give them the energy and endurance they'll need to win their game that evening! 


Follow the link below for more information and to sign up:

2018 McCallum Knights Schedules and Rosters


Varsity Football Schedule 

Varsity Football Roster

Freshman Football Schedule 

Freshman Football Roster



2018 McCallum Football Booster Club Mechandise Sales Sign-up

If you've volunteered to help the McCallum Football Booster Club sell merchandise at the games or during school click on the link below to sign up for dates that fit your schedule.